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you know nothing, Jon Snow.
TV - Boardwalk Empire
Everything continues to be Avengers and hurt only very minimally: you know how I've been screeching since September that I was there in Central Park when Hiddles lifted a little kid holding a Cap shield onto his shoulders for a photo? Well, the kid's dad wrote up the story, and when I linked it on Tumblr the dad sent me a cute message about how he'd been trying to find me since I mentioned being there ("boy, that sounded creepy") and gave me props for getting a picture with Hiddles and all. :D HEE. This fandom truly is a group hug. ♥ I didn't know Evans' mom was there!! *flail*

And then today we learned that BADGE IS JOINING IRON MAN 3. \8D/ skfjdfsdjfsklfjks DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I stan for him since "Rubicon" and "The Pacific" and Shame? BECAUSE IT'S A LOT. Also Guy Pearce and Rebecca Hall and RDJ teaming up with Shane Black again and hfs this movie could actually be perf. I know IM2 wasn't grand, but I have faith in this one. Eeeee! Also, on Mother's Day my mom shocked me by revealing that she just loves Ruffalo (!), so I gushed about how sweet he is and everything, and she made the colossal mistake of saying "I might actually have to see that movie if he's in it." YES. TURNED ANOTHER ONE. IT'S GONNA HAPPEN. \o/ [Trivia for the day: I was flipping through a TV Guide from 2000 for work earlier--did we know that Mark had a short-lived cop show called "The Beat"? Because I didn't! And we have two eps in our database!]

Oh, and it seems that I am organizing some kind of ONTD Assemble meetup/screening type thing for sometime soon, so that's exciting. I sent out messages last night & we don't have a date yet, but hopefully we'll get it together. (And go to Forbidden Planet and/or eat shawarma.) Also, avengerkink is really starting to take over my brain. I was literally thinking about prompts before I opened my eyes this morning. Right on schedule. First Class 2011, Avengers 2012...Hobbit 2013? INTO IT!

ONCE UPON A TIME (FINALE): OK, note to self, no more watching season finales at work. Because when the Huntsman showed up I made THE loudest squeaky noise and almost flung my sandwich across the room, and ain't nobody got time for that. But OH MY GOD YAY. \o/ I could ship him/Charming, tbh. But nooooo, August! Will he be fixed now that the curse is broken?! I hope so. But YAY JEFFERSON--but how did he know about Belle?! And why's he been keeping it secret all this time? He didn't have any loyalty to Regina before their deal, did he? Well, at least we got a R/B reunion. ♥ LOVE IT.

Eeeeee!! And while Henry's Disney Death was a bit shameless, I loved the idea that "true love" isn't just romantic love; we really saw that Emma and Regina both do love Henry, in their own ways. I honestly wasn't entirely sure about the latter, not unlike Cersei and Joffrey ([ASoIaF spoiler]I really didn't know if she genuinely loved him or just thought of him as a useful pawn until he died in ASoS, but then I was like "...OK, shit"), but now I think she does. Hopefully Emma h8rs will sit down after this ep, because her battling the dragon was awesome, especially her Why Don't You Just Shoot It moment. Heh. AND SNOW/CHARMING HE CALLED HER "SNOW" IN THE REAL WORLD AND MY FACE WAS HURTING FROM :DDDDDDDDD but seriously, I was going "yay, everything is grand! ...So what's gonna happen next season?" But then Purple Cloud of Doom. D: I'd hate to think Rumpelstiltskin just sabotaged everything after getting his love back, but I guess he's desperate for his son, too...? Whoops.

GAME OF THRONES: Wow, a lotta great character moments in this one. Arya/Tywin is still awesome and getting awesomer, but I hope they're...planning ahead. As I see it, Arya & Tyrion are basically the fan faves, viewer-wise, at least, and [moar spoilers]I feel like Tywin's going to have to do something really terrible to Fave #1 to make it awesome for Fave #2 to eventually kill him. ...Except we're also building up Tyrion/Shae, not to mention Shae/Sansa friendship, so either way it's going to be a huge What The Hell, Hero moment when Tyrion kills her too, even with the trial. Ugh, a lot of people are gonna be saying "that whore deserved it," aren't they. Lord.. I LOVED the Sansa/Shae stuff, though the Sandor/Sansa moment proved why I just cannot properly ship it. The Sansa/Cersei stuff was fascinating; she was basically admitting that she knew Joffrey is a sociopath and doesn't like it, not to mention all but saying that Jaime's his father. O____o This ep had several "should you be saying this out loud?!" moments--I ADORED Cat/Brienne/Jaime in the cage (BRIENNE/JAIMEEEEEE), but when he just casually mentioned that he's slept with Cersei--wasn't he covering up for her in the S1 finale?? Also, I enjoyed that the Jaime scenes (a) gave about a thousand new people a scruffy/dirty/bloody fetish, because goddamn and (b) basically trolled all the people who read the books, because we're sitting there going "see?? He's not so bad! He actually kinda redeems himself! He's likable! He--OH SHIT" when he killed Alton. Like, dude, at least wait until he says yes! Geez. (When he said "I went to [so-and-so's] wedding??", he sounded just like Tyrion. I found it incredibly charming.)

(seriously you need to stop Nik) And of course Ygritte/Jon was awesome; I clapped when she finally said the line & I loved that she was actually making an excellent point about claiming land and shit--Belligerent Sexual Tension with actual politics! I like! And...well, looking forward to the House of the Undying, but the khalasar slaughter is still bullshit and Doreah's just MISSING?! Um, why. Not cool. And while that ending could've been more trollishly convincing, the music plus Luwin's reaction made that moment pretty genuinely horrifying, not to mention the fact that Theon did kill two little kids. Good Lord.

THE BIG C: OK, I like that this show is getting more filthy & outrageous with every week, and I also really genuinely like that Paul & Cathy are kinda not-great people a lot of the time (and not-great parents/teachers/etc). But I am not down with this adoption thing. I have a real Thing about selfish parents, and this feels like an amazingly irresponsible choice. You want to build a crazy pool and bang Idris Elba, you have my blessing (HONEY, DO YOU EVER), but bringing a kid into it is unfair. However, YAY, Brian D'Arcy James! PLEASE leave "Smash" for good and join this show and give me my TV-OT3 dream, oh my god please. I also like Hamish Linklater and Mamie Gummer for sort of no reason at all. And I doubt anyone could ever call me a prude, but I need gallons of brain bleach to get that Adam sex scene out of my head. DDDD: Sweet Lord. Best line of the night might've been Allison Janney's shade at Harvey Weinstein, though. First Alec Baldwin, now Harvey--if they diss Ryan Murphy next week, this will be my favorite show ever.

THE BORGIAS: Lucrezia becomes more of an HBIC every week and I would legit just watch a show of her ladygang running shit in Rome. That's all I know. For real. (I guess Cesare and Michelotto need a spinoff with Richard and Jimmy, though, right?) Tbh the political/historical scenes interest me less than the relationship/family stuff, but I do hope they build up the Cesare/Machiavelli relationship more, because you know. Michelotto's reaction to the stoning of the ~sodomites made me sad--Cesare's reaction was interesting; does he know? Moar angsty feels, please!

SMASH (FINALE): Well, that was shocking in...no way whatsoever. I mean, I always kinda figured Karen would get the part; just look at the promotional image. Sheesh. But I just don't buy that she's better for the role than Ivy--she killed her songs, and I really really liked "Don't Forget Me," but come on, Megan Hilty is fucking fabulous and she is Marilyn. I love how literally they took the idea of a director "seeing" an actor in a role, but what does Ivy not "have" that it needs?! I refuse to believe that she took the pills because ruining her character THAT much is unforgivable, but if she didn't then it's a dumb cliffhanger. But at least we got the Dev thing out in the open; I thought that'd drag out all next season. And LOL @ Julia being pregnant; good grief. You never learn, Grace Adler. HOORAY FOREVER @ Eileen firing Ellis, though I guess he's back next season, ugh. (Who didn't call that he poisoned Rebecca?) Ah, it's still very silly, but until Jack & Anjelica stop being flawless I'm gonna keep watching. I don't have anything else on Mondays anyway.

GLEE: Fine, I'm an idiot--last night I was all "this is my last ep ever, wonder if I should celebrate? *Dean drinking from a bottle gif*" and someone was like "you're not watching next week?" and I'm like "...OH GODDAMMIT" because I thought that was the finale. *facepalm* It was two hours!! That says finale! Ugh. I enjoyed all the attempts at meta--basically they screwed Tina over for three seasons and then went "lol, wasn't that hilars of us" in the dialogue? I see what you fucking did there. It's all the more infuriating because she KILLED "Because You Loved Me." Lord. The body swap thing was dumb but funny, mostly because it just seemed like the actors playfully teasing each other, and the cast camaraderie is the sole consistently-wonderful thing about this show. (Quinn as Sugar was killing me. I hate to admit it, but she was.) The Puck/Beiste stuff was rather sweet--though seriously, I have to wonder what the actor playing Cooter thought when his script was like "surprise, you're suddenly an abusive asshole!"--but it's irksome that she could only leave him once Puck 'gave' her the strength to, just like Jesse's influence probably got Rachel into NYADA. Sigh. Gotta have those guys saving ladies. Lovely to see Jesse, though it was cruel to mock my St. Berry heart yet again, and also to tease us with his "Giants in the Sky" without letting us hear it, damn. And as expected, it's basically clear that they don't know the difference between drag queen and transsexual; all the "he/she" jokes were really starting to piss me off, since they of course didn't expand on/clarify the character's identity any more. But I guess he [going by the actor's gender here] is transferring to McKinley next year? Well, all right. Also, LOL @ non-Spanish-speaking Will being Teacher of the Year, and I'm jumping back into my vat of Clorox after the Will/Emma sex thing. GAH. Fave moment might have been Sam's Chris Walken impression; that boy is the Hiddles of Ohio. ♥ (...holy shit, he is! Remember all Tom's jokes about poledancing!Loki? HEH.)

(No, I do not want to talk about Dark Shadows. *facepalm* Er...some of the visuals were really cool. And the score. The score was good, because Danny. Look, Battleship is probably gonna be worse, OK?!)

Avengers was A-W-E-S-O-M-E. I really enjoyed and loved that movie! I'm sorry I've been out of the Livejournal; I promise to come back soon (and I'm catching up whenever I have the time). I'll read your entry about the movie if you have published one! By the way, I ALSO MET TOM HIDDLESTON AND ROBERT DOWNEY JR. IN LONDON *fangirling*

As for Once Upon a Time, I squeaked too when I saw the Huntsman. I didn't expect him to be on set! Snow and Charming are finally together, making me happy. However, I fear the end, with Rumpel unleashing magic in the Real World. Moreover now that he has Belle. Thinking that it's because of him wanting his son back makes sense, though. In any case, PLEASE, I do hope that Belle is more important regarding Rumpel's decisions than it was in the past, in Fairy Land.


Oh, I have two, so far. Rambly, but possibly fun and containing gifs, of course, so peruse at your leisure. And EEEE THAT'S AWESOME! :D :D I love that my flist is filling up with people who've met the cast. ♥ Such a lovely cast it is, too. Deets please!

AAHHHH I heard he might be coming back but I didn't know when & it was such a lovely surprise. :D I miss him! I just can't tell--is he trying to punish Regina for hiding her and is willing to, like, totally destroy Storybrooke to do it, thinking that he & Belle will escape back to Fairy-Tale World where he'll presumably find his son? I dunno, man, but that was baaaaad news.

The details are simple, ha, ha. It was the European Premiere in London and I had a close look at the whole cast (although I was interested in RDJ and Tom; I also got CH's autograph). But I was disappointed with Scarlett Johansson's attitude, she didn't pay any attention to her fans... I got a poster too! lol And Tom and RDJ and CH spoke to me and it was like I'm dreaming, but no it was real and well, you know that kind of stuff. Unbelievable, truly.

I missed the Huntsman as well! I knew that he was coming back, like you, but I didn't expect him to appear that soon! I didn't think about Rumpel wanting to look for his son with the use of magic, but it makes sense. In any case, they needed a main plot for the second season, since they have gotten practically all the main threads of the first season solved by now xD Snow with Charming, Rumpel reunited with Belle, etc.


I think watching The Avengers caues brain difficulty for 12-24 hours afterward...
I saw Badge and immediately thought of Emma Hiddleston in Unrelated and thought, well, that would be awesome.

But I totally love James Badge Dale, too. I watched all of Rubicon but my mom and I were always like, He and Richard Coyle should play brothers.

Project: Ultra
hmm, considering they're talking about cyborgs, that isn't very far from Ultron...

Do we know who Rebecca is playing? I know when it was Jessica Chastain, I was hoping for Carol Danvers. I'm still hoping for someone from the comic books since the last thing I saw was being vague, "scientist".

Aww, mom and I have loved Ruffalo for quite a while. I think since I made her watch 13 Going on 30. We went to Brothers Bloom in the theatre and everything...such an underrated movie.

Ugh, I used to be ambivalent and now whenever I see Snow White and the Huntsman, it's like MUST SEE THIS MOVIE! MUST SEE ANYTHING REMOTELY AVENGERS RELATED!

PBS or BBCA needs to tell me who's showing the Henry movies!

Oh man, I totally forgot she was in that movie! Nice catch, heh. They should do more movies together. And YAY, so you're the other person who watched?? Man, I miss that show. It was totally going somewhere interesting. :\

I'm not sure yet; you know they'll totally lie to us. ;) (I remain unconvinced that Marion Cotillard isn't play Talia al Ghul in TDKR.) But I love her; I was really sad when Jessica Chastain left, but Rebecca is also awesome & I love that these talented-but-not-A-list-actors are getting more attention because of these Marvel movies. One might call it The Hiddles Effect.

13 Going on 30 is adorable, especially his terrible "Thriller" dance. :D I just finished You Can Count On Me--I dunno how I feel about that writer/director, but Mark & Laura were flawless. And I am way excite for SWatH (heh); it looks visually gorgeous and I love the song, not to mention the cast. After Dark Shadows and Battleship, we need something else good after The Avengers. Though I suppose Men in Black 3 has potential.

Oh man, on Twitter Hiddles said it might air in the US early next year and I was like "...yeah, sweetie, we don't wait." So I assume it'll be like a Sherlock thing where it airs overseas and then all of fandom downloads it and freaks out, and then it actually airs on PBS like six months later. :P

They should do more movies together.

I would be really happy with more film and tv roles in general that are legally available over here but I would also love for them to work together again...especially in a Marvel project...

I agree. Every time, I thought I had it figured out, I found out that I didn't...
I think part of the problem was when they scheduled it. I'd always have to dvr it because of Leverage.

(I remain unconvinced that Marion Cotillard isn't play Talia al Ghul in TDKR.
She would be absolutely perfect and I'm still waiting for the awesome sauce that will be...Untitled James Gray Project trailer!!!!
Seriously, have you seen Jeremy Renner in it?

Actually, my immediate thought was they were taking casting cues from Woody Allen...
Not that I'm complaining because I love Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Midnight in Paris a LOT.

I was watching the Marvel Super Hero Squad Show and it has Wanda and she's just so...FREAKING AWESOME! Ugh, she needs to be involved eventually.
Apparently, there was a story where she played the cello?

You Can Count On Me- was a hard one to watch but the performances were excellent.

Well, there's Brave which Tumblr has now ruined me as thinking of anything other than the movie about Natasha and Clint's love child who gets sent back in time and raised by Scottish royalty. I want to see Moonrise Kingdom but I'm concerned about who's going to get it and A Friend for the End of the World. I wonder when we get a better trailer for Bourne Legacy. I'll see MIB 3 out of loyalty and nostalgia but I'm not sure...it could be a huge mess.
Of course, if there isn't anything good, we'll just be forced to see Avengers again...and again...

I'm lame. I waited. I'm even waiting for them to show the second season of Upstairs, Downstairs which is like forever...they're showing it in the fall, but still forever and this is just worse...
I don't know. We'll see. I'll have Tumblr to give me all the good parts beforehand.

I am deeply worried by how much I stan TV!Tywin. Charles Dance is way too charismatic for his own good. And I love TV!Shae too. Shit is going to get real awkward at the end of season... four I guess? Especially since stupid Peter Dinklage has been reminding me all season of why I once loved Tyrion. Maybe I should re-read A Dance with Dragons before the season four finale to get myself into proper Tyrion haterade mode.

All of the Cersei conversations were the greatest! And LOL I loved all of the Jaime material, because it was basically a big old nose thumb at all of the "he's the nicer Lannister!" comments. Oh, you charming bastard.


I think some of the Dany stuff alleviated some of my rage feelings from last episode - still pissed and bummed about Irri, but I'm glad at least she was acknowledged by name and Dany took a moment to mourn her and blame herself, etc. Also, it doesn't look like all of her khalasar are dead so while I still feel pretty gross about it it's not as gross. SO LOOKING FORWARD TO HER HOUSE OF THE UNDYING VISIONS! I find Pyat Pree genuinely terrifying.


All of those gif sets of St. Berry on my Tumblr dashboard were very untoward and cruel :/.

LOL DARK SHADOWS. I laugh only so not as to cry. Timmy, I loved you once. They showed the trailer for Frankenweenie before hand and I was simultaneously overjoyed and pissed off because Tim! This is what you should be doing Tim! I RESENT ALL OF YOUR RECENT CHOICES SO VERY MUCH.

I actually kinda liked book!Shae and stupidly thought that she/Tyrion would be OK together, but now it seems like we're genuinely supposed to dig that relationship (d'awwww, the upside-down kiss a few weeks ago) and just...I feel like that's really going to shock the fuck out of people when all that goes down, especially after something as cray-cray as the Red Wedding, and I can't tell what kinda response it'll get. But it'll be fun to watch.

HEE OMG, Ygritte-ahontas? I like it! You know, I thought that line was pretty funny already, but it's SO much better in an Oop North accent. ♥

THEY'D BETTER FIND DOREAH, AND NOT JUST BECAUSE I WANT HAPPY LESBIAN KHALEESI/HANDMAIDEN TIEMS. I mean, that, a little, but like...is there a verison of fridging when a woman is killed to advance another female's plot? Like, it's a different dynamic, but it's still uncool. >:(

I'm still (STILL) annoyed that St. Berry's breakup made NO SENSE AT ALL. Like, obvs he wasn't a permanent cast member and the writers think Finchel = OTP and all that, but they could've at least made their split somewhat plausible. I still don't understand that. "Run Joey Run" led to...egging? QUE???

*cannot let go of things ever*

Ha, I've seen the Frankenweenie trailer way too many times now. Like, before The Pirates!, sure, but before the midnight show of The Avengers? Que?? I'm hoping it's good enough to overshadow DS (and I'm hoping Battleship is bad enough. Snatch its Razzie wigs, please!). I just...ugh, and I didn't even hate Alice in Wonderland. Overall it was basically a mess, but there were individual parts/scenes I actually kinda liked and wanted to, like, take out and stitch into a better narrative. I can't even really say that with this. Sigh. Sigh forever. And it's making me worried about Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, too, since it's the same writer. And I REALLY want to love that one.

FOREVER BITTER ABOUT "FUNK" DOT LIVEJOURNAL DOT COM. Why didn't I quit Glee then. WHY. I mean I did get Santana out of the bargain, but still.

It's the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies guy right? Maybe he's better at adapting his own material, since I think he wrote that book too? The script for Dark Shadows was obviously terrible (OMG SO MUCH MISOGYNY WTF), but the pacing really bugged me too and I think that's probably Timmy's fault.

IT JUST DIDN'T MAKE SENSE. And he's like "I loved you" or whatever it was?! Gahhh. Bitter forever. Still want the St. Berry/Hummelberry Fab in NYC Show, thanks.

Yeah, same writer. I'm still apprehensive as fuck about that movie, but the book's pretty funny. Believe me, I ain't trying to not blame Tim, because lbr here, but some of that dialogue was pretty bad. It surely didn't help, at any rate. (...Werewolf? REALLY?) For me I feel like it was mostly the insane mood whiplash--I would've been fine with dark and fine with campy/funny, but not both in between scenes. That was just weird. Whyyyyyyy me. Why does everything happen to me. ;___;

Avengers is rapidly consuming my journal and tumblr too, go team!

That's great that that JBD is joining Iron Man, I mean it was kind of weird seeing him in Shame, but still glad to hear he's still doing stuff. Oh man Iron Man 3 is hopefully going to be amazing...

Also it's funny cause your thoughts on Glee are my thoughts on Glee--which sucks because it started out so good and then just...faded to I don't even know, I feel like they're adding too much drama? Like something dramatic has to happen ever five seconds. Is it because they have more writers? I just don't understand anymore--and YES THANK YOU, I felt like I was the only one side-eyeing the suddenly Cooter is abusive and that Beast needs a man to help her get rid of a man.

Kind of a shame to read that Dark Shadows wasn't that great--I was hoping that despite all the criticism Depp and Burton were going to pull something off...

Fortunately I was totally prepared for this--after XMFC utterly dominated my 2011, I was like 'yeah, it's gonna happen again, isn't it.' AND IT'S SO DELICIOUS

They really just take themselves/the show way, WAY too seriously. It used to be a satire in the early days, and now it just thinks it's the most important show on TV. And that's bad news bears. Honestly, in this case I feel like the OOCness sends a really bad message--like, 'your boyfriend may or may not just start hitting you out of NOWHERE without any warning signs, but when he does it's OK to give him another chance.' I just...what.

I still love them & always shall, but they really oughta do more original stuff again. I really thought this one would go well because they're both such fans of the show; they're also big Ed Wood fans, and that movie's great. But alas. ;___;

I made indescribable squeaky fangirl noises when Jamie and Brienne were on screen together for the first time. NEGL. Im watching for them now exclusively, j/k

I seriously can't wait for their development. "Is that a woman?" Oh, Jaime, you charmer.