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TV - Boardwalk Empire
1. EMMYS 2012:
  • ModFam needs to sit down. Let's just admit that right now. I genuinely like the show, but it's won WAY too much, and it just seems like such a 'safe' choice--it's on ABC, it's wholesome, it's about a family, it's Diverse But Not Too Diverse...come on. And it's way less fun when it's not beating "Glee" and angering the stans. And I really really really wanted Hader to win :(

  • But obvs the dramas are way more important--HOORAY for "Breaking Bad" & "Homeland"; I love them both--though did Claire Danes just look kinda bored to win again? Because of Temple Grandin? Still don't think I like her personally, but she's perf on the show. "Mandy Patinkin...HOLLA." Love it!


    I was really R E A L L Y pulling for Giancarlo because he is sans all flaws ever and it was his only shot and Aaron already won BUT he was just so adorable about it and Giancarlo was clearly so happy for him that I was just like :'''''') anyway. That cast is too precious for this sinful world

  • Tim Van Patten!! For directing "To the Lost"! I stan for him now, of course, because of BE and "The Pacific" and being nice to me, so I was completely thrilled about that, and then Steve said "yay Tim Van Patten" when he got up to present. skdfjkdl babies ♥

  • NOT ALEC BALDWIN. AHAHAHAHA YES GOOD. I can't even be all that mad about Jon Cryer winning

  • Hooray for Game Change and Julianne's faaaaabulous dress and LOL PALIN:

  • I'm not surprised "Luther" didn't win much; it hasn't really made that much of a splash over here, though I like it a lot. Pretty disappoint about "Sherlock," though I have to say, the insane stans' anger was pretty entertaining, and I say that as someone who likes the show. It's quite fun to annoy both the stans and the haters of this show. Hmmm. Strange

  • AND NONE FOR "COMMUNITY" BYE >___________________________<

  • 2. THE OFFICE: Well, we're in the home stretch now. And Philly Jim returns!! I knew it! SMH @ those ads trying to pretend that Jim & Pam are on the rocks; they're clearly equally bored with their lives at DM and will head off for more exciting things when the show ends. NBD, really. I was totally thrown by the acknowledgement of the documentary guys, though--seeing the mic packs and actually hearing the guys talk was weird, but good! Now we're finally know what the hell they're filming! Actually kinda into the Oscar/Noah Bennett affair thing, just because something is finally happening with that plotline (and I still secretly ship Dwangela, God help me). The turtle gag went on FAR too long and the Flanderization of Kevin's character has gotten embarrassing, I can't believe the actor's putting up with it this long. And I liked the Andy/Nellie stuff only because it reminded me of Pam's wonderful "Please don't throw garbage at me" line all those years ago. Heh. And I have to respect Rainn Wilson's commitment to that insane and painful-looking falling-off-the-slack-line montage.

    3. DOWNTON ABBEY: Okay, I'm starting to see what people mean. I legit liked S2 and didn't mind all the cheesy soap-opera stuff because hey, y'know what? THE GREAT WAR WAS MELODRAMATIC. Ask my sweet Richard, okay?? But now that the drama is all personal, some of the strangely ~convenient plot developments are making me roll my eyes a bit, particularly the magically-appearing Swire fortune and the other dudes happening to die of the flu as well. And controversial opinion: Mary & Matthew have never been my absolute faves, just because I'm petulant & the alpha characters are never my faves, and this plot's not making me like either of them much more. He's being annoyingly self-righteous--DUDE, YOU DID NOT ACTUALLY KILL HER; HOW DO YOU SCIENCE--and I'm not really down with her ~maintain tradition always~ attitude about keeping the house. I get it, and I still like them both, but still, side-eye, kinda. You really have to suspend your disbelief with the stakes on this show now--like, if you're not engaged with the fact that having the wrong shirt for dinner really IS the end of the world, you're not going to be that invested in the show. And for the most part I can do that, but every so often the upper-class madness of it all just becomes exasperating. It's quite a relief to have Martha there lampshading all that tradition-vs.-progress stuff. And of course Violet remains queen and I'd watch a show of just her & Martha ("I love the sun!" "Yes, we can see that") and I still adore Sybil and Anna, though I'm iffy on their husbands (Branson's posturing seems a lot less impressive when I think about, say, Owen Sleater actually blowing shit up). Edith/Strallan was sweet, kinda, though her throwing herself at him was a bit cringey, as was Martha standing up to Robert for her--be your own badass, Edith girl! Once again, it's the friendships that make it for me--LOVING Mrs. Patmore/Mrs. Hughes (nooooo!), and the Branson/Matthew bromance is pretty cute, and I am of course sad at the breakdown of O'Brien/Thomas, since they are my spirit animals. Those two need to work it out. And Thomas needs to get laid. I'd rather have Gwen back than Ethel, but since she's off in the mountains Knowing Stuff with Jon Snow, I'll take it; I like Isobel helping ~fallen ladies and stuff. (BOARDWALK CROSSOVER?! YES ALWAYS)

    4. BOARDWALK EMPIRE: "It's like...a noodle?" So basically I am going to be scared whenever Gyp talks to ANYONE EVER. Okay. Fine. Good to know. He is hilarious and wonderfully hammy, though. EVERYBODY GOT GUNS! And that was a refreshingly simple way of screwing up Nucky's liquor transport. This week's Unexpected Feels were brought to you by Eli; like with Van Alden last week I was actually going "awwww!" at him being all sad and angsty about missing his kids' lives and feeling inadequate and ~inútil and all that. And he read Shakespeare! ("There's a character named Eli?") And nice job with making Shea look all gaunt and prisony, too. I kinda love Mickey now; his ability to survive despite everything is rather wonderful. He's like Varys; he knows just who to ally with. I DIED at "how the fuck are you still alive?" Everyone seems to think that Margaret's going to bang this doctor because of their bantering, which seems pretty obvious to me; I'd like to see them just work together in a cool feminist fashion. Owen...well, that's another matter. Loved the weirdness of Stephen Root, as ever; for some reason I like goldfish imagery and his dialogue was charmingly Coenesque. And I love Billie. Dunno if that's unpopular, but she's spunky and funny and has a fab singing voice and while Nucky is a dick for daring to be jealous when he's the one cheating, she's adorable and I like her. And Maybelle White, coming out of left field with cool bohemian poetry-writing lady-dreams! I really hope that goes somewhere; I love seeing Chalky balancing being a gangster and being a dad. (Fave part of that early scene was Dunn--hey, buffet-line buddy!--pensively checking his own fingernails as Samuel 'diagnosed' Chalky. Hee!) And that jazz club scene was nuts; poor boring Samuel. D: Will Maybelle feel like she has to be with him now because of what happened? (Me, gaping: "Well, THAT escalated quickly.") Can we have lots more cool '20s black music, please?? I mean, Whitey did not invent jazz, lbfr. And if Stuhlbarg really made that crazy pool-table shot at the end of that scene, then he is officially invited to the pants party. OH, MAN. :9

    (Boo @ no Richard, of course, but I gotta say, I'm fascinated that no one knows who killed Manny--his wife didn't SEE him?!--and that they all think it was politically-motivated. I've never thought he really cared about any of the bootlegging business stuff; he was just loyal to Jimmy and that was it. All of his input thus far has been about personal stuff ["you would kill your brother?", "would you fight for me?", "he'll never forgive you," etc] and killing Manny was entirely about Angela. But now I think, in doing so, he may have just placed himself on the game board in a real way, on his own, instead of just being someone's sidekick. Which is totally awesome & I love it. ♥)

    5. Went to a "Person of Interest" screening event last night with whoamelly_nyc--we saw the S2 premiere, which was super-fun for me because I usually watch it alone and hearing everyone gasping and cheering and stuff was hilarious. (Miles Straume and a dog! is all I will say about the episode.) Then there was a panel interview afterwards and while a lot of it was stuff I'd heard at PaleyFest, it was still adorable to see the cast bantering amongst themselves. Fusco is totally the funniest one. And Taraji isn't pushing the Carter/Reese angle too hard, which makes me happy; the lack of reliance on ships & romance is one of the things I like best about the show. Sadly, they all ran out as soon as it was over (to go back to filming, presumably), and as I've been trying to meet Emerson for like YEARS that was disappointing indeed. But I was in his adorkable presence for like an hour and a half, so I will take it.

    6. 50 pages to go in Anna Karenina! Got to the pivotal you-know-what scene this morning...while standing on the platform waiting for the D train. Trolololol, symbolism. AND THEN THE CASUAL VACANCY YEY

    7. obsessed with this album omg

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