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you're gonna get diagnosed by someone who said her favorite superhero was "X-Man"?
TV - Boardwalk Empire
So I'm moving in July or so and I'm looking to sublet or rent a room temporarily until David moves back to town in ~January, and I put an ad on Craigslist saying that I'm quiet and boring and reliable and all that. I got a response from this girl who has a REALLY nice place and is asking literally less than half of what I'm paying now in rent (!!!), but she wants a background check first. Like, a legit legal record saying I'm not a criminal or whatever, and she linked to a bunch of sites like PeopleFinders. And lemme tell you, those things are a ripoff. They charge all sorts of exorbitant fees for info, and most of it's really inaccurate--I looked up my parents, and they have really old addresses and incorrect names and dates and everything. And I'm not anywhere to be found, probably because I've never owned property or had a driver's license (or been arrested). Which is comforting, I guess, but if I miss out on this place because of that I'm gonna be annoyed. Lord, I hate moving. Do most people want that much info before renting a room?!

Anyway. Finales! COMMUNITY (FINALE): Awwww, bb show! It was so clear that the last ep was meant to be a series finale if need be, and even though we know it's coming back, I was still getting way emotional. Giancarlo Esposito was a delightful surprise [I swear I'm starting "Breaking Bad" soon] and while I'm sure I would have appreciated "Digital Estate Planning" more if I ever played video games basically ever, it was still hilarious & creative as hell. The Baby Abeds were terrifying and wonderful, and I loved the Jive Turkeys because I have a friend who uses that phrase in a totally unironic (but non-racist) way. More of Pierce's bro, please! And Troy and Abed shooting laaaava! Loved their caper in "The First Chang Dynasty;" won't even pretend that Jeff & Britta didn't look disturbingly hot in that goth gear, and I'd watch an entire show of Mario-and-Luigi!Troy/Abed. And I still think it's sweet the way they actually care about the Dean. I always enjoy Evil Abed, though I was sad to see Robert go--I guess they couldn't carry out the AC school thing forever, but John Goodman is always welcome basically forever. And awww, Jeff and his daddy issues! Adorable. However, this Dan Harmon thing is bullshit--yes, he can be heartily unpleasant at times, but it's his show and going behind his back like that was unprofessional and really disrespectful. I hate when this happens; I fall in love with a show and everything's amazeballs, and then behind-the-scenes fuckery ruins the fun. D: But at least the cast [minus Chevy] is still sweet and awesome; their tweets on the subject are just killing me. I'm trying to accept that S4 will be the last, and I guess that's a decent run, but it didn't have to end like this. Ugh.

Also, I yelled "COP-RA!" a good second and a half before everyone else. *gangsta hand symbols*

GREY'S ANATOMY (FINALE): However! Everything's not lost! One of my least-fave characters dies and another is fired? IS IT MY BIRTHDAY?! I'm sorry, but I've just always loathed Lexie. Always, always. And I was really sad for Meredith and Mark, because I do believe he really loved her and they were OTP and everything, but seriously, I just never like her. Though I guess April's worse. I can't get over her saying that she was upset at not being a virgin "for the man [she's] going to marry." Uh...how about FOR YOURSELF? I can't with her. And Teddy irks me as well; I've never gotten over the "I want Owen!" "Then take him!" thing, and then when she had the fake marriage and tried to pretend it was real and totally unreasonably blamed Owen and then said that he should have died in Iraq...gurl, bye. Just no. The hug was sweet since they were friends long ago and all, but srsly. And of course Derek is also terrible, but I knew they'd never kill him off, so. I am not looking forward to another season of him spiraling into self-indulgent despair because his surgeryizin' hand is fucked up, man. But Troll Extraordinaire Shonda all but flat-out said that someone else may still die, which I assume means Arizona or Mark, and I find that unspeakably cruel because HELLO, Callie JUST MENTIONED all the horrible stuff she's been through; to kill her wife or her best friend, not to mention one of her co-parents, would just be evil. (It hurt my heart to see George & Izzie at the beginning, ngl.) It's certainly realistic that someone else would die if they're just stranded out there in the woods, and Mark's "Lexie's waiting for me" sounded pretty grim, but...noooooo. :( Too sad. Corny as fuck, but sad. At least Cristina acknowledged the insanity of everything that's happened at "Seattle Grace Mercy Death," heh. And I am just assuming that the overhead shots and Cristina losing her shoe (!) and the plane ripping apart and all that were direct, intentional "Lost" shout-outs, so awwww.

PERSON OF INTEREST (FINALE): OK, so it seems that my stalking skills are once again legendary, because the photo I took when they were shooting near my office was basically of THE MOST SUSPENSEFUL MOMENT IN THE WHOLE DAMN SHOW. I just. What??? Who was he talking to at the end there, "Root"? I did not see that coming! Where's Finch?! D: I love the idea of Reese going all Taken and tear-assing around town to save him, but sheesh, poor Alicia. That was nuts. And I totally thought we were finally gonna get the story about Ingram, but alas--did she say he was killed by The Machine? Very interesting. Carter & Fusco finally finding out about each other was kinda awesome, and I loved all the cat-and-mouse in the stairwells and stuff; that shit is really hard to map out on paper, but they did a great job. No more about Carrie Preston's character, though? I thought we were setting up some big reunion last week. Maybe next season. And more Annie Parisse, please. Crazy show!

AWAKE: NGL, I found this episode WAY more suspenseful than the GA finale. Britten Taking A Level in Angsty Badass was awesome (especially Malfoysian scruff and the black boxer briefs; good Lord. HELL-OOOOO to Jason Isaacs!); I did not think we were gonna kill off Marshall Flinkman that suddenly, and I certainly didn't think we were gonna kill Bird too (NOOOO!), but that was gutsy. I really liked Vega standing up for him; he's starting to annoy me way less. Just in time. :P It really says something that Britten's figuring everything out and yet not suspecting Harper; early in the season I just assumed she was his boss, but then they actually took the time to build up their friendship and background, which makes it all the more effective. And him saying "it's just good to see you, brother" when he woke up and Bird was, like, re-alive was really kinda sweet. And next week looks awesome and cray-cray and MAN, am I pressed that NBC has decided to continue their campaign of suck and ax this. ;____; I love how they're grandly referring to it as "THE FINALE" in the promo. Yeah, don't try to pretend you're awesome.

SUPERNATURAL (FINALE): WELL, SHIT. That's a bit not good. I'm glad the Dick Roman stuff is over, since that was pretty tedious--I mean, you can see why they originally planned to stop at five seasons, since it's kind of hard to top THE APOCALYPSE as a plot device--and I enjoyed the little fake-out with the bone. ("Let's bone this nun. ...Sorry." Holy hell, Misha was not lying for once in his life when he told me that S&P just doesn't care anymore.) I had a feeling Bobby would die For Real in this episode, and at least he got a better send-off this time, but I remain completely and utterly pressed about it. It was just NOT a necessary plot development. You don't just kill people off when they've been around too long, especially when he's a father figure and the first season-and-a-half of the damn show was dedicated to their actual!father issues. BITTER FOREVER. That being said, at least Cas, Meg and Crowley all survived (er...more or less), and they actually gave me lots of Dean/Cas feels! Is this real life?! After a season of pointless cockblocking, my bbs are together again!

Babies!! ♥ ♥ Gotta say, hippie!Cas is seriously growing on me; "Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)" was a nice touch (though I would've suggested Cat Stevens), as was the Twister, the comforted-ham sandwiches, the lipstick monkeys and his desire for a cat. ...Oh, god, is he me?! He might be. Oh well. Oh, and naked, covered in bees. Calling it right now: someone will ask about that at a con, and Misha will give a straight-faced ten-minute monologue about his extensive preparation for that scene, which was then cruelly cut at the last minute. Because, like, he's Misha. And they made up! The "clean up your mess!" hurt my heart, but it was admittedly kinda deserved, lbr, and now they're together! ...In Purgatory! D: Dean and Cas sewn togeeeeether! (Meg: "He was your boyfriend first." Dean: ":| *doesn't deny it*" HEH.)Is this their version of the Charles/Erik Season Two Savage Land Honeymoon? Because, like, harsh. I like the idea that Dean's been to Heaven & Hell and now has to try the other place, and I dig the continuing parallels with the boys being torn apart (Sam getting killed in the S2 finale, Dean going to Hell in S3, Sam getting locked in the box in S5, etc), but goddamn, they can't catch a break. Poor Sammy. :( I'm sure he'll get them out, but it'll be sad. (Could we look for Adam while we're at it? Because, like, seriously. SERIOUSLYYOUGUISEPUG.GIF) Also, Baby's back!! It's about time! So maybe next season will be kinda back to basics...? No Big Bad, just more personal stories & feels? I hope so.

I'm still hurriedly catching up on "House" so I can be ready for the presumably tragic-as-fuck finale on Monday. :\ Also, temporarily changed my Tumblr URL to stillguardingasses-man. Because I've lost control of my life.

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