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f_march_madness: KNOPE 2012! Yay! I knew it! I've only seen bits & pieces of P&R, but I totally picked her in the office pool because I know she's awesome and her fans are amazing. Their campaign was outstanding and hilarious--I'll never get tired of that gif of her high on sugar going "AAHH!" at the window and scaring Ann--but wow, the Mary Crawley/John Watson fight got really, reeeeally gross & ugly. I love them both, but the John anti-stans were just taking it way, way too far and claiming that he was THE OPPRESSION and ranting about how much they hated Martin (I'm not allowed to mention how Santana's written, but we're allowed to bash actors? Okay...) and so on. And I made people mad at me again, somehow, which was a totally new and weird experience. I am so not that person who gets in internet fights. I'm usually just, like, standing on the side by the chip bowl, talking to a few people and minding my own business. I'm not dancing on the bar or throwing drinks on people. (It's a metaphor. Go with it.) However, when I checked the Tumblr tag and saw someone talking shit about me for "policing Santana's sexuality" (lol), I discovered that one of the main people yelling at me for being ~offensive was quite literally a white male neckbeard--but a new brand! Not the "ugh, shut up, feminazis" kind, but the "I'm a better feminist than you" kind! I didn't know that was a thing! It was hilarious. And he was shaming/scolding tons of other people anyway, so it wasn't just me. Fun for the most part, but SMH @ some "fans." It's a game, people. A GAME. (I REALLY hope "Dexter" doesn't suck next season, because I am gonna stan so fucking hard for Deb if she's back next year. And I'll get someone from "Boardwalk" past the second round if it kills me. KIIIIIILLS me.)

Anyway. PaleyFest is over, so we're catching up on the last few panels; I did "Castle" the other day and that was very charming (NATHAN ♥); the episode that airs this Monday has a suspect who is a butler named Carson, and I am taking that as a "Downton" ref and no one can tell me otherwise. I'm doing "The Vampire Diaries" on Monday and I've never seen that before, so I'll finally see what everyone's going on about. I also caught up on an old "Prison Break" panel, and holy shit, you guys, it is hard to jump into that show in the middle of the fourth season. But such are the perils of my job. (Is it me, or is Robert Knepper kinda sexy? Like, really?)

Modern Family 3x18, Community 3x11, The Office 8x19, Grey's Anatomy 8x17, Awake 1x03 and Supernatural 7x16.Collapse )

Speaking of THG, my parents actually read the books around the same time that I did, and hilariously, it turns out that my dad is a Katniss/Gale supporter, as I am, because he thought "Pete" was more needy and thought that "Heaven is always going to trump Hell" (i.e., her good times with Gale should outweigh the terrible times with Peeta) and it's easy to confuse survival with love after you go through a war and all this other stuff that I found quite apt. Although I thought that was the point; her relationship with Peeta wasn't perfect, ideal true love, but they needed each other because, like, no one else could understand. But it was very amusing to have that conversation with him and I explained the idea of "shipping" and I think I've turned another one. My mom watches "Downton" and was texting me about it all through my marathon, so I've finally done something right with these two and turned them into nerds. ♥

(Also, there are ponies outside my apartment rn for some kid's birthday party. We're next to a freeway, and they're just going up and down the sidewalk. And Roomie is in the next room shrieking because he's watching The Others and doesn't know what's coming. This is hilarious.)
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07 March 2012 @ 08:07 pm

OH YES! It's that time again!! I've been campaigning my little heart out for Thomas (Barrow), Richard (Harrow), Toph and Lorelai, because they are all my heart's song...s. I still have some slots open; I will vote for anyone from 30 Rock, Archer, Happy Endings, It's Always Sunny, Miranda, New Girl, The Office (I love a lot of them, so), Awkward, Gossip Girl, The O.C., Teen Wolf, Veronica Mars, American Horror Story, Being Human, Haven, Bones, Breaking Bad, Hawaii 5-0, Leverage/Homeland (wild card round), Luther and The Wire if YOU will vote for...


Once Upon a Time 1x14, The Walking Dead 2x11 and Smash 1x05.Collapse )

Mockingjay. Tl;dr, shockingly enough.Collapse )

(also I am at a cafe rn because the internet at home isn't working, and it's kinda not working here either and I am going to murder someone if I lose this entry DAMN MY LEG)
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03 March 2012 @ 01:59 pm
Good Lord, this is a dreadful time of year for movies. There's been nothing worth seeing for weeks, and there's kinda nothing until The Hunger Games on the 23rd. D: It's very sad. Last night I opted for Black Butterflies, but it wasn't great--I didn't really know anything about Ingrid Jonker, but I figured I'd always be interested in a poet. It talked a lot more about her personal life than her writing, though, and I found her pretty hard to sympathize with. And the script really kind of painted everyone in pretty broad strokes; I get it, Rutger Hauer, you're the worst dad ever. You don't have to spell it out. (Though the commentary from the people behind us was very edifying: "Man, she has problems." "He's an asshole!" YES THANK YOU) I did like Carice van Houten, however, and Liam Cunningham, who earned my love forever in That Scene in Hunger, and it was kinda fun to see Davos Seaworth and Melisandre hanging out. (GoT comes back on my birthdaaaaaaaaay!) Anyway, kinda disappointing.

Modern Family 3x17 and Awake 1x01 (lol sweeps)Collapse )

Catching FireCollapse )

Taxes were surprisingly painless last week; I'm getting a much bigger return than I expected, which is nice. Might have some excellent stalkortunities next week in my neighborhood; more on that later. And f_march_madness starts next week!! I'm gonna vote for Abed and Sybil and Loki and Moriarty and Irene Adler (YES DEAL WITH IT) and Arya...man, she could go all the way. Excite!
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04 February 2012 @ 01:42 pm
1. This is very belated, but the SAGs were surprisingly non-awful, though I was utterly outraged at Steve Carell's snub. What the hell do they have against him?! This did not help my vendetta against Alec Baldwin, to the point where Roomie tweeted about my "truly apocalyptic rage." WHICH WAS REASONABLE. After the Emmys...! But I was beyond stoked about BE, of course, including Steve's hilariously spoilery speech (though frankly I'd think people yelling at him about Jimmy would be a nice change from "shut the fuck up, Donny") and the entire cast storming the stage and Steve lifting up the kids (♥!!) and Jack and Michael standing next to each other (SOBBING) and just everything. And then Viola's standing O (yep, she's getting the Oscar--which is fine, but Tilda shoulda gotten the SAG) and Jean beating Clooney! Yes!! Thrilled with that, tbh. (I read the script of The Descendants and it turns out that basically everything I disliked were directorial decisions, meaning I can focus my resentment on Payne and be reasonably happy when Dean Pelton wins. Yay!) So he's getting the Oscar now, maybe! I'm cool with it. I kinda wanted MiP for Best Ensemble, but then again I'm so mad at them for leaving off Corey Stoll and Hiddles that I might've been mad if they won. Anyway, BAFTAs next week!

2. The Avengers hosted a live Twitter chat on Tuesday with Hiddles, Sam Jackson, Clark Gregg and Joss, which was fairly delightful: Clark and Joss were awesome and snarky, Sam was badass and pimptastic, and Hiddles was ridiculously effulgent and deep about everything, as ever. Once again, though, they let through the dumbest questions--just like "who's your fave character??" and "are we going to get good fight scenes?!" Like, you think?! I of course was being obnoxious and firing off questions about the cinematography (IT'S SEAMUS MCGARVEY YOU GUISE HE DID ATONEMENT AAAGDKFGDKFDKL) and the score (Alan Silvestri was not my first choice, but I'm down!) and of course they didn't get through, but whatever; it was fun. And The Deep Blue Sea leaked, as we KNEW it would when they pushed back the damn release date, and I've gotta watch it today just so I won't be spoiled to all hell on Tumblr, but unless I really despise it (which I doubt) I'm still gonna go see it on 30 March and support my sun-and-stars like a proper fangirl. Also, VAMPIRE MOVIE WITH TILDA SWINTON. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD AND ALL HER WACKY NEPHEWS. \8D/ BEST EVER. First the universe gives me James with his natural accent, FINALLY, in Filth, and now this... ♥ ♥ (P.S., I don't even dig Bon Iver that much, but I've had his haunting cover of "I Can't Make You Love Me" in my head for like three days. And that, from what I understand, is basically the gist of TDBS, so I'm gonna have a jolly day indeed. LIFE. RUINER.)

3. So I read The Hunger Games! (spoilerz)Collapse )

4. Once Upon a Time 1x11, Glee 3x11, Grey's Anatomy 8x13 and Supernatural 7x13.Collapse )

5. The Woman in Black. I'll hide spoilers, 'cause this one's twisty.Collapse )

Movies today, holing up in a cafe to write tomorrow...then OUaT and another movie, likely. Exciting life is exciting.
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