11 November 2012 @ 06:55 pm
Behind on TV, as ever, but for once there are more exciting things to discuss:

ELECTION!!! I voted before work and it went fine, but then as the day went on I kept hearing about NYC polling places being all chaotic and disorganized and the machines malfunctioning and I was totally freaking out because oh my god, we don't need another 2004. Or 2000, for that matter. After work I went to a party at a bar with a bunch of lesbians and basically spent the entire night running up a bar tab stress-eating and stress-drinking (I was basically drunk by 7:00, ngl) and watching the big TV and obsessively checking Twitter, and around 10:00 something a few girls dragged me off to the Cubbyhole, which is very cramped and very dark and very loud and very fun, and I swore I wasn't going to drink any more--and then the bartender came around with free shots. So, you know. And then around 11:00-whatever the screen suddenly flipped to the one pictured above, and there was this pause before everyone realized, and I yelled "GUISE, GUISE LOOK" and then everyone started screaming and it was gr8. :') And then I took a long-ass train ride home and missed the speeches and went to work hungover the next day, but that's okay, it was worth it. Ahh, good times.

Skyfall: ERR MAH GERD SKERFERL. I loved it and I definitely want to see it again. I actually got that itchy, impatient wanna-see-it-again-NOW feeling on Saturday morning, which I haven't had since The Avengers. So that's saying something. I loved it because it was just so wonderfully personal--I love action movies and all, but I often find it kinda hard to really care about the characters in a deep way and as a result I kinda only like them superficially, but OMG THE FEELS IN THIS ONE. I already adored the Bond/M relationship, and this one just took it to eleven and I loved the way they're both willing to break the rules for one another and dskdjfksljd apparently I have a soft spot for dysfunctional pseudo-parent/child relationships. The opening titles were gorgeous and I the Adele song, of course, and the opening chase scene was outstanding (THE LITTLE CUFFLINK-ADJUST I CANNOT); it's saying something that I was clutching my own sleeve in agitation the whole time even though, ya know, he probably wasn't actually going to get killed. I liked that Silva was introduced pretty late; it just made it more suspenseful when he finally showed up, especially as he strooooolled forward slowly in that really wide shot. Javi was just perfection in every way; naturally I was grinning my face off when he was, like, fondling Bond, NOT TO MENTION Bond's response of "what makes you think this is the first time?" HEH. I don't know if that was a reference to Le Chiffre or just his general...life, but it was awesome. I suppose every film villain for the next century will be compared to Heath's Joker, so that's kinda tired, but really, he did have that brilliantly funny/dangerous/unpredictable thing going on. And I was noticed that his nose looked asymmetrical and was kinda wondering what they did there, and then JESUS FUCK he took out his face thingy and gave us some Richard Harrow realness--can you imagine anything worse than a cyanide capsule failing to work?? AUGH. He was hardly sympathetic, but that was still chilling as fuck. Ijustlovehimsomuchokay~ (p.s. if you haven't seen Biutiful, do; he's fucking outstanding in it)

And then there was Eve--full disclosure, I've seen the Craig-Bonds and then precisely one other, From Russia With Love. And yet somehow I was still positively squealing at the end when she said her name was Moneypenny. HUZZAH YES that means she'll be back, right?! I just adore Naomie Harris. The new films have handled the "Bond girl" concept really interestingly: Vesper was totally her own character, and the love interest and the villain; Olga Kurylenko's character had her own revenge story and they didn't actually hook up, as I recall. And now we have Eve, who is his colleague first (and, ya know, shot him a little) and they just happen to be super-hot and flirty as well. DAT SHAVING SCENE. Oh my fucking Lord. Love it. Well, there was also Sévérine--I was getting hardcore Gillian Darmody vibes from her before Bond noted that she had been a child prostitute and was trying to escape and stuff, by the way--and I'm bummed she got killed so fast. And I guess I should object from a feminist perspective that Bond's island girlfriend from when he was 'dead' got no lines or development at all, but really I'm just mad that there's an actress out there who made probably more than I make in half a year to do absolutely nothing except make out with Daniel Craig for a day. I mean...just...what.

Anyway. Q was wonderful & adorable and I realized that the movie was literally written for me when he was admiring the Turner painting at the museum when meeting Bond, as that is one of my fave paintings ever. Although I gotta say I was totally pissed that Bond lost that awesome palm-programmed gun in like FIVE MINUTES; he totally left it in that...that Return of the Jedi lizard-pit thingy in the casino. Come on, son! Keep track of your shit! And the actual Skyfall reveal--like, okay, if the writers had pulled me aside and asked me what I specifically wanted that to be, "a beautiful but somber manor house on a gorgeous, misty, Bronte-ian Scottish moor, complete with appropriately angsty & Romantic backstory, please" basically, more or less, totally would have been what I said. \8D/ I was legit clawing at my face through literally all of those scenes--ROGER DEAKINS, LET ME LOVE YOU. PLEASE. Especially when it was night and all fiery and those wide shots and dfklgdjlkfkgdl I CAAAAAN'T. ____ I'm really interested by the fact that, like, he actually is James Bond--I've always sort of wondered if it was like a Dread Pirate Roberts thing and 'James Bond' was more of a symbol, as he's been played by so many dudes over so many years and they're meant to be the same person but not really the same person, y'know? But actually hearing about his childhood (!!!) and seeing his parents' graves (he's Scottish?! And half-French?!!?? ZUT ALORS) and meeting Kincaid and everything--I just really, really, really cared about the guy more than I thought I could.

(Wow, this is getting long.) BUT I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY KILLED M FOR REAL. ;_____; And I so wanted her to be the one to kill Silva, too, though the Chekhov's Knife bit was cute. I really just wanted her to shoot anyone, but her homemade booby trap things were just as good. BUT REALLY, Bond cuddling her and she gave him the dog and AUGH WHY. Mallory then becoming M does kinda lend credence to my aforementioned theory about the name being a title rather than a name--also interesting that Kincaid misheard her name as "Emma"--but maybe they were messing with us on purpose. I really didn't think they'd kill her, not after all that, but I respect it, I suppose. :( So many feelings! Oh, and surprise!Helen McCrory! I really, totally loved it, man.

Lincoln: I...am trying so hard to have a strong opinion about this one, but I just cannot. It was fine. It was good. Parts were really good. Many parts were just kinda meh. I know I'm in the minority here, but this isn't even my Bitterness Movie (every year I have one that I think is overrated as fuck and I get annoyed when it gets tons of love & awards); that'll be Silver Linings Playbook. This one, just...eh. DDL is great, of course; as usual I forgot I was watching him and was just caught up in the character, but I feel like the movie tries so hard not to overly-praise him or canonize him, as many biopics do, that it just all seems rather ordinary. Even his introduction is understated; he's kinda half-shot from the back and he's just sitting amongst the men casually (eeeee, Dane DeHaan and Lucas Haas! Hi, bbs!). And he often sits around wrapped in cloaky things or blankets; I can't tell if that was meant to make him seem vulnerable or saintly or what. I did like the intimacy and how relatable he was, but ultimately it was really just about a bunch of old white bastards arguing about politics and technicalities, and YMMV how interesting that is. It did a good job of making him out to be just a regular, hardworking, especially smart guy rather than an exaggerated hero, and I did like that they analyzed the idea of slavery beyond just pure morality and humanism--like, the complex economic aspects and all--although it was kinda awkward that there were hardly any black people in it like at all. And the three they did have--Gloria Reubens, S. Epatha Merkerson (!) and the fellow with the beard--are all quite light-skinned. I dunno if that matters, but...well, I liked Sally Field a lot too; it was a bit meta when she said "I'll just be remembered as being crazy and ruining your life," so I liked that she was given more depth and we saw their realistic relationship, with love and arguments and everything. And I now appreciate the brilliance of casting SO many other famous actors, because if I hadn't recognized John Hawkes and David Costabile and Hal Holbrook all them dudes, I literally would not have known who anyone was, because old white dudes in period costumes all look the same and hardly anyone was given much of a distinct character (though I did love James Spader). I did kinda LOL at darling, sweet Lee Pace as the blustering racist, though. And Jared Harris as Grant was totally inspired. The assassination was...oddly rushed, and it was rather cheeky to place us at another theatre when it happens, but I guess it's been done. Eh, it's well-done and obviously worth seeing, but it's just so understated that it's a bit...inaudible. So...eh.

Wreck-It Ralph: Double-featured this with Lincoln because I somehow fell behind, and it's really, really, really cute, even if you're not a gamer. I hardly know anything about video games (though I did recognize Sonic and Q*Bert, of whom I had a stuffed animal as a wee one), but I still appreciated a lot of the stylized bits and the inside jokes--I absolutely LOVED the chanting Oreo palace guards. HA! Totally didn't recognize Alan Tudyk's voice; he was totally channeling Ed Wynn, amirite? Overall it was a bit manic & had a trifle too much going on--like, I dunno if we needed Vanellope's battle with King Candy and the "cy-bugs," but the romance between Felix and Calhoun was kinda awesome, and the twist with Candy/Turbo was clever. Vanellope annoyed me at first because I am a misanthrope who dislikes Sarah Silverman and also children, but she grew on me by the end. And as I've been bitching for years about how not every kids' movie has to feature a princess and end with a wedding, I completely loved that she chose to be 'President' instead and was all about her friendship with Ralph. (No, I didn't tear up. Of course not, GOD.) And I'm sorry, but Felix is the favorite guy whom everyone loves because he inherited a magic hammer from his dad, and Ralph resents being the unloved 'bad guy'?? SOUND FAMILIAR?! JUST SAYING.

Flight: Saw this last week--pretty solid; Denzel's excellent and he (& the writing) does a great job of walking that line between addiction victim and really-terrible-decision-maker; you both sympathize with his inability to stop using and also want to smack him for sabotaging himself every which way. John Goodman was of course welcome, as always--he definitely prevented the movie from taking itself too seriously. ("DO NOT TOUCH THE MERCH, MOTHERFUCKER.") I feel like Kelly Reilly's story kinda got abandoned in the third act and I didn't entirely buy their sudden bond, though I like the idea of 'damaged' people being drawn together (see: all of my OTPs fucking ever). The crash scene is terrifying and it works because of the dialogue, oddly--it's panicky and scary, and yet we actually get to watch him making a series of decisions and thinking out loud and actually working through it, which was very cool. Didn't really like the end; it was way too Zemeckis-y and I didn't really feel he'd entirely Earned His Happy Ending, as it were, but at least he didn't just get off scott-free simply because he's the protagonist, y'know. So, good.

For the record, I like fun. now; they won me over on SNL. I may be anti-hipster, but I make an exception for the smiley ones and they looked really, REALLY happy to be there, so that's good enough. (Yeah, this song is basically "Cecilia," but (a) I love "Cecilia," and really any song that goes 'whoa-ooh-WHOOOOA-OHHHH' and (b) it's giving me major Richard feels, offuckingcourse.) And I still have that fucked-up "Mokiki" song from last night's digital short stuck in my head. "His best friend is a glove!" DAMMIT, TARAN. (just kidding ILU birthday twin <3) The "Homeland" sketch was amazing, though; I was totally screaming at Hader as Saul and Anne's awesome Mathison Ugly-Crying Faces. And it's Sunday!!
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