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a nostra buona fortuna!
TV - Boardwalk Empire
OK, my TV situation is even more out of hand than usual this year. I've got to learn to reel in the crazy:

Grey's Anatomy 9x01, Once Upon a Time 2x01, Boardwalk 3x03, Homeland 2x01, Dexter 7x01, Copper 1x07, Downton 3x03, and Revolution 1x03. And that's not even all of 'em!Collapse )

And Looper. I'll hide big spoilers, because I have questions.Collapse )

Also saw Seven Psychopaths last week and LOVED it; my 'proper' review will be up on the 11th. Finished Anna Karenina and really only liked Dolly & Kitty by the end; I was somewhat surprised at the rather cold-hearted abandonment of Anna's story after she died. Suddenly it was the Levin Has Many Feels Show all over again and...ugh, I mean, he had some interesting moments, but I had very little patience for his self-indulgent agonizing ("Define me! Oh, define me! Love me, I need love!") by the end. But I'm looking forward to the film anyway. Am ~200 pages into The Casual Vacancy and I really like it--I know people are saying it's boring, but that's what I like; it's a real intimate character study and kinda reminds me of Zadie Smith. Though I cannot get used to Jo saying "cunt" and talking about Rihanna. It's awesome, but I cannot.