26 October 2012 @ 10:13 pm
I'm pretty sure FBI agents don’t say "awesome" that much.  
Was planning to see Cloud Atlas tonight, but I'm getting sick, I think & have decided to postpone and enjoy a night of TV & soup delivery. French onion, though I don't really like onions. I wish it had more cheese. In fact, just a bowl of hot cheese and broth would be good. ...Maybe that's why I'm sick. Anyway, Tumblr, can you NEVER DIE AGAIN, please?! That was not at all okay. D: I kept doing that thing, you know, where you open the tab over and over again like 'since Tumblr's down I guess I'll waste time on Tum--oh. Wait.' Like when you're lighting candles in a power outage and hit the light switch in order to search for matches. Speaking of, sounds like Halloween might be borked entirely by this "Frankenstorm," but weekday-Halloweens are lame anyway and I was thinking about going to an (indoors) karaoke party, so whatever.

COVERT AFFAIRS: All I have to say is: Annie/Eyal/Auggie? YES DO WANT. I was mourning the loss of my OT3 at the beginning of this season, but lbr, Eyal >>>> Jai, in nearly every way except looks, in which respect they are basically equivalent. So y'know. "I didn't think you'd be this handsome." KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS, AUGGIE. Actually, don't. Heh. I think Eyal will be in the rest of the season, so hopefully moar scenes with all three of them. GOOD.

SUPERNATURAL: Okay, so my first thought was "omg Chronicle! \o/" and my second thought was "wow, I really like this" and my third thought was "wow, everyone else is gonna hate this, tho." And it seems I was right, alas. Found footage is not everyone's taste, to be sure, especially since it so often 'cheats' and defies its own parameters, as this episode does--the physical points of view jump around a bit too much, and I kinda don't buy that Kate would have taken time to edit in some out-of-sequence dramatic irony before fleeing for her life, but I still found it really endearing. And let's remember that I usually have NO patience for teen drama. I actually weirdly cared about those kids, and I really liked seeing Sam & Dean from an outsider perspective, especially their banter and their investigation style. (And their "workplace romance." Dohohoho.) I actually really like when the show looks at the human aspect of the 'monsters' they kill, like in "Heart" and the spectacularly disgusting "Metamorphosis;" it's always tragic to remember that these things were usually once normal people and can't help what happened to them or what they do. Even just seeing Dean shoot down the professor in that wide-angle, passive shot from the hidden camera in the corner was rather startling--like, that's what it looks like from a distance, just a dude ruthlessly killing another dude, even though with context we know that's not really what's happening. And placing the credits at the end was a nice touch. It was kind of a frustrating diversion from the Crowley/Cas/Kevin/tablet thing, but this show always does that, and at least this was kinda interesting. Er, to me.

PERSON OF INTEREST: Hit man who falls in love with his target? I'm sorry, how many times have I written that fic?! Like three? That seems too specific to be a trope, but HOW I LOVE IT. And it doesn't hurt that it was Jonathan Tucker--I took this episode to be a continuation of "The Black Donnellys;" apparently in that horrendously suspenseful final episode, everyone died except Tommy (and Jenny, who left him for a woman, namely me) and in his grief he turned to the dark art of assassinry and sexy leather jackets. SOUNDS LEGIT. SOMEONE WRITE THIS FIC PRONTO. But, er, anyway, I liked this ep, especially Finch still dealing with his crazy Root experience: I yelled "WHOA" when he called Riley "bad code," and I absolutely love that he had anxiety about going outside this week & last week, since on the types of procedurals it seems like when our hero is in peril, unless they're badly physically injured, they're basically totally over it by the next episode even if they experienced/witnessed some really fucked-up shit. And that's pretty true of Reese, because he is a crazy badass Jesus ninja, but for Finch it makes sense that he'd be more traumatized. I really liked the reality of that, as I did the kinda moral ambiguity of his appealing to Elias for help, as well as Reese showing up to kill (?) that dude at the end. I mean, they're good guys, but they're not too good. And also, Bear. Awwww. He has a Twitter, by the way. He tweets in Dutch. Awesome.

ELEMENTARY: Man, these two hang out in a lot of hipster neighborhoods. It seems like they're always in TriBeCa or the Meatpacking District or whatever. Sheesh. But that's okay. Lovely work from everyone this week (and I like that Watson was kind enough to restrict her glorious haircape when Luke Kirby came to the table, lest she strike him instantly dead with fabulousity) and WOW, Sherlock Feels everywhere. I loved that he actually looked her dead in the eye when he was talking about remembering the smell of cooked heroin [wow], and the bit at the end with Gregson really shocked me; halfway through I wondered if he was faking it just to fool him, but the stammering and the teary eyes were actually legit. (And that would've been impressive acting-wise either way.) Remarkable that they had him flat-out admit in only the fourth episode that he's embarrassed by his past, but I actually like that; it makes him a more accessible character. "Homeland" has taught us that openly addressing secrets and emotional payouts often works sooner rather than later, character development-wise. Really enjoyed the Chekhov's Text Abbreviations trick (my mom would totally say "IMLTHO" and be annoyed when I didn't get it--she wants an iPad, by the way, and I was like GURL PLS, we'll start with a Victrolla), and I liked how they set up his fondness and practice of picking locks in the past few episodes. And I enjoyed that he stalled by trying to talk his way out of it, since that's exactly what I'd do; I once had a dream that I was telling Voldemort jokes to try and prevent him killing me. (He wasn't amused.) Not sure we needed to have him in allegedly mortal peril so early in the first season--like, he ain't dying in episode four, probably--but I do kinda enjoy How We Got Here episodes, so y'know. I'm wondering how they're going to justify her hanging out with him beyond the six-week period, and I'd also like to meet his dad. Played by someone awesome, of course. Let's get some old Shakespearean dude. And I demand a future plot point--or at least mention--of those marvelous tattoos.

THE OFFICE: MEREDITH WAS DRESSED AS BLACK WIDOW. AND COLBERT SANG "FAITH." ERR MAH GERD. That's really all I have to say, aside from the fact that the pumpkin-head cold open was kinda brilliant. I will never not respect Rainn Wilson's insane commitment to physical comedy (man, I hope they got that peanut butter thing in one take. Actually, no, I don't). I like that this season they're calling back to a lot of old plot points--Here Comes Treble, the Secret Aspirations of Philly Jim, Roy getting married--rather than a ton of new wacky stuff, though I'm NHF Jim & Pam fighting, especially about something that big, though I guess it'll all work out since presumably they'll move to Philly at the end of the series. And I'm still enjoying Oscar/Noah Bennett; he & Angela dressing like the Reagans was a nice touch. Disappointed that Catherine Tate didn't do a whiny-voiced Toby impression along with the costume, however.

GREY'S ANATOMY: OK, "I Saw Her Standing There" is a very mean title for the episode in which Arizona begins trying prostheses, but I do love that song. Does this mean we're done with bitter!Arizona? Because while that's a terrible, scary thing for anyone to go through, I just did not believe that the peppy, determined surgeon who, I'm sorry to say, has probably met more than her share of amputees through her Army brother & father and therefore knows that they can get back to productive, normal lives would be THAT angry about what happened, especially as she had quite a lot of time between the accident and the surgery to prepare herself. I just...come on. So hopefully we're headed back to happy!Calzona. SO glad people finally called Derek out on being a wimpy baby kitty whiner who needs to be "bubble-wrapped," and I adored the Owen/Callie friendship moment. And Debbie Allen remains flawless and April remains The Worst. And Cristina, gurl, no. No good will come of sleeping with Rex Van De Kamp.
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Mrs [insert crush of the week]: sn → angel on a cell phonetotallybalanced on October 28th, 2012 07:18 pm (UTC)
i seem to be in the minority that loved the latest Supernatural episode tbh. i thought it was done really well!
extraordinary machine.: TV - Supernatural - Casla_petite_singe on October 29th, 2012 09:37 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I mean, given that we'd never met these kids before, they actually did a really good job of making us care about them. I dug it.
eye never sleep: SPN-Deantwilightthief on October 29th, 2012 02:42 am (UTC)
I immediately thought: Chronicle too after the latest SPN episode! My friends who watched it with me had idea what I was talking about though :/

I thought it was....interesting...the shaky camera kind of got to me. It was kind of neat to see the brothers from an outsiders POV.
extraordinary machine.: TV - Supernatural - Sam/Deanla_petite_singe on October 29th, 2012 09:39 pm (UTC)
Somehow that movie was #1 its opening weekend, but still, more people need to see it. ;) It was only February, after all.

I really liked the way their snappy bro-banter seemed even snappier from a distance, somehow. The way they work together seemed even more endearing. D'awww.
obstinate, headstrong girl!: elementary | holmeszombie_boogie on October 30th, 2012 01:38 am (UTC)
I WAS NOT EXPECTING ALL OF THESE SHERLOCK FEELS, IT'S REALLY QUITE OFFENSIVE. There were so many places it could have veered off in a flippant or cynical direction - buying the wine for the couple at the table, telling Gregson about his past, etc - instead I was just smacked in the face with awkward sincerity and FUCK ME.

I'm wondering how they're going to justify her hanging out with him beyond the six-week period

There will be a scene were he asks her to stay and be his partner and I will die a thousand deaths.

I'm... OK with Jim and Pam arguing, because I'm mostly on the GO PAM YOU TELL HIM THIS MAKES UP FOR YOU NOT SAYING ANYTHING WHEN HE JUST WENT AHEAD AND BOUGHT A HOUSE side of things. Though I do want them to make up and be happy.
extraordinary machine.: TV - The Office - Jamla_petite_singe on October 30th, 2012 01:48 am (UTC)
I really wasn't sure how that scene at the end was gonna go, even in the middle of it, and I was really taken aback & rather impressed that he was being sincere.

OH SHIT you're right. And he'll be all awkward and ~technical about it and won't be able to spit out that he really enjoys her company and dfklgjdklfd these adorable babies

Y'know, I'm not really mad about the house thing anymore, but that's probably because I keep forgetting it happened. >___________> I mean, I love them, but I feel like I basically ignored everything that happened between them after "I'm in love with Italian food." Once I knew they were together and happy for realsies, I was like "okay, have fun, kids." But you have an excellent point. I do appreciate that the show's not portraying it as "ARE THEY GOING TO BREAK UP?!!?" in every episode, it's just a stable couple having a total reasonable fight. It's just bugging me that we're doing this at the eleventh hour...but I guess it's still early in the season. So, eh.
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