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well, don't take any wooden nickels.
TV - Boardwalk Empire
Extremely lazy weekend--mostly hung around reading & watching the "SVU" and "House" marathons on USA and Cloo Network, though I did see Smashed on Friday night, which was pretty good; Aaron Paul & Mary Elizabeth Winstead were both great, even if the plot wasn't super-original. It was sort of like a Jesse/Jane AU or something (and I'd read that fanfic if someone wrote it, tbh). Broke out in a HUGE dopey grin at the Not Fade Away trailer, and realized I literally had my hand pressed to my heart by the end of the Rust and Bone trailer, so I'm pretty sure I'm gonna stan for that movie hardcore. [Though I couldn't help thinking "A fire? At a sea parks?? There were twelve exits!"] Marion is of course queen, and I adore Matthias Schoenaerts ever since Rundskop--not a perfect movie, but his performance is mind-blowingly good. Seriously, watch it just for him, it's worth it. And I saw The Sessions several weeks ago and really liked it a lot, I thought it was refreshingly frank and just funny enough without being cutesy or condescending. You don't get a lot of movies about disability & sexuality, so I appreciated how they handled it. I utterly loved the lady whose house they were using; she was awesome, and John Hawkes is perfection always and I liked Helen Hunt more than I have in years. (Nice try making Moon Bloodgood look unattractive, though. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.)

(Should I do separate cuts for everything? Now they open like spoiler tags...? Let me know. I'll try it this week.)

ONCE UPON A TIME: BELLE/RUBY IS MY EVERYTHING NOW. Their conversations in will-never-not-be-Luke's Diner made my entire life; I desperately hope we get more scenes of them. Hooray, lady friendships! And while it was a little lame to go from "I never want to see you again" to reconciliation with Rumple in, like, two scenes, I love that she's making her own decisions now and the library-giving (!!!!) was tweaked into being a symbol of his respect for her independence. Very nicely done. AND LAWD, CAPTAIN HOOK. He was as delightful as expected (and I was sad Hatter didn't show up to challenge him to a guyliner-off, and by that I mean a violent make-out session), though that was pretty dark, the way he basically let Rumple believe he was kidnapping Milah against her will. But Rumple killing her like that was way more harsh, so y'know. And I loved his total underreaction to losing his hand; that's such a TV thing. He's like "*grimly attaches hook* ...FUCK YEAH, NEVERLAND, BITCHES :D!!" See, Arizona, it can be done! (OK, sorry, that was mean.) And I really like how the Hook/Rumple conflict parallels the Cora/Regina conflict in that both parties kinda have a reasonable point of view and it's tough to say who's really the villain or to choose with whom to side. Because all them bitches be crazy. And apparently Moe's flower shop was called "Game of Thorns;" I missed that. BAHAHAHA
handsooommmme.gif Oh, and Whale is totally Frankenstein!! I love that they waited 'til the Halloween episode to tell us, and while we're being quite generous with the 'fairy tale' thing now, I so love the idea of shout-outs to classic Hollywood that I don't even care.





"We're close." SCATTER MY FUCKING ASHES. As the Internet's resident Emma Harrow stan, I was completely freaking the shit out at the world's most awkward/adorable American Gothic family photos, oh my god. ♥♥♥♥ Jack is a goddamn liar and we are SO meeting her this season and dfgkdfgljd I CANNOT WAIT. OK, so my expansive Harrow Family Headcanon, which involves their dad dying early in a gruesome farm accident and traumatizing/affecting young Richard's feelings on death and leaving the kids to their own devices as Mama Harrow ran the farm, etc., is now completely Jossed, but hell, Jack decided he was a New Yorker earlier on; so much for that. And I still have my modern AU thing. I really like Julia already and I am looking forward to the endearing disaster that is their relationship; of course he'd befriend the crankiest guy in the room. His tending to Paul after the Veterans' Fight Club was so sweet. eeeeeeeebaby. ♥ And GOOD FOR YOU, MARGARET. TREAT YO'SELF. I still don't entirely ship her with Owen, but I do like the familiarity and ease between them this season, and HOLY SHIT IN A GREENHOUSE. That is hot as fuck. Lame to tease us with all those shots of her with the gun and then not shoot anyone, though. But fuck yeah, Margaret Sanger!! I'm kind of unsure about the whole firebug-"gypsy" thing, since that seemed like a weird red herring, but interesting to see Mags & Teddy interacting. That was one sad, half-hearted spanking. And wow, creepy/sweet kids-only scene with Teddy & Emily! Really, given those two dealing with Hans and then Nucky and his endless parade of shady characters and Tommy living in a freaking brothel, it's surprising these kids aren't straight-up criminals yet. SO glad Esther Randolph's back because she's awesome; loved the scene between her & Nucky. I was literally talking to my screen and saying "DON'T call him 'Jimmy.' Just don't do it. Do not--OH, JESUS" when Gillian bagged poor, dumb Roger; he really does look scarily like Michael Pitt. What did THAT casting call look like? I'm still invested in her, despite everything; somehow I still feel terribly sad for her losing her son and spiraling into Crazyville because of it. And I'm still holding out for a Daugherty/Jess Smith love affair. And I desperately hope the film director who contacted Billie was Mack Sennett, because I am a nerd.

Oh, and re: Gyp last week--well, I heard ages ago that he had a ~weird fetish, and honestly, I was expecting something far worse than that. I have a feeling that that's how he will eventually depart both the show & this life, rather than in the predictable hail of bullets. Heh. But still--mazel tov, Will Truman. Mazel fuckin' tov.

HOMELAND: WELL, SHIT, THAT HAPPENED. I will never stop being in love with this show's fearless habit of blowing up its own plot bombs, as The A.V. Club calls them. I was sure Carrie was going to Brody's room to bang him [wouldn't you?] and find out who his contact was and/or prevent him calling them, BUT NO. WOW. Awesome. On another, lesser show, her being in love with him would make her way more wibbly about bringing him down, but on this show she's just all the more determined. LOVE IT. And loved Saul's "get the fuck away from her," awwww. ♥ Nice to see Virgil again (or Jesus Christ Virgil, as I call him, because Carrie's perpetual annoyance with him in S1 was very funny). I'm actually almost sorry we won't get more scenes of Team Covert Awesome spying on Brody and building up a case, since this show is awesome at making surveillance really suspenseful and fun (and the delicious irony/symbolism of the audience breathlessly watching these characters watching other character on TV screens is not lost on me). And that was Rupert Friend! Shit! Finn [thanks, IMDb] and Dana were surprisingly sweet--loved the reflection of their faces in the window in the Washington Monument--though calling her Sally Hemings to his Jefferson is...not really a compliment. Kids these days. And I'm guessing Lauder will either get himself killed and/or get involved with Carrie & Co., but I'm interested to see how far Mike will go to defend his friend(s). Ahhhh crazy-ass show~

DEXTER: Thank the LAWD she finally asked about Rita, omg. I stan for Deb forever & I love her as much as ever this season, but I couldn't understand why that wasn't, like, the third thing she asked. The bathtub dream was pretty interesting; I now wish they'd kept the pseudo-incest themes much more implied and unspoken last season. Like, have her privately struggle with feelings for him so that this season, she can have metaphorical ideas/doubts about 'joining' him (like, "marrying" him in the sense of supporting his murderings and/or even helping), but avoid saying it out loud. I never bought that she'd actually straight-up state it like that and then decide to tell him in the hopes he'd reciprocate. That was just dumb and OOC. But I like how it's fitting into this year, more subtly. I actually gasped when he frankly said "I love you" to her, wow. Growth...? AND HOORAY, WE GOT SOME GAY OTHER THAN ME/DEB. This show still has a bad habit of legit explaining its plots in dialogue or VOs ("Saying what I'm doing!"--Flint Lockwood), so Isaak Pullo being like "EVERYTHING I DO, I DO IT FOR YOU" was a bit hammy, as was Dexter recapping Hannah's involvement with Frosty Swirl Guy for us--like, I know, man, I watched last week, BUT STILL. EXCITE FOR THAT. I'm loving Ray Stevenson; that scene where he very politely made the dude kill himself was very chilling. Deb was a fucking boss interrogating Speltzer and getting him to confess in, like, two seconds; this show doesn't do a lot of L&O-style regular police scenes, but I loved it. And "everything is in my control!"--well, congrats, Dexter, you just became Walter White. That will surely end well. *sigh* Though he sort of countered that by destroying the blood slides, so hmmm. Kinda funny we got no mention of Louis being shot (HOORAY); I assume he'll be found on Dexter's boat and Deb will naturally assume he did it and that The Code is bullshit and he'll be like ER WELL THIS LOOKS BAD BUT ACTUALLY NO and she won't believe him, etc. Fun!

THE WALKING DEAD: "Shit happens." Oh, good Lord, Rick. On the one hand I actually kinda like his ruthlessness because there's nothing worse than a bossy dude who's all talk and no action, but his "THIS IS OUR JAIL NOW" attitude was worrisome. Absolute power and all that. And I'm sorry, but why exactly is Lori a shitty wife? I don't like her much either--nor him--but at the end of last season, she was rather reasonably angry with him for killing Shane, and now she's practically begging his forgiveness. Yeah, she banged Shane and all, but that was ages ago when she thought Rick was dead. How does he have this moral high ground? Did I miss something? Carl is actually not annoying me and being useful to a shocking degree; that was a nice change. And while I don't care much about Herschel (I'm kinda still not past the walkers-in-the-barn thing, sorry), I do love Maggie and her scenes with him this week were quite sweet & sad. And go Carol, planning ahead! I truly don't want to think about a non-anesthetized C-section, at all, but maybe they can knock her own with a rock or something first, I dunno. And I demand moar Michonne/Andrea, because unsurprisingly I am shipping them hardcore.

DOWNTON ABBEY: OK, didn't talk about last week yet! WHYYYY?! The fan theory was right! D: I was still not ready, though, especially the horrifyingly cruel way that scene played out. She was my favorite! ;____; Branson and his face was absolutely killing me, as was the Thomas/Anna moment (OMG FAVES plz become friends now) and the Violet/Carson moment, awww. :( I rather wish the Cora/Robert dispute hadn't been wrapped up so quickly this week, though I did love Violet getting involved & trying to help and all, and that's just what this show does, anyway. And ONTD's vitriolic hatred of "Flopbert" does amuse me somewhat. This is why we do not ask old men about their opinions on vaginas!! I still love Anna and I adored the Anna/Mary moment, but really, it's kinda painful to watch them be like "...wait...do you think Vera poisoned herself to frame Bates?!?" when we all figured that out, y'know, as soon as it happened. But yay, he's out. Thomas is still killing me with his awkwardness--like, it seems like he just wants to get laid, but then he says things to Jimmy like how Sybil is a lovely person "like you" and I just want to diiiie because obvs his heart is involved again, like with Duke Owen Sleater and Edward. (NO I'M STILL NOT OVER THAT; THANX FOR ASKING.) And the promo makes it seem like O'Brien will lie & tell him to go for it and it will end horribly and embarrassingly and WE REALLY DON'T NEED ANOTHER PAMUK, OKAY. Those two, I s2g. D: Even my platonic OTPs are doomed to misery. Kinda bored with the Daisy/Alfred/Ivy/Jimmy love quadrangle, though I love Mrs. Patmore summing up the show by saying they're "all in love with the wrong people." Lawd. I still like Ethel and I feel so bad with everyone shaming her all the time--like, with a show like this, you have to suspend your disbelief and get onboard with the antiquated value system and that's fine, but it kind of needs a lighter touch. I want to like him, but Carson's endless outrage over ~that harlot~ is taking it from 'well, that was just the time' to 'JFC MAN GET OVER IT AND STOP BEING A GIANT B OF D,' and I feel like if Fellowes toned it down a little it would work more. But whatever, the scene with all the ladies dissing Robert totally made up for it, especially Violet. I'm with her; I don't care if Ethel's a fucking serial murderer, I'm not getting up 'til I've had some damn dessert. Mrs. Hughes was on fire last night, btw--"well, he'll be glad to know you no longer want to burn them at the stake" and "I guess he won't stay speechless for long" and so forth. HA!

also can we talk about his hair here hnnngghh:

COPPER (FINALE): TARE AN'OUNS, IT GOT RENEWED! \o/ I'm quite happy; this wee bb show really grew on me. Maguire became my fave in the second half of the season, so of course he turned out to be the one with the dark & twisty secrets about knocking people up and accidentally murdering half the town or whatever. Sigh. Apparently one-eyed men with guns and emotional problems are my type. Eh, well. I was squealing "save him, SAVE HIM!" at my screen when he was lying there all shot in the fire, so I'm glad Corky at least has some scruples--I don't like cheaters and all, but I'm intrigued by Maguire/Ellen and their relationship and possible love [and may need to write fic], and he had a point when he said Corky waited about five minutes before hooking up with Eva (and Elizabeth, and Molly). But what was that at the end? Heroin? So next season he's going to spiral into addiction, because this season he was so together and sane and well-adjusted? Lawd. Matthew and Sara and the Pirelli's Magical Elixir plotline kinda felt like a waste of time; I guess it was meant to show that even the most moral guy in town can go dark side when he needs to, but they were sorta wasted this season, though I liked Ato Essandoh's performance. Oh well. Morehouse remains my close-second-or-tied-for-first fave; I love that he's badass enough to stand up to his father and send him down the river, but doesn't quite know how to properly backhand someone. He's so precious. And that mop of hair remains glorious. The romance with Elizabeth feels a little tacked-on and because-you're-there, but they could grow on me. And I would've loved Eva's arc, from being jealous & possessive to finding her compassionate side through Annie/Ellen and realizing that she & Corky weren't really meant to be--if she hadn't killed Molly just out of spite. I mean, what was that. But I hope she's still around next season; maybe she & Corky can kinda be bros (how I love that she sleeps with a gun at the ready!). Good show; I shall miss it 'til next summer.

And of course it's October, so I am watching scary movies: I've done 30 Days of Night ("God? No God." dlgkdflgjd Huston Family Appreciation Life 5ever) and The Omen (Gregory Peck remains perfect) and Tales of Terror (Lorre + Price = ♥) and tonight is The Birds. And I will need to rewatch Sleepy Hollow, Rosemary's Baby and Hocus Pocus, among others, possibly. And I have my costume all together; I FIND it to be an excellent one~

(and I was sad Hatter didn't show up to challenge him to a guyliner-off, and by that I mean a violent make-out session),

I want this to happen. I hate when we have to either have Hatter or Rumple but the last two weeks, wecan't have both.

Plus, I still want to know if Alice is the mother of Grace.

Ooooh shit, that's a good point! Have we heard anything about her being cast? I hope so. And we're all agreed that Michael Raymond-James = Baelfire = Henry's dad, y/n?

I think we were all agreed and it was a non-surprise.

But dammit, the mention of the Jabberwocky just makes me want Alice more!

And if she's the wise woman that Cora got the potion from...

Totally avoiding Boardwalk and Downton until Ive watched them today or tomorrow :p Hopefully no one dies! LOL. All my fandoms are out to get me these days, I swear!

Oh but that gif of Thomas....Hnnnnnggg. Yeah, it gives me all the feelings too!

I think the reason why there's this rift between Lori and Rick is the baby. I watched some behind the scenes stuff online and Sarah and Andrew talked about how the rift is due to the fact that Lori isn't sure if the baby is Shane's or Rick's and I dont think she knows how far along she is to really, know I guess? But I mean, c'mon logic says that it's clearly Shane's but....IDK. Time will tell I guess if they can like do the math and figure it out :p It is a zombie apocalypse after all :p
Either way I think Rick being a super douche and being all *pat pat* "You did good" was just uncalled for. Lori wants a husband and not just a provider but Rick cant really forgive her it seems.

I dont really care about Hershel either...

Carl is actually being quite useful. I approve!

Love Carol! You go girl! I got super nervous that someone was clearly watching her though. My theory is that it's Merle since we all know he comes back or one of the Governor's people.

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Ahhh, hurry up & watch! I think you'll like Boardwalk. :D :D Poor stupid Thomas & his terrible life choices; will nothing ever end well for him?? Sheesh.

But I thought they established that. O_____o Didn't they? Like, they drew it out for a while and then Lori went "oh, btw, it's obviously Rick's" in a throwaway line. Am I remembering that wrong? Personally I judge both of them hardcore for getting pregnant in this horrible situation; that was just irresponsible and it's gonna suck for everyone. Sheesh. I can't say I like those two, but they're better working together than fighting (or at least less annoying).

Merle!! That makes total sense; we know he's coming back and obvs it wasn't Andrea or Michonne, since they're somewhere else, and obvs not a walker. I like it! :D

Homeland: I still can't get over it. I mean, I expected several seasons of cat and mouse with this Brody thing and they just totally outed him! What are they going to do now? I'm not complaining, I was just shocked. Which...is kind of rare in TV these days so it was basically awesome.

Dexter: I agree with you on everything, so can I just say that this is the very first time I have ever legitimately been attracted to Michael C. Hall? There's something about the chemistry that he and Jennifer Carpenter have that is making me look at him in a whole new light. Also, I really like shows that aren't afraid to do sexually controversial things, so that probably adds to it as well.

Walking Dead: I'm annoyed that we've gone two episodes with almost no Michonne. All that build-up for her character and we still have to wait? Grr. I agree with you on Lori, but I think the way she pitted Shane/Rick against each other last season is what made her irredeemable to me. I want to punch her face in every time I look at her, and that's saying something, because I've been a Sarah Wayne Callies fan ever since she did this cheesy Tarzan show a million years ago. Also, there is a HUGE hole in this show where Shane used to be, I'm just sayin', and it's all her manipulative fault. /whine

That is seriously why I love this show. Like, it's the legit opposite of Dexter dragging out the Deb-finding-out thing for six seasons. And I love Dexter and all, but that required some serious suspension of disbelief. I have no idea what now, really--they obviously have the video and that's proof enough, but they were waiting to get him until he led them to his contact/other terrorist types, so now they're gonna try to...force it out of him? Eergh. D: Not good. But ballsy.

HA, I hear ya. I really wasn't into him at all before I started watching this show, but once I did it was the arms and the voice and the hair...yeah, it's all working. (Though I do feel bad that they're having their most emotionally-intense season yet now they've broken up, but that's the risk you take. :P) This show definitely needs moar gay, though, so I heartily approve of Titus Pullo/Enver Gjokaj. :D ...It'd be good if he wasn't dead, but still.

Y'know, I'm reading back over my comments from last season and I'd really kinda forgotten the way she was trying to manipulate Rick into killing Shane. It was very Lady Macbeth, except not in a good way. And then she was mad at him when he actually did it. IDGI. I think the writing's just kinda inconsistent on this show, esp. when it comes to character motivations. :\ I still say they made Shane too extreme when clearly he was meant to be more conflicted and morally grey, as everyone is in this world. IDK. But as usually, the secondary characters are my faves, and next week looks pleasingly badass.

I like Copper and am looking forward to S2, but the actions of some of the characters really kind of mystify me. I would have loved Eva's character arc too, except I have such a difficult time reconciling it with her murder of Molly. It made me half expect that she'd kill Ellen every time they were onscreen together. And of COURSE, once Francis had become one of my favorites it turned out he'd been going around killing everyone, haha. But Morehouse is my other fave, and I still love him to pieces.

I thought what Corky took at the end was something like morphine? Maybe left over from when he broke his leg? But yeah, no doubt next season he's going to be even more tortured than he was this year, uh oh.

I really really want to love her because she's tough and smart and capable and wears a jaunty top hat, but I cannot get past that. It's not that she killed her--frankly, you basically have to kill someone or at least be considerably screwed-up before you can be in my Army of Champions--but just out of jealousy?? Over Corky? Who's married?! Geez. I was very worried that she'd kill Ellen too, but I actually ended up really liking those scenes with the three ladies. The "you need to stop with the bullshit" scene with Annie was kinda awesome as well; tough love but still looking out for her. So I guess I'll just have to pretend that the Molly thing...didn't happen. :\

That makes sense, yeah. Once again, I seem to have fallen for a show where no one is ever allowed to be happy ever. *sigh* That is kinda my thing.

I couldn't believe Rumpel killed his own wife in Fairy Land; it was too cruel and I feel sad for Hook.

Ruby is one of my favorites, so I'm glad she's in good terms with Belle :D It's also nice that Belle is making her own decisions, you know, being smart and all that, I didn't want her to be behind Rumpel all the time (if you get what I mean). I missed Snow White in this chapter, though (not Emma XD).

Game of Thorns XD That appeared the first time the character of Belle was introduced to us.

May I ask what happens with Arizona?

I'd watch an entire episode at least of the grand high-seas adventures of Milah & Hook, tbh. This is why we can't have nice things. D: Belle is getting increasingly awesome; I loved her standing up to both Rumple & her dad at the same time. I hope their relationship is more balanced from now on.

I need to pay more attention to the little details and in-jokes on this show, since the Lost dudes are quite good at those things. I was sort of a slacker fan in S1, but I can get better. ;)

Oh boy, this season is crazy as ever: they were in the plane crash and all, and Arizona broke her leg pretty badly, and then they were stranded for a week and she ended up getting a bad infection. Once they were back in Seattle she begged Callie to not let the doctors amputate, but of course she got way sicker and Callie finally told Alex to do the surgery, but Arizona thinks that Callie did it and she's all depressed and furious at her. Which I don't entirely buy, honestly--obviously that's a terrible thing for anyone to go through, but a smart, experienced doctor, especially one from a military family, has to know that Callie didn't have a choice & had to do it to save her life, and that she can do quite well with a prosthesis. But, well, that's their drama this season.