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TV - Boardwalk Empire
Extremely lazy weekend--mostly hung around reading & watching the "SVU" and "House" marathons on USA and Cloo Network, though I did see Smashed on Friday night, which was pretty good; Aaron Paul & Mary Elizabeth Winstead were both great, even if the plot wasn't super-original. It was sort of like a Jesse/Jane AU or something (and I'd read that fanfic if someone wrote it, tbh). Broke out in a HUGE dopey grin at the Not Fade Away trailer, and realized I literally had my hand pressed to my heart by the end of the Rust and Bone trailer, so I'm pretty sure I'm gonna stan for that movie hardcore. [Though I couldn't help thinking "A fire? At a sea parks?? There were twelve exits!"] Marion is of course queen, and I adore Matthias Schoenaerts ever since Rundskop--not a perfect movie, but his performance is mind-blowingly good. Seriously, watch it just for him, it's worth it. And I saw The Sessions several weeks ago and really liked it a lot, I thought it was refreshingly frank and just funny enough without being cutesy or condescending. You don't get a lot of movies about disability & sexuality, so I appreciated how they handled it. I utterly loved the lady whose house they were using; she was awesome, and John Hawkes is perfection always and I liked Helen Hunt more than I have in years. (Nice try making Moon Bloodgood look unattractive, though. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.)

(Should I do separate cuts for everything? Now they open like spoiler tags...? Let me know. I'll try it this week.)

Once Upon a Time 2x04Collapse )

Boardwalk Empire 3x06Collapse )

Homeland 2x04Collapse )

Dexter 7x04Collapse )

The Walking Dead 3x02Collapse )

Downton Abbey 3x05-6Collapse )

Copper 1x10Collapse )

And of course it's October, so I am watching scary movies: I've done 30 Days of Night ("God? No God." dlgkdflgjd Huston Family Appreciation Life 5ever) and The Omen (Gregory Peck remains perfect) and Tales of Terror (Lorre + Price = ♥) and tonight is The Birds. And I will need to rewatch Sleepy Hollow, Rosemary's Baby and Hocus Pocus, among others, possibly. And I have my costume all together; I FIND it to be an excellent one~

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TV - Boardwalk Empire
Oh dear, too many shows all at the end of the week again. Guess I'll have to play favorites:

Supernatural 7x01, Boardwalk Empire 3x04, Homeland 2x02, Dexter 7x02, Downton Abbey 3x04 and Copper 1x08.Collapse )

And I don't know if I was just in a good mood from NYFF, but SNL was making me laugh my head off this week. I was hanging out at ONTD, and even those bitter hipsters were like "OMG HOLY SHIT BIG BIRD YAY!!!" when he showed up, heh. I guess he had to keep it pretty PG just so PBS wouldn't get mad, but it was delightful. And Kate McKinnon is slaying all over the place this season. I loved Crazy Painting Lady, and basically every other impression she's done so far. ("Everyone's a fan of BeyonSAY, Seth!") And Danny Craig and his accents, d'awww. ♥

Movies: Frankenweenie and Not Fade AwayCollapse )

And The Casual Vacancy; spoilers hiddenCollapse )

Next up: this fucker, finally. Then reread The Hobbit. Also, my cable box died and I have to go get a new one tomorrow. >:( I don't have any Tuesday shows right now, mercifully, though it bothers me to know that I'm missing an SVU marathon. This weekend: No and Hyde Park on Hudson at NYFF, and hopefully Argo, and I'll post my Seven Psychopaths review because it's awesome. ...Er, the movie is, I mean.

(ahahaha my Tumblr tag--I mean, my LJ tag referring to Tumblr--is "rollin' and tumblrin'," and Jack actually sings "Rollin' and Tumblin'" in Not Fade Away. dfkgdfgklgj baby. And did I mention they allude to a Vietnam-inspired song called "Sniper" and we don't get to hear it? LEGIT CLAWING AT MY FACE IN THE THEATRE)

a nostra buona fortuna!
TV - Boardwalk Empire
OK, my TV situation is even more out of hand than usual this year. I've got to learn to reel in the crazy:

Grey's Anatomy 9x01, Once Upon a Time 2x01, Boardwalk 3x03, Homeland 2x01, Dexter 7x01, Copper 1x07, Downton 3x03, and Revolution 1x03. And that's not even all of 'em!Collapse )

And Looper. I'll hide big spoilers, because I have questions.Collapse )

Also saw Seven Psychopaths last week and LOVED it; my 'proper' review will be up on the 11th. Finished Anna Karenina and really only liked Dolly & Kitty by the end; I was somewhat surprised at the rather cold-hearted abandonment of Anna's story after she died. Suddenly it was the Levin Has Many Feels Show all over again and...ugh, I mean, he had some interesting moments, but I had very little patience for his self-indulgent agonizing ("Define me! Oh, define me! Love me, I need love!") by the end. But I'm looking forward to the film anyway. Am ~200 pages into The Casual Vacancy and I really like it--I know people are saying it's boring, but that's what I like; it's a real intimate character study and kinda reminds me of Zadie Smith. Though I cannot get used to Jo saying "cunt" and talking about Rihanna. It's awesome, but I cannot.