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TV - Boardwalk Empire
Happy Memorial Day! It is hot as balls here; I put my air conditioner back in this morning (all by myself, and only almost dropped out the window once, because I am a Strong Female Character and am awesome at shit like that \o/) and left the house for about five minutes only today, because fuck that, outside sucks. I am so, so glad I have a regular old office-y 9-5 job, man.

Also, BAFTAs: Andrew, my darling! ♥

YES! (also Lara Pulver = queen) I'm sad that he & Martin were up against each other, since they're both wonderful, but oh my god, his speech was adorable. He is so presh. He's like an Irish Hiddles; he plays this crazy-ass villain and yet in real life he's basically just :DDDDDDD all the time. Awesome. (And Joe Gilgun's relentless stanning of him is making me stan him in turn. I love how that works. "He's fuckin' ACE.") It's fairly ridic that Benny didn't win, though; I hope S3 is awesome so he can legit get it next time. Awww, babies. Also: Sea Wall. For fuckin' realsies.

MODERN FAMILY (FINALE): Well, shit! I admit I did kinda see that coming; when Gloria was complaining of being carsick I was like "...oh Jesus, here we go." But I kinda expected that to dovetail with Mitch & Cam's thing a little more--like, I didn't think theirs would just end so sadly (but incredibly sweetly--"I'm lying next to my rock," d'awww)! I guess she can't just, like, give them her baby, but...still. It actually kinda makes their thing a little sadder. :\ But hey, there are other babies. And thank the Lord, Haley got into college (although, like...I guess she'll live at home so she can still be on the show?), and LMAO forever at Alex's "flashy" prom date. Heh. Also, Jay dancing with Lily was beyond adorable.

AWAKE (SERIES FINALE): ;_____; Farewell, bb show! You were too good for this rotten world! That was a mindfuck and a half, and I won't pretend I didn't have a lot of questions after it was over, but I like that it was somewhere between 'totally wrapped up' and 'totally cut off before it could finish its story.' Like, there was potential for another season there, but it didn't feel horribly incomplete. Not quite a "Pushing Daisies," but not "Rubicon" either. Personally, I never thought at any point that it was a matter of one world being imaginary and one being real; I thought it was either gonna be some dealie where he'd eventually 'master' the situation and become in control his movements between the worlds, or he'd have to choose in some way. And I think I always thought he'd choose the Rex-world--like, for a guy to lose his wife is horrible and sad, but for a guy to lose his child is just a whole other thing. And that's kinda what happened, it seems: he allowed himself to believe that the Hannah-world was the dream in order to catch Harper, and because of that he was allowed to 'create' another world in which they're both alive? I'm...still thinking about it. But this interview with creator Kyle Killen is very thought-provoking. Sigh. Another year, another television heartbreak for me. THIS IS WHAT I GET. Come back to TV soon, Jason Isaacs! Be another gun-toting DILF, please!


Thank GOD it didn't suck. Seriously. After all that build-up, the nerd-rage would've leveled the planet if it was a letdown. But it wasn't! It was Helm's Deep with fewer elves and a hundred percent more balls! (I mean, no offense to PJ & Co., but there's something to be said for that R-rating. Hoshit.) The effects were gorg; wildwife looked awesome; I was totally having Centurion flashbacks with all the head-chopping and whatnot. Which is fun. And at the same time they managed to fit lots of talky character moments in there too without dragging the pace down, and that's impressive. Hound feels!! What are all these Hound feels I'm having?! I never really had strong feelings for him before, but when he roared "come back with a clean sword and I'll RAPE YOUR FUCKING CORPSE" I was like "...OK, this dude's kinda growing on me." And his awesome/weird anti-bromance thing with Bronn! And his fear of fire! And his awesome "fuck the king" moment! Shit, man, it was all great. Though the moment with Sansa...I just cannot get behind that ship, not really. This is yet another time when my nebulous definition of "shipping" comes back to bite me: like, yes, I do love them together & I want to see more of their interaction, but not romantically/sexually. I just cannot see how that could not be kinda awful for her. Under other circumstances I'd be all over that, since I adore angsty/fucked-up/mismatched ships, but...no. But still. And holy shit @ drunk-and-bitter!Cersei; Lena NEEDS to submit this ep to the Emmys, because goddamn. She was alarming and unpleasant and cold as fuck and yet vulnerable, and completely right about all the warfare/gender bullshit ("a bit of a rape"?! REALLY?!), and still scarily clever and observant, like when she was calling Shae out on her identity (nooooo). Wow. Sansa continues to be flawless, calling Joffrey out on being a cowardly little shit compared to her "pretender" brother, and taking charge with the women (I can't believe I didn't realize that that scene would make a perfect 'prayer circle' gif) and just Playing The Game all over the place. YES. GIRL. ♥ And of course Tyrion/Shae/Bronn continue to light up my life; maybe it's just because I saw The Avengers for the third time yesterday (of course I did are you seriously surprised geez), but my body is totally ready for Bronn with a bow & arrow, tbh. Rowrrr. And YESSSS, Shae/Sansa friendship. Still my fave. And I loved Tyrion's rousing speech; I love the way you can't 100% root for any one king on this show, since the supporting characters are so great. Even if you hate Joffrey, as everyone does, you want to see Tyrion succeed. (I'm glad he didn't get, like, fully Tycho Brahe'd, if only for Peter's sake; that'd be annoying makeup/SFX to deal with. Ask my bb Jack Huston.) And even if you don't like Stannis, you kinda have to love Davos. It's all very complicated. I'm no big Lobster King fan, but when he was being dragged away roaring from the battle--wow. Intense shit. And Tywin strutting in there like a goddamn boss with Loras (!!!!) in Renly's armor (!!!!!!!!) was just one of those FUCK YES WAIT OMG SHIT I MEAN NO moments that this show does so well. Shit. Just...awesome all over the place. And next week is seventy minutes!...and I might have to miss it because I have a family wedding and idk when I'll be back home that night. DDDDDDDDDDDD:

BREAKING BAD: OH YES, I SAID I'D START. I watched S1 on Friday with my dear Jules (everyone said it was the perf show to marathon & they were right) and really, my only complaint is that Aaron Paul has distractingly perfect teeth. Basically everything else is perfection. Performances, tension, balance of humor/drama, the relationships between characters--good Lord, talk about Science Bros!--the fondness for How We Got Here/in media res-style episodes, etc. ♥ And I weirdly respect shows that can gross me out at this point, and oh my GOD, the dude in the tub with the thing and the acid and GAHHHH WHY. This is why science will kill you. I really loved that Skyler caught on to Walter's BS by, like, episode two, rather than being all oblivious until the third season or something. (Lbr, that's arguably the single biggest design flaw of "Dexter." Which I also love, but come on.) His long conversation with Krazy-8 might have been my favorite scene of the season; you knew it was gonna end really badly, and yet it was completely sweet and genuine. Which of course made it worse. D: I'm aware that it gets exponentially more crazypants after S1 (literally everyone at ONTD is like "OH GURL hold onto your damn hat" when I say I've started) and sadly I've already seen the S3 premiere; it was like the first thing I ever cataloged at my job. So I do know some big spoilers, but fortunately I forget a lot of the details because it was like two years ago. (I do remember the incredibly charming panel interview with the cast, with Cranston describing reading the pilot script and going "What the fuck is going on?!" in reaction to the opening scene. Hee!) Anyway, shall continue catching up & shall hopefully be done by 15 July in time for S5. \o/

Saw Moonrise Kingdom on Saturday, and it apparently had the highest-grossing opening weekend for any indie movie or something, which is cool. I liked it a lot; it didn't dethrone The Royal Tenenbaums/Fantastic Mr. Fox as my fave W.A. film(s), but it's very enjoyable. I still kinda think he's better at creating original characters/relationships than actual coherent, structured plots, but I do kinda respect that basically the entire movie revolves around two totally inexperienced and remarkably un-annoying and un-precocious kids (Sam looked so much like a bb Sean Lennon; it distracted me the entire time). His visuals are getting not only distinctive but pretty ambitious; the storm scenes were pretty impressive. And I still love that there's always a bit of a dark aspect mixed in with all the cutesiness (though I was fairly horrified that they [mild spoiler]killed the dog. D: Why?! What was the point?! Though I did kind of enjoy the ridiculously bloodthirsty kids). And of course the music was great. So that was good.

Then yesterday I sneaked into Men in Black 3 after The Avengers [was a little bitter that it took down TA as the #1 movie? Yes, yes I was] and it wasn't bad; better than the second, though of course not as good as the first. I'm always down for time-travel, and the banter was as great as ever; Josh Brolin was totally perf & inspired as Young K. I'm one of the four people who saw W. in 2008, and his Bush was pretty fab too. (Some people appeared to miss the joke of him saying he was 29, though. Er.) It's kinda worth it just for him, and for Bill Hader as Andy Warhol. And for Michael Stuhlbarg, too--is there such a thing as Manic Pixie Dream Dude? Because that's basically what he was, and I am totally HFT. And I kind of love Jemaine Clement now--I had NO idea who the bad guy was the entire time, and at the end I'm like "THAT'S who that is?!" It was just such a balls-out cray-cray performance that it kinda endeared him to me, I dunno. I like 'em weird. Emma Thompson was quite underused, though; I love how Nicole Scherzinger is doing all this press as if her part isn't (a) five minutes long and (b) entirely pointless. (She can werk them thigh-high Louboutins, though, lawd.) The plot kinda falls apart if you think about it too hard, but I was not prepared for feels at the end. I can't handle it when Will Smith cries, especially when it's [spoilers]Daddy Issues-related. D: Y'all remember that "Fresh Prince" ep; don't act like you don't. I did kinda call that as soon as the dude mentioned his "firstborn," but it was still kinda sweet, with Will's DDD': face and little bb James talking to K. And are we supposed to think that K was kinda keeping an eye on him and waiting to see if he could recruit him for all those years? Because that's kinda cute. A little retconny, but cute. Not impressed by the song, "Back in Time," however. They'll never touch the OG theme song. I blasted that on my iPod walking home from the theatre, and on my way I passed a pug tied up outside a store, which made me laugh because remember Frank the Pug from the first two movies? "You don't like it, you can kiss my furry little butt!" Heh. I am easily amused. And no, I did not miss Gaga and Tim Burton, among others, in the background on the screens at MiB headquarters. Dohohoho.

Ahahaha, I've heard Vince Gilligan (the creator of BB) say his one regret was that Jesse's teeth were perfect.

Oh the long conversation with Krazy-8 was the scene that made me fall head over heels for this show. SO MANY FEELS.

With Breaking Bad, shit just ALWAYS gets more real. You don't know how it will top what you've seen so far but somehow...it does. Hope you enjoy the rest of the series! New season premieres July 15th. But this show really sucks to watch live because you don't want to wait a week.

Ahahaha, he actually said that?! That's awesome! I mean, they're not only not meth-y, they're like noticeably beautiful and perfect. But, you know, I will forgive it. Excite to watch the rest. :D

I loved the Awake finale. Maybe they could do another series of Case Histories?
I loved that show.

I want to see Moonrise Kingdom so much although I doubt anything will ever touch The Royal Tenenbaums.

Tomorrow, I should be seeing MIB 3. I didn't want to pay for it this weekend and help it beat Avengers...

Jemaine Clement
Yay! I love like all his stuff.

Hey, who knows! I just want Jason to be in all of the things, because he is awesome. Perhaps he should come here & do theatre for a while...!

TRT is definitely my fave and now I want to watch it again. That does have a pretty coherent, solid story (as opposed to, like, The Life Aquatic; I still couldn't tell you WHAT that's actually about). But it's decent! And it looks really pretty. ;) (And heh, yes, that was my logic with MiB3 as well. 'Well, I'll see it, BUT I AIN'T GIVING YOU MY MONEY, USURPER.')

He's seriously unrecognizable, and I am weirdly into that. I'm not really familiar with Flight of the Concords at all, but this seems to be quite a different role!

I'm greatly looking forward to Moonrise Kingdom, although I'm keeping my expectations in check. It doesn't open until June 22nd here, woe.

Wasn't Will Smith, like, really good in MIB3? I saw it on an exceptionally bad day, so perhaps I overly enjoyed the film, but I thought he was great. I usually love him, though. Everyone on IMDb's bashing him (not a surprise, but whyyy). Josh Brolin is my homeboy, and now I want to watch No Country for Old Men on repeat. (I'm also one of the four people who saw W.! We need to find the other two folks.) While I didn't recognize Jemaine Clement AT ALL, I called Bill Hader in 0.5 seconds. Only he could play Andy Warhol. Michael Stuhlbarg is such a delight, which reminds me I need to watch Boardwalk Empire.

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Everyone seems to have their faves, but I think it's up there with his better ones. And the cast is awesome. :D

Honestly, Will Smith is one of those people where I don't ever think I've actually disliked a performance of his. He's done movies I haven't liked, to be sure, but I always find him watchable and credible. And his banter with TLJ basically makes these movies, so I won't get sick of that any time soon. :D (NCfOM, yessss. Everyone in that is amazing.) Sadly I was already 'spoiled' for Hader's cameo, but it just made me all the more excited for it since I adore him so much. AND OMG YES YOU DO ALSDFKSL; MY BB SHOW. ♥ Sorry, I just have a lot of Boardwalk feelings. He's delightful on it!

You're so right about the conflicting feelings on GoT...When Tywin showed up I was like, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! and then I realized it was to save Joffrey/Cersei and I was like, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" I love how it's just confusing. I think I'm going to go watch it again right now. These last couple of eps have really sucked me in. And the cute boys don't hurt, either.

I am legit worried about how awesome & likable they're making Tywin, since we're deeefinitely not supposed to like him later. Though maybe that's the point. And that's kinda cool. I think I wanna watch it again too, and I don't usually have that reaction with this show (even though I really enjoy it). It was definitely their most cinematic ep so far, and that is awesome.

I HATE Tywin. All of the things that Tyrion has said that Tywin has done...he's a horrible person.

OK, good. 'Cause he's only gonna get worse. Everyone's into these added scenes he's had with Arya, and I really like them too, but...worried about where they're going with this. D:

It's hard to like most of the characters in this, tbh. Before I got really into it this week and started reading the books, I only really liked the Starks. I disliked Ned, though, for beheading that kid in the first episode. I get it now, but I still think it was stupid. But now I LOVE the Starks, Tyrion, and Danerys, and a few of the secondary characters. I absolutely DESPISE the Lannisters. And I'm not quite sure how to feel about Stannis.

Personally I kinda love that--like, legit EVERYONE is sort of (or extremely) morally grey and just when you think you've found someone to stick with, they pull some crazy shit and you're like WHAT THE HELL, HERO and then you want to throw the book out the window. I respect that. I kinda had to love Ned because he & Arya reminded me of me and my dad, but in retrospect it's so obvious that his whole ~noble schtick was not gonna work out. Stannis...don't like him in the books, but the actor's winning me over on the show. Curses.


lxfh;lfxlnhlzfmlkgmxg Science Bros, killing people with science (more to come in my own post but OMG YES ♥)

Tywin strutting in there like a goddamn boss with Loras (!!!!) in Renly's armor (!!!!!!!!) was just one of those FUCK YES WAIT OMG SHIT I MEAN NO moments that this show does so well.
FLNGBLXKFHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES YES YES. Cause like....FUCK. This is why I can't stan for any one family with this goddamn series, pretty much all of them have a few people worth loving even if you hate most of them and what they stand for (even the goddamn Freys have a few women who are, if not quite lovable, at least inoffensive and Not One with the rest of their family's shit) and I will never know quite how but somewhere along the way I came to LOVE EVERY LANNISTER. Even Tywin. what the mighty hell. You are an ASSHOLE, sir, stop being awesome

I've always had strong feelings for the Hound. For a minor character he really resonated with me. An actual nihilist! Disgusted by Sansa's naivety and yet compelled to protect it! Big and terrifying and badass but an actual mess inside! I like SanSan but always in a vague-futurey way. Still I do sometimes wish she'd gone with him (if she had, SHE'D HAVE MET UP WITH ARYA IN THE NEXT BOOK) and because I've also always loved Bronn, probably a lot more than most (I love me an Ensemble Darkhorse I guess) the added anti-bromance between them was just delightful. and FFFFF THE RAINS OF CASTAMERE THE FUCKING

I'm sorry I'm still dying I can't. That was SO CLEARLY For The Nerds, a tiny tiny elbow at upcoming shit that I - ugh. Also because this was such a FUCKIN' DON'T FUCK WITH LANNISTERS episode that it was perfect

Sansa! Shae! CERSEI! "Those are brave men at our door! LET'S GO KILL THEM" yaaaaaaaay

LMAO, JESSE. ♥ The things he says fill my heart with joy.

I DON'T UNDERSTAND MY LANNISTER FEELS RN. The scenes with Tywin/Arya plus Cersei's complex reactions to everything plus Jaime/Brienne showing up sooner than I expected it too--like, I thought I'd just love Tyrion and hate everyone else, and instead I'm growing to love everyone else and getting more & more wary of Tyrion because he's so great now buuuuuuut I know what's coming so I'm like STOP WINNING ME OVER GODDAMMIT and I just don't know what to feeeeeel anymore. DAMN THESE BOOKS

I certainly never disliked the Hound, and I certainly thought he was less of a horrifyingly awful person than his bro, but now! Feels! I guess I could see Sansa growing to have loving feelings for him once she's a badass queen or whatever...but I dunno about him as a king. And then again I almost don't want her to be queen because I'm still weirdly committed to this series ending with, like, democracy or anarchy or SOMETHING other than inherited-monarchies, because that is clearly just a terrible, terrible, very bad no-good idea. So I just don't know. (Is...is he dead? Fuck, now I cannot remember. The character list for S3 just went up and everyone at ONTD is going OMG I HOPE THEY INCLUDE [THIS RIDICULOUSLY MINOR CHARACTER] BECAUSE S/HE'S MY FAVE and I'm just like "...wait who." Apparently I need to read more carefully. D:)


Friends? We have a few things in common, and you replied to one of my comments on ONTD... Yes, I am that shameless. :-) Anyway, I'm going to add you; no obligation for you to add back if that's not your thing, though... Cheers! :-)

Just the fact that you have "12 Angry Men" in your interests is good enough for me. XD (I just watched several different versions of that for work. ♥) Adding!

When it comes to Sansa ships, I honestly just love Sansa too much to legitimately ship her with any of the dudes she's associated with. I find all of the character dynamics fascinting (Sansa/Petyr is probably my favourite, though there are interesting Sansa/Sandor and Sansa/Tyrion moments too - I sense problems in my life next season because Peter Dinklage and Sophie Turner exist and I DO NOT WANT TO SHIP SANSA/TYRION NO NO NO NO but they're both so good that I'll probably love their scenes anyway), but like. No. No romantic/sexual stuff. No.

I found Men in Black 3 surprisingly enjoyable for an entry in a very dated franchise. It was fun! And Josh Brolin has a great face! I totally called the dad thing as soon as that dude was introduced, but the whole thing was pretty moving.

Sansa/Petyr got a pretty great little scene in that finale there, but yeah, that's a good point. I am of course all for the moral-greys and how everyone's kinda hard/impossible to love at times, but it does make legit shipping pretty hard. I feel like the only sweet, pure, true-love relationship in this series was Ned/Cat and, well, we saw how that turned out. I feel like that's part of the point. (Arguably Dany/Drogo too, but they were pretty dark, lbr.) Given all the effort they've put into establishing Tyrion/Shae (kdgjkdjfglgj), I'd like to think they wouldn't be crazy enough to force some legit Sansa/Tyrion in there, but they've made questionable choices before. >____> I just hope they get some good conversation scenes, idk.

It was a little shameless to be like BAM ALL OF A SUDDEN FEELS at the end there, but the actors were likable enough to make me dig it. I hope they don't keep going with it forever, tho.

Oh I don't think they'd ever try to make Sansa/Tyrion legit, if only because of the age of the actors involved, but I do have a feelings they'll soften the dynamic quite a bit. Tyrion's headspace in the book includes a lot of resentment and angst and self-loathing that I'm not sure will all make it to the screen, so I think he'll come off as more sympathetic in his relationship with Sansa. I'll have to see how I feel about that.

Im so happy for Andrew Scott! I love him! <3

I didnt see that coming with Gloria either! Im happy for her but i really want Mitch and Cam to get a little boy too!

YAY for Breaking Bad! Welcome to the fandom!! I love that show so much!!! Cant wait for the last season.

He is just so precious! :D He just seems to be insanely good-natured. He's on my List now; I gotta meet him. No idea when/how, but you know I am determined.

It's awesome! I hope to finish S2 in a few days. SO INTENSE WTF

I cried at a movie for the first time in forever while watching MIB3, and I'm only slightly ashamed t admit it. Those last 5-10 minutes were brutal.

It's Will Smith's face, man. When he cries, the world cries with him. Cannot be helped.

Aah, Moonrise Kingdom... I loved it. Wholeheartedly. I don't care about the "meh" reviews from movie critics. This movie rocked my world, like Wes Anderson does every time. The kids were really good and genuine, and it's something that is still rare enough to be noted and applauded. The visuals and the music enthralled me, especially the work on colours and what they mean to these characters and in the various situations. I'm also a sucker for the "new-found family" trope, and I found the little plot between Sam and Captain Sharp very moving; you know these two will get along just fine and take care of each other.

I am so fucking thrilled you're watching Breaking Bad and enjoying it!