11 June 2012 @ 04:27 pm
So yeah, this is a thing!

Prompt: Based on a mix by roseclaw at bigbang_mixup: "open-ish fandoms; AUs are awesome; gen/het/slash – no main pairings, please." Weeeellll, you asked for it.
Summary: When unscrupulous P.I. Irene Adler and haunted assassin Richard Harrow run into one another in a Las Vegas hotel room late one night, they're both rather surprised, and not just because he's there to kill her. They never expected to see one another again, not after that night a year ago.
Fandoms: Boardwalk Empire, Sherlock (BBC), Supernatural, Harry Potter, X-Men (general)
Characters: Richard Harrow, Irene Adler, Jimmy Darmody, John Winchester, Sirius Black, Raven Darkholme, original male characters
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 45,769
Warnings: SPOILERS for the all of the above series, I guess? Language, angst, some violence, rambling, etc.
Author's notes: Good Lord, it's finally finished. Thanks ever to the my dearest mutantjules, as well as my parents (!) for their help & knowledge on various and sundry topics.

( "Rather than killing me, you, shall we say, don't." ) @ AO3

And the fanmix--eight tracks by roseclaw plus four more added by me:

( cover art, tracklisting and links ) @ my Tumblr

er, please read it? Pleeease? *needs attention* even if you don't like Moffat. Hell, especially if you don't. askdasjkaj~
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