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TV - Boardwalk Empire
Oh dear, too many shows all at the end of the week again. Guess I'll have to play favorites:

SUPERNATURAL (PREMIERE): HOORAY, BB SHOW IS BACK...and Dean has a new boyfriend! Plot twist!! I'm all for creepy newcomers, but I am SO not here for another season of Dean & Sam being in a fight. I swear to God they've basically been in a mutual snit since the end of S2. JUST GET ALONG, YOU ASSHOLES. I did not at all like Dean's whole "you never looked for me? >:(" thing; he had a point about Sammy abandoning Kevin (who...is an actual relevant character; okay. I kinda didn't pay attention to him last season because I assumed he'd die any second, but apparently not), but seriously, how many times have they dragged each other out of various forms of the afterlife? And does it ever go well? Lawd. I assume Sam's new love interest (what's up, Auggie's ex-girlfriend; you have a type) will end badly, which is vexing. But I'm all for closing the gates of Hell already [guess that means Adam's just stuck there forever and ever, but that's fine, NOBODY ASKED YOU, PATRICE]. And of course Cas will be back and there will be many feels; Misha says he's going to be ~jealous of Dean & Benny's camaraderie, which I think is just fancy-people talk for "wanton buttsex," so bring it on, I say. Best line: "There's a demon in you and you're going to your safety school." "WHAT?!"

BOARDWALK: Boo @ no Richard yet again (mostly because, like with Cas, I'm uneasy about what he does in his free time), but it was entirely worth it for Margaret saying "vagina." HOORAY! That scene with the nun is glorious and Dr. Mason's growing on me, but I still think I want him to be her Sassy Gay Friend rather than anything else. (She needs one. We all do. It'd be dumb if that was, like, the only reason he actually cares about women's health issues, but I'd still take it.) Actually kinda loved that Nucky & Owen got their own little bottle episode there--reminded me of "Fly"--but GODDAMMIT, NUCKY, STOP SHOOTING PEOPLE. I had a horrible feeling when Rowland confessed that he was actually nineteen because I realized that Nucky could justify killing him then; Owen certainly didn't seem too pleased. Maybe he's gonna bail on him after all and Richard will have to be his #2...? (Oh, and...dat opening scene. All righty then. Good for you, Katy gurl.) But I liked Rowland! He was spunky! He was from Willow Grove; I've been there a billion times! He was a less whiny Jimmy! ...Which was probably what doomed him. Dammit. All the tears go to Al & his son in this episode, however, oh my god. ;_____; I love Stephen Graham so fucking much. And I'm intrigued by Lucky's internal conflict, since I adore his loyalty/friendship to Meyer & A.R. so much. Best line: "Why am I talking to you? Why is that even occurring?" SO SASSY ♥

HOMELAND: DAT ENDING. I think the very best thing about this show is its willingness to actually put a match to its own...plot fuses; they don't just draw out suspense endlessly, they actually let crazy shit happen and then deal with it. (Looking @ you, "Dexter.") I was stunned when Brody learned of Carrie's suspicions in the middle of S1, and now Saul has the goddamn video. That is awesome. The Saul/Carrie reunion was of course my fave moment, especially since he was annoyed at her again half an hour later ("What the FUCK, Carrie!"), but of course he'll always come back for her. ♥ Dana is still growing on me, to my slight horror ("well, fuck me!"), though the relationship with the President's kid will surely end badly. And thank the LAWD they saw Abu Nazir in time, so they all knew Carrie was right--my only issue with that is that Brody has Nazir's personal number stored in his cell phone??? Or did he type it from memory? It'd be hilarious if he had him in there as, like, "Domino's Pizza" or something. (NOTE: the code phrase "May 1" refers to the date bin Laden was killed. I didn't get it either.) And I'm glad the Walker thing is still relevant; it would've been lazy to just end it with Brody killing him. Looks like he gets up to some crazy-ass shit next week, hooray.

DEXTER: And again, things are moving along! I'm so glad Deb snapped back to efficient!sarcasm after her initial (and very reasonable) breakdown; it would've been annoying for her to just emotionally flail around and not know how to handle it. And to my surprise, they're actually being clever about the whole pseudo-incest/love thing; makes lines like "hope you got a big shower" and her telling him she loves him "more than [he] knows" more interesting and darkly funny. (That spaghetti sauce looked horrible, though. It was a totally unnatural red. Gyp Rosetti would have a fucking coronary.) I was glad she mentioned the BHB thing, though weird she didn't bring up Arthur and Rita's death; she has to be wondering if Dex didn't kill her himself. And I am SO glad she finally asked why he never just tried, y'know, not being a serial killer. Like, The Code is all well and good, but...maybe just DON'T KILL PEOPLE? Someone had to say it. I did like his description of the feeling of "need," however. I like how they're slowly bringing in Titus Pullo (and it's totally Dexter's fault that he's involved now; he claims he only kills people that the police can't get, but they TOTALLY could have gotten Enver given the chance), and I'm loving his deadly Gus Fring-like calm. I also loved Dexter's rage at "this is about your GAME?!" with Louis, since that's what we're all feeling too; that's so infuriatingly dumb. But clearly anyone who has a computer file labeled "Rants" has bigger issues than just that. I hope that's out of the way soon so this season can actually be awesome. Best line: "I was ready to blow you." "...Not necessary."

DOWNTON ABBEY: I...don't find him that cute. Jimmy, I mean. Am I wrong? If Thomas does, that's good enough for me, but I didn't see how he was so hot and Alfred was so not. Hooray for Edith doing stuff; Violet telling her to go be badass and stop whining was GLORIOUS. I wasn't all that worried about Sybil being left behind because I know she's awesome enough to handle herself, but now there's a persistent fan theory that she's going to die in childbirth and I am NOT HERE FOR THAT. D: I'm not entirely sure why Matthew thinks Downton's being "mismanaged," though if he brings up the whole 'could have sold your other goddamn house' thing I will be delighted. I still don't entirely get the Bates thing--what's he hiding? Too much mumbling in those scenes. Still love Anna, though. And the Ethel stuff was quite sad, though it basically felt like a repeat of her S2 arc. But I do like that Isobel hired her; I like her non-judgey compassion. And if Jimmy--that is, James--rejects Thomas and O'Brien throws him under the...big gay bus, I will be VERY MAD INDEED.

COPPER: WELL, SHIT, now I don't know what to think! Morehouse is a good guy, mostly, but now Maguire's not?! Maybe? My faves! D: Did he kill Mary? If so, he seems to feel bad about it. And WHY has he been hiding Ellen?! That ending scene was so tragic; definitely Tom Weston-Jones' best work so far. And frankly, I don't think he should send Annie away again, not even to nuns; I think he should just be a very reliable and very non-sexual paternal figure to her and just stay firmly in that role until she learns that some men can indeed be trusted to be loving and to not take advantage. I guess Eva's not having that, however. Also, loved the voting shenanigans, as ever.

And I don't know if I was just in a good mood from NYFF, but SNL was making me laugh my head off this week. I was hanging out at ONTD, and even those bitter hipsters were like "OMG HOLY SHIT BIG BIRD YAY!!!" when he showed up, heh. I guess he had to keep it pretty PG just so PBS wouldn't get mad, but it was delightful. And Kate McKinnon is slaying all over the place this season. I loved Crazy Painting Lady, and basically every other impression she's done so far. ("Everyone's a fan of BeyonSAY, Seth!") And Danny Craig and his accents, d'awww. ♥

Saw Frankenweenie on Friday--the whole fucking premise is that the dog dies and is brought back, and yet I still totally cried at Victor's Big No when...you know. It was a pretty empty theatre and I was pretty much the only one laughing at all the in-jokes--the parents watching Horror of Dracula and her name being Elsa Van Helsing and the windmill and all that. And I assumed the science teacher was meant to be sort of a loving parody/reference to Bela Lugosi, so I was beyond delighted when Martin Landau was actually the voice. I also liked that he said "let's top you up" when 'recharging' Sparky the first time, since that's such a totally British phrase. And "Persephone" was a cute touch. Love those mythology refs. The ending was a bit surprising: [Spoiler (click to open)]first of all, the bat-cat's death was kind of shockingly harsh--poor Weird Girl!--and I did think Sparky would Die For Real by the end to teach the message that, ya know, pets die and sometimes you have to say goodbye and they live in your heart and stuff, but hell, I was fine with a happy ending for once. So I really liked it a lot and that means we can just pretend Dark Shadows never happened, right? RIGHT?!

Then Saturday was Not Fade Away at NYFF--won't say too much in-depth because it doesn't come out 'til December, but I liked; didn't love. The narrative kinda meanders and drops plotlines here & there, but I liked how grounded it was: at no point did you really think they were going to Make It Big; it was just about their individual personal experiences with music and the '60s. No one's too sympathetic or too terrible and there's no huge political statement for the era, they're all just kind of imperfectly real and experience the decade in their own semi-private ways. Apparently none of the actors actually had musical talent beforehand and just spent several months learning and jamming together and actually becoming a band, as Chase explained during the Q&A, and I of course adore that Method shit. ♥ Obviously the music is great; it opens with "Satisfaction" in kind of the cleverest way ever, and I legit saw a dozen people around me just light up as soon as they heard it, because really, if you don't like that song I will assume you're basically headless. So yeah, recommended despite flaws. Might see again.

(And of course this asshole showed up, LATE AGAIN, and I sneaked a pic but didn't get a chance to say hi, but he looked good. And David Chase brought him onstage as "Jack Huston, with his whole...thing [gestures to face]" and he walked out laughing and it was adorable. And he sings!! Well! And plays guitar! And I don't have a reallyreally strong and well-documented weakness for guitarists or anything, nooooo. And Anjelica was sitting a few rows behind me and I was just kinda like 'dfjsdklsfj you all need to stop.' Like, I literally whispered "stop" when he strolled offstage, running a hand through that luxurious hair. I just...

...and then today, just as I was pondering whether he'd finally earned himself a tag, this happened. BETRAYED!! No, I'm kidding, congrats & all; if he's happy then I'm happy. And I'd totally pick her over me too. Lord.)

Finished The Casual Vacancy last night, and damn, Jo, you do not fuck around. That was harsher than I expected, though I guess HP is pretty hardass too. Just in a different way. I tend to find 'realistic,' character-driven stories to be the most interesting; my love of HP was always about the people & the relationships and the magic was kinda secondary. For me the best/worst/scariest/more effective bits are always about what people do to each other rather than about any outside forces. I know a lot of people dislike the book because it's really just people talking and the conflict is all so internalized, but that's what I liked; it was really all about classism, I think, and not just very wealthy vs. very poor, but some of the subtler shades of the middle class. I deeply loved that basically everyone was morally gray; I have major pet peeves about both annoying teens and neglectful parents, and yet somehow I liked & disliked basically everyone. I felt the most affectionate towards Andrew and Sukhvinder, though I was most fascinated by Fats, budding little Roarkian Objectivist that he was. And Krystal reminded me first of Kelly from "Misfits," but then I decided she was Mia from Fish Tank. Jo manages to write teenagers really realistically and not make me hate them and I have no idea how she does it. I think the only character for whom I felt no sympathy at all was Simon, because fuck that guy. (And Obbo, of course.) The ending took me by surprise: [Spoiler (click to open)]I did have a feeling someone else was going to die, just to bookend Barry's death and because there was too much tension for it not to blow somewhere, but holy shit, I never thought it'd be basically the most innocent person in the book. And it was quite cruel to set up all those ideas about Krystal, arguably the most proactive, take-charge one of the lot, essentially blowing up the fragile 'barrier' between the two and forcing Pagford & the Fields together by having Fats' kid, not to mention taking control of her & Robbie's lives by doing something she'll be criticized for, the same thing her mother did that made Nana Cath throw her out and all--and then just torch the whole thing by having Krystal kill herself. Instead of creating a new life to change things, she just ended hers because society is too harsh to let her have it both ways, I guess. Very effective and sad as fuck. And I hate to say it, but the bluntness and frank depiction of human cruelty in this one leave me in no doubt any longer that Ariana Dumbledore was gang-raped, as many of us suspected. Single, shocking acts of violence that lead to a varied series of events seem to be a fave trope of hers, and I really like it. HP started with murder and TCV started with a natural death, but they both rippled out and changed lives in similar ways. I dig it very much indeed. And I want to talk to more people about it! I think it's one of our books for October in the ONTD book club (yes, we have one of those); I should link it there.

Next up: this fucker, finally. Then reread The Hobbit. Also, my cable box died and I have to go get a new one tomorrow. >:( I don't have any Tuesday shows right now, mercifully, though it bothers me to know that I'm missing an SVU marathon. This weekend: No and Hyde Park on Hudson at NYFF, and hopefully Argo, and I'll post my Seven Psychopaths review because it's awesome. ...Er, the movie is, I mean.

(ahahaha my Tumblr tag--I mean, my LJ tag referring to Tumblr--is "rollin' and tumblrin'," and Jack actually sings "Rollin' and Tumblin'" in Not Fade Away. dfkgdfgklgj baby. And did I mention they allude to a Vietnam-inspired song called "Sniper" and we don't get to hear it? LEGIT CLAWING AT MY FACE IN THE THEATRE)

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