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spikesgirl58 posted to thefridayfive July 25 2014, 11:48

The Friday Five for July 24 2014

1. Have you ever gone camping?
2. Do you prefer to rough it or do you prefer some comforts?
3. What is your favorite meal to prepare ‘in the wild’?
4. Where was your camp site (by a lake, in the mountains, etc.)?
5. Million dollar question – did you have fun?

Copy and paste to your own journal, then reply to this post with a link to your answers. If your journal is private or friends-only, you can post your full answers in the comments below.

If you'd like to suggest questions for a future Friday Five, then do so on DW or LJ. Old sets that were used have been deleted, so please feel free to suggest some more!

**Remember that we rely on you, our members, to help keep the community going. Also, please remember to play nice. We are all here to answer the questions and have fun each week. We repost the questions exactly as the original posters submitted them and request that all questions be checked for spelling and grammatical errors before they're submitted. Comments re: the spelling and grammatical nature of the questions are not necessary. Honestly, any hostile, rude, petty, or unnecessary comments need not be posted, either.**
loolaa posted to menstrual_cups July 25 2014, 08:27

No subject

Hi there I'm new to all this menstrual cup malarkey but after considering one for about ten years I finally took the plunge by buying a less expensive 'Aneer' one from ebay to see how I got on.
I'm 38, but haven't had children so I chose the larger cup as recommended.
The only thing is, though I don't really have problems inserting it, I think it isn't opening up properly when it's inside (I'm assuming this is the case as when I've pulled it out there is more blood on the outside of the cup than the inside, and I leak) I've tried the different folds suggested, after reading that the c-fold and the punch-fold don't open up as easily once inside (although they pop open easily enough while I'm trying to insert, grrr).
I've also tried 'rotating' the cup but it is so tightly wedged in that the only direction I can physically move it is down. I've tried wiggling it up and down and all kinds!
I was wondering if perhaps I'm too narrow and maybe that is the issue? I mean, probably tmi but, I haven't had sex for ten years and even before then I wasn't massively sexually active. I understand my bits are supposed to loosen up as I get older, but I wondered if the fact that nothing other than tampons (lubricated or I have troubles getting them in) going up there means I'm not quite as stretchy as I could be? Could it be that even at 38 I need the smaller size?
Do other people find their cups easy to rotate once inside?

That said, I've only been trying (a lot) since yesterday and maybe I'm jumping the gun a little?

Also, how do people in this group know how long their cervix is? How on earth do I measure that?
chicklvsequity posted to menstrual_cups July 25 2014, 04:30

Need softer cup, higher capacity, blue

Hi, everyone! I got the small Diva two years ago. No problems popping open or leaking unless full, but it worsens my already hellish cramps, and gives me cramps immediately after I put them in on my heavy first few days.

I've heard firm cups cause cramps, so I'm looking for 1. a softer cup with 2. a higher capacity and 3. a blue color because it's really pretty
。◕ ‿ ◕。

Can I please have help deciding between the Sckoon, Meluna, Lunette, and Fleurcup?
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hariah posted to menstrual_cups July 25 2014, 03:55

Newbie deciding on first cup

So I'm deciding what to get for my first cup!

I'm in my early twenties, sexually active, and have a relatively heavy but short period. I use 3-4 Always overnight/regular pads a day on heavier days and always need wings. Generally they last four days, and an additional 2-3 days of spotting. I recently tried Instead Softcup as it's in local grocery stores, to test if I'm comfortable putting in/taking out/mess etc. and I loved it! It's dramatically less mess and damp than pads, didn't need to wipe nearly so much when changing. It leaked a little, so I still wore a pad jic, but dramatically better.

So I'm looking at getting my first real cup, as I'd like to not need to buy new ones every period. I measured my cervix distance a few times during my period and could just reach it with my longest finger, 8 cm. So I'm thinking I'm probably fine with longer cups. I'm considering the Meluna L, Yuuki, Ladycup L, and Femmecup

I'm leaning towards the Yuuki and Meluna if only because they're less expensive, and I'm cheap. I'm also not sure how I feel about stems, as I'm open to the idea of PIV intercourse during my period, so something that would be smooth would be nice. I like that they have rounded bottoms for the same reason. But I'm also uncertain what would be easy to take out, so which ones would be ok to cut the stem off? I'm thinking the meluna ball or ring, but I don't know if you can cut them or not. I'm comfortable with reaching up in there to get it out, so if I can go without a stem and get it out reliably I'm thinking I will.

Also I have no idea firmness wise. Maybe I should aim for average firmness and see how it goes from there?

All advice super welcome, thanks!
por_que_no posted to menstrual_cups July 24 2014, 04:13

New cup - Daisycup by Nutridirect

Well, I'm not sure if this is a totally new cup, but I have never run across it so I thought I would link it here in case anyone is interested or has info:


There's also a cup called the "MelodySusie" that looks like a direct Lunette ripoff (by the shape anyway): http://www.amazon.com/Melodysusie-Quality-Crystal-Menstrual-Childbirth/dp/B00EPE4NFK/ref=sr_1_107?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1406175762&sr=1-107&keywords=menstrual+cup
straychowchow posted to menstrual_cups July 24 2014, 03:38

The Monzcare R-CUP. Any experiences?

I have a friend who has convinced me to get a menstrual cup. I've been searching for what cup I wanted, and in my adventures I found a cup that doesn't seem to have much information on it. I'm curious because I'm looking for a cup I can get off Amazon (or at least shipped in the US in a reasonable time frame) and this was one that I found but the name was completely unfamiliar to me. Does anyone have experience with the Monzcare R-Cup?

Here's a link to the Amazon listing, I can't seem to find a manufacturer website or anything: http://smile.amazon.com/Monzcare-R-CUP-Reusable-Menstrual-Green/dp/B00JY71XOW/
i_llbedammned July 22 2014, 21:04

"Just because they can doesn't make it alright

So now for something lighter:
-Here is some talk of acting from several actors. Important lines like "Some people are good actors but they just can't take the culture of being constantly judged" or "Saying no is really the only control you have over your career".

-Saw this article http://rebloggy.com/post/my-art-history-scandinavia-tom-hiddleston-finland-loki-suomi-loke-jotunheim-jotu/58162330860 I point your way in this direction for a few reasons. 1. The art is lovely, a very Scandinavian take on Loki with the dress and the face tattoos. 2. The note that the Frost Giants were probably an embodiment of Finland is very interesting to me. I was also doing research on Freyr earlier on in the week and he was apparently the embodiment of Sweden, all blonde hair and beautiful. I love seeing the historical traces in Viking mythology because a lot of times the orals tradition would mix gods in with the titles of kings and create these weird hybrid stories. I haven't heard the frost giants equated with Finland before, but the reasoning seems to make sense. I wonder if Finland used to war with Norway and then was forced into a treaty where they never fully trusted each other but were in an alliance.

I don't think that this is the sole reasoning of frost giants, indeed the pattern of the Nords to have their new "civilized" take over from primordial gods (see the previous incarnation of Loki as the fire spirit Loge and the Vedic gods taking over from the asuras and the greek gods taking over from the titans) so that point still stands and of course several of Loki's actions are not equated to Finland's ancient actions so there is still quite a bit of theology mixed in with the nebulous history.

3. Also this comic pretty much sums up my life philosophy. The mouse over text read "There's meaning as long as there's someone to need it".  photo theresmeaningaslongastheressomeonetoneedit_zpsb2d26d5a.jpg
indogirl6111 posted to menstrual_cups July 22 2014, 15:10

Which cup?


I have been using a Mooncup UK for a number of years now I find that it puts a little pressure on my bladder and I thought maybe there would be a better cup for me out there which would not present this issue for me... I have used mostly size B and more recently thought maybe I should switch to a size A (larger) as I am 39 (no children) but I find it less comfortable / more pressure on bladder and a little awkward to remove.

Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance
cleolinda July 21 2014, 01:14



I spent a week or two meebling that maybe I'd get to go to Dragon Con, omg how, I don't know--having no certainties to declare. And then, yesterday, a ton of things fell into place very, very quickly. In fact, I can't even go into most of the details just yet, BUT:

As far as I know, and the precise details may be subject to change, I will be doing an academic Hannibal panel with @wolven that Sunday night (August 31st). I don't know if I can announce the name of it, but suffice it to say that I think this Fellini quote is apropos:

Talking about dreams is like talking about movies, since the cinema uses the language of dreams; years can pass in a second and you can hop from one place to another. It’s a language made of image. And in the real cinema, every object and every light means something, as in a dream.




There will be a Hannibal-themed fan panel early Saturday afternoon (August 30th), and I am among the panelists. Even better, Freddie is going to call in, since that worked surprisingly well at the Nerd HQ panel. I will definitely have 300 Tattle Crime buttons to give away--we'll reveal that design later, I think, but I can definitely say that I picked out the tagline, and it's in my shade of purple. (And I will have a Tattle Crime "press pass," about which I am way too excited. "I WANT A LANYARD!") (Tattle Crime will also have representatives and different button exclusives at SDCC, by the way. We make our own fun.) (I should put that on my business cards.) I'll have Freddie's business cards and I'm working on a design for my own (speaking of which), now that I finally have somewhere to take them.

I can't even talk about the other stuff we'll have there. Put it this way: if you are a fan of Hannibal, and you are at Dragon Con, this panel is where you want to be.

(I hope you will also want to be at the academic panel--if you've heard me on podcasts before, it will probably sound a good bit like that.)

Anyway, now that the major announcements are out of the way--"I can come for one day, I'll go with my sister, it's only a two-hour drive from Birmingham to Atlanta, it'll be a day trip" has ended up being "I will take the train" (yay, trains!) "and get there Thursday evening and then leave early Tuesday morning." So I will be in Atlanta for four days and five nights, which is #leavingthehouseomg with a vengeance. I honestly have no idea what I'll do with myself on Friday or Monday; I am totally okay with chilling in my room with a book, because it'll be nice just to be away from home a little bit. I'm keeping a lookout for people I might want to go hunt down (I'd like to go see the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab folks, for example), but I am really trying to keep My First Convention down to a manageable experience, you know? So I'm more about picking a spot to be, hanging out, meeting people, and doing the panels, rather than hiking around back and forth or standing in line for hours. Honestly, I have no fear of public speaking. I did when I was younger, but somehow reading college academic papers in two different languages cured me of that; between that and six years (!) of podcast appearances, speaking on the panels is literally the actual last thing I am worried about. I was far more anxious about how I would get there (YAY TRAINS!) and where I would stay (with foresthouse!) and how the hell I would afford it (trains and roommates, WHEE), but that all suddenly got settled in about an hour's conversation. I am also anxious about this basically being my first ~public appearance,~ in that I'll be coming out of my faceless Snicket-like seclusion and now everyone will have a face to put to the pen name. I beg you to hide your disappointment that I am a mere and particularly heavy mortal and not 1) a Yahoo cartoon, 2) Galadriel, or 3) a Pallas cat. I am, however, well-marbled, which has got to count for something in Fancy Cannibal fandom. Which reminds me, I need to find myself a flower crown.

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hnmont10 posted to menstrual_cups July 20 2014, 05:45

Divacup Help!

I'm new to this community and to menstrual cups so here goes...

Background info on me: 28 years old, no children, sexually active, medium to high cervix, very clotty period

I just bought a divacup and have had quite the time with the learning curve. Insertion is easy, I've had no trouble getting it in and positioned correctly.

My problem is removal :( The seal on this cup is a little over the top!! The first two times I tried to remove it were terrifying and ended with me swearing to never try again. But...I just spent money on this cup and I LOVE the idea of menstrual cups so I used a hole punch to make the anti-suction holes bigger. The next two times I removed it, were better but still kind of painful and still leaving me with questions/concerns...

1) When I remove the cup, there's always a little bit of bright red blood on the tissue. Am I hurting myself?? My thoughts were that I had ripped my perineum a bit or that my cervix was somehow injured??
2) I seem to have a dangly cervix...when I'm removing the cup, it really feels like my cervix is INSIDE the cup. So...with that in mind, is it bad/harmful for me to tug on the cup without breaking the seal until I can reach the rim of the cup to release that suction? I don't want to cause myself any injuries trying to use this thing!! My cervix (or my insides, can't be sure it's my cervix) do feel tender/aggravated/swollen now after using the cup for two days.

I guess those are my questions. I know they've been asked before but I'm just worried I'm doing myself harm! I've been reading up on other cups and am wondering if something softer might suit me better. Going by the size charts, a medium to long length cup should fit me well. I was considering the Si-Bell because everyone seems to say the suction is very low on this cup which would help me a lot with removal. Has anyone used both the divacup and the Si-Bell? How do they compare?

Any help is greatly appreciated!! I've already learned so much from this forum!
mood_swinger23 posted to menstrual_cups July 20 2014, 04:25

Knock-off cups

Hi all -
I am looking to compile information on knockoff cups and apparently there is not a lot of information out there that I can find?

If you have had an experience, good or bad, any pictures, have heard stories, etc, in regards to a knockoff cup (one not made by a legitimate company), I would much appreciate it if you could share it, your stories, etc, here. Thanks!
technophile posted to fandomsecrets July 19 2014, 16:42



Submit a secret here!

The first secret from this batch will be posted on July 26th.

1. One secret link per comment.
2. 600x600 px or smaller.
3. Link directly to the image.
- Doing it RIGHT: http://i.imgur.com/KuBug.png
- Doing it WRONG: http://imgur.com/KuBug

Optional: If you would like your secret's fandom to be noted in the main post along with the secret itself, please put it in the comment along with your secret. If your secret makes the fandom obvious, there's no need to do this. If your fandom is obscure, you should probably tell me what it is.

Optional #2: If you would like WARNINGS (such as spoilers or common triggers -- list of some common ones here) to be noted in the main post before the secret itself, please put it in the comment along with your secret.

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