12 May 2012 @ 09:35 pm
I'M GOING FOR IT. I'm gonna break my record and see The Avengers five times. At least that's the plan right now. BUT I THINK I CAN DO IT. I'll have to do some ~double features, but that shouldn't be hard, with all the good stuff coming out soon. We shall see. Last night was viewing #2, and I was somewhat less spazzy and excited and therefore noticed a whole bunch more subtle things:

  • LOKI'S ENTRANCE IS STILL AWESOME. Obvsly. I really, reeeeally liked his creepy-haunted eye makeup there, ngl. I almost think they should've kept that for the whole thing, just to show how much he's Taken A Level In Crazypants. Perhaps. (Also, not appropriate: humming "Here Comes My Baby" as he materializes. I will remember that for next time.)

  • And I really like that Clint immediately tries to fight him, and the first thing he says is "you have heart" before mind-zapping him. SHIPPING IT SO HARD; IDEC. The fact that Clint calls him "sir" does nooooot discourage my feelings at all. And he tells Natasha "Barton told me everything"--CAN WE SEE THAT SCENE?! PLEASE??

  • It's really minor, but when possessed!Clint and Selvig are working on the tesseract and stuff, right before Erik explains about finding the iridium in Stuttgart, there's this moment where Loki comes skulking into the room and Erik just goes "Heeeeey!" in this hilarious way, like "what's up, buddy?" IDK, it just made me crack up.

  • I saw some wank about Bruce's being in Calcutta at the beginning, since Hollywood is kind of bullshit and so often portrays India in really exaggerated, stereotypical ways, especially with the slums and everything, but in this case I'm not sure that's fair. I watched carefully this time and we get a shot of the little girl running through the street--it's bustling and dark and clearly not wildly affluent, but it's also not filthy and horribly depressing. And when we find Bruce, he's deliberately sought out sick, needy individuals because, ya know, he's a doctor. I think that was meant to say "Bruce is a caring person who's trying to hide from the government" rather than "India is a horrible, disease-ridden place." But, well, that's just me.

  • AND DARLING BRUCE--OK, I just loved him even more this time around, with his whole rumpled-professor look and his nervous hands [I am just obsessed with this acting choice; I love when actors do little subtle gesturey things to establish their character. My sweet Richard Harrow does the same thing in like every scene], and I ship Tony/Bruce even harder. That scene in the lab is just so awesome--sometimes I forget that Tony's, like, actually a genius, since he's such a frat boy a lot of the time, but their science chatter was adorable. And I adoooored the bit when Bruce was talking about being "an exposed nerve" and Tony explained about the arc reactor and how it was part of him and how he saw it as a "terrible privilege" or whatever the line was. When Bruce referred to "the other guy" I realized just how much they were playing up the whole symbolism of his condition being like an addiction or a mental illness, which I loved because I love metaphors, and it gives him way more depth--the whole Jekyll/Hyde comparison has been made before or whatever, but the way they did it in this one was more poignant & personal, I thought, and made me interested in the character in a way I've never been before. And as he talked about feeling out of control and kind of shunned by others, I just thought of this quote I really like about how addiction "isn't about placating the bad dog, it's about feeding the good dog [more]"--and then I realized ten seconds later that it was Downey who said that. Which is, like, so perf that I can't even deal with it. And I have to wonder if he didn't weigh in on the writing of Bruce's lines or whatever. And it just makes me ship them more, because awwwww, feelings. ♥ ♥

  • Although I might kinda ship him with Natasha too? The tragic, apologetic look he gives her right before transforming on the helicarrier was just so sad, as was her gentle-but-clearly-terrified pleading with him to stay in control. And on the flip side, his "so, this all looks...horrible" when he showed up on the scooter in NYC was HILARS. Hee hee hee. (And Mark saying that Bruce has "found his family"? asldksldajskjldjask bb :') ♥♥♥)

  • (Also inappropriate: roaring enthusiastically along with the Hulk in the awesome spinny-circle shot of all of them, as seen in my userinfo. Er.)

  • As I said, the Thor/Loki reunion wasn't what I'd originally imagined, but it really is wonderful. ESPECIALLY BECAUSE OF THIS:

    FACE, TOM. YOUR FAAAAACE. Even though he knows he's coming because of the lightning, when he sets eyes on his bro, for just one second he's like "omg it's my big bro I hope he's not mad anymore and he still loves me and I can go home and we can play with our Matchbox cars again and maybe he'll let me have the shiny green one omg Thoorrrrrr can't you just hug meeeee" and I am ONE HUNDRED PERCENT POSITIVE that that moment was Tom's creation entirely because he has so goddamn many Asgardian brother-feels. But then no, Thor's just like "BROTHER, THOU HAST FUCKED UP BIG TIME" and they have that awesomely intense mountaintop fight. "Give up this poisonous dream" sfdsjfksdjdljs my feelings. ;______; And I looked and yes, he absolutely does have a Manly Tear in his eye when they're fighting on Stark Tower and Thor says they can stop it together and all. TOOOOMMM, WHYYYYY

  • The "Monkeys? I do not understand..." "I do!" moment is still absolutely one of my fave parts, but I didn't notice Tony's hilarious eye-roll the first time. HEH!

  • "Move away, please" IS STILL THE MOST BADASS LINE. IDGAF. And Coulson's death is definitely very sketchy. Right after he stops breathing [and he does do that], some medical-type people rush in (!) and attend to him, but the camera follows Fury's pensive face instead. And then, of course, we just hear that "they called it," we don't see it. >___________< SUSPICIOUS! And also, the blood on the trading cards (AUGH) doesn't properly dry to brown, it stays red. I assumed that was just a movie thing, since no movie other than The Brothers Bloom has EVER gotten that right, buuuuut maybe it was on purpose...?

  • Also, at the marathon, Coulson did those little intros to each film, and before CA he said "Personally? He's my hero. I have all of his trading cards. :)" We all went "awwww!", but obvs we didn't notice the foreshadowing AT ALL and to that I say SUCK IT, WHEDON. ;____; whyyyyyy son of cooooul

  • After Loki drops Thor to Earth in the Hulk-cage thing, he lands in a field and crashes around and then trudges over to Mjolnir and kind of stares angstily down at it on the ground (presumably having more bro-feels). And then like TWENTY MINUTES LATER we cut back to him, and he finally picks it up and gets down with the lightning and all. So it literally seems like he spent all day just brooding in a field. Which is kind of hilarious and awesome.

  • And that was Robert Clohessey as one of the cops to whom Steve is just like STEP ASIDE AND LEMME RUN THIS SHIT. (My job is just basically one big session of Hey It's That Guy, so I recognize a lot of random character actors far too easily. Mostly because they've all been on "Murder, She Wrote" at least once. But hey, this dude was on BE too!)

  • And mutantjules had to point this out to me, but it's so damn true--in Tony's "let's do a headcount" Reason You Suck speech to Loki, he doesn't mention himself at all. That is so--I can't even--OH, TONY, BAAAABY. ♥ (The "Shoot to Thrill" moment is still amazing, especially Loki's "oh, what fresh hell is this" expression.)

  • ...I think that's it. But it seems like one of those movies where you notice something new every time, so, three to go!

    And I got awesome trailers this time! My audience was kinda not that awesome, but they did at least applaud politely after TDKR. (Goddamn, that movie's gonna be dark.) And Brave. So very excite for that. ♥

    COMMUNITY: Oh man, I love their fake clip shows. And I also love it when Abed is an utter GPOY--I hate daylight savings!! That's my hour and I want it! And I've said far worse than "YOU'RE A BAD PERSON" to people for their ridiculous movie opinions. I assumed that the psychiatrist thing was just all part of Chang's scheme, but I did enjoy the Gaslight style (were there any direct references to that movie? Maybe it's too old). Favorite moments included "Ladders," "Can I Fry That?", "sexy Patty Hearst costume," Dr. Garrett's hilarious dubbed deep voice, Abed's Don Draper impression, and Chang trying to force Garrett to be a precog. HEE. And I also kinda loved that they all finally realized how much the Dean liked them all--he & Chang are both such ridiculous characters, but I love the idea of him actually kinda becoming one of the gang. Despite the occasional karaoke blackmail.

    THE BIG BANG THEORY (FINALE): Awww! That was surprisingly adorable. I was expecting a surprise pregnancy cliffhanger, from either Bernadette or Penny, but I'm glad they didn't bother. I mean, going to space is exciting enough. (How long is he gonna be up there? Is he gonna miss TDKR? The S6 premiere had better contain references to that and/or The Avengers; just saying.) Nice continuity with Amy's tiara, too. "You look beautiful, Amy." "I KNOW." Heh. And while the Mrs. Wolowitz joke gets old sometimes, I did cackle at her saying she was going to pack Howard "some snacks for [his] trip." HEH. He's fine, he has astronaut ice cream! That shit is awesome! I actually loved the hand-holding at the end--I still steadfastly believe that Sheldon & Amy should not get together for realsies, but it's nice to see him care a little. D'awwww.

    THE OFFICE (FINALE): Yay, Dwangela! I guess! I still ship them, for some reason. And yay for Darryl/Val, kinda, though they stretched that one out a bit too much and it lost its sweetness. So...are we done with Robert California and/or Nellie? I kinda hope so, despite my love for Catherine Tate. (She quoted Shakespeare at Andy! "BITE ME, ALIEN BOI!!") And I suppose I enjoy James Spader's sultry voice, but other than that...yeesh. And hooray for Mose, always. Oh, I just wish they'd end it so I wouldn't have to feel bad about deciding not to watch. I did that with "House" and I felt very guilty. But, well, y'know. :\

    GREY'S: Oh, goddddd, who's gonna die?! People at ONTD are suggesting that the show is trolling yet again and the person who dies won't be involved in the plane crash at all; it'll be something completely unrelated. Which is way possible. The Callie/Arizona "don't ever leave" moment made me extremely nervous, as did Alex, like, finally getting to be happy & successful for once. I'm quite worried it'll be one of them. Oh man, the AfterEllen ladies will FLIP if they Bury Their Gays again. I doubt it'll be April, but I wish it was--man, she's insufferable. (She WOULD like "Sexy and I Know It." Lord.) I just cannot ship her with Jackson, he's too awesome (and clearly meant to be with Mark). But obvs it won't be Derek either...oh, stupid show and its stupid stressful ways!!

    PERSON OF INTEREST: OK, finally all caught up with this show--GAH! JOSSED!! I have been holding onto my Finch/Ingram dream ALL SEASON. Well, I guess they still could've been ~special friends, and I am mostly placated by the addition of Carrie Preston, as she & Michael Emerson are basically the greatest couple in Hollywood, but stillllll. Balls. I guess we're finally gonna find out about the "accident" that killed (?) Ingram and made Finch all sad and gimpy? Good, 'bout time. Also, hello, Hoosier, how are ya? Still flirting with Leckie? I do like him. I'm really glad we're doing the someone-finds-out-about-The-Machine thing in season one, because that could get a little unbelievable if it was drawn out too long. And bring back Annie Parisse, please, because she is awesome. Also, I was totally there watching in Washington Square Park when they were filming that scene at the coffee cart. Aww yeah.

    AWAKE: NOOOO! BB SHOW, DON'T DIE! The axe came down yesterday, and my fears came true and this show followed in the noble footsteps of so many quality shows (ESPECIALLY ON NBC) and got canceled. ;____; I can't say I'm surprised, but I am very sad. It really was like "Journeyman;" it was kind of dense and twisty, but really well-acted and clearly thought-out. The writers obvs had an arc in mind, they weren't just making it up as they went. UGH. WHATEVER. GOD. R.I.P. Jason Isaacs' weekly presence in mi vida. :( And this week was great! I so didn't see that coming! We knew there was a conspiracy or whatever, but I love the idea that he always had the true memory of the accident in there, he just needed to unlock it. Smart bit of casting with Kevin Weisman as the bad guy, since no one would have guessed that sweet, doofy Marshall Flinkman was a killer. I surely didn't. Jason absolutely broke my heart crying over Rex being dead and blaming himself--and a thousand points to this show for a very cheeky use of "is this the real life?" when Rex and Hannah were singing BoRhap in the car. D'awww. Cute. Balls. I'm really sad, man. I hope the finale kinda ties stuff up. (And "Whitney" got renewed. I MEAN, FOR FUCK'S SAKE.)

    Dark Shadows tomorrow. God help me.
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