02 October 2012 @ 04:13 pm
OK, my TV situation is even more out of hand than usual this year. I've got to learn to reel in the crazy:

GREY'S (PREMIERE): WELL, SHIT. They so didn't have to kill Mark! He could've just been really injured and then...like, gone off somewhere for long-term rehab, IDK. He was never my fave, but I adored his friendship with Derek and especially Callie, and HELLO, they had a kid, and I am sick of terrible things happening to Callie because she is my spirit animal [along with Cristina]. :( I knew Arizona wasn't dead because they were saying-it-without-saying-it and that always means some shenanigans on this show, but I thought maybe she had brain damage and didn't recognize anyone or something. But no! When she dramatically flung back the covers I was just like "oh, show, this is why The Soup makes fun of you," but I admit I'm interested to see how it plays out. And UGH WHY IS APRIL BACK. Losing her, Teddy and Lexie in the finale was like the best thing that ever happened to me. And Derek and his hand-angst is exactly what I was afraid of in the finale. Lord.

ONCE UPON A TIME (PREMIERE): Don't have much to say because my interest in this show remains really very shallow, but YAY for Mulan and her awesome "love is for children, I owe him a debt" friendship with Phillip...? So hoping she's not really in love with him too, because that's a little lame. Hooray for adorable Belle/Rumpelstiltskin (though gurl, exact words!) and awww @ all the reunions, especially Red & Snow, but REALLY, Henry? "She's still my mom"?? After all that malarkey last season? I guess it's sweet, but...really. And WOW PLOT TWIST at the end there with Snow & Emma falling into the hat--well, I like the idea of those two bonding while Henry & Charming hang out; that's cool. Also moar Jefferson and Sidney and Red and Grumpy and Michael Raymond-James, please (are we guessing he's Gold's real son? And can he please bring along his sexy "True Blood" Cajun accent? Thx). Also LOL, dementors.

BOARDWALK: GO MARGARET GO. ♥ Her badassness is reaching astronomical heights--though now I am getting worried that we're headed for a romance with Dr. Mason, which is kind of blah. I am loving tormented!Nucky against my will; his insecurity and saving-people-thing is fascinating to watch because Steve is such a boss, and because symbolic!PTSD!nightmares is a fave trope of mine, for reasons I'd rather not understand. Lucy wasn't lying, he is "a soft touch for the charity cases" and that's what he thought Billie was at first, but now he's realizing that she really doesn't need him all that much, and he likes to feel needed. Very interesting. Go, Van Alden, get some! I so love that he's actually enjoying a sex life with Sigrid now and not getting all freaky and Bibley about it. Growth! I would happily watch an entire episode--nay, an entire SEASON--of the Bugsy Siegel Has Two Daddies Show, because I love it so much. Is that the first time we've seen Meyer shoot someone? Sneaky second-fave! And wow @ the Gyp/Gillian stuff--she SO knows Jimmy's not "getting back" any time soon, but she's playing it close to the vest until the opportune moment because that's what she does. "Then you don't have anything" was the first sign that she's actually been privately mourning him; I could definitely see her slow-knifing Nucky and teaming up with Gyp to do it. (Oh man, when he dropped that cigarette. I KNEW that was, like, Chekhov's Gas Pump!) Which brings me to my darling Richard: first of all, I was FREAKING O U T when he was behind the bar fiddling with the bottles, since that jives quite magnificently with my fic, and then I was legit bouncing when he ambushed Mickey (HOW anyone could want him dead is beyond me; he's such a great game-player and he's fucking hilarious. "You need to talk to him!") and dragged him off to Nucky--but while I had quite mixed feelings about their conversation, we talked it out at Tumblr and now I like it. Full thoughts are at my blog (read emerald__city's post first), but the short version is that while I don't think he'll ever truly be over Jimmy's death, he accepts that Nucky was following the "rules" of the game in killing him (whereas Manny was not with Angela) and is willing to make peace with him--and maybe even ally with him later--if that's what it takes to protect Tommy from the likes of Gyp & Gillian, as he will probably have to do. Mostly I just LOVE TakeCharge!Richard; he's no one's "man" anymore. Awesome. And Nosferatu, by the way! AND FOURTH SEASON FUCK YEEEAH


HOMELAND (PREMIERE): Hooray, Carrie's back in the game! Her smile was just wonderful. ♥ I sincerely hope we're not turning Jessica into ~The Bitch Wife~, though--while I strongly disliked her "Muslim = terrorist" attitude, I do understand her anger & confusion at his converting to the religion of the people who tortured him (and not telling her). Interesting that he couldn't explain to her as he did to Carrie why he felt he needed the comfort of it when he was trapped over there, which even I, grumpy and non-religious as I am, totally get. And let's be fair, in this case she's kinda right; he is working with terrorists, but not for the reason she thinks. I love the moral grays between them and I really hope they keep the balance there. That's not quite how Quaker Meetings work, especially not in a high school (you're kinda supposed to think about it and share more than just a brief sentence, and you're supposed to wait a bit after someone speaks to stand up yourself--we call those "popcorn meetings," when many people talk--and it's really not supposed to be a debate, especially about war stuff), but the emotions rang true and it was fun just to see her school; a reference to Sasha & Malia's school, I assume. And I did like Dana bonding with her dad, surprisingly. I actually totally bought that Brody would be in line for VP even without experience; people would love that on principle and PR-wise it's totally a smart move. And more Saul/Carrie scenes, plz, they are my fave.

bb ♥

DEXTER (PREMIERE): DAMN, AFRICA, YOU DID THE DAMN THING. How amaaaaaazingly happy am I that they didn't suddenly turn Deb into an idiot who could just overlook all the incredibly obvious evidence? SO. HAPPY. ♥ How I love her. I really didn't think we'd lay everything out THAT clearly this soon, but I am so glad. I was waiting for her to notice the telltale slice on Travis' cheek and make the connection with the BHB (I've always thought that was a foolishly revealing habit of his), but I'm sure we'll get there. Doakes shoutout!! (Apparently I have to yell "SURPRISE, MOTHERFUCKER" at the TV when he's mentioned. Good to know.) Killing off Mike like that was LAME AS SHIT, however--what was the point of bringing him on?! I have to assume they just ran out of ideas for him, as they did for Maria Doyle Kennedy's nanny. To do that once is a tragedy, twice looks like carelessness. >___________> Unless they pull a "Covert Affairs" and have his death awesomely ripple-effect out over the season. ...But it kinda can't, since Dexter killed Enver Gjokaj already (hay boo!), which was like the dumbest thing he's ever done--that and his whole "I need to be in control" thing makes me think we're in for a Walter White-like spiral of hubris and douchebaggery, and I am so HFT. Kinda worried that we're doing Dexter Gets Discovered, Ukrainian Titus Pullo (HAY BOO!), Yvonne Blonde Lady Killer and Creepy Hand-Mailing Lab Assistant (who canceled his credit cards...?); that seems like too much for one season. But if LaGuerta becomes awesome again I may forgive it. And I liked the back-pedaling on the Batista/Quinn breakup, and ESPECIALLY the Joey-and-Rachel-like undoing of the Deb-loves-Dexter awfulness. REDACT IT!


COPPER: Not much to say except WOW, they made Annie's storyline even darker, holy shit. Corky really needs to just be a sweet, sane, non-SVU-like dad to her now. Not sure what to think about Elizabeth and Morehouse hooking up, unless it's part of his Master Plan, though he certainly seems to have one. Sad!Maguire is winning me over like crazy (DAT ACCENT), and I still want more development for Eva, since I really want to love her. ExtraDark!Corky was strangely encouraging, though--I'm totes fine with the ladies being shady & messed-up as long as the boys are too. But really I just want to brag that I made a gifset of that delightful "the dentist poisoned himself?" comedy bit from last week, and the episode's actual writer happily reblogged it and said it was a "career goal" to be gif'd and I was like ERR MAH GERD I'M FERMOUS. Tare an'ouns!

DOWNTON: Welcome to Edith Crawley's life, where everything's made up and her feelings don't matter! Holy shit, that was cruel. We were all rooting for you, Strallan! ...Well, most of us. I was, anyway. Shit. Well, at least Mrs. Hughes is okay (awwwwwww forever @ Carson singing merrily about it) and yay for the money problems being solved, I guess, but WHY DIDN'T THEY JUST SELL THAT SECOND HOUSE? Or some of their other land?? Am I just being a dumb Yank and not getting something?! I know the entire show is #richpeopleproblems and that's fine, but this was just too much. I'll tolerate it if we don't have to hear Matthew wangsting about Lavinia anymore, though (but I still say that's a terrible way to start a marriage; is she going to go "AFTER ALL, YOU DIDN'T WANT TO SAVE US, BITCH" every time they have an argument now?). The fact that Lavinia wrote a letter that we never saw or heard about...well, I felt like the Church Lady: how conveeeeenient! But, okay, fine. And I'm sorry, Molesley, but trusting Thomas? AGAIN?! If you really still don't know that Lucy's gonna yank that football away, then you deserve to fall on your ass. Lord hammercy. But the O'Brien/Thomas breakup still makes me sad. :( And what was Bates hiding in his cell? Was that a shiv or something? Also, Sybil remains queen:

REVOLUTION: All I have to say is MARK PELLEGRINO!! My love! WITH A SWORD! Being sarcastic again! ("This is sooooo dramatic.") ♥♥! Fitting, as it's Kripke & Jaybrams, but delightfully unexpected. I still really only care about Charlie Swan, Gus Fring and Juliet Burke, though both Charlie & Danny Took Levels in Badass last night and Aaron also gave me slight feels (Marvin Gaye!), so they can stay. Cute show is cute, in its way. (Oh, and I totally noticed that the actor playing Monroe was a fake American--we say "a thousand miles away," not "a thousand miles away." Boom, Sherlocked!)
EDIT: And it got a full season order!

Saw Looper on Friday and I liked it a lot, though I didn't quite love it--basically it felt like it was two movies to me, sort of; Joe being a killer and chasing down his mark, and the find-the-Chosen-One time-travel stuff. Obviously they were related, but they felt quite disjointed at times. And I admit I got a little bogged-down in the time-travel details, particularly Seth's fate.
First of all, oh my FUCKING GOD, that was horrifying (though clever). Jeff Daniels said they couldn't just kill Young Seth because it would mess up the future too much, but didn't doing that to him fuck up his future too?! They were keeping him technically alive on machines, right? But, like, how...? DDDDDD: I dunno, man.
And then what about after Old Joe escapes, when
we return to the scene and Young Joe does close his loop and get the gold? Then he goes on and ages and we get the montage of "year 10" and whatever, and he marries the woman and so on--so that was one 'version' of events? In one timeline he kills him and in one he doesn't...except, like, Old Joe already knows what happened because he was there...except none of that did happen because Young Joe always killed himself in the field at the end; there never was an Old Joe because whatever happened, happened. So we were just seeing various possibilities? I DON'T FUCKING KNOW, MAN.
And WOW, did I ever learn that I have a strong personal aversion to devil-children in fiction, especially if they're weirdly precocious. I just found everything about Cid incredibly unnerving and off-putting and just NOOOO THANK YOU. The kid was an excellent actor and all, but...yeesh. And besides, 'kill the evil guy before he becomes evil' NEVER works anyway, shit. And for a second I thought Cid was Young Joe, somehow, and the whole thing, er, looped around and he created his own enemy or...whatever. Ye gods. Also, most random and kinda pointless sex scene(s) ever, though I ain't really mad (though, Bechdel fail). Fun and certainly thought-provoking, I just wish the story-telling was a little tighter.

Also saw Seven Psychopaths last week and LOVED it; my 'proper' review will be up on the 11th. Finished Anna Karenina and really only liked Dolly & Kitty by the end; I was somewhat surprised at the rather cold-hearted abandonment of Anna's story after she died. Suddenly it was the Levin Has Many Feels Show all over again and...ugh, I mean, he had some interesting moments, but I had very little patience for his self-indulgent agonizing ("Define me! Oh, define me! Love me, I need love!") by the end. But I'm looking forward to the film anyway. Am ~200 pages into The Casual Vacancy and I really like it--I know people are saying it's boring, but that's what I like; it's a real intimate character study and kinda reminds me of Zadie Smith. Though I cannot get used to Jo saying "cunt" and talking about Rihanna. It's awesome, but I cannot.
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