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Went to a screening of The Raven tonight--I like Poe, though I'm not a massive fan or anything, and my hopes were not particularly high. But it was a bit better than I'd expected; it's mostly a standard murder mystery, but there's a bit of added fun if you've read his stuff, since the murders are kinda-sorta based on his stories, and of course the 19th-century costumes were all Goth and fabulous. Luke Evans was kinda the best part--I am really starting to love him; he's just adorable and he always totally gives it his all even if the movie's kinda crap (Immortals; Clash of the Titans) and he stands out because he's so darn intense and earnest. He's like a white Chiwetel Ejiofor. Though in this he reminded me strangely of a nonthreatening Michael Shannon. Something about his grim, squinty pensive face. (I mean, I say that with love; God knows I stan for Michael Shannon like nothin' else.) Anyway, Cusack kinds phones it in, imo, but he did have some funny moments, since the script occasionally tried to emulate Poe's gallows-humor style, and in the Q&A after the movie (yes, it continues!), Cusack seemed to be a fan and talked all about why he liked his stuff and how he liked to scare his audience and shit-talk other writers and all that fun stuff. (He ran right out when it was over, though I wouldn't really have gone up to him anyway, but he did come off as nice.) Also, the ending credits were remarkably, if anachronistically, artistic & gorgeous in almost a Dragon Tattoo sort of way. So it's kinda worth seeing.

Game of Thrones 2x03, The Borgias 2x02, Smash 1x11 and Glee 3x16.Collapse )

Got an extension on the bigbang_mixup deadline, yay! I just need a leeeeettle more time to finish & polish & edit and stuff, and this weekend I'm going home for my cousin's bridal shower and won't really have time to work on it. (And then next Saturday, the 28th, is...also spoken for.) I celebrated said extension last night by procrastinating even more and making weird-ass graphics. I gotta self-promote; no sane person will read this monstrosity!
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15 April 2012 @ 10:33 pm
Well, Impromptu Celebrity Week 2012 capped off with me nearly crashing into Adam Goldberg as I got out of the elevator at work on Thursday--I vaguely knew that we were doing an event for the premiere of "NYC 22," but I didn't know it was that night and I didn't expect to WALK INTO HIM, and I was with my editor and this other girl from my office and when we got outside I was like "I'm sorry, did we just run into the Hebrew Hammer? Was that a thing that happened?" (I should've done my Eddie impression. "Man ALIVE, this thing's fantastic!!") I'll see the pilot/interview at work next week, no doubt, so here's hoping it's good. And then on Friday "Person of Interest" was shooting right by my office, so I went over at lunch and was talking to this funny P.A. I met on Monday and asking if Emerson was there (he wasn't) and quite suddenly found myself receiving a handshake from Caviezel when he came over to greet a bunch of fans (!). It was a very, very weird week. Tom was the highlight, obvs, but the rest was fun too.

Community 3x15, Grey's Anatomy 8x19, The Office 8x20 and Awake 1x07.Collapse )

The Cabin in the Woods and Damsels in Distress.Collapse )

Also, because I am a nerd and had a crazy-awesome old great-uncle who was obsessed with ships (what d'you call someone who loved the sea/ships? Marinophile? Anyway, that's what he was) and told me the Titanic story when I was like seven and got me totally interested because I was a really morbid-ass little kid and today was the 100th anniversary of the sinking, I went down to the South Street Seaport Museum to check out their exhibit; my pics are here @ Tumblr. I also plan to watch that Julian Fellowes miniseries, though I haven't heard great things. :P I gotta watch it anyway. That's what I do. Crossing all of my fingers for some kinda meta "Downton" ref...!
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So yeah, I still don't know what yesterday was. O____o I have yet to find any interview with Colin & Ben, nor any pics of Hiddles from last night, so I may have fever-dreamed the entire thing. (Poor boy had to fly off to the L.A. premiere of The Avengers probably, like, the second the play was over. I dunno how these famous dudes do it. That new Loki/Tony spot dfkjfdskfjskjl ASSEMBLE FASTER)

Game of Thrones 2x02, The Borgias 2x01, The Big C 3x01, Smash 1x10 and Glee 3x15. It's baaaaack!Collapse )

Hit 30,000 words today on my bigbang_mixup piece. Soooooo not done. *flops* Oh, and apparently Rami Malek was in a thing and didn't tell me, rudely enough, so brb, downloading "Alcatraz." (Is it any good?)
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I mean, normally I have a rule against real-life stalking--like, premieres and sanctioned events are one thing, but if they're just living their regular lives then I try to leave 'em alone. But he VOLUNTEERED this information and that theatre is about 10 blocks from my office. How could I not? I'd feel like a negligent 'Stoner if I didn't at least try. So, long story short, Melissa & I headed over after work and went to Starbucks and lurked vaguely around the theatre, and then Damian Lewis walked by me and I FLIPPED OUT because I've seen him like THREE TIMES and still haven't managed to say anything sdlkfsjfksjfksjkls MAJOR WINTERS THO, and then Karen Gillan and some other "Doctor Who" dude showed up and also Jeremy Irvine and I was like WHAT THE DEVIL IS GOING ON HEEEAH, and then BAM SURPRISE TOM looking fine as hale in a suit and signing a few quick autographs and stuff because he is sweet as sweet can be, so I just darted forward and the conversation was as follows:

Me: Hi! Tom! We just wanted to say hi, and--how are you?
Tom: Hi! I'm good!
Me: I can't wait for The Avengers. I'm doing the marathon!
Tom: [grinning, of course] Oh, you're doing the marathon? [pronounced 'marethin,' thus charming me forever]
Me: Yeah!
Tom: Well, good work!

or something very much like that; I always get flustered and forget the exact dialogue exchanged, but that's close. And then he went into the theatre and we walked off and then Claire Danes walked past us and I was just like REALLY OKAY WHAT EVEN. I have no receipts because I just wanted to say hi and didn't take any pics, but there might be some floating out there. I would not lie about this, anyway. So that is THREE encounters with Master Hiddleston in less than a year of obsession. \m/ That ain't bad. ♥

Oh, and yesterday we stopped by the "Person of Interest" set--once again I missed Emerson, but we watched them filming for a while and then slightly accosted Caviezel afterwards. He is intimidatingly hot in person, ngl. And he really does have the Clint Eastwood voice. That's not an affectation. So it's been a good stalking week (so far). (TV talk tomorrow. LOOOOOOOL GLEE. SO MUCH LOL.)

EDIT: aaaaand my mother met Ben Affleck and Colin Farrell tonight at work in Philly. And showed them my picture. And showed them my texts back and forth with her from earlier today, like when I told her to tell them that I "unabashedly love Daredevil. Un. A. Bash. Ed. Ly" and want to go to Bruges. Also, I'm "Rosebud" in her cell phone. SCREAMINGGGGGGGGGG
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Fun weekend! Friday was my belated karaoke birthday celebration:

Well, you know, they just go together. (Best text exchange of the night: Me: "I am dsrunk kinda." Roomie, in Boston: "Wooooooo! Where?" Me: "In my face.") It started off lame because a whole bunch of people canceled at the last minute and I thought I should forget it, but then a few people turned up and the merriment began. It was at this teeny little place I found on Yelp called Baby Grand, and the bartender was really friendly and they served Pop-Tarts because, as he explained, it's good drunk food and it's really easy to clean up. So I had a pineapple something and a tequila something and then a few lemon drop shots (FAVE) and eventually I got up and did "Something To Talk About" and "Walkin' After Midnight," the latter of which I did at an audition at NYU once and bombed, so this was my much-belated mulligan on that one. And I think they sounded OK! My friends did "Black or White" and "Daydream Believer" and "What Would You Do?" (remember, City High?) and it was all very hilarious, and eventually I realized that this other chick nearby looked a lot like Beth Ditto, but I wasn't sure that it was actually her until she started singing ("Fancy" by Bobbie Gentry; awesome) and then I asked one of her friends (OK, I grabbed one of her gays and slurred "Is she, like, famous?"), and then I introduced myself and she was actually really nice and remembered my name and cheered me on and stuff. And she has the most powerful handshake I have ever felt from any human. Insert lesbian joke of your choice here. And then in the morning I discovered Cadbury Chocolate Creme Eggs (ALSO FAVE) and "Game of Thrones" magnetic bookmarks in my bag, so I have lovely friends. ♥ Oh, and I drunk-tweeted Hiddles, apparently, saying I wished he was there to sing The Cure, but that's...not surprising. Anyway. Fun! I may go back!

Then today I saw 12 Angry Men in NJ today, which was excellent; it's basically just one big dialogue orgy and I LOVE that. If I could write something like that, I'd be set, man. I love writing dialogue! I'm not so good at world-building. Or remembering to explain where characters actually are. But anyway, I played the SVU Program Game to see how many actors I could recognize, as I always do--I couldn't remember anyone's specific episodes, but Twelve was John Bolger, aka Slightly Less Hot Jason Isaacs and The Dad From "The Black Donnellys," and Eleven was Jonathan Hadary, who was in Intolerable Cruelty ("she specificated that she wanted to find a verreh reech hus-band!") and Seven--well, I didn't know him, but he needs to audition for Boardwalk, because he's totally got the swag. Three rushed his lines a bit and Eight didn't put quite the outstanding Fondanian coolness I've come to expect on the line "you don't really mean you'll kill me, do you?", but for the most part it was pretty perf because that play/movie is basically flawfree. Definitely worth the trip to New Brunswick.

BullyCollapse )

Briefly, because this is way late again: Once Upon a Time 1x18, Smash 1x09, and Community 3x14.Collapse )

GAME OF THROOOOOOONES AND THE BORGIAS AND THE BIG C AND MANY OTHER THINGS and also I've been reading books but this entry's too damn long so I'll talk about those later. Ta.
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01 April 2012 @ 10:29 pm

It's my birthdaaaaaaay! Thanks to everyone who sent lovely messages; they made my day. ♥ It's been pretty uneventful so far; I came home to my parents' in Philly and I've just been hanging around, eating cake and watching their cable ["Gilmore Girls" marathon on SoapTV today!]. Though I did get to see my niece a lot, and I got some good loot (slash money), and I'm going out for karaoke next Friday with my friends in NYC, so that will be...uh, interesting. (I'll need at least two drinks before singing anything, but we'll see.) I also treated myself to a ticket to see 12 Angry Men onstage in New Brunswick next Sunday because I ADORE that play/movie, so that'll be good. And I'm taking tomorrow off work because I do what I want, Thor.

Also, didn't see any movies this weekend because I was lounging around in the 'burbs, but I went to the premiere of Wrath of the Titans last Monday with whoamelly_nyc--I was really hoping to see/meet/fangirl Danny Huston (I think I'm gonna watch "Magic City," because I really don't have enough TV shows. I think my dad's gonna watch it too, because apparently he's a JDM fanboy, which delights me to no end. Though he confused him with Goran Visnjic, somehow. I don't...) and/or Toby Kebbell, but the setup was kinda weird and I didn't get to hang around the press tent or whatever. I did briefly glimpse Toby, though, and I was about four feet from Sam Worthington as we left the theatre; he doesn't really do it for me, but he has a nice smile. (Though he's short.) Didn't see Liam Neeson, sadly. We were third row center and it was freakin' IMAX 3D, so I had to keep closing my eyes and was fairly nauseated by the end, but it was actually still fairly entertaining; Toby and Bill Nighy are easily the best parts. And we got free popcorn, so that was nice.

Waaaay behind on TV talk, so I'll just sum up: Smash: "Touch Me" was ridiculously and trashy and kind of embarrassing, so of course I downloaded it, and HOLY SHIT YES DEREK/TOM SCENE. Character development! Inappropriately close glowering!! MOAR PLEASE. Community: Oh my God, Abed is the Howard Roark of pillows, and John Goodman is delightful. Live, Trobed, live!! Supernatural: YES!! IT'S ABOUT TIME! So excite! And LOL @ the drunk boys. "So he let the thing out of the box, and it must've just followed him to...the place with all the thingies!" "Yes...yes! That's smart!" Tee hee. ♥ And SVU: OK I've totally stopped watching this show, but I caught a rerun last night, and Nicole Beharie is on this show now??? QUE??? Well, shit, now I gotta watch again.


Also, important question: I finally have ADWD from the library (!!!), but I haven't started reading it yet because I'm still working on Kavalier & Clay (which I am really starting to like a lot!). Is it worth it to read it during S2, or should I just wait 'til it's over because it'll be confusing to do both at once? I can't decide.
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Interesting week. I actually did things! Monday was the first meeting of my gay book club (BECAUSE I'M A SUPER-COOL PERSON, THAT'S WHY); we discussed The Well of Loneliness and it was pretty fun even though there were only four of us and the place was kind of loud and kind of dark, neither of which are exactly ideal for talking about books. (They played "Straight Up and Down" over the speakers, aka the "Boardwalk Empire" theme, and I perked up like a meerkat. But $20 credit card limit at the bar?! Fuckin' Williamsburg.) I was totally the youngest, as I always am at these things, but I dug it and I'll definitely go back when we pick another book. Tuesday was Free Water Ice Day at Rita's, of course--fun fact; there is exactly one Rita's in all of NYC, on 96th Street, so I schlepped alllll the way up there and then went to read in the park. And then last night I went to see 4:44 Last Day on Earth in Astoria and the director, Abel Ferrara, was there, and WOW, he's mad as a box of frogs. Holy hell. He's just rambly and...very odd. I didn't love the movie; I found it sort of uneven and pretentious, but I liked some elements. I love end-of-the-world movies, for some reason. I thought the sex scene was really gorgeously shot, though the characters' relationship had a weird father-daughter feel to it...and then I realized that the lead actress, who looked about my age (and who was also there), was Ferrara's girlfriend. Um. Well. All righty. The Q&A session was sort of priceless, like when he threw shade at the second Bad Lieutenant movie [seriously, WTF] and said that Chris Walken is "no-maintenance" but likes to have a trailer because "he likes his weed, right?" and revealed that he's planning to make a film about the last day of Pasolini's life. (Some hipster near me actually went "holy shit" out loud when he said that. Lawd.) So, you know. That was fun.

Also, I just finished reading The Secret History by Donna Tartt, and HOLY BALLS ALIVE, I loved it. It was twisty and intense and had one of those unreliable narrators who thinks he's reliable, like Nick Carraway (as opposed to, like, Katniss, who knows she's not giving it to us straight at all) and basically all of the characters are ridiculously morally gray (quite relevant to something I'm writing atm--why can I never love the good guys?) and there were shipping options all over the damn place and I've totally cast it in my head and will probably make a Tumblr graphic. ♥ Fab.

(Oh, and I'm on Goodreads; add me if you want.)

(this is late but I was too busy having a life for once tyvm) Once Upon a Time 1x16, The Walking Dead 2x13 and Smash 1x07.Collapse )

THE HUNGER GAMES TOMORROW! \o/ I'm going at 7:30 tomorrow night; it's way too long for a midnight show (for me), and I gotta save my energy for that Marvel marathon thing. Even my parents are going on Sunday--like, to an actual theatre; they're not buying a shady cam bootleg from that dude in my dad's office. Crazy! And I've also assembled a little gang (fleet? Gaggle? Murder?) of Hiddlestoners to hit The Deep Blue Sea on Sunday; I've already seen it, tbh, and I didn't love it, but I am actually paying to see it again because that is how good of a fangirl I am. Respect, yo.
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f_march_madness: KNOPE 2012! Yay! I knew it! I've only seen bits & pieces of P&R, but I totally picked her in the office pool because I know she's awesome and her fans are amazing. Their campaign was outstanding and hilarious--I'll never get tired of that gif of her high on sugar going "AAHH!" at the window and scaring Ann--but wow, the Mary Crawley/John Watson fight got really, reeeeally gross & ugly. I love them both, but the John anti-stans were just taking it way, way too far and claiming that he was THE OPPRESSION and ranting about how much they hated Martin (I'm not allowed to mention how Santana's written, but we're allowed to bash actors? Okay...) and so on. And I made people mad at me again, somehow, which was a totally new and weird experience. I am so not that person who gets in internet fights. I'm usually just, like, standing on the side by the chip bowl, talking to a few people and minding my own business. I'm not dancing on the bar or throwing drinks on people. (It's a metaphor. Go with it.) However, when I checked the Tumblr tag and saw someone talking shit about me for "policing Santana's sexuality" (lol), I discovered that one of the main people yelling at me for being ~offensive was quite literally a white male neckbeard--but a new brand! Not the "ugh, shut up, feminazis" kind, but the "I'm a better feminist than you" kind! I didn't know that was a thing! It was hilarious. And he was shaming/scolding tons of other people anyway, so it wasn't just me. Fun for the most part, but SMH @ some "fans." It's a game, people. A GAME. (I REALLY hope "Dexter" doesn't suck next season, because I am gonna stan so fucking hard for Deb if she's back next year. And I'll get someone from "Boardwalk" past the second round if it kills me. KIIIIIILLS me.)

Anyway. PaleyFest is over, so we're catching up on the last few panels; I did "Castle" the other day and that was very charming (NATHAN ♥); the episode that airs this Monday has a suspect who is a butler named Carson, and I am taking that as a "Downton" ref and no one can tell me otherwise. I'm doing "The Vampire Diaries" on Monday and I've never seen that before, so I'll finally see what everyone's going on about. I also caught up on an old "Prison Break" panel, and holy shit, you guys, it is hard to jump into that show in the middle of the fourth season. But such are the perils of my job. (Is it me, or is Robert Knepper kinda sexy? Like, really?)

Modern Family 3x18, Community 3x11, The Office 8x19, Grey's Anatomy 8x17, Awake 1x03 and Supernatural 7x16.Collapse )

Speaking of THG, my parents actually read the books around the same time that I did, and hilariously, it turns out that my dad is a Katniss/Gale supporter, as I am, because he thought "Pete" was more needy and thought that "Heaven is always going to trump Hell" (i.e., her good times with Gale should outweigh the terrible times with Peeta) and it's easy to confuse survival with love after you go through a war and all this other stuff that I found quite apt. Although I thought that was the point; her relationship with Peeta wasn't perfect, ideal true love, but they needed each other because, like, no one else could understand. But it was very amusing to have that conversation with him and I explained the idea of "shipping" and I think I've turned another one. My mom watches "Downton" and was texting me about it all through my marathon, so I've finally done something right with these two and turned them into nerds. ♥

(Also, there are ponies outside my apartment rn for some kid's birthday party. We're next to a freeway, and they're just going up and down the sidewalk. And Roomie is in the next room shrieking because he's watching The Others and doesn't know what's coming. This is hilarious.)
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So, um...this happened. I mean, it's going to happen, and it has already pre-happened.

YEAH. UH. I DON'T EVEN KNOW. Hiddles tweeted about it (HIDDLESTONNNNN! *shakes fist*) and two minutes later I was scrambling for my wallet and writing "Rose personal day" on the calendar at work. This will be the absolute crowning achievement of my nerd-life (so far). I've done a LotR marathon, of course, but that was at home, and that was three movies, not six. Good Lord, what have I done. But HELL YESSSSSSSS, SO EXCITE \m/ \m/ (And to be fair, $40 is a shockingly good deal. All told, considering that half of them flicks are 3D, that oughta be more like $90. DAMN MY LEG MOTHER-INSTILLED INABILITY TO RESIST A GOOD SALE)

...so f_march_madness got a little less fun last night. Stupid tl;dr story of stupidness.Collapse ) Aaaand Santana won anyway. Zounds. But whatever, I still love her. VOTE ABED / LESLIE / HERMIONE / KATNISS / MARY CRAWLEY! (How am I supposed to choose between John and CJ? How?? "SO FAR UP YOUR ASS!")

Once Upon a Time 1x15, The Walking Dead 2x12 and Smash 1x06.Collapse )
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11 March 2012 @ 12:27 am
FANDOM MARCH MADNESS: first round is up! Of course basically none of my underdogs from the prelims made it, but I didn't really expect them to. I just had to stan like a good fangirl. I'm really surprised that Britta didn't make it, since people were campaigning pretty hard for her. Same with Cas and Mr. Gold. :\ And how did that Elena person from TVD not make it?! Everyone was shilling for her! Good grief. Well, I'm gonna throw my support behind Margaret Schroeder even though she don't stand a chance--I'm trading Robin/Laurie, Blair/Stiles, Seth/Tami, Scully/Constance and/or Olivia/Audrey in exchange for Margaret (two for her!), Santana, Sansa, Sheldon, Mary Crawley, Leslie, Lorelai and Tony. Haggle with me, y'all.

Friends With KidsCollapse )

The Big Bang Theory 5x19, The Office 8x18 and Awake 1x02.Collapse )

Doing the rest of the PaleyFest stuff at work next week! The "Community" panel was delightful; you could basically hear Danny cackling down at the end the entire time, and Ken Jeong is actually kinda the sweetest person ever & adores the rest of them. (And makes them all break character with "Chang Tongue.") I missed Dong Lover, though, and the episode was not their best, sry2say. Still made me laugh, but not epic or anything. I'll say only this as a hint: Steppenwolf Wife.

It had better warm up this week. I really want a Shamrock Shake.

EDIT: Apparently I just missed Stefon/Seth. WELL, DAMMIT
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07 March 2012 @ 08:07 pm

OH YES! It's that time again!! I've been campaigning my little heart out for Thomas (Barrow), Richard (Harrow), Toph and Lorelai, because they are all my heart's song...s. I still have some slots open; I will vote for anyone from 30 Rock, Archer, Happy Endings, It's Always Sunny, Miranda, New Girl, The Office (I love a lot of them, so), Awkward, Gossip Girl, The O.C., Teen Wolf, Veronica Mars, American Horror Story, Being Human, Haven, Bones, Breaking Bad, Hawaii 5-0, Leverage/Homeland (wild card round), Luther and The Wire if YOU will vote for...


Once Upon a Time 1x14, The Walking Dead 2x11 and Smash 1x05.Collapse )

Mockingjay. Tl;dr, shockingly enough.Collapse )

(also I am at a cafe rn because the internet at home isn't working, and it's kinda not working here either and I am going to murder someone if I lose this entry DAMN MY LEG)
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03 March 2012 @ 01:59 pm
Good Lord, this is a dreadful time of year for movies. There's been nothing worth seeing for weeks, and there's kinda nothing until The Hunger Games on the 23rd. D: It's very sad. Last night I opted for Black Butterflies, but it wasn't great--I didn't really know anything about Ingrid Jonker, but I figured I'd always be interested in a poet. It talked a lot more about her personal life than her writing, though, and I found her pretty hard to sympathize with. And the script really kind of painted everyone in pretty broad strokes; I get it, Rutger Hauer, you're the worst dad ever. You don't have to spell it out. (Though the commentary from the people behind us was very edifying: "Man, she has problems." "He's an asshole!" YES THANK YOU) I did like Carice van Houten, however, and Liam Cunningham, who earned my love forever in That Scene in Hunger, and it was kinda fun to see Davos Seaworth and Melisandre hanging out. (GoT comes back on my birthdaaaaaaaaay!) Anyway, kinda disappointing.

Modern Family 3x17 and Awake 1x01 (lol sweeps)Collapse )

Catching FireCollapse )

Taxes were surprisingly painless last week; I'm getting a much bigger return than I expected, which is nice. Might have some excellent stalkortunities next week in my neighborhood; more on that later. And f_march_madness starts next week!! I'm gonna vote for Abed and Sybil and Loki and Moriarty and Irene Adler (YES DEAL WITH IT) and Arya...man, she could go all the way. Excite!
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So at work so far this week I have watched the three most depressing Oscar-nominated docs (again), "Cougar Town," "The Real World" from 2000 and a National Geographic special about grizzly bears. Did you know Yellowstone was founded in 1872? And there are ten different stages in the blooming of sakura (cherry blossoms)? And Melissa has a crush on Jamie and Julie hates her crazy Mormon dad and still uses the word "colored"? HOW IS THIS EVEN A JOB. ("Scrubs" fans should get excited about the 13 March episode of "Cougar Town." 'S all I'm saying.) Also, "The Office" dropped out of PaleyFest at the last minute--I've known this for a week, but it's public knowledge now, so I can talk about it--which is super-irritating and makes a lot more work for us, BUT it's being replaced by "Parks & Rec"! Hooray!

AVENGERS TRAILER!!! Oh god, my body is so ready. I am ready for angsty!lonely!Steve (yassss) and swag!Tony and exasperatedparents!Coulson and Hill and Loki BLOWING EVERYTHING THE FUCK UP and Thor defending his little bro--we keep seeing all these scenes of the Avengers fighting each other and I swear it's Thor protecting him and then he's like "What are you asking me to do?" and I'm just like NOOOO and Steve/Tony lingering looks (ALL THE LINGERING LOOKS) and Clint/Natasha (I'm cool with it!) and Hiddles WITH HIS FACE AND HIS SCARF [...uh, he tweeted something as I was typing those words; should I be alarmed?] and just dear god, all of the things. \8D/ I can totally tell it's going to be an XMFC situation where, even if the movie itself is flawed, the acting and the character moments will just give me ALL OF THE FEELS and the fandom will be amazing and there'll be SO much awesome fic and oh god can't breathe where's the paper bag fffffuuuu. (This fandom is already amazing; my dash exploded with graphics two seconds after the damn thing premiered. Though it took a good hour or two before I saw a gif of those people bowing to Loki with "Tumblr" over their faces, which is shamefully slow.) EEEEEEE

The Walking Dead 2x10, Smash 1x04 and Downton Abbey S2.Collapse )

...Er, anyway. I have to go to H&R Block tomorrow to do my taxes; that should be fun. Not sure about movies this weekend; might do something indie. And my rough draft for bigbang_mixup is due tomorrow, so I should probably stop procrastinating. >_____>
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27 February 2012 @ 01:43 am
OK, I'm just gonna copy-paste my tweets and add commentary and gifs, because I am lazy. So let's do it.

You're only two years older than me, darling, where have you been all my life?Collapse )

So I got 17/24; happy about The Flying Books and TGWtDT getting one little thing and Dean Pelton [even though that movie, LAWD] and Chris being adorable and Will Ferrell and Zach Galifinakis being awesome (?!!?). Sad about no HP and WTF FOREVER at Documentary and WTF at Meryl, but I was doomed to discontent in that category anyway. Kinda sad about War Horse and The Tree of Life and stuff; it's always a little boring when one or two movies take ALL the small categories, but at least they were good. And Gary WILL GET HIS OSCAR SOMEDAY. SOON. I was prancing around the house earlier going "The Avengers for Best Picture 2013! Martin Freeman for Best Actor! Tilda and Hiddles for that vampire thing! Gary for Commissioner Gordon! Jennifer Lawrence for The Hunger Games!" just to be annoying. THIS COULD ALL HAPPEN. YOU DON'T KNOW.
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22 February 2012 @ 12:00 am
Ugh, Lord, long time no post & now I am behind again Just so many shows. So!: weekend was good; went to New Brunswick (NJ version, not Canada) to see my cousin in the national tour of Fiddler on the Roof; he was one of the bottle-dance guys, you know, where they balance it on their heads in the wedding dance, and I was second-row center and holding my breath the whole time, but he's awesome and it all went very well. Then I went out for various eating & drinking with the family, and stayed in a nice-ish hotel and stole the shampoos, obvs. Then Monday I had off from work and actually got some writing done, which is mildly exciting, and I saw several movies:

Rampart, Michael, A Cat in Paris and BullheadCollapse )

OH AND when I got back to NYC, I got on the subway and saw this sort of dandy fellow with a strange hat and a walking stick--like, a legit silver-topped Larry-Talbot type thing--and I just sort of nodded my approval and carried on listening to music...aaaaaand then I did a double take and realized it was RUFUS WAINWRIGHT. And I almost had a total nutty because I love him and I wanted to wave or smile or something, but then he got off at 14th Street and I didn't get a chance. BUT STILL. O____o And apparently Roomie kinda met Kevin Spacey while out bowling & drinking on Friday night—I wasn't there, but allegedly the words "K-PAX is my jam" were uttered. I don't...

Grey's Anatomy 8x15, Supernatural 7x15, Once Upon A Time 1x13, Smash 1x03, The Walking Dead 2x09, Glee 3x14 and Downton Abbey S1.Collapse )

Roomie & I watched the animated and live-action Oscar nominated shorts tonight; I daresay The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore will win & it deserves to because it's incredibly cute, though La Luna is GORGEOUS (and is showing before Brave, I believe) and I absolutely adored the artwork in Wild Life. I think The Shore might win, though I greatly prefer Tuba Atlantic, mostly because of how they say "tuba" in Norwegian accents. (Roomie, impatiently clicking the video: "Come on, load, you...you..." Me: "What's a good Norwegian insult? 'You son of a mittenless whore!' Because it's cold there.") I figure I don't have much hope of knocking out the last three foreign nominees, but I think I can manage Puss in Boots and Kung Fu Panda 2 by Sunday, and if the chuckleheads downstairs actually finish digitizing shit, I'll do the rest of the docs/shorts at work. IN CASE I DIDN'T MENTION, OSCARS ON SUNDAY~~~
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13 February 2012 @ 11:17 pm
(Long entry is long. As ever.)

BAFTAs: DISAPPOINT. Not surprised, but disappoint. Glad HP got something, and thrilled about Tyrannosaur and Senna, but really, Chris has won literally everything else and I might've liked to see Ken or someone get that, and I continue to be mostly unmoved by The Help and pressed that Carey's getting ignored, and I am sick to death of Meryl winning shit for not-very-good movies when we know she can be AWESOME in very good movies, and--OK, seriously, I do love Jean, but I just really really really wanted Gary to get it (even more than I wanted Fassy, which is saying something) and I really thought he might because, well, they were basically kissing his ass all night, which I totally support, and TTSS is just so very, very English and we already know Jean's getting the Oscar now... :( Come on, man. And I'm frankly shocked that Hiddles lost the Rising Star thing just because of pure math--I mean, he has AN ARMY and we've all been voting out asses off, and then some stranger bitch I've never heard of wins. My cupcakes failed. :( (I was, at least, dancing like a loon whilst baking.) GEEZ. ...Well, OK, this Adam Deacon kinda charmed me on the red carpet when he requested "a cuddle or somefing" from Miss Piggy, and I was like NO, DON'T YOU DARE, I REFUSE TO LIKE YOU. Every second of her red carpet coverage was glorious, actually. "WAR PIG!" And snuggling Tom (!!!!! WOULDN'T YOU??) and chatting with Fassy and Dan ("Do I call you Miss?" "Yes!") and Viola and hitting on Jon Hamm. DYING. And Stephen Fry was sheer flawfreeosity from beginning to end, but still. Not very happy. Britain,

OK, weekend movies: Chico & RitaCollapse )

ChronicleCollapse )

A Better LifeCollapse )

Once Upon a Time 1x12, The Walking Dead 2x08, Smash 1x02, Downton Abbey 1x01 (YES!) and Avatar: The Last Airbender.Collapse )

Oh, and I didn't watch the Grammys because I basically don't know any cool music, but I'm glad Adele won stuff. I hear the Whitney tribute was reasonably non-tacky, which is good, considering they had about 18 hours to plan it. I was pretty shocked on Saturday night; I guess I wasn't into her recent stuff, but The Bodyguard soundtrack was one of the first albums I ever remember really loving (imagine a five-year-old me belting out "Queen of the Night," please), and I feel really terrible for her kid and all. It's pretty sad. [/downer ending]
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11 February 2012 @ 10:38 pm
LIVEBLOGGING A:tLA: mutantjules and la_petite_singe WATCH "SOZIN'S COMET"

OH LORD I AM AFEARD FOR MY FEELS. (And yes, this means I'll be starting "Downton Abbey" on Monday. So stop yelling at me, internet.)
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We've finally started getting the Oscar-nominated docs (both shorts and full-length) into the database at work, as we screen them every year. Apparently we're not doing Pina because we can't manage 3D (...), but I've already seen that, so. I've now also seen If A Tree Falls and the short God is the Bigger Elvis, and I got out of cataloging Paradise Lost 3 (I mean, it's really good, I just kind of don't want to watch it again possibly ever), so hopefully we'll get the rest in soon. And I am considering joining a queer ladies' book club in Brooklyn; they have a 25-40 age limit, buuuut...close enough, right?

(See, this is what I mean about my life either being at 0 or 100; never in the middle. It's like, Crazy Cat Ladydom/MEETING GARY OLDMAN. No in-between. Lord.)

SPEAKING OF AWESOMENESS: I am watching the series finale of A:tLA tonight!! Jules and I will do a post around...well, I'm seeing Chronicle at 7:20 and it's 83 minutes...after 10:00 PM EST, ish. Stop by & witness the madness!

Smash 1x01, House 8x11, Glee 3x12, The Office 8x14, TBBT 5x16, and SPN 7x14.Collapse )

Also, GO VOTE!

In the past we've proven ourselves to be WAY smarter than the actual Academy, so let's just go ahead and prove that again. BAFTAs TOMORROW!! Make me proud, Britain!
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He SAID...go back INSIIIDE.Collapse )

Oh, I cut my hair. Right. Yeah. Whee! It's so short and easy!

And it's not midnight here yet, but it is in London--HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HIDDLES! I love you more than...than Loki loves capes. ♥ (I am doing a massive spam on Tumblr--24 hours, 24 posts, starting at 12:00 AM his time--and I queued a warning message at 6:50 PM my time so people could unfollow me or whatever if they're not 'Stoners. And the post has FORTY-FIVE NOTES. It was just a little warning!! I don't even--these fangirls are fucking nuts. And so delightfully awesome. ♥ I'm making red velvet cupcakes tomorrow night!)

...all I need now is for Hiddles to come out and declare himself a huge Gary Oldman fan. We've already got Hardy and Fassy and DanRad and people saying he's their idol. THAT'S ALL I FUCKING NEED. FOR MY BRAIN TO MELT. Bring it, Tom!

EDIT: ONTD post, because I have absolutely no shame.
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04 February 2012 @ 01:42 pm
1. This is very belated, but the SAGs were surprisingly non-awful, though I was utterly outraged at Steve Carell's snub. What the hell do they have against him?! This did not help my vendetta against Alec Baldwin, to the point where Roomie tweeted about my "truly apocalyptic rage." WHICH WAS REASONABLE. After the Emmys...! But I was beyond stoked about BE, of course, including Steve's hilariously spoilery speech (though frankly I'd think people yelling at him about Jimmy would be a nice change from "shut the fuck up, Donny") and the entire cast storming the stage and Steve lifting up the kids (♥!!) and Jack and Michael standing next to each other (SOBBING) and just everything. And then Viola's standing O (yep, she's getting the Oscar--which is fine, but Tilda shoulda gotten the SAG) and Jean beating Clooney! Yes!! Thrilled with that, tbh. (I read the script of The Descendants and it turns out that basically everything I disliked were directorial decisions, meaning I can focus my resentment on Payne and be reasonably happy when Dean Pelton wins. Yay!) So he's getting the Oscar now, maybe! I'm cool with it. I kinda wanted MiP for Best Ensemble, but then again I'm so mad at them for leaving off Corey Stoll and Hiddles that I might've been mad if they won. Anyway, BAFTAs next week!

2. The Avengers hosted a live Twitter chat on Tuesday with Hiddles, Sam Jackson, Clark Gregg and Joss, which was fairly delightful: Clark and Joss were awesome and snarky, Sam was badass and pimptastic, and Hiddles was ridiculously effulgent and deep about everything, as ever. Once again, though, they let through the dumbest questions--just like "who's your fave character??" and "are we going to get good fight scenes?!" Like, you think?! I of course was being obnoxious and firing off questions about the cinematography (IT'S SEAMUS MCGARVEY YOU GUISE HE DID ATONEMENT AAAGDKFGDKFDKL) and the score (Alan Silvestri was not my first choice, but I'm down!) and of course they didn't get through, but whatever; it was fun. And The Deep Blue Sea leaked, as we KNEW it would when they pushed back the damn release date, and I've gotta watch it today just so I won't be spoiled to all hell on Tumblr, but unless I really despise it (which I doubt) I'm still gonna go see it on 30 March and support my sun-and-stars like a proper fangirl. Also, VAMPIRE MOVIE WITH TILDA SWINTON. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD AND ALL HER WACKY NEPHEWS. \8D/ BEST EVER. First the universe gives me James with his natural accent, FINALLY, in Filth, and now this... ♥ ♥ (P.S., I don't even dig Bon Iver that much, but I've had his haunting cover of "I Can't Make You Love Me" in my head for like three days. And that, from what I understand, is basically the gist of TDBS, so I'm gonna have a jolly day indeed. LIFE. RUINER.)

3. So I read The Hunger Games! (spoilerz)Collapse )

4. Once Upon a Time 1x11, Glee 3x11, Grey's Anatomy 8x13 and Supernatural 7x13.Collapse )

5. The Woman in Black. I'll hide spoilers, 'cause this one's twisty.Collapse )

Movies today, holing up in a cafe to write tomorrow...then OUaT and another movie, likely. Exciting life is exciting.
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Well, shit, I totally thought the SAG awards were tonight. And I ran all the way home after my movie and it took FOREVER because the F train sucks...meh. That's what I get.

Work has been exceedingly dull recently; we're basically digitizing all of the things and putting big files into one video, so I have to consolidate the separate catalog entries for the multiple parts that are now one. Like, we have the Super Bowl from 198whatever, but it's in the system as three different tapes, so I have to take the second and third files and join them with the first and make sure all the credits are right and alter the wording of the...good lord, it's even boring to describe. ANYWAY, it's quite a lot of computer work, but that means I get to listen to music and podcasts and stuff all day, which is nice. So I've been cranking lots of NPR and other fun stuff, including How Did This Get Made? (the Breaking Dawn episode was amazing. Doug Benson: "It's The Deer Hunter all over again: a long wedding scene followed by nightmarish violence." HEH). Whoever worked there before me was a putz, though, and totally lazy; they left off half the cast lists on most of the entries and wrote really half-assed synopses and whatnot. I almost had a stroke when I saw the two-sentence write-up for the Rankin-Bass Return of the King cartoon. Like, HAVE SOME RESPECT. So I fixed that, of course, because I can't live with it like that...Lawd.

The Grey and Pina, briefly.Collapse )

I FINALLY FINISHED A FEAST FOR CROWS. I started reading it on 31 December. O_____o Sheesh. I actually really liked it a lot, though a few parts were kind of agonizing to get through. Moar thoughts.Collapse ) And that means tomorrow I finally start The Hunger Games! I wasn't really plannin' on it, but David would NOT shut up about it & finally just gave it to me for X-mas. And besides, the movie is apparently a huge fuckin' deal, so.

Also, I know it's a week late, but GOOD GOD, FANDRAL, YOUR FACE. I was thinking about dropping "Once Upon A Time" because it wasn't really grabbing me and I was kinda bored last week with Hansel & Gretel...but then Eion Bailey showed up on a motorcycle. And, well, shit. Can't pass that up. And then this past week when Snow fake-dumped Charming and his face just crumpled and he started to cry and I was like DDDDDDDDDDD: GOD WHY IS EVERYONE FROM THOR SUCH A LIFE-RUINER WHYYYY. But then yay, Mary & David! ...In the middle of the street! Sheesh. (And no, I did not miss that "Lost" reference when Mary almost fell over the cliff. Woo!) And apparently Bucky Barnes is joining the show too. So I guess I'm onboard for good. And LOL @ Raj's new girlfriend Siri on "The Big Bang Theory"--the character of Kripke is pretty one-note, but I admit that was hilarious. And my mother did not believe that was a real thing, so when she visited the city today I took her to the Apple store and proved it. I said "are you part of the robot apocalypse?" and Siri replied "we are talking about you, not me." AAAAAUGH

Finally upgrading my phone soon, which is good because the battery sucks on mine. And I have decided I am cutting my hair because I am sick of this shit. Perusing magazines for ideas...
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18 January 2012 @ 08:37 pm
OK, I swear I was gonna refrain from posting today in support of the whole anti-SOPA thing [if they don't want us to do it they shouldn't call it piracy; goddamn], but...sometimes things happen that make you just forget all of your morals. AND ALSO YOUR PANTS


Also, text from my mom when I got home: "Fassy on terri gross now npr." YAAAAAY ONE OF US ONE OF US.

(this is actually my Steve/Tony song--DUDE, IT TOTALLY WORKS--but it'll do for him as well!)
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Oh, Jesus, let's just get through it.

First Golden GlobesCollapse )

and Sherlock 2x03.Collapse )

...and just because I'm here, DanRad was fabulous on SNL the other night; I especially enjoyed the Irish jig (because he really wasn't leprechaun-like enough to begin with) and the awesome HP scene with famewhore!Harry and amazing embittered!portrait!Snape (HADERRR ♥) and Casey Anthony's Yorkshire terrier ("I'M LIVING ON A RAZOR'S EDGE!" What was that writers' room conversation like??) and basically everything. The writing wasn't fabulous, as usual; the weird Carousel of Tomorrow thing was super-odd and The Jay Pharaoh Show was disappointing because they really need to stop wasting his talents (although his impressions were amazing), but Dan was always on-point. And Hader exclaiming "YOU DID IT!" and hugging him during the good-nights made my life. I've...actually never heard Lana Del Rey before the other night and she did sound pretty weird, but IDK, she sounds weird to me recorded. Kind of mumbly and pitchy, dawg. But sometimes interestingly so. And I gotta catch up on OUaT once I find some aspirin, because ohgodmyhead. And myfeelings. </3
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1. Work was fun yesterday; I watched a few eps of "Castle" for the first time ever. I love anything with banter & Nathan Fillion, so I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Next week I'm starting a new Excel-y project that sounds desperately dull, but I guess I can catch up on podcasts whilst working on it. The PaleyFest lineup was just announced the other day, and I already asked my editor if I could not do "American Horror Story" (I've heard it's entertaining, but I CANNOT tolerate Ryan Murphy interviews), "New Girl" and "Two and a Half Men," because...no. Everything else looks fun, though; I'm really glad we're doing "Once Upon a Time" and "Community." ♥ (Man, that one will be snarky.)

2. Golden Globes tomorrow!! The People's Choice Awards were a hot mess as usual the other night, though at least Johnny won (as ever), as did "Person of Interest" (!) and SPN, though apparently the boys weren't invited and Tumblr was MAAAAAD. Whoa. The Critics' Choice Awards were the other night and I wasn't thrilled with those, though at least they gave the young actor thing to Thomas Horn and not Shailene Woodley (although it should've been Saoirse or Ezra, tbh). The five big ones went to The Artist, George Clooney, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer and Chris Plummer, and I have a sinking feeling that that's how the Oscars are gonna go. D: My dream lineup would be Fassy, Lizzie Olsen, Jessica Chastain and Chris, but I think that is hiiiighly unlikely. (I'm OK with The Artist.) At least the Globes will be funny and some surprising shit will happen, and Jean Dujardin's speech will be charmingly accented. (Also, here is what I want: I want Gervais to make fun of Fassy's huge...talent, and then the camera will cut to him XDDDDDD-ing in the audience. It's not a party without the Handsome Shark. MAKE THIS HAPPEN)

3. Hiddles is not going to the Globes, sadly, because he has to be on set for Henry V on Monday in the U.K. ;_____; (But apparently Johnny's presenting!!) He did, however, tweet last night that he saw Shame and loved it ("beautiful, raw, courageous, and searingly true") and I FREAKED THE FUCK OUT because HELLO, fave person of 2011 meets fave movie of 2011. CAN'T DEAL WITH IT. And erethesunrises managed to meet him AGAIN at the Apple store and he called her beautiful AND I AM GOING TO STEAL HER LIFE NBD kdsjfskdjsldjflksjk

4. ...and on a semi-related note, Whedon revealed that The Avengers will largely be from Steve's POV, since he's sort of the odd man out. I like that idea because I think it could combine angst and comedy pretty well; I know it's played out already, but Steve-doesn't-understand-all-these-newfangled-gadgets jokes are kind of my favorite ever. And hopefully this will mean lots of Steve/Tony. ♥

5. "Game of Thrones" is coming back on 1 April! WHICH JUST HAPPENS TO BE MY BIRTHDAY. \8D/ BEST EVER. I'm working my way through AFFC, and I have to say I'm liking it, though I know the fandom's pretty split over it. I was a bit exasperated when I realized we were adding even more new characters, but I'm glad that at least I knew ahead of time that half the people I was used to weren't going to be there. At least I've still got Arya & Jaime. ADWD needs to come out in paperback, thx, because I ain't carrying that shit around in hardback. I'm going to read the first Hunger Games book while I'm waiting, though, once I'm done AFFC, so...there's that.

6. The Big Bang Theory 5x12, The Office 8x11, Supernatural 7x12 and Person of Interest 1x10-11 because I fell behind.Collapse )

7. "SHERLOCK" TOMORROW AS WELL OH GOD NO. I read "The Final Problem" last night (whilst listening to the Shame score, for maximum tragedy) and then proceeded to have a hilarious dream about the episode in which...well, they messed it up and made it somewhat less suspenseful at the end. I won't spoil anything, but my brain is a very funny place.
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09 January 2012 @ 10:55 pm
1. Whoo, Lord, lots to get through: David visited again this weekend and we went through our usual parade of food and movies; we watched Kill Bill: Vol. 1 at home on Thursday and recited all the lines ("I shoulda been motherfuckin' Black Mamba") whilst eating cupcakes, and then saw The Iron Lady on Saturday. More on that in a second. And we saw The Artist (my second time, his first) last night and also went to lots of bars and diners and such and caught up with college friends, and now he's trying to convince me to come visit him in St. Louis, which I will probably eventually break down and do, even though he hates law school and calls the state "Misery." Oy. But it was fun, and he gave me an adorable X-mas gift which is a total inside joke and hard to explain, but it made my heart happy. ♥

2. The Iron LadyCollapse )

3. So OK, we saw The Artist last night with our friend Kelly. And it got out right around 6:45, and we'd just started walking down the street when Kelly grabs me and goes "That's Lee Pace!" AND IT WAS. I thought he was in NZ!! But no! So we just sort of did a 180 and followed him back into the theatre (what?! You have to seize the moment!) and randomly pretended to be seeing another movie or something, and ended up sitting at a table in the lobby right next to where he was in the line. He was on the phone and we were just sitting there having a fake conversation and he was looking for someone and kept, like, leaning over our table and we were like O_______o and then his guest joined him...AND IT WAS JESSICA LANGE. APPARENTLY THEY'RE FRIENDS. I am not even lying. I was freaking the fuck out. But then they went downstairs a minute later (at the Angelika, all of the screens are down a flight) and we didn't get to say anything, but I've already met Lee, of course, and so had Kelly, so it wasn't like we missed our shot. (They were either seeing Melancholia, My Week With Marilyn or Carnage, according to the timetable.) IT WAS AWESOME. And then we're walking up Mercer and completely freaking out and David goes "So was it obvious I was taking iPhone pics?" and I was like "YOU WERE TAKING PICS?!" because apparently he is a stealth fuckin' ninja. And so, receipts.Collapse ) YESSSSS. ♥

4. ...and when we got to the diner 10 minutes later, I checked Twitter and saw that erethesunrises was in fact successful in meeting Hiddles & Benny at the London War Horse premiere!! Eeee! ♥ Apparently they were both very nice and the horse actually showed up (as did, you know, Will & Kate) and I am very very happy because everyone should meet Hiddles at least once in their lives. He did a webchat on Empire.com earlier today, and though none of my questions got through (fffuuuu I want to know about that scene in Unrelated because it BLEW MY MIND), it was a lot of fun. (Full transcript.) He name-dropped Nicolas Winding Refn (OH GOD) and Tomas Alfredson and Fassy in Hunger and Johnny in Finding Neverland and said he does a Shere Khan impression (!!!!!! BONER TBH) and said he likes "Sherlock" and was just generally being flawfree and I was Stefoning at my desk. You know, with both hands. UGH GOD STOP--also, BENNY IN STAR TREK SDFKDLSKSLKLSKL. "I'm hugely, hugely excited and I'm very, very flattered. I'm very, very excited." Sweetie, you've been hanging out with Hiddles too much. ♥

5. Supernatural 7x11, Once Upon a Time 1x08 and Sherlock 2x02 (and a brief word on A Scandal in Belgravia)Collapse )

6. JFC, longest entry ever. I impulsively bought a few rings on sale at Old Navy the other day, and my mom also sent me some awesome-ass Kalinda boots as a late Christmas present because she has a vendetta which bordering on homicidal mania against my Converse sneakers that I've had for about, oh, ten years, so I am super-fancy this week. Pics.Collapse )

7. FIC! secret_mutant gifts are all posted, and I wrote "Make the Yuletide Gay" for minarchy. It was supposed to just be pure crack, but then it kinda got cutesy. I'm not wildly thrilled with it, but it's fun, ish. And then amai_kaminari wrote "It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn" for me and omggggg, it's adorable. ♥ And there are charming parallels between the two! They're both Erik!POV, for one thing, which I love. "Why, oh why, was it so incredibly difficult to not kill people?" Hee! I might do some kind of massive fic rec post soon, because I have a ton of shit bookmarked. Mayhaps.
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04 January 2012 @ 03:09 pm
God help me, it's done. This caused much heartache, as ever, but sometimes you gotta make the hard choices. These are films released in the U.S. in 2011, and on that note I'd like to AGAIN register my anger that The Deep Blue Sea is not coming out here 'til March. (and um Hiddles I am so sorry plz don't be mad at me you know Iloveyou Iloveyou without knowing how, or when, or from where and all that stuff buuuut I had to be honest I'm sorry D:) I have also not yet seen The Muppets, The Iron Lady, Pina, Rampart or Project Nim, but I plan to see all of 'em and I don't know if any of them really had a shot anyway. SO: I changed how I did this a little; I wrote less (SADLY) and didn't do Oscar predictions, because it turns out I suck at them. Thus...

top ten films of twenty-eleven
(plus a few more)

the list.Collapse )
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02 January 2012 @ 09:14 pm
HAPPY NEW YEAR (slightly late)! My NYE was fairly uneventful; double feature at the movies, then called David at midnight from this bar we like (although for him it was 11:00 'cuz he's in Chicago, so I was all WE'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO REVEAL THE FUTURE, etc), then met friends at home and made New Year's milkshakes. Which are milkshakes that you drink on New Year's. Obviously. So yeah, not bad.

And now the movies, of course: In the Land of Blood and HoneyCollapse )

The Adventures of TintinCollapse )

MargaretCollapse )


And tonight I am rewatching The Trip and then that is IT. Then the madness will END and I will make my top ten list (...which is now a top twenty but nbd). I will, I will, I will. He'll keep calling me, and calling me, and calling me...I'll go. I'll go, I'll go, I'll go, I'll go. SHIT.
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01 January 2012 @ 06:24 pm

All are welcome to join, but NO SPOILERS! We're watchin' this shit live & for the first time here! Starting at 6:45 PM EST sharp(ish). AWWWW SHIT, GET YOUR TOWELS READY, 'CUZ IT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN

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