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NYC ONTD Avengers assemble~~
TV - Boardwalk Empire
Because you can't see it just once, lbr.

OK, it seems that this weekend (the 19th), next weekend (the 26th), June 2nd and June 23rd are out because of various conflicts. I'd think it'd be in theatres for a while--movies always linger here, especially when they make THAT kinda money, but sooner is better! \o/ So:

Poll #1840868 ONTD Avengers meetup!
This poll is closed.

Which days(s) work for you (check all that apply)?

June 9 (Saturday)
June 10 (Sunday)
June 16 (Saturday)
June 17 (Sunday)
June 30 (Saturday)
June 31 (Sunday)
July 7 (Saturday)
July 8 (Sunday)
July 14 (Saturday)
July 15 (Sunday)
July 21 (Saturday)
July 22 (Sunday)
July 28 (Saturday)
July 29 (Sunday)
August and beyond~

What time of day is best for you?

Before noon
Noon - 5:00 PMish
5:00 PM or later
No preference

2D or 3D?

No preference

Where in the city is convenient for you? (I'm basing this on where the best/biggest theatres are)

Downtown (like Village/Chelsea area)
Midtown (like Times Square area)
Uptown (like Lincoln Center and above area)
No preference

Shawarma and/or comic book store afterwards?!

No, because I am not awesome
Ticky box

EDIT: WOW OKAY YOU'RE ALL AS DUMB AS I AM--that June 31st should be, er, July 1st. >______> LOKI'D~~~

Discuss further in comments! And tell yo' friends!

Thanks for doing this, Rose! I just submitted... I put my preference for Sundays, only b/c I have nursing home visiting on Saturdays. I can try to switch days if I really need to.

WOOOOOTTT!!! You guys have fun. I mean, I live in NYC, but lawd, no more meet ups for me. Have fun, tho!

why, yes please. i would love to have a meet up. meet ups are fun, i did a few for stark trek when the movie came out. SO YES, YES, LET'S MAKE IT SO.

I just submitted! This is going to be my first meetup ever.

Hey, guys!! So excited for this!

So you know, the only weekend I'm not free is 6/9 - 6/10. Sorry about that !!

ANNNND, the closest good shawarma place is in the East Villiage (so you know!)

BOOOOOOOOO NONE OF THE WEEKENDS YOU PICKED ARE WEEKENDS I'M THERE. because surprisingly i'll actually be there for a few days! idk when exactly. probably the end of next week. it's all up in the air - flying out to my boyfriend's dad's house in philly and then commuting to a bunch of different big cities around there.

but yes. i've seen the movie twice. and thanks to you, i'm now infatuated with tom hiddleston. thank you. also I DID NOT REALIZE HE HAD A TWITTER. WHY HAS IT TAKEN ME THIS LONG?! I AM SO NOT WITH IT.

AHAHAHAHA YEEEESSSS, ONE OF US ONE OF US. He's so funny on Twitter. He caught on to the witty hashtags thing more rapidly than anyone I've ever seen. But I'm sorry you won't be around then! :( I'm free basically all the time because I have no life, I just have family stuff coming up on a few weekends. :\ BUT TWICE IS NOT ENOUGH, GO AGAINNNNNNN

I reaaaaaaaaally want to go, but I can't do Saturdays-I have a class that goes from 10a-7p starting on the 23rd of June. Sundays are totally free tho!

Is this open to anybody? I really want to go, but I don't really post much... *lurker : /

someone posted this on ONTD so i clicked and stuff :) ill def. make it if i can

I just saw this link in one of the Avengers posts on ONTD today. I would love to meet up and see the movie again with you guys but I can't actually vote because I'm unsure of my work schedule at the moment. I will definitely vote once I find out.

And the one shawarma place that kept popping up whenever I searched for it was Mamoun's on MacDougal.

There are a few good ones on St. Mark's, too. Basically everywhere, really. :D

First Avenger meetup. So excited :)

Oh Lawd, I need this in my life. I hope you don't mind me butting in.

I would really like to be a part of this. I mostly lurk on ONTD just b/c of work and stuff . I've already seen it a few times but I think it would be fun to see it others who are just as obsessed about this film and its actors as I am.

Good enough! :) You can never see it too many times!

Excellent! I'm so looking forward to it.

Despite not living in NYC, a meetup would be awesome if I can afford the Amtrak ride. Great idea! I'll keep checking back for updates :)

As long as you voted, I'll make sure to keep you posted. ;)

Thanks love, much appreciated!

Yay, just voted! I'm super excited for this, I've never actually met anyone from ONTD in real life and obviously it's an excuse to see the Avengers AGAIN.

Ah can I join too? I am mostly lurk on ONTD tho... and it would be the first time viewing something in the USA yay! /tourist

I also am generally a lurker, but I think meeting up is a great idea! thanks for planning all this! that June 9 weekend is my best friend's birthday so I'm heading home for that, but otherwise count me in!

I don't live in NYC, but I could certainly fly/train ride up for a while if it's late July/August or later.

Can you keep me in the loop?

Surely! Just vote for your preferences & I'll update you. ;)

btw, does everyone here know that Chris Evans AND HIS MOM are on Twitter?

HEE, I should hope everyone's caught up on that fact, yes! My Tumblr feed was actually dying @ his mom teaching him how to use it. XD

(I'm gonna close this poll tomorrow, probably, and do another one to narrow down the date. I'll send everyone a message. Just FYI.)

damnit, I need more Avengers tumblrs to follow. I just got one, and so far (besides yours) it's all Spartacus stuff but that show is on hiatus until January so it's really getting repetitive.

I will keep a look out for the new poll!

Hey! New to this whole fandom, but I am in love - can I get in on this NYC get together too?

But of course! Just vote for your preferences & I'll add you to the list. :)

EDIT: Er, not in this poll, in the new one. It's the new sticky post.

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