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TV - Boardwalk Empire
I'M GOING FOR IT. I'm gonna break my record and see The Avengers five times. At least that's the plan right now. BUT I THINK I CAN DO IT. I'll have to do some ~double features, but that shouldn't be hard, with all the good stuff coming out soon. We shall see. Last night was viewing #2, and I was somewhat less spazzy and excited and therefore noticed a whole bunch more subtle things:

  • LOKI'S ENTRANCE IS STILL AWESOME. Obvsly. I really, reeeeally liked his creepy-haunted eye makeup there, ngl. I almost think they should've kept that for the whole thing, just to show how much he's Taken A Level In Crazypants. Perhaps. (Also, not appropriate: humming "Here Comes My Baby" as he materializes. I will remember that for next time.)

  • And I really like that Clint immediately tries to fight him, and the first thing he says is "you have heart" before mind-zapping him. SHIPPING IT SO HARD; IDEC. The fact that Clint calls him "sir" does nooooot discourage my feelings at all. And he tells Natasha "Barton told me everything"--CAN WE SEE THAT SCENE?! PLEASE??

  • It's really minor, but when possessed!Clint and Selvig are working on the tesseract and stuff, right before Erik explains about finding the iridium in Stuttgart, there's this moment where Loki comes skulking into the room and Erik just goes "Heeeeey!" in this hilarious way, like "what's up, buddy?" IDK, it just made me crack up.

  • I saw some wank about Bruce's being in Calcutta at the beginning, since Hollywood is kind of bullshit and so often portrays India in really exaggerated, stereotypical ways, especially with the slums and everything, but in this case I'm not sure that's fair. I watched carefully this time and we get a shot of the little girl running through the street--it's bustling and dark and clearly not wildly affluent, but it's also not filthy and horribly depressing. And when we find Bruce, he's deliberately sought out sick, needy individuals because, ya know, he's a doctor. I think that was meant to say "Bruce is a caring person who's trying to hide from the government" rather than "India is a horrible, disease-ridden place." But, well, that's just me.

  • AND DARLING BRUCE--OK, I just loved him even more this time around, with his whole rumpled-professor look and his nervous hands [I am just obsessed with this acting choice; I love when actors do little subtle gesturey things to establish their character. My sweet Richard Harrow does the same thing in like every scene], and I ship Tony/Bruce even harder. That scene in the lab is just so awesome--sometimes I forget that Tony's, like, actually a genius, since he's such a frat boy a lot of the time, but their science chatter was adorable. And I adoooored the bit when Bruce was talking about being "an exposed nerve" and Tony explained about the arc reactor and how it was part of him and how he saw it as a "terrible privilege" or whatever the line was. When Bruce referred to "the other guy" I realized just how much they were playing up the whole symbolism of his condition being like an addiction or a mental illness, which I loved because I love metaphors, and it gives him way more depth--the whole Jekyll/Hyde comparison has been made before or whatever, but the way they did it in this one was more poignant & personal, I thought, and made me interested in the character in a way I've never been before. And as he talked about feeling out of control and kind of shunned by others, I just thought of this quote I really like about how addiction "isn't about placating the bad dog, it's about feeding the good dog [more]"--and then I realized ten seconds later that it was Downey who said that. Which is, like, so perf that I can't even deal with it. And I have to wonder if he didn't weigh in on the writing of Bruce's lines or whatever. And it just makes me ship them more, because awwwww, feelings. ♥ ♥

  • Although I might kinda ship him with Natasha too? The tragic, apologetic look he gives her right before transforming on the helicarrier was just so sad, as was her gentle-but-clearly-terrified pleading with him to stay in control. And on the flip side, his "so, this all looks...horrible" when he showed up on the scooter in NYC was HILARS. Hee hee hee. (And Mark saying that Bruce has "found his family"? asldksldajskjldjask bb :') ♥♥♥)

  • (Also inappropriate: roaring enthusiastically along with the Hulk in the awesome spinny-circle shot of all of them, as seen in my userinfo. Er.)

  • As I said, the Thor/Loki reunion wasn't what I'd originally imagined, but it really is wonderful. ESPECIALLY BECAUSE OF THIS:

    FACE, TOM. YOUR FAAAAACE. Even though he knows he's coming because of the lightning, when he sets eyes on his bro, for just one second he's like "omg it's my big bro I hope he's not mad anymore and he still loves me and I can go home and we can play with our Matchbox cars again and maybe he'll let me have the shiny green one omg Thoorrrrrr can't you just hug meeeee" and I am ONE HUNDRED PERCENT POSITIVE that that moment was Tom's creation entirely because he has so goddamn many Asgardian brother-feels. But then no, Thor's just like "BROTHER, THOU HAST FUCKED UP BIG TIME" and they have that awesomely intense mountaintop fight. "Give up this poisonous dream" sfdsjfksdjdljs my feelings. ;______; And I looked and yes, he absolutely does have a Manly Tear in his eye when they're fighting on Stark Tower and Thor says they can stop it together and all. TOOOOMMM, WHYYYYY

  • The "Monkeys? I do not understand..." "I do!" moment is still absolutely one of my fave parts, but I didn't notice Tony's hilarious eye-roll the first time. HEH!

  • "Move away, please" IS STILL THE MOST BADASS LINE. IDGAF. And Coulson's death is definitely very sketchy. Right after he stops breathing [and he does do that], some medical-type people rush in (!) and attend to him, but the camera follows Fury's pensive face instead. And then, of course, we just hear that "they called it," we don't see it. >___________< SUSPICIOUS! And also, the blood on the trading cards (AUGH) doesn't properly dry to brown, it stays red. I assumed that was just a movie thing, since no movie other than The Brothers Bloom has EVER gotten that right, buuuuut maybe it was on purpose...?

  • Also, at the marathon, Coulson did those little intros to each film, and before CA he said "Personally? He's my hero. I have all of his trading cards. :)" We all went "awwww!", but obvs we didn't notice the foreshadowing AT ALL and to that I say SUCK IT, WHEDON. ;____; whyyyyyy son of cooooul

  • After Loki drops Thor to Earth in the Hulk-cage thing, he lands in a field and crashes around and then trudges over to Mjolnir and kind of stares angstily down at it on the ground (presumably having more bro-feels). And then like TWENTY MINUTES LATER we cut back to him, and he finally picks it up and gets down with the lightning and all. So it literally seems like he spent all day just brooding in a field. Which is kind of hilarious and awesome.

  • And that was Robert Clohessey as one of the cops to whom Steve is just like STEP ASIDE AND LEMME RUN THIS SHIT. (My job is just basically one big session of Hey It's That Guy, so I recognize a lot of random character actors far too easily. Mostly because they've all been on "Murder, She Wrote" at least once. But hey, this dude was on BE too!)

  • And mutantjules had to point this out to me, but it's so damn true--in Tony's "let's do a headcount" Reason You Suck speech to Loki, he doesn't mention himself at all. That is so--I can't even--OH, TONY, BAAAABY. ♥ (The "Shoot to Thrill" moment is still amazing, especially Loki's "oh, what fresh hell is this" expression.)

  • ...I think that's it. But it seems like one of those movies where you notice something new every time, so, three to go!

    And I got awesome trailers this time! My audience was kinda not that awesome, but they did at least applaud politely after TDKR. (Goddamn, that movie's gonna be dark.) And Brave. So very excite for that. ♥

    COMMUNITY: Oh man, I love their fake clip shows. And I also love it when Abed is an utter GPOY--I hate daylight savings!! That's my hour and I want it! And I've said far worse than "YOU'RE A BAD PERSON" to people for their ridiculous movie opinions. I assumed that the psychiatrist thing was just all part of Chang's scheme, but I did enjoy the Gaslight style (were there any direct references to that movie? Maybe it's too old). Favorite moments included "Ladders," "Can I Fry That?", "sexy Patty Hearst costume," Dr. Garrett's hilarious dubbed deep voice, Abed's Don Draper impression, and Chang trying to force Garrett to be a precog. HEE. And I also kinda loved that they all finally realized how much the Dean liked them all--he & Chang are both such ridiculous characters, but I love the idea of him actually kinda becoming one of the gang. Despite the occasional karaoke blackmail.

    THE BIG BANG THEORY (FINALE): Awww! That was surprisingly adorable. I was expecting a surprise pregnancy cliffhanger, from either Bernadette or Penny, but I'm glad they didn't bother. I mean, going to space is exciting enough. (How long is he gonna be up there? Is he gonna miss TDKR? The S6 premiere had better contain references to that and/or The Avengers; just saying.) Nice continuity with Amy's tiara, too. "You look beautiful, Amy." "I KNOW." Heh. And while the Mrs. Wolowitz joke gets old sometimes, I did cackle at her saying she was going to pack Howard "some snacks for [his] trip." HEH. He's fine, he has astronaut ice cream! That shit is awesome! I actually loved the hand-holding at the end--I still steadfastly believe that Sheldon & Amy should not get together for realsies, but it's nice to see him care a little. D'awwww.

    THE OFFICE (FINALE): Yay, Dwangela! I guess! I still ship them, for some reason. And yay for Darryl/Val, kinda, though they stretched that one out a bit too much and it lost its sweetness. So...are we done with Robert California and/or Nellie? I kinda hope so, despite my love for Catherine Tate. (She quoted Shakespeare at Andy! "BITE ME, ALIEN BOI!!") And I suppose I enjoy James Spader's sultry voice, but other than that...yeesh. And hooray for Mose, always. Oh, I just wish they'd end it so I wouldn't have to feel bad about deciding not to watch. I did that with "House" and I felt very guilty. But, well, y'know. :\

    GREY'S: Oh, goddddd, who's gonna die?! People at ONTD are suggesting that the show is trolling yet again and the person who dies won't be involved in the plane crash at all; it'll be something completely unrelated. Which is way possible. The Callie/Arizona "don't ever leave" moment made me extremely nervous, as did Alex, like, finally getting to be happy & successful for once. I'm quite worried it'll be one of them. Oh man, the AfterEllen ladies will FLIP if they Bury Their Gays again. I doubt it'll be April, but I wish it was--man, she's insufferable. (She WOULD like "Sexy and I Know It." Lord.) I just cannot ship her with Jackson, he's too awesome (and clearly meant to be with Mark). But obvs it won't be Derek either...oh, stupid show and its stupid stressful ways!!

    PERSON OF INTEREST: OK, finally all caught up with this show--GAH! JOSSED!! I have been holding onto my Finch/Ingram dream ALL SEASON. Well, I guess they still could've been ~special friends, and I am mostly placated by the addition of Carrie Preston, as she & Michael Emerson are basically the greatest couple in Hollywood, but stillllll. Balls. I guess we're finally gonna find out about the "accident" that killed (?) Ingram and made Finch all sad and gimpy? Good, 'bout time. Also, hello, Hoosier, how are ya? Still flirting with Leckie? I do like him. I'm really glad we're doing the someone-finds-out-about-The-Machine thing in season one, because that could get a little unbelievable if it was drawn out too long. And bring back Annie Parisse, please, because she is awesome. Also, I was totally there watching in Washington Square Park when they were filming that scene at the coffee cart. Aww yeah.

    AWAKE: NOOOO! BB SHOW, DON'T DIE! The axe came down yesterday, and my fears came true and this show followed in the noble footsteps of so many quality shows (ESPECIALLY ON NBC) and got canceled. ;____; I can't say I'm surprised, but I am very sad. It really was like "Journeyman;" it was kind of dense and twisty, but really well-acted and clearly thought-out. The writers obvs had an arc in mind, they weren't just making it up as they went. UGH. WHATEVER. GOD. R.I.P. Jason Isaacs' weekly presence in mi vida. :( And this week was great! I so didn't see that coming! We knew there was a conspiracy or whatever, but I love the idea that he always had the true memory of the accident in there, he just needed to unlock it. Smart bit of casting with Kevin Weisman as the bad guy, since no one would have guessed that sweet, doofy Marshall Flinkman was a killer. I surely didn't. Jason absolutely broke my heart crying over Rex being dead and blaming himself--and a thousand points to this show for a very cheeky use of "is this the real life?" when Rex and Hannah were singing BoRhap in the car. D'awww. Cute. Balls. I'm really sad, man. I hope the finale kinda ties stuff up. (And "Whitney" got renewed. I MEAN, FOR FUCK'S SAKE.)

    Dark Shadows tomorrow. God help me.


    I AM GLAD SOMEONE ELSE IS INDIGNANT ABOUT THIS BESIDES ME. My whole life is one big "WHY DID THEY CANCEL THAT" because I in fact watch all of the shows, but I thought this one might live. ;______;

    I mean, I guess I shouldn't have been filled with a lot of hope, with it being a mid-season replacement, but...it's so well acted!* It has former X-Files people involved! It's a cop show, which is always something people like!

    Grr. I'll just be over here, being pissy.

    *I don't much care for something about the way the actress is playing the wife, but that's probably me.

    Yeeeah, true. Nothing that premieres in February has an excellent shot, though I was kinda hopeful that it was at least on Thursdays...but noooo. :( I definitely think I was a bit more interested in his relationship with his son, but the pregnant-Emma thing was pretty intriguing too. CURSES

    BRUUUUUUUUUCE! I just love him so much! I have never in my life been even remotely intrigued by the Hulk, even when played by Edward Norton, but gosh Ruffalo+Whedon did it. Probably should not be surprised, but guess what, I'm surprised.

    I was fully prepared to go into this movie with All Cap Feelings All The Time (those dvd extras are gonna kill me), but nope, this has turned into a Tony Stark Feelings Parade. Lil bb growing up feeling like he could never measure up, either to his father, man made enigma by an early death & the passage of time, or to his father's hero, who only ever existed to Tony as myth; & setting impossible standards for himself that in his mind he can never meet-- even when he does, even when he follows almost exactly in Cap's footsteps, saving New York & almost surely sacrificing himself while looking at a photo of his girl. Never the hero, even though that's exactly what he is. I can't. I just can't. Hands in the air; I can't.

    Edited at 2012-05-13 03:13 am (UTC)

    Right?? I mean, he always just seemed like a kinda one-note character to me (or two-note, rather)--like, he's really smart and shy and then he's a monster who smashes stuff. Not that I don't enjoy DrunkHulk's commentary on life or whatever, but he doesn't really have any powers or any stories that captivated me. But now! Now he's all sweet and twitchy and angsty and brilliant (and I SO buy Mark as a genius) and I just...d'awww. ♥

    HE DIDN'T EVEN MENTION HIMSELF. HE GOT TEARY-EYED OVER AGENT PHIL. HE WAS PREPARED TO MAKE A HEROIC SACRIFICE AND PEPPER DIDN'T PICK UP THE PHONE AND AAUGH WHY. Oh, Tony, you're such a grownup now. And the Steve/Tony parallels were killing me (not to mention in their own movies, like Yinsen/Erskine getting killed after saving them ;___;). I kinda-sorta had the reverse situation; I liked Cap a lot when I first saw his film, but the second time at the marathon + TA itself just made me adore him. He's just so damn earnest and he doesn't like bullies! D'awww. Hell, I wish he'd gotten more one-on-one time with Loki, too.

    CAP CAP CAP. I really just can't with his adorable little face. See, I had so many Steve Rogers Hates Bullies feelings after CA that I expected him to make me a sobbing, shaking mess in TA with his struggle to adapt & his long lost love & his total eclipse of my heart, but instead he was just suuuuper fucking cute jokey & sort of Perfect Soldier. Which I loved, but wasn't the feelings storm I thought it'd be. He was number one in my heart, but I think TA might've made Tony edge him out by a bit, just because man, Feelings about that Stark boy's feelings about himself. (Though tbh, Cap will probably be back to first once CA2 comes out because boy did it ever look like he was riding that motorcycle straight into feelings territory.)

    Did you see that Whedon interview where he said dvd extras would include Cap & Peggy's reunion because OH GOD ;____; it's gonna be his reunion with her grave isn't it WHEDON.

    Yeah, we got kinda cockblocked, didn't we! I was dyiiiiing for a combination of 'what is this magical noise box' comedy plus 'everyone I know is dead' angst (...sort of an extreme shift, but it could work), but then not so much. :\ We definitely saw how he'd changed and I got a sense of his sadness in his kinda gruff demeanor or whatever, but yeah, coulda been more. Always moar creys are welcome! (LMAO FOREVER @ "straight into feelings territory"--ACCURATE. SO ACCURATE.) If Steve, like, Took A Level In Authoritative in this one, then Tony did that with Responsibility, and that's adorable but also saaaaaad. :(

    I DID. I DID SEE THAT QUOTE BUT OH MY GOD WHAT NO WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT. DDDDDDDDD: Don't you know that it's like Beetlejuice?! Say it out loud and it becomes true! *flailing everywhere* I am dyiiiing for those deleted scenes omg

    YES YES that is the exact extreme shift I was hoping for! Captain Adorable Feelings Rollercoaster, pls. He just. I dunno, I've only seen it once so far (A U G H), but my impression was that he just sort of shut down all his feelings & hid inside his perfect soldier persona. & I really want to see his creys so djslfjdksl.

    (Tony Being Responsible But Never Ever Copping To It)

    SORRY! I'm usually a little 'stitious about these things, but tbh it's Joss so there's no way I can jinx it. He's absolutely trolling us & she is either dead or seriously Alzheimer's. I know him too well to expect anything else. I DON'T NEED THOSE FEELINGS, JOSS (EXCEPT YES, GIVE ME THEM).

    All I want is for SHIELD to have frozen Peggy so she can just come be super fierce in the present day & Steve will never have to be sad again.

    We know Joss is good at the mood whiplash! Let's have some of that, plz! I mean, hell, just his first scene shows his sad, sad feels & repression--he's beating the hell out of the heavy bag and is having all those flashbacks, and then when he kapows it into the wall he just picks up another one from the nice little ordered row on the ground. It's such an adorably perfect visual. ♥ BUT REALLY, when I read "reunion with Peggy" I basically fell over and died because ohmygahyeeeeeeeesss.

    OH GOD, if she's alive but doesn't really remember him...? THAT'D BE SO WORSE. OR BETTER. IDK. But either way I will have mucho feels. ;____; But if she, like, volunteered to be frozen because she (and Howard) really believed he wasn't dead...? OH MY GOD, SOMEONE WRITE THIS. I'M GOING TO THE KINKMEME RIGHT NOW.

    (...balls, sorry; I got in v. late & forgot to check for the IM2 soundtrack. I'll do it tonight!)









    no, but, like, this is why I recommend double features sometimes. >_____> It's just...economically sound.

    I JUST WATCHED THE LATEST GREY'S EP AND OMG I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THAT ENDING!!! I've been avoiding spoilers like mad although I know about the "someone is gonna die" but still OMGGGG. The whole episode killed me tho, so many things happening and just...gaaaaah.

    I'm sad about Awake being cancelled as well, although I'm behind like...4 eps or something? I really really liked the show :(



    I am totally having a nutty rn because I really really wanted to watch Grey's live for the ~suspense and so I don't get spoiled, BUT it's on at the same time as both Person of Interest (as always) AND Community because they're airing three eps in one night, for some fakarkte reason. DDDDDDD: TOO MANY SHOWS, TOO MANY FEELS HALP (but nooooo not Alex please ;___;)

    It was really good! And last week they just set up an awesome twist/cliffhanger and now we're just never gonna know. This happens to me every damn year. I always have to fall in love with the dark horse show and then it gets canceled and I just cry forever. DAMN TELEVISION

    IKR?? It's just...strangely attractive and wounded and kinda scary. Which is how I like my [fictional] men, apparently. Don't have profound emotional problems? Keep movin'; you ain't getting my heart! (Sheesh.)

    Argh that sucks with all the shows being on at the same time :( I don't want any of them to die...except maybe April, I don't really care about her...only she wasn't on the plane. But it would be the most "hilarious" thing if Shonda would just fuck with us all and have someone die who wasn't even on the plane... >:(

    Ugh so there is no real solution to everything? Then I guess catching up won't really be ~necessary...cause it will just make me sad again that it got cancelled :(

    Don't have profound emotional problems? Keep movin'; you ain't getting my heart!
    LMAO YES! xD


    so yesterday Janet agreed to shawarma with me after we assemble tomorrow, FUCKING YES (...I am not ripping you off WE ARE JUST SOULMATES, when Tony woke up and was like "so? Shawarma?" IN THE THEATRE I was like "goddamn, I want some shawarma now. Perhaps tomorrow!" and of course it didn't happen cause broke. BUT IT WILL TOMORROW. Tomorrowwwwww yay!!!!!!)

    BRUCE FUCKING BANNER XDLFHGSLF I'm not sure HOW because I also love nonverbal-or-facial acting (especially with hands), but I actually didn't notice he was hand-fidgety the first time! SOMETHING TO WATCH FOR TOMORROW! (though I DID notice he was fiddling with his glasses like every 6 minutes. Baby loooove my baby loooooooove)


    and about Son of Coul's death - Joss is claiming it WASN'T HIS IDEA. !!!!!!!!!!! BUT IT'S JOSS. NOT SURE IF I BUY



    Other than Tony, Bruce does interact with Natasha more than anyone, so that could work for me as well! BASICALLY I AM DOWN WITH EVERYONE/EVERYONE

    TONYYYYYYYYYYYY. FDLKJGTLSKRJLHMSL:FXJSTDKSU (as much as I love everyone in that helicarrier, pretending that my favourite is anyone but that asshole would in fact be a lie)




    THE WORLD IS AWESOME AND YOU'RE AWESOME. and I finally found out when my theatre's playing Frankenstein (THERE'S 2 DATES FOR EACH CASTING! SO I CAN WATCH BOTH!) Dlkhjlkfdxhjldfmhjdlkfknhfgm omfg yay

    ♥♥♥ u. This post is perfectenschlag (I'M IN UR BASE STEALIN UR WORDS)


    Right?? He's just all nervous and doesn't look people in the eye a lot and is all adorbs and shy--and yet he'll totally throw down with you when something is not cool beans (and WHAT is that moment when he unconsciously picks up Loki's scepter?! Can we talk about that? Crikey).

    PSSSHHH I have seen that (I think that was one of the articles that spawned one of our biggest party posts XD) but idk, man. >_______< Buuuut then again I do agree that it totally worked for the story, esp. because of Clark's awesomeness, BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN I LIKE IT. D: That shady fucker.

    Ahhh, I totally looked on Obama's Twitter feed when that happened (because obvs I follow him) and I didn't see it there, but I am choosing to believe it's real anyway because it's just too awesome. :D :D He does have good taste in shit. I seem to recall him saying a while back that he liked Boardwalk and I was like AAHHHHHFLAILING.GIF

    I just don't know who my fave is anymore! I have so many feels! I mean, obvs Loki, but as far as the actual good guys go I just cannot pick. And omgyayreally?! YAY FRONKENSTEEN \o/ I hope you like! People were asking me which version is better and I was like "...D: EYEDEEKAY MAN" so apparently I just cannot make decisions ever. But y'know, they're both good. ♥


    (also btw this week is the Community finale--except there are THREE episodes in one night, at 8:00, 9:00 and 9:30. Which would be awesome except I have TWO OTHER FINALES AT 9:00 AND THEN AWAKE WHICH I HAVE TO WATCH BECAUSE, WELL, THAT MOTHERFUCKER DEAD. ;_________; what do I dooooooooo)

    ETA: OH AND I forgot to mention: my mom came to town for Mother's Day yesterday & we went to brunch and stuff, and we're sitting there and she goes "OMG BTW WHEN DID YOU MEET MARK RUFFALO?!?" because she saw my pic on Facebook--apparently she is a huge Ruffalo fangirl! I had no idea! So I was like "omg you don't even know he's so sweet" and told that whole story, and then she made the colossal mistake of saying "I might have to see that movie now." AHAHAHA ONE OF US

    Edited at 2012-05-14 01:26 pm (UTC)

    AGREED. (nice icon!) (oh fffff my paid account is runnin' out soon noooo worst possible time I need MOAR space rn not less!)

    AUGH YES ♥ (AND I STILL DON'T KNOW. I THOUGHT THAT WOULD COME BACK IN SOME WAY, like the scepter ~draws you in~ or some shit and someone would eventually break it and Loki would like collapse or something! I REALLY thought that was a Chekov's Gun of some kind or another but apparently nein)

    KAY SORRY I missed like that whole first week of party posts, idk was I taking a leisurely stroll through the kinkmeme's back-issues? Perhaps! BUT YEAH but also nooooo

    Aw, really? BOO. I don't do twitter so I have nothin' to rely on but screencaps, basically. I also choose to believe it :D motherfucker loved Lost an' shit! HE KNOWS HIS STUFF. AND OMF I DIDN'T KNOW HE LIKED BOARDWALK ZDSFLKGJXFH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    bahahahaha. CHOOSE, I SAY. Try! It's an instinct call, what does your ~heart say? I truly love them all but that don't mean my heart doesn't immediately sort of go out to one of em idk....AND YEAH IKR. I've been hearing ~rumours~ of it coming to theatres since legit before Christmas but Tree went to assemble again yesterday (HATE HER) (ALL THE PEOPLE WHO REFUSED TO ASSEMBLE AGAIN WITH ME HAVE NOW SEEN IT AGAIN WITH THEIR FAMILIES SO I'LL BE SEEING IT A SECOND TIME WITH A COUPLE OF PEOPLE ON THEIR THIRD RUN) (HATE EVERYONE) and there was like a poster in the theatre of it in the coming attractions. She texted me a picture. I was freaking out and she was like I'VE NEVER EVEN HEARD OF THIS

    (OBVIOUSLYYYYYYYYYYY! I probably text you way too much. am I killing your phone bills? BE HONEST)

    I KNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. EXCITED! But aww noooo that sucks! Uh......idk, what are the other 9:00 ones? (YOU'VE SEEN GoT RIGHT?!!!!!!!!) (YOU KNOW NOTHING JON SNOW LDFKJHLKSJXNF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    AHAHAHAHA your mom has excellent taste! (DZTLGHL:SDFXGN 6 HOURS)

    (omg I uploaded so many moar Avengers icons because it's taking over my life QUELLE SURPRISE~~~)

    Yeah! I mean, I forgot the first time, but the second time I was like "...wait, so it can ~corrupt people if they're near it too long?" But maybe he was just messin' with us...again. The parties have been epiiiiic, though apparently I missed one yesterday--and yeah, I gotta get meself back to that meme like stat, now that I have acquired so many more feelings. 8D

    (He also kinda dissed Shrek 3 or 4 once. He was like "the other ones were better" and I was like PREACH, YO. And McCain liked Indy 4 because "the old guy won." IF I HADN'T ALREADY MADE MY VOTING CHOICE...)

    I just...I mean, I love Tony's I'm-being-snarky-to-hide-my-sads thing, obvs, but of course Steve hits me right in my WWII feels, which are plentiful, and I already loved Natasha so much from the comics & I loved her blend of badassery and compassion (and she reminds me of Irene at times, ngl) and of course Bruce is all sensitive and shy and angsty, so DING DING DING ME GUSTA, and Thor has his brother-feelings...I JUST DON'T KNOW. (And Clint and his arms and stuff, of course.) It's very challenging. Not to mention Son of Coul--I forgot to mention, another delightful line was his description of Stephen Hawking as "like a...smart...person." XD (And Fury's "is the sun coming up? Then PUT IT on the LEFT!") And yaaaaaay!! They really just oughta release the gotdamn thing on DVD, but it's awesome on the big screen too. :D :D

    (Ha, I upgraded to 1,000 msgs a month or something and it just rolled over yesterday, so SEND AWAY. Besides, I enjoy your thinky-thoughts!)

    Person of Interest and Grey's (DON'T JUDGE ME THERE WAS A PLANE CRASH OKAY) both have their finales at 9:00, and they're both gonna be super-twisty & suspenseful and I just can't handle all these shooooooooows. D: And apparently Community's moving to Fridays, which is NOT FUCKING COOL since I am rarely home Friday nights & it's known as the Death Slot for a reason. Fuckers. (Apparently Glee's moving to Thursdays too--I swear I'm done watching, but I wonder if it'll fuck up NBC's hold on the evening.)

    I DID SEE IT. She finally said it!! I clapped, tbh. And Shae/Sansa friendship! AND JAIME/BRIENNE AUGH and more Tywin/Arya [srsly I love it but wherrrrrre is it going] and just everything. ♥ Awesome episoooode.


    YEAH IDK IT JUST DOESN'T MAKE SEEEEENSE. Was a ball dropped there, or a misdirect? Damn tricksy fuckers. AND YES YOU SHOULD

    (HAH. Go figure. and wtfffff? Not that I hated Indy 4 like most people did but eeeesh)

    Heeeeeeeee well I'm SAYING don't think so much about it and like ~choose with yo' heart~ but that doesn't seem to be working (perhaps cause Loki's set up camp there) so w/e :D AND YES THEY REALLY DO, but I'm still excited :DDDD


    I DON'T JUDGE. EXCEPT THE HARDCORE LOKI WOOBIFIERS. It's actually stupid how annoyed I'm getting but okay (time for the airing of petty-ass grievances, sry darlin), you know that part where Thor's like WE CAN FIX THIS TOGETHER and Loki kidney-stabs him and says "sentiment"? There's a gifset of that part and I swear I've seen it on my dash like 4 times and EACH TIME with a different set of hyperlinked tags but every one of them to the same theme of THIS IS THE HEARTBREAKINGEST LINE IN THE MOVIE OMG MY POOR PRECIOUS MISUNDERSTOOD BUNNY DON'T YOU UNDERSTAAAAAND HE'S SAYING THAT TO HIMSELF, and I'm like THAT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SEEEEEEEENSE! I wanna reblog with my own set of tags taking them apart point by point, but I don't wanna be that kind of douchebag. Like I might get unfollowed by a few people and ngl I kind of relish that idea (that like I'M JUST TOO MEAN TO LOKI. A CHARACTER I LOVE.) but I don't wanna harsh on people's squees like that, so I just make wtf faces and WTF hands and occasionally rant at you. BUT DLFHLKXGN. Are they serious with this? jeeez bahahaha still enjoy my thinky thoughts now?

    AND YEAH I HEARD ABOUT THE MOVE TO FRIDAYS. Wtf!!!!! (and you're done watching Glee? Whoa! Since when? Like is this current season The Last Season or have you dropped already? You don't have to SWEAR TO MEEEEEEEEEEE [/Batman] but I was unaware :D)

    FUCK YEAH. I ain't pressed it took so long or anything, this is just her second episode, but omfg I like squeaked very loud when she said that, and I looked over to see if I'd woken up my dad......and he was still asleep but my puppy who was sleeping next to him was looking at me like WHAT THE FUCK I WAS SLEEPING. awww. AND YES. Lady friendships! Jaime! (his whole scene with Cat I was like TOO SOON TOO SOON THIS IS TOO SOON WHY NOW OMG HOW ARE THEY GONNA STALL TIL THE END OF THE SEASON but IT WAS STILL AWESOME.). TYWIN AND ARYA ARE KILLING ME (that one tiny line "you remind me of my daughter" omg omg omg omg omg A Storm Of Feels!) ♥ shoooow.

    Deleted scene? Setting it up for the next one? What did happen to that thing, anyway? Natasha used it to close the portal, but then...? Must pay attention next time!

    (I DID tell Tom he was my fave. To his face. So that's fuckin' binding for life. But as far as characters go...I just don't know. But it'd be cute if I went with Steve so our faves could be ~boyfriends just like with Remus/Sirius. :DDDD)

    I mean, OK, yes, he definitely has a Manly Tear there, I checked. And it is sad because obvs Thor really wants him to stop being a crazy evil fuck and all that, and I still don't put him on the same level as, like, Red Skull or whatever, where he's just like AHAHAHAH POWER AND WICTORY AND BLOWING SHIT UP because obvsly he has feels and this all stems from personal shit and whatever. HOWEVER, that does not mean that he didn't, ya know, kill a fuck-ton of people (INCLUDING HIS OWN FATHER; I know that dude was evil but that still takes fuckin' balls) and stabbed his own bro and shanked Coulson and I just do nooooooot get why people (fangirls) think loving a bad [fictional] guy means ignoring/excusing all the horrible shit they do. Like, you know I ♥ my Richard more than life itself, but I ain't pretending he didn't shoot a kid in the damn face, ffs. Like, you can love them/the performance/the story without trying to rationalize it, I guess. I blame Tom and his niceness; I think they don't get that his no-judging actor thing isn't the same as explaining away what he does, ya know? AND ALSO FACE. LOOK AT THAT STUPID FACE. DAMMIT, TOM. (I say this a lot now. Apparently he's OK with being told that he ruins lives.) Anyway, you are always welcome to rant at me. :D No one who loves fucked-up characters as much as I do can h8 on such feels.

    I think it might've been the ~domestic violence~ episode that killed it for me, tbh. (I think I said it in one of my discussion posts a few weeks ago, but I SO don't blame you if you skip the Glee parts of those. >____< ) I mean, I can't even enjoy it lolz-ily anymore, it's just frustrating, and when it's not then it just makes no sense because of the bizarre lack of continuity. Aaaand apparently next year they're doing "a show within a show" where some people are in HS and some are in NYC and that's...just...too much work, man. So I'm dropping that and losing Awake (;_____;) and House and IIIII dunno what to do about The Office, but at least my TV life is getting sliiightly less crazypants.

    HEE, that is an adorable image. :DDDD BUT NO YEAH I mean last season he totes admitted he pushed Bran out the window but refused to say why, but now he's all "lol, me & Cersei otp" and they were like "...wat." BUT BRIENNE. AND MANY OTHER THINGS but I am starving and I gotta watch Once Upon a Tiiiiime OMG FINALE

    THAT'S TRUE. I gotta pay attention today to what the fuck happens to it afterward. You think it just ends up in like a SHIELD vault?

    Hee. AND AWWWW THAT WOULD (I did always like that Remus/Sirius thang we have) and awww Cap is just so beautiful. Physically yes but that's not EVEN what I'm talking about. ♥ (omg love when he says "son of a gun" when Tony guides the missile. YOU WERE IN WW2, BB. YOU CAN SWEAR, REALLY. I PROMISE.)

    (OMG SPEAKING OF WHICH, heee this is actually very relevant to the topic at hand, read this fic in which Loki keeps showing up when Tony's really drunk [usually as a super hot woman] [usually naked] and sex is had! And though he and Steve are not in love and therefore something's kind of off, the voices ARE PERFECT and there are scenes like this.

    "Are hand jobs considered sex?"

    Steve gave him that stupid Captain America grin. "Don't look at me, I've never had one." Then a furrow appeared between his eyebrows. "Where's the cabdriver?"

    Tony staggered out of the cab, sore all over. "Loki. No, shut up, say nothing. I have now had sex with the same person as two different genders, you're not ruining that for me."

    "It's not a goal, you know, they don't give out merit badges for that," Steve remarked, following him through the garage to the workshop, looking a little hapless.

    "Well, they should, because it was awesome." Tony's brain caught up with him around then, and he turned. "You've never had a hand job?"

    "I was protecting the free world from the Nazi regime," Steve reminded him.

    "Do you want one? Because apparently I'm giving them out like candy and it sounds like you've earned it."

    "No, thank you, I'm fine," Steve said firmly.

    :DDDDDDD also Clint: "Man, bros before trickster-gods. This is uncool, Tony")

    and WAIT WHAT? There was a Manly Tear there? WTF. WHY? If you're upset about stabbing Thor, why don't you just not stab him? Loki u make no seeense. Like, you do, but not if the justifying-type fangirls are right. Cause that was like OH HE'S REALIZING HE'LL NEVER BE RID OF THOR AND IT'S BREAKING HIS HEART and I'm like "....but he doesn't HAVE to be. ALL THOR WANTS is to let all that be forgotten and just be bros again. THAT'S NOT WHAT LOKI WANTS." Loki wants to destroy everything he once wanted because he's bitter that he can't have it. (which is an AWESOME motivation, imo. It started as hurt but it turned into spite. Development!) I'd never say Loki wasn't sympathetic as fuck in Thor, cause he totally was - the hostile takeover was at least in part a need to prove that even though he's not Of Asgard he's ONE of them and belongs with them and can run it as well as Thor could. But when that didn't work he got really bitter and took a few levels in crazy and now he's convinced he's owed it ALL. AND THAT'S SHAKESPEAREAN AND EPIC. To keep him at the OMG MANPAIN level is reducing the complexity of the character

    (and hee, I almost always read your Glee thoughts. Bizarre curiosity, I guess - that was I know what's going on but I don't have to actually watch it myself, and most of the time I read it and am reminded why I stopped watching in the first place. :D)

    GOOD LORD THIS IS LONG. Just yay that episode <3

    (I gotta say, while I've always obvs loved Sirius, right now I really SUPER-MEGA NOT KIDDING OMG MY FEELS love him because of that fic--he's so great to work with and he's just, like, so giving as a character; it was so easy to get into his voice and dfklsdjksjfls I just have renewed lahv for him all over the place. BUT ANYWAY)

    "Do you want one? Because apparently I'm giving them out like candy and it sounds like you've earned it."
    AHAHAHAHA OMG CACKLING AT HOW EASILY I CAN HEAR THAT IN MY HEAD IN RDJ'S VOICE. That is awesome. Loki would. And yes, I believe there was; it's very very slight and you'll miss it if you're not looking, like, directly at his eyeball. And, I dunno, I see it as, like, there's still a part of him that's sad that Thor doesn't Get It and support him and is still fighting him. Like "o, I am sad that I have to kill you, bro, but alas I must because you need to GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY WAY" rather than "I totally regret trying to take over the world now because I see it makes you sad and I wish I could get all of these alien fuckers outta here." I don't think he regrets anything, and I think regret is essential for true redemption, as HP so brilliantly pointed out. So, like, IA with Tom that he could be redeemed someday, but certainly not yet & definitely not in that movie. (But I do like that he didn't die. I mean, I knew he wouldn't 'cause he's signed on for more movies, but I weirdly like that he was dragged back to Asgard for ~justice. It's interesting!)

    Oh, Lord, I am sorry to hear I've inflicted that upon you. Well, there's tomorrow & then there's next week's two-hour finale (LAWD) and then I'm just mercy-killin' that bitch. I will still download the good music and check in with what The AV Club has to say, because their comments are always A++++++++++, but...yeah, 's about it. I'll have Tuesdays free now, I think! What will I do with myself??



    RIGHT RIGHT???!!!!!!!! OMG. It's perfect! AND STEVE. AND YES LOKI SO WOULD

    Yeah man, I made a point of looking directly at dem eyeballs in that scene and I totally saw it too. I stand corrected! Appy polly loggy, etc. And yeah, I fully buy that explanation! Cause when he's talking to the skeletor-alien in that one weird scene where he like gets sucked into another dimension by the scepter (IDK) and gets threatened a bit, he says something very much like "I WAS A KING. THE RIGHTFUL KING. BETRAYED" and I was like "................" ".............you sure about dat?" I also don't think he's ~ready~ for redemption and I also don't think AT ALL that it's impossible, but he doesn't want it at this point. Like you said, he doesn't regret what he did. He's not THERE now. He's not ready. (Nick actually made a brilliant point the other day: Loki isn't always fighting the Avengers. He does occasionally work WITH them against a bigger threat. WHICH I HAD TOTALLY FORGOTTEN. SO OMG, perhaps when Thanos DOES kick in the door, Loki may find himself making amends with his brother just because this guy IS fucking with the greater percentage of sentient life in the universe, and ya know some things are bigger than line-of-succession-type grievances. D'YA THINK? CAUSE I COULD TOAST TO THAT!)

    No shawarma as you know but it was a magical night anyway. AND AND I'm now going to tell you this text-conversation I had with idk my BFF Tree to show you what EVEN MORE MAGIC the tv decided to make for me:

    her: "UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Hawkeye is in this episode of House....." (she's watched random episodes before, but is actually going through the seasons for the first time now. ALSO I HAVEN'T SEEN THAT EPISODE, WHAT)

    me: "HAH. Perhaps you should give me that episode next time I'm at yours!"



    her: "lmaooooooooo"

    3 minutes later, her: "Julia, he's a junkie. He's a punk rock singing junkie. THIS EPISODE WAS MADE FOR YOU"


    (Weeeeeell, perhaps I will. :DDDD I just can't resist playing with my little Scooby Gang again. But I really oughta finish the first one, eh? :P)

    I was thinking about that part the second time! Betrayed, really? Like...because Odin unfairly defeated the Frost Giants, and they should've been the ones in charge? Or is he just pulling a Renly and going 'fuck inherited monarchies, THOR SUCKS AND I RULE ALL and I'd make a better king so fuck you'? I did like that he spun it into "I was tragically and totally unfairly kicked out" when really he chose to fuck shit up and then let go and fall into The Abyss of No Return [I will call it that forever now since that awesome Hiddles interview]. So I guess that's the point--not only is he doing insane shit, but he has a totally warped view of the events that 'made' him do it. But yes, I've been thinking that; once again, the bad guy will have to team up with the good guys to fight the badder guy. Which is a trope I think I really dig (Magneto; Ben Linus)! In that "I WAS A KING" scene where he, like, goes to his mind planet and hangs out with The Other dude, he definitely looks frightened when he's growling in his ear that they'll make him suffer if he fucks up and doesn't take over Earth properly or whatever; you can see him working hard not to look freaked out and stuff. (...do I need to explain that I rather enjoyed...? No? OK, good.) So yeah, I think now Thanos and his dudes are just as mad at Loki too and he'll have to be like "...hay guise, sorry about that whole thing, can we defeat him together plz?" and I will enjoy it MOST HEARTILY.

    OH FUCK ME I totally forgot Renner was on House!! But I thought...OH, SHIT, you know what? I'm mixing it up with the episode where Marc Blucas is a Marine and House weirdly dreams about him as a patient before actually meeting him and OH MAN I FORGOT HE WAS A HOT MUSICIAN AND I AM SO WATCHING THAT EPISODE AGAIN. That is fab. (Though I'm still frantically catching up on this season, since the finale's next week--I kinda can't forgive what they've done writing-wise, but I will watch it anyway. And probably cry. >____> Stupid show with its sad feelings.

    (WELL, if you MUST. :DDDDD)

    That's the thing, I think he's goin' Renly style. Like, let's say he wasn't adopted or just that he'd never ever found out - he's still the second son. The line of succession is still a thing, he'd never have been first in line to rule. BUT STILL, finding that out (I'M THE MONSTER PARENTS TELL THEIR CHILDREN ABOUT AT NIGHT??!) would totally have like unlocked the gates to all that shit in him that he'd tried to bury (THAT'S WHY YOU FAVOURED THOR ALL THESE YEARS, B/C NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU CLAIM TO LOVE MEEE etc etc) because Thor was his brother and he DID love him but it all got twisted, and tinged every happy memory he had with bitterness ("we played together, fought together. Do you remember none of that?" "I REMEMBER A SHADOW.") SHIT LOOK AT ALL THESE LOKI FEELS

    my friend Layla doesn't know much about Norse mythology but she's quite into the Greek stuff (more than me even!), and though she doesn't really read comics she loved Thor. And when she saw The Avengers she made this really excellent point that mythical feuds tend to be big and explosive but more temporary to the gods than they would be to humans (obvsly), and that if Loki WERE human it wouldn't make what he's doing more evil or less evil, but it would feel less like a tantrum. THAT IS SOME TRUTHFUL SHIT. Gods are petty, gods are jealous, gods get pissy and then stop being pissy eventually and act like they didn't fuck up anything for anybody else. (they're SOOOOooooooOOOOOOOOOO changeable!) :DDDDDDDDDD AND ALSO YES, Magneto, Ben Linus, I am all about this trope too! So I'm hoping!

    YEAH I'VE HEARD WHAT THEY DID TO WILSON. OMFG. So now, if I were a betting man, I'd put money on the last episode having him dying and House killing himself. I just have a ~feeling they're gonna go Darkest Timeline and tbh I'd respect the hell out of them if they did, even after all that other fuckery they pulled.

    Oh maaaaaaaaan, how I love that scene. ♥_____♥ "YOU COULD NEVER HAVE A FROST GIANT ON THE THRONE OF ASGARD!!" ugh god my pants help wtf--but yeah, no, I guess he just figures all bets are off since Odin stole him and planned to use him as a ~tool or whatever. He's just like "well, fuck this, if there ain't no short-ass gods around here rules anymore then I'ma just do what I want," as it were.

    I'll need to check when I see it again (YAY), but I think on the Mountaintop f Brotherly Feels Thor says something about Loki trying to destroy a world he loves, and I think he was talking about Earth. I feel like that's part of Thor's arc; he actually grew to genuinely care about humans and Earth and not want war, whereas in the beginning of his movie I think he just wanted to have a good time and if shit got fucked up, well, so be it. So I guess that's part of it--y'know, like Lucifer being all "REALLY?!" at God saying he loved the puny humans and wanting to let them live and all. Like, "you're picking them over me?!" So Thor's losing some of that pettiness and Loki's just gaining more and...not so good. But I like it!

    I had the exact same reaction, man. I just watched the ep at lunch today where Wilson tells him that he's sick, and it's out of NOWHERE. There are, like, no hints/foreshadowing at all and I stg you can feel the moment where the writers just threw up their hands and went "oh, fuck it, it's the end; let's just give Wilson cancer." Which I cannot really forgive. I mean, I'm still not over the "let's have Kutner kill himself and the explanation will be THAT IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE~~" thing. It's just so shameless. But, I mean, House/Wilson has always been the heart of the show and it does look like we're ending with them Together in some capacity, so while I'll be utterly gutted if he offs himself, I'll respect the ballsiness of it too. If he gets, like, a magical cure I'm gonna be really annoyed. I just dunno, man.

    OH AND OKAY: I have the TV Guide next to me and I have Zap2It open in another tab, and they're reporting two tooootally different things for Thursday's NBC lineup. One says three episodes of Community with the finale at 9:30, and the other's saying a two-hour finale of Awake from 9:00-11:00. DDDDDD: WHAT THE DEVIL IS GOING ON HEEEAAHHH

    IT'S A GREAT SCENE! :D (guess who totally watched Thor again for the first time in a while) yeah, I think it was partially that but I also reeeealllllly think he felt the need to prove he was just as much a Proper Asgardian as Thor (remember when he killed Laufey he called himself THE SON OF ODIN), it was a desperate ploy. Though by THIS point he's definitely "FUCK ALL YOUR SHIT"-faced. On said mountaintop he fuckin' spit the word "Odinsson" at Thor like he was trying to stab him with it. UGH STUPID BROTHER-FEELS


    But yeah, you're totally right. He is 100% talking about Earth when he says the world he loves, he also says that planet and those people are UNDER MY PROTECTION and you're also right that Thor's definitely grown. "In my youth I courted war", etc. ♥

    IT IS???!!!!! Like, the Wilson thing just comes out of nowhere???????? WTF! Like, ughhh. The writing's been sloppy for seasons now. But that don't make it okay

    and WHATTTTTTT. QUE? DAS IST? =/////// y they do dis?

    Yaaaay!! (Isn't it tilty? I legit didn't realize 'til the marathon, but so many shots are, like, Titanic-y. IDK why.) Yeah, that's the thing! He's like "FUCK YOU ALL, YOU'RE ALL ASSHOLES (except I'm gonna kill all my Frost Giant bros and be one of you FOR ALL OF US, FATHER)" and it's very strangely conflicted. But I guess Tom said it best when he said "the opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference, and Loki hates his brother." ZING OUCH MY CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM [/you]

    Well, OK, I cannot fairly say that there were NO hints anywhere, since I've missed a few eps this season and have only semi-caught up, but there was certainly no foreshadowing at all in the ep in which he actually said it. And I think we're supposed to believe it's pretty far advanced (i.e., he's likely to actually die soon) and yet...he's an oncologist. He didn't realize???? I just...ugh. Lazy, lazy. And yet bromantically heartbreaking. Sloppy's one thing, but sloppy & emotionally manipulative is a combination up with which I shall not put. [Except I will, 'cuz I'm gonna watch the finale. BUT I'LL BE MAD ABOUT IT]

    I don't knooooooow!! I don't know what to believe!! D: I think it's TV Guide that's lying, though, because I ain't heard anything about a two-hour Awake finale. >:\ And Wikipedia is reporting three Community eps on the 17th. WHY MUST LIFE MESS WITH ME

    Edited at 2012-05-15 09:06 pm (UTC)

    I want to comment on TV but I have too many Avengers feelings.

    I've seen this movie in theaters three times now and I did not notice Tom's "oh shit, big brother is back!" face, and THAT IS A PERFECT FACE.

    I have now heard multiple people say they ship Natasha with Bruce, and I'm starting to see it! Viewing Barton as the asexual sniper who's bff's with Natasha, and they have each other for emotional support but she turns to Bruce for physical, and they can't give each other emotional support because of the Other Guy... I'm into it. I'm into Hawkeye as so far removed from sexuality and relationships.

    Ruffalo has slayed me with every single interview, I love this approach to Hulk, as this professor-y older guy who's accepted his place in life and made peace with it. His explanations of the character can actually tear me up. /nerd

    Thor taking his goddamn time in the field, fucking loved it. I get chills every time they're in that awesome circle and they're "assembling."

    Favorite line: "It seems to run on some sort of electricity!" Oh Cap. You're not wrong.

    Re: Grey's, I can't deal with Shonda fucking with us again. AGAIN. After Denny, after prom, after the pink mist bomb episode, after shootings and car crashes and like every fucking thing Shonda has done to us... It's going to be Derek. I think all the hush-hush rumors of him leaving the show... my money's on Derek.

    Right?! There's like twelve thousand feels in that one expression. And that's why he's ruined my life.

    I'm weirdly intrigued by the moment when Fury asks Selvig where Barton is, and he says "The hawk? In his nest, as usual" or something like that, and he's just kinda up there alone and brooding or whatever. It made it seem like he was this very detached, I'm-just-good-at-killing-and-have-no-normal-social-skills sort of guy (which is a slightly worrying trend amongst my fave characters, tbh), so I can't see him being some big romantic lead with Natasha. However, she had that awesome line "love is for children, I owe him a debt" when she was talking to Loki, so maybe they're both kinda damaged and can weirdly bond over that. And Bruce too is awkward and wary of relationships, but there's a real sweetness to him. I could get down with some kinda strange OT3!

    Mark is just marvelous & precious. I just saw this thing on Tumblr where Sam Jackson was asked who would win the Hunger Games out of the Avengers, and he said Mark would die first because he'd go "aw, I don't wanna hurt you guys." BABY. ♥♥~ We need to be BFFs, for real.

    HA, I loved every bit of Steve & Tony working together. "Speak English!" "*sigh* See the red lever?" I love it. IloveitIloveit. Mismatched bros!!

    I haven't really been keeping up that much with cast contract renewals, so I really dunno who's gonna get it on Grey's--I didn't think Derek because the promo specifically makes it seem like it's him (Meredith yelling for him and all) and you know they like to mess with us. And I still think the death may be totally unrelated to the plane crash; I'm still worried about the Morgan/Alex situation. Frankly I can't stand Derek, but I'd be v. sad if it was him because I really like Meredith and they finally got Zola and that'd just be cruel...but this show is cruel. >______< And I will cry, and I shall hate myself for it.

    FIVE TIMES? I'm planning on three and I've been told I'm pushing it! But face it, movie tickets are expensive. Your review is amazing and I've actually noticed most of these things the second time round and I LOVE ALL OF IT.

    Although my favorite Thor/Loki reunion moment is when Tony cuts off Thor and Loki's left all alone and says, "... I'm listening". Just... his face.

    Is it weird that all my favorite James Spader moments on The Office are his creepy moments? The cold open when he decides to come up with his own version of the 'it gets better' videos was hilarious.

    I've never done five before! :D :D I'm quite excited! I'll have to do some ~double features with other movies coming out so I don't entirely bankrupt myself, but I think 'tis worth it. (Technically I only paid, like, $7 for the first one because of the marathon, so y'know.)

    AHAHAHA, that was my fave line the first time! :D I think that's my new Loki-in-The-Avengers tag on Tumblr, since my Loki-in-Thor tag is "is it madness? Is it?! IS IT?!?!" (I have a lot of tags.) Sassy god. ♥

    He is very good at creepy. Very, very, very good. I just...didn't get where they were going with that character, really. Nor Catherine Tate's. Were they just as incompetent as Michael, or were they actually supposed to be sane and then went nutty because of the Scranton people, or...? It's just seeming weirdly more satirical, but unevenly so. :\ IDK.

    Yeah, all I know is I'm going to buy the shit out of that DVD/blu-ray when it's out, haha. I'm really hoping for an epic Marvel movie boxset though (although I'd be tempted to wait until all the other sequels for this WHICH WOULD TAKE FOREVER).


    You're right about the directionlessness of Tate/Spader's characters. I think Robert California is just an overconfident weirdo whose competence only comes with his ability to intimidate people into getting where he wants to be, and that's all there really is to him. There's definitely something going on there that's beyond sanity, and there's a similar case happening with Nellie too, but I can't pinpoint it with her. Perhaps it's some sort of traumatic pick-up-the-pieces thing she needs to prove to herself after all her ~issues~, but they seem to focus on weird Catherine Tate-isms rather than character development, which bothers me. It's like whenever they find a sensitive spot, they feel the need to pull back and complicate things. So anyway... BLARG. SORT YOURSELVES OUT, THIS SHOW!

    OMG, BOXSET. 8D That'd be awesome...except all the cool stuff will be on the Blu-Ray and I still don't have a Blu-Ray player. >__________< PRESSED FOREVER

    but they seem to focus on weird Catherine Tate-isms rather than character development
    Oh, completely. It's like they barely bothered to write the character and just called her in and said "do something funny." Which...kinda doesn't work on a show that is, or was, pretty character-driven (though I do love her). They just can't decide on a tone anymore and it's throwing things off; back when Michael was around there was a distinct sweetness to his insanity, but now it's just sort of random and off-the-wall. Sigh. I guess I'll hold on to the bitter end and just Hulu it on Fridays, but I wish they'd let it go.

    The only blu-ray player I have is my Playstation, which frankly isn't the best sort of blu-ray player. I hate the division between DVD and blu-ray features though. Just... WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT.

    Agreed. I'm waiting for it to end too– just not on what they have now, because they would be ending on a terrible note. Hopefully everyone gets a nice sendoff next season and things pick up. I'm just guessing things got pretty chaotic with the writing stuff because people keep leaving and planning post-show engagements!

    I don't think Bruce-in-India deserves a tremendous amount of wank. I do think that Hollywood tends to exocitize places like India, and portraying India as a sort of "ends of the earth" place that Bruce would go to escape the world feeds into that a bit (the "ends of the earth" is never portrayed as, like, France of Australia it's usually something more "foreign"). But I didn't find it terribly exploitative in terms of "poverty porn".

    BRUUUUUUCE. I just really, really love the way they show Bruce trying to separate "the other guy" from himself, but in the end it's his acceptance of his duality, and his ability to reconcile the two sides of him, which allows him to be a hero ♥. They also really focused on the humanity of Bruce as Bruce rather than just the monster that is Hulk, which I appreciated.

    Oh, Hollywood is bullshit all over the place with that kinda thing (though The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel wasn't all that bad, imo), but I felt like that scene was way more about him & his personality than anything else. Plus it was sort of a sharp visual contrast to the helicarrier and everything. I'm just a bit irked that we're getting mad at this movie but giving Slumdog Millionaire a Best Picture Oscar, ya know? >____>

    Right?? I love love LOVE that scene with Tony when he kinda makes him realize that there's a good side to it and he can embrace it, to an extent, because it's part of him and dfsdlksjfksjk metaphors & feels everywhere. He was just so quietly moving and lovable, but intense at the same time. Such love. ♥♥♥♥~