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the trees like torches, blazed with light
Film - Shame
HUGE-ass overdue movie post errmahgerd (big spoilers are hidden)

Rust and BoneCollapse )

Anna KareninaCollapse )

Life of PiCollapse )

Breaking Dawn Part the SecondCollapse )

HitchcockCollapse )

BlancanievesCollapse )

AmourCollapse )


...and that's not even everything I've seen recently! :P I also watched Holy Motors, which was extremely weird and creative, and A Royal Affair, which was pretty awesome and well-acted but sadly lacking in threesomes, and The Imposter, which was simply appalling and sad, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which wasn't quite as painfully Manic Pixie Dream Teen as I'd thought, plus some other stuff. Must be Oscar season. :P

and I was gonna do these in a separate post but TOO BAD, I do what I want:

Dexter 2x12Collapse )

Homeland 2x12Collapse )

And thus ends the longest post fucking ever. O_________o Zero Dark Thirty on Wednesday! And my top ten list is nowhere near being ready, so don't ask.

(I'm not talking about the Sandy Hook thing in this post just because it feels weird to mix something that seriously with this frivoulous fangirl post, but it's definitely not because I don't care. What is there to say, anyway. I was in the ONTD post as everything unfolded, and then I got all weirdly emotional when I was in a kids' store buying my niece's Christmas present over the weekend. I dunno. ...Shit, I guess I just talked about it. Well, there you are.)

SAG and Globe nominations asdfghjkl;
TV - Boardwalk Empire
HUGE movie post coming this weekend after The Hobbit (eeee!), but first:

Golden GlobesCollapse )


Screen Actors GuildCollapse )

So none for "Community," AS FUCKING EVER, and none for Jennifer Carpenter, as usual. >:( And none for The Hobbit at all! I guess they didn't like it after all? And while I adore Marion, of course, I'm sad that Matthias is getting snubbed for Rust and Bone, since I LOVE him & he's gr8 in it. Oh well, still some lovely surprises. (omg, all three of my Huston bbs have something :'''')) I attempted to make my top ten list and it was an agonizing process, though I still don't have a clear #1 of the year. Hmm.

well, don't take any wooden nickels.
TV - Boardwalk Empire
Extremely lazy weekend--mostly hung around reading & watching the "SVU" and "House" marathons on USA and Cloo Network, though I did see Smashed on Friday night, which was pretty good; Aaron Paul & Mary Elizabeth Winstead were both great, even if the plot wasn't super-original. It was sort of like a Jesse/Jane AU or something (and I'd read that fanfic if someone wrote it, tbh). Broke out in a HUGE dopey grin at the Not Fade Away trailer, and realized I literally had my hand pressed to my heart by the end of the Rust and Bone trailer, so I'm pretty sure I'm gonna stan for that movie hardcore. [Though I couldn't help thinking "A fire? At a sea parks?? There were twelve exits!"] Marion is of course queen, and I adore Matthias Schoenaerts ever since Rundskop--not a perfect movie, but his performance is mind-blowingly good. Seriously, watch it just for him, it's worth it. And I saw The Sessions several weeks ago and really liked it a lot, I thought it was refreshingly frank and just funny enough without being cutesy or condescending. You don't get a lot of movies about disability & sexuality, so I appreciated how they handled it. I utterly loved the lady whose house they were using; she was awesome, and John Hawkes is perfection always and I liked Helen Hunt more than I have in years. (Nice try making Moon Bloodgood look unattractive, though. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.)

(Should I do separate cuts for everything? Now they open like spoiler tags...? Let me know. I'll try it this week.)

Once Upon a Time 2x04Collapse )

Boardwalk Empire 3x06Collapse )

Homeland 2x04Collapse )

Dexter 7x04Collapse )

The Walking Dead 3x02Collapse )

Downton Abbey 3x05-6Collapse )

Copper 1x10Collapse )

And of course it's October, so I am watching scary movies: I've done 30 Days of Night ("God? No God." dlgkdflgjd Huston Family Appreciation Life 5ever) and The Omen (Gregory Peck remains perfect) and Tales of Terror (Lorre + Price = ♥) and tonight is The Birds. And I will need to rewatch Sleepy Hollow, Rosemary's Baby and Hocus Pocus, among others, possibly. And I have my costume all together; I FIND it to be an excellent one~

now I want my money, I have to buy wine!
TV - Boardwalk Empire
Oh dear, too many shows all at the end of the week again. Guess I'll have to play favorites:

Supernatural 7x01, Boardwalk Empire 3x04, Homeland 2x02, Dexter 7x02, Downton Abbey 3x04 and Copper 1x08.Collapse )

And I don't know if I was just in a good mood from NYFF, but SNL was making me laugh my head off this week. I was hanging out at ONTD, and even those bitter hipsters were like "OMG HOLY SHIT BIG BIRD YAY!!!" when he showed up, heh. I guess he had to keep it pretty PG just so PBS wouldn't get mad, but it was delightful. And Kate McKinnon is slaying all over the place this season. I loved Crazy Painting Lady, and basically every other impression she's done so far. ("Everyone's a fan of BeyonSAY, Seth!") And Danny Craig and his accents, d'awww. ♥

Movies: Frankenweenie and Not Fade AwayCollapse )

And The Casual Vacancy; spoilers hiddenCollapse )

Next up: this fucker, finally. Then reread The Hobbit. Also, my cable box died and I have to go get a new one tomorrow. >:( I don't have any Tuesday shows right now, mercifully, though it bothers me to know that I'm missing an SVU marathon. This weekend: No and Hyde Park on Hudson at NYFF, and hopefully Argo, and I'll post my Seven Psychopaths review because it's awesome. ...Er, the movie is, I mean.

(ahahaha my Tumblr tag--I mean, my LJ tag referring to Tumblr--is "rollin' and tumblrin'," and Jack actually sings "Rollin' and Tumblin'" in Not Fade Away. dfkgdfgklgj baby. And did I mention they allude to a Vietnam-inspired song called "Sniper" and we don't get to hear it? LEGIT CLAWING AT MY FACE IN THE THEATRE)

a nostra buona fortuna!
TV - Boardwalk Empire
OK, my TV situation is even more out of hand than usual this year. I've got to learn to reel in the crazy:

Grey's Anatomy 9x01, Once Upon a Time 2x01, Boardwalk 3x03, Homeland 2x01, Dexter 7x01, Copper 1x07, Downton 3x03, and Revolution 1x03. And that's not even all of 'em!Collapse )

And Looper. I'll hide big spoilers, because I have questions.Collapse )

Also saw Seven Psychopaths last week and LOVED it; my 'proper' review will be up on the 11th. Finished Anna Karenina and really only liked Dolly & Kitty by the end; I was somewhat surprised at the rather cold-hearted abandonment of Anna's story after she died. Suddenly it was the Levin Has Many Feels Show all over again and...ugh, I mean, he had some interesting moments, but I had very little patience for his self-indulgent agonizing ("Define me! Oh, define me! Love me, I need love!") by the end. But I'm looking forward to the film anyway. Am ~200 pages into The Casual Vacancy and I really like it--I know people are saying it's boring, but that's what I like; it's a real intimate character study and kinda reminds me of Zadie Smith. Though I cannot get used to Jo saying "cunt" and talking about Rihanna. It's awesome, but I cannot.

press my nose up to the glass around your heart
TV - Boardwalk Empire
1. Emmys!Collapse )

2. The Office 9x01Collapse )

3. Downton Abbey 3x01-2Collapse )

4. Boardwalk Empire 3x02Collapse )

5. Went to a "Person of Interest" screening event last night with whoamelly_nyc--we saw the S2 premiere, which was super-fun for me because I usually watch it alone and hearing everyone gasping and cheering and stuff was hilarious. (Miles Straume and a dog! is all I will say about the episode.) Then there was a panel interview afterwards and while a lot of it was stuff I'd heard at PaleyFest, it was still adorable to see the cast bantering amongst themselves. Fusco is totally the funniest one. And Taraji isn't pushing the Carter/Reese angle too hard, which makes me happy; the lack of reliance on ships & romance is one of the things I like best about the show. Sadly, they all ran out as soon as it was over (to go back to filming, presumably), and as I've been trying to meet Emerson for like YEARS that was disappointing indeed. But I was in his adorkable presence for like an hour and a half, so I will take it.

6. 50 pages to go in Anna Karenina! Got to the pivotal you-know-what scene this morning...while standing on the platform waiting for the D train. Trolololol, symbolism. AND THEN THE CASUAL VACANCY YEY

7. obsessed with this album omg

Emmy nominations
TV - Boardwalk Empire
And here we go!

the listCollapse )

this is the darkest and most terrible timeline.
TV - Boardwalk Empire
Oh, Jesus, let's just get through it.

First Golden GlobesCollapse )

and Sherlock 2x03.Collapse )

...and just because I'm here, DanRad was fabulous on SNL the other night; I especially enjoyed the Irish jig (because he really wasn't leprechaun-like enough to begin with) and the awesome HP scene with famewhore!Harry and amazing embittered!portrait!Snape (HADERRR ♥) and Casey Anthony's Yorkshire terrier ("I'M LIVING ON A RAZOR'S EDGE!" What was that writers' room conversation like??) and basically everything. The writing wasn't fabulous, as usual; the weird Carousel of Tomorrow thing was super-odd and The Jay Pharaoh Show was disappointing because they really need to stop wasting his talents (although his impressions were amazing), but Dan was always on-point. And Hader exclaiming "YOU DID IT!" and hugging him during the good-nights made my life. I've...actually never heard Lana Del Rey before the other night and she did sound pretty weird, but IDK, she sounds weird to me recorded. Kind of mumbly and pitchy, dawg. But sometimes interestingly so. And I gotta catch up on OUaT once I find some aspirin, because ohgodmyhead. And myfeelings. </3

I still think awards are stupid. But they'd be less stupid if they went to the right people.
TV - Boardwalk Empire


SAG awards nominationsCollapse )

Golden Globe nominationsCollapse )

And just because I'm here: briefly, Glee 3x09.Collapse )