08 May 2012 @ 09:19 pm
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And the Avengers madness continues! We're having parties basically every single day at ONTD, which is quite good fun, of course (I'm a top commenter!!), and countless new people appear to be getting on the Hiddles bandwagon--I can't even be mad; it's just all so glorious. And I finally decided to brave avengerkink and I've already found a few things I want to fill after I see it again this weekend (I'm going again Friday! And getting shawarma first! Excellent plan, y/y?). I also have want to see Dark Shadows, obviously, though the reviews are finally starting to roll in and they're...not great. *double facepalm* Johnny, hon, why do you do this to me? I thought we were tight. And we're not even getting a NYC premiere. If the buzz keeps going downhill, then the mocking text messages from my friends will start coming in as well, because they all know I'm stupidly loyal and I'll be there anyway and...oy, it's The Tourist all over again. *creys* And next weekend there's nothing...but Moonrise Kingdom in two weeks! (?)

Behind as ever because of movies and superhero feelings, but:

COMMUNITY: OK, I admit I didn't get it until I saw the gifset, but Troy asking about Starburns' creepy one-armed "lawyer" was totally a reference to DarkestTimeline!Jeff, which is about the funniest shit I've ever heard. Also, can we have Dean Pelton Remixes every week? Please? "As of this moment, I am stapl-liiiing!" Glorious. And I still prefer Jeff/Britta and Annie/Troy, but damned if that "you're not the worst, you're the best" didn't make me squee. Stupid show confusing my feelings! But--they're all expelled?! Is this actually going to be a thing?! I guess so; this show is in love with continuity. Well, shit.

"I LOST! MY DAMN! ARM!" oh god I love that ep so much

SUPERNATURAL: I legit do not know what to feel about this episode. My brain is so wrinkled. ALL I'VE WANTED this season is moar Cas, and he's back, but he's different!Cas. But he's not Jimmy!Cas or God!Cas (though I enjoyed the Dogma ref) or Leviathan!Cas or 2014!Cas [oh god, my FutureCas feelings] and I just DON'T KNOW WHAT TO THINK. Again, Tumblr had to point it out to me--he was basically River Tam, with all the "I watch the bees" and "they can only think in ovals" (HA!). And I think I'm kinda OK with that, but...are they just gonna turn around and kill him off again? Because he's still just a special guest star (WHY) and I have a very bad feeling that they will. But I want him to stay. And honestly, Meg can stay too. I still prefer 1.0 to 2.0, but I like her snarky dynamic with the boys and if next season was The Dean/Sam/Cas/Meg Show, that would totally make up for this baffling year and make me extremely happy. I highly doubt that'll happen, but a girl can dream. Just...que.

ONCE UPON A TIME: OH SHIT @ that ending! (I would've eaten it too, poison or no. And not to prove a point or to save my true love, but just because I really, really, really like apple turnovers. Sorry 'bout it.) I feel like it's worth noting that Regina's nightmare was about herself being defeated, not about Henry being taken or hurt--I think she's grown to really care about him, but ultimately she loves herself more & Emma truly loves him as a mother. ALSO JEFFERSON--I have even moar Jefferson feels since watching Captain America again last week [shut up; it makes sense] and when he flashed that quick grin at Regina I literally squealed "oh!" and clutched at my necklace. CAN'T DEAL WITH IT. Is he supposed to have weird/awesome sexual tension with everyone...? Because he does. And so, OK, Regina knows about Belle but knows that Rumple doesn't know, and she doesn't know about his son...? Very conflicting motivations there. Well, I highly doubt they'll kill Henry, but it seems like Emma's gotta believe now (right?), so next week will be fun indeed.

there should be a surgeon general's warning for your face skdfjskdlssdl;fl

GAME OF THRONES: Um...I...huh. Very mixed feelings about this here ep. I've read ACoK, of course, but it was a while ago and my memory is bad, apparently, and so I spent half the episode going "did that happen in the book?!" And for the most part, it didn't: adding a near-rape for Sansa was disturbing on a number of levels--I liked the Tyrion/Joffrey bit (Joffrey getting slapped is always OK with me) and Sandor saving her was a nice bit of development for him, though are the writers, like, shippers? I get that ship, but I really can't get down with it. I want something a little nicer for her. I also adored the all-too-brief Sansa/Shae almost-friendship moment, but really, that scene was harrowing as fuck and went on too long, yet again. And WHAT THE HELL at Dany's khalasar and Irri getting killed and the dragons being stolen?! THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN and that's a huge thing to add; jfc. Very weird and uncool and I don't like it. And she's really "Talisa"? I assumed she was just Jeyne and lying for whatever reason, but...no? Hurm. Jon/Ygritte was pretty awesome, though I was sad she didn't say "you know nothing" (I kept waiting!) and I loved all the Arya/Littlefinger/Tywin stuff, though they're really kinda making Tywin too likable. He, like, weirdly respects Arya too much, and she's such a fave. I think he's gonna have to do something bad to her to make us hate him properly. And I am ded forever @ Jaqen's sassy faces and the surprising comedy moment of Amory dropping dead in Tywin's doorway, heh. But WOW, the Theon wank is epic. People despise him now, it seems. Whereas that whole thing made me feel horribly sad for him. His face at "did you always hate us?" and his look of shock when the guy tells him to kill Luwin and just...everything. This is a really fucked-up, conflicted guy, and Alfie's actually kinda killing that material, imo. Bran was breaking my heart when he was pleading with him (especially the "I'll do anything," oh my god), and OF COURSE Theon had to completely fail at beheading, but his look of blank horror as he hacked his head off was just gutting to me. I'm no stan, but geez, he's a pretty pitiful guy and all the maniacal hate is annoying me. He's getting really interesting and I hate that people are just signing off on him because he's done some horrible shit...though I guess it's refreshing to see people being this unforgiving to a male character. >____> Oh well. I can't even imagine what people are gonna say when [Spoiler (click to open)]it looks as though he's killed Bran and Rickon, especially since I bet they'll really draw that out. Also, WHY ARE PEOPLE OBJECTING TO NAKED TONKS?! That was pretty sudden, but not very gratuitous, for HBO, and goddamn, she's hot. Let's remember our priorities.

(ffs, look at him. He's truly lost and we're not supposed to LIKE him-like him, but he's not just a straight-up uncaring sociopath like Joffrey. ...At least, I don't think so. Sheesh. I blame Balon. Dick.)

THE BORGIAS: Really?! REALLY, SHOWTIME?? I ask for backstory on our mysterious, homoerotic assassin and you give me ACTUAL (and fairly graphic!) HOMOSEXUAL CONTENT?! Is it my birthday? Am I dying? EITHER WAY, HUZZAR. Didn't see that coming, but it was nice! Man, people complain about GoT sometimes, but you can't say this show doesn't have equal-opportunity nudity. This was, like, Naked Italian Boys Hour. deanwinchesterapprovingnod.gif Micholotto's mama was surprisingly delightful, as was Cesare's utterly blasé reaction to his saying that he killed his father (...sure), though were we supposed to think he & that dude were related? Eh, well. Wouldn't shock me. I was waiting for that guy to mention Cesare or be jealous of his ~devotion to him or something, honestly. Shame. Caterina was awesome, though I can't believe Cesare thought that would end well. LOVE the ladygang of Lucrezia, Giulia and Vanozza; I really hope that continues. And wow @ that ending--Giovanni had that coming, but damn, Cesare, you could be a little neater. This ain't A Prophet. And then lightning! Literal Deus ex Machina! Not subtle, God, not subtle at all. But it was nice to see Rodrigo actually freaking out and caring about the little altar boy, awww. This will probably make him insufferably sanctimonious, but still, feelings are good.

SMASH: So, OK, did Dev & Ivy recognize each other? Because that was very ambiguous. I assume that whole thing will blow up horribly next week, which is very annoying because we FINALLY got some nice Ivy/Karen friendship in there. I liked the new song rather a lot, though hearing Rebecca's "Secondhand White Baby Grand" just emphasized the utter ridiculousness of Ivy not having the role. And her just choosing to leave the show was so anticlimactic and ironically similar to the downer ending of Bombshell itself that I'd think it was on purpose if I didn't know better. Like, I knew she wasn't staying, but I thought she'd be forced out in some much more insane fashion rather than just "I have stage fright." Sheesh. Peanut stage fright. Michael is still Yawnsville and Julia still sucks for getting mad at everyone for bringing him back, though the fight with Tom really got to me personally for obvs hag reasons. But at least they made up. And Anjelica Huston got a song!! That was so sweet and perfectly underplayed; I still adore her/Nick. (Who broke his arm, though? Geez. Was it Manny?) And Sam got a song too! Yay! He has a lovely voice. I was DYING of laughter at the dorky white people, especially Julia's family, bopping and amen-ing along in the Baptist church. Heh. And does Eileen awesomely fire Ellis next week?! PRAISE JESUS INDEED

GLEE: OK, I am not going to rant about the staggering offensiveness of "Choke" and how the show has gone from fun to corny to preachy to downright socially irresponsible, because The AV Club already did an absolutely fantastic job of articulating the problems with the episode, and I cannot do better at all. To wit: "The show thinks it’s a sweet, satirical comedy, but it also thinks it’s the most important TV series to ever have aired. There’s not a lot of room to move between those two poles, and the more the show attempts to, the more its tone problems arise." ACCURATE. Cripes. I really am breaking up with this show after this season. I swear. And tonight was pretty hilarious--I didn't think Finn could top himself in the douche department after outing Santana, but trying to PULL QUINN OUT OF HER WHEELCHAIR might have done it. And I'm sorry, but I LOVE Darren's curls. He looks infinitely better au natural and I support a lifelong gel ban, tbh. Pressed @ no real Brittana at prom, but I'm LOVING all the Hummelberry lately. Also, I'm calling it: Faberry will be canon by next season. They will just pander to the fans and make that a thing. And next week--two hours? I'm taking suggestions on what flavor of schnapps I should buy. Ideas? (And I was hoping to go my entire life without hearing a One Direction or a Selena Gomez song, but apparently I failed at both of those things tonight without realizing. I feel a little violated.)
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ericadawn16: Sadericadawn16 on May 9th, 2012 02:37 am (UTC)
I wasn't going to see Dark Shadows. I hate how they ruined the shows, but my mom thinks it looks hilarious and she never really watched so...

I'm also annoyed that it's replacing Avengers in most of the Imax auditoriums. I feel Avengers is more worthy of the larger screen.

I really, really hope we get Moonrise Kingdom down here in a reasonable amount of time. I thought we were going to get The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and that hasn't happened yet...
extraordinary machine.la_petite_singe on May 9th, 2012 03:59 am (UTC)
I heard it was supposed to be a parody, and then I heard it actually wasn't but was just marketed badly, and the critics went in expecting a comedy and were mad when it was oddly dark. So now I just don't know WHAT to think. But, well, I gotta do what I gotta do. D:

...Wait, they're showing it in IMAX?! The hell?? Even if it was awesome, I still don't think I'd wanna see it that big. That's so weird. I'm thinking Avengers will stomp this weekend and again and DS will be lucky to be #2. :\

BEMH seems to have been majorly limited release last weekend, which does make sense, really. It might be opening wide soon, not sure. It's pretty cute!
no good either: [GoGi] Blair - Silent Tearsalanna_zero on May 9th, 2012 09:54 am (UTC)
The best thing about this Game of Thrones ep:


But is Irri really dead? NOOOOOOO. I was hoping she was just unconscious or something since there wasn't any blood...? :(
extraordinary machine.: TV - Game of Thrones - Jaimela_petite_singe on May 9th, 2012 02:11 pm (UTC)
Bahaha, exactly. He looks so exasperatedly resigned like "well, shit, a man was going to go make a sandwich now, but fine." I love him so.

No, yeah, I thought exactly the same thing, but then someone posted this at ONTD. >_____< Apparently she had a real death scene, but they cut it for some unfathomable reason. That was definitely misleading. WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THAT?!
no good either: [GoT] Catelyn & Robbalanna_zero on May 9th, 2012 09:09 pm (UTC)
That scene is so fantastic it makes me lol every single time.

And nooooo so Irri is really dead... :((( Ugh that sucks ;____;
sunshine304: Burton and Deppsunshine304 on May 9th, 2012 04:19 pm (UTC)
I'm going to see Dark Shadows on Thrusday. I've seen the oddly funny trailers, but everything I read about it suggests not sooo much humour, so IDK. Haven't read any reviews so far, which is new for me. I'm kind of mildly interested how this'll turn out.^^
extraordinary machine.: Johnny - with Tim & Helenala_petite_singe on May 9th, 2012 06:34 pm (UTC)
I actually think Tim's very funny & a lot of people don't get that, but in this case I'm all for some dark drama. Happy medium, maybe. (YES!! IT'S UP TO 52%!!)
sunshine304: Burton and Deppsunshine304 on May 11th, 2012 05:34 pm (UTC)
Don't know if you could see DS already, but I have seen it and, uhm, yeah. I don't want to make you all sad if you haven't seen it, but this definitely didn't leave me on a high like Sweeney Todd did, I was more like, "Okay, this was kind of strange and kind of funny." For me it felt like they wanted too much - there are quite a few plot threads that aren't developed enough so that some things just don't really work. It has some really funny scenes, though. And I loved Eva Green.
vivelegardien: capvivelegardien on May 9th, 2012 05:58 pm (UTC)
Shawarma and Avengers sounds like an AWESOME plan. We're seeing it again tonight in IMAX 3D (not sure how I feel about this many dimensions) and stopping at Trader Joe's for snacks. I'm currently sitting in an office building with a superhero helmet and Captain America t-shirt in my purse, NBD.

I’m totally on the Hiddles bandwagon, I think he had me at “LOKI’D!” or no, it was weeks/months ago when he rapped on that radio show. Or talked about Ruffalo’s son. Or how Chris Hemsworth got drunk with him and had a love fest telling him that Tom was the only one that understood him. Oh my beautiful sweet misunderstood Hem.

I’m on the ALL THE AVENGERS bandwagon, I just can’t get enough. And the non-stop spam of them on my Tumblr and ONTD and Livejournal and Twitter just makes me so happy :) I cannot get enough. I do not tire of these crazy bunch of misfits, both the comic characters and the actors behind them. Fangirl paradise.
extraordinary machine.la_petite_singe on May 9th, 2012 06:43 pm (UTC)
HEE, that sounds awesome! May I recommend sitting really, REALLY far back (or up, rather)? I've done IMAX 3D once in my life, but as I was in the third row, it was a very unpleasant experience. D:

WELCOME! IT IS THE BEST BANDWAGON EVAR. He's just such a thoroughly delightful human being. ("Still guarding asses, man." That interview is amazing. And you know they would've made fun of him hardcore for rapping Will Smith if he wasn't such a lovely guy.) He & Hemsworth are clearly in love; I see the light now. When they were giggling together with their arms around each other at the NYC premiere...great Scott.

WE'RE HAVING ANOTHER PARTY RIGHT NOW \8D/ Oh, everything's so fun rn. And Joss Whedon wrote us a thank-you note!! D'awww.
vivelegardien: capvivelegardien on May 9th, 2012 06:58 pm (UTC)
That GIF, I'm dead. His perfect face.

Shoot I’m missing the party!! I’ll have to catch myself up later after tonight’s screening. Thanks for the tip! Will definitely sit as high up as possible.

What did Whedon say? I missed this note! I’ve been all over Tumblr and must’ve missed the latest on ONTD. He’s the man, I just, I adore him so much and just, in debt to him for making the Avengers as awesome as he did. So grateful. I’ve got red in my ledger… There was some interview when he was talking about Cap and Hawkeye and it was SO CLEAR that he’s such a fan of the books and knew these characters… I’m speechless. Even my comments don’t make sense because I’m just exploding with Avenger love and gratitude that they DID.THIS.RIGHT.

The 7-way bromance of the cast just slays me, all of them, they slay me. When I bought the tickets, I emailed my friend with the GIF of Hiddles hanging out of the black SUV in his costume shouting “I am the God of Mischief!” and with a screencap of IMAX tickets wrote I AM BURDENED WITH A GLORIOUS PURPOSE.

Oh Tom. Loki. Hems’ beard. Evans’ ass. Scarlett. All of them. Perfection.
extraordinary machine.la_petite_singe on May 10th, 2012 03:53 pm (UTC)
Here's his letter. It's hilars, of course. :D Inter-nerd love is just the greatest thing in the world. It's awesome when everyone's happy (because disappointed/angry nerds...goodlord.) He really does care, and that just makes all the difference; compare the HP films to the LotR films. There's a reason one series has like 15 Oscars, ya know??

AHAHAHA, THAT'S PERFECT. He was so outstanding in Albuquerque that night. From what I understand, that was the night he jokingly yelled "KNEEL, BITCHES" at the extras between takes...AND THEY DID. And wouldn't you? XD
are you lookin' to get stabbed?: troy and abed in their coooostumes!mutantjules on May 9th, 2012 06:18 pm (UTC)

I AGREE. THEON. FEEEEEEELS~. I know he's a dick but his life SUCKS, this is NOT a scene of him being an asshole, this is a scene of him being CLEARLY OVER HIS HEAD (his tiny scene with Bran was very telling and very sad. "I can't serve Robb and my father both. I'm a Greyjoy.") I kinda love Tywin with Arya. No worries, his true bastardousness will come out next season! :DD
extraordinary machine.: TV - Game of Thrones - Jaimela_petite_singe on May 9th, 2012 06:49 pm (UTC)
SPN is just...very odd this season. IDK what to think. They've kinda started heading in a clear direction and brought everything together, but it still all seems kinda random. You see why Kripke thought avoiding the apocalypse would, ya know, be the end of the show. >____> Kinda hard to top that. But there was Cas in this one!!

I'm mostly basing this on Tumblr, which is...a dubious thing to do, to be sure, but jfc, every other post was "DIAF, THEON YOU FUCKASS" and whatnot. (I don't understand that concept; just posting one line in reaction to a show. Unless it's live-blogging...but even then. IDK.) Obviously we're not supposed to truly like him the way we like Arya or someone, but those little intimate moments are clearly meant to show his conflict and the way he's not just the ruthless betraying killer guy that everyone else sees. Geez. I may have to become a stan just out of irritation. And we'd better! I mean, I feel like Arya and Tyrion are the two main fan faves, so if Tyrion's gonna kill him, we'd better seriously HATE him by then, ya know?

HORRIFYING NEWS: I looked on Wikipedia and the season finale is on 3 June--AND I'LL BE AWAY AT THAT BLASTED WEDDING THAT WEEKEND. DDDDDDDD: I mean, it's on the 2nd, but IDK when I'll be home or if we're staying in Jersey over Sunday night or what. MAMA NOOOOOOOOOOO
are you lookin' to get stabbed?mutantjules on May 9th, 2012 07:25 pm (UTC)
yeahhh I heard Cas was there but that he was weird and everything was weird and I was like =/

HEE. Well, it's a...gauge! idk. I could see a lot of people on ontd being the same way and as that is the corner of the fandom I really hang out at it would make me sad. AND HEE. I'm kinda like that with Ros. and yeah, I'm not a Theon stan but I do have many feels about him already so if that DOES turn out to be the way of it I may have to get protective. AND DON'T WORRYYYYYY Tyrion does it out of VERY SPECIFIC MOTIVES (remembar? Pretty much as soon as the Blackwater happens Tywin is there to fuck Tyrion's shit up) it'll be fine. :D

OH NOOOOOOOOES. Bring your laptop with you! Not TO THE WEDDING obviously but to the room of wherever you're staying! MAX STEALTH YOU CAN DO IT SOLDIER

extraordinary machine.: TV - Game of Thrones - sceneryla_petite_singe on May 10th, 2012 04:11 pm (UTC)
I mean, he was endearing as ever, but I am just getting very confused that there are so many Cas...es. But, well, crazy show is crazy.

Oh, Lord, the Ros-hate. Like I said, it's strange but slightly relieving to hear this much hate for a guy. :P I can't say I love her, but good grief, people are waaaaaaaay too mad. This fandom alarms me on its best day, and now that everyone's mad about all the changes...crikey. And HA, well, that's true! I just...I mean, they're already making us like Shae a lot, and while I totally want Shae/Sansa friendship, if they add that and then Tyrion kills her and he's married to Sansa and then kills Tywin and all that--I know that's kinda his Moral Event Horizon in the book anyway, but if they don't strike the right note with it I think people are gonna flip at their fave character doing all this crazy shit. BUT HEY, that's quite a while away, innit.

UGH SERIOUSLY WHYYYY (although I think a few of my relatives are fans as well, so maybe we can sneak off to watch it XD I hope to be back in NYC by then, but I don't knoooooow *PANIC*)

are you lookin' to get stabbed?: can't take it w/you if you wanna survivemutantjules on May 10th, 2012 04:26 pm (UTC)
HEE aw well first of all I was like YOU NEED TO CHECK MY TUMBLR because I'd just reblogged that Clint/Loki thing :D? BUT HEY, ENJOY THAT HEARTBREAKING CIVIL WAR GRAPHIC

but yeahhhhhh I gotta catch up but it's weird, I'm just not excited about it anymore at least not the way I was, I think that's why I kinda dropped off watching it =/ =/ =/ this is sad and horrible

AND YES I DID NOTICE AND IT MADE ME HAPPY. Though, ya know. Boo. And I'm not worried about that though, he does that after both Tywin and Shae actively fuck his shit up (remembarrr)? It is kind of Moral Event Horizony, yeah, and he spends a lot of ADwD dealing with the fact that he just killed his dad and what kind of asshole does that make him, and he loved this chick but he killed her but LOOK WHAT SHE DID and could he ever trust her and gsfdhglslkh issues etc. All I'm sayin' is if the show doesn't REALLY fuck up, we're gonna want them dead too, cause that whole trial was just hideously uncomfortable and awful and rage-y to read

HAHAHAHA THAT WOULD BE ADORABLE omg you guys totally should! A skeleton crew of GoT fans, sneaking off in the night! It's less than an hour, you'll be back before they know it! You should coordinate a whole military-esque stealth floorplan - someone leaves like this at this time, someone else shimmies out a bathroom window 5 minutes later, somebody else goes up to the attic where they're not supposed to go and climbs out the fire escape, perhaps most of you just walk out the front door but somebody sneaks through the kitchens and goes out the back AND YOU ALL CONVENE IN THAT ONE DARK SHADY FAR-AWAY CORNER EVERY PARKING LOT HAS. Set your watches. Spy shit!
extraordinary machine.la_petite_singe on May 10th, 2012 05:15 pm (UTC)
AND THAT WAS GLORIOUS. \8D/ I'm so glad there are other deranged people at the party/ies who understand my strange & disturbing boner for that pairing.

I JUST WANTED TO BELIEVE IN TYRION/SHAE OKAY because I actually really liked them together and then I was DYING when she was testifying against him and saying all those terrible things and I couldn't tell if she was being forced or what and then she was in his bed and I was like 'sdklfjsdjfd what the devil' AND THEN HE JUST KILLED HER without, like, checking, and I...ugh. :( This is why I barely ship anything anymore, because it is just always destined for woe. I mean, I weirdly respect making him go so dark side, since he was such a great comic-relief presence in much of the rest of the series before that, BUT STILL, is no one allowed to be happy ever?!

HEH, I'd like to think my family is that awesome and stealthy...except, er, have you ever seen me watching a season finale of a fave show? Because this comes to mind. I doubt I will be able to STFU sufficiently. It'll be like those sitcoms where someone's covertly listening to a sports game during a funeral or whatever and then yells out "OH MY GOD FUCK YEAH" or something in the middle of the eulogy and I am just not good at these things. BUT I GOTTA SEE IT LIVE BECAUSE OF FEELS & SPOILERS
are you lookin' to get stabbed?: marauders ride again!!mutantjules on May 10th, 2012 05:29 pm (UTC)

I DID TOOOO that's why it was so awful (they're kinda foreshadowing in the show I think. I like show!Shae a LOT. She's darker and deeper. Less sassy than in the book but more challenging. That tiny bit in this last ep where she told Sansa "just don't trust anyone. Safer that way" I was like ERKLJGSDFLHLKSF!!!!!LHGKSF. But that could just be me) and yeah, no. No one is allowed to be happy ever. Just call it now (I still cannot stop myself from shipping things, like say Jaime and Brienne, but I'm not expecting a happy ending because CLEARLY THAT WOULD BE RIDICULOUS)

HEEEEEE who cares about SingTFU? IT'S A WEDDING, it's supposed to be joyful! Text me with feels!!!
extraordinary machine.la_petite_singe on May 11th, 2012 01:56 am (UTC)

No, I was the same way!! The way Sansa kinda grabbed her hand and you could tell for a second Shae really wanted to bond with her and kinda be her big sister or whatever, but then she was like 'no, this world sucks and especially for women and I have to warn her.' :\ Ugh, it's such a shame. But YES, I mean, Jaime/Brienne are just so awesome and twisty and well-developed and askjdjsklfjdjf PLZ LET THEM LIVE, GRRM, FOR THE LOVE O' GOD
are you lookin' to get stabbed?: if my life is mine...what shouldn't i domutantjules on May 11th, 2012 02:04 am (UTC)

dfkhjlfxgj;dgh I still haven't posted about that ep. Gah! I AM SLACKING it's just AVENGERSSSSSSSSSSSSEFLJGSLEAKJHLSJ!!!!!!! all up in my brain (AND YES JAIME/BRIENNE. COME ON, GEORGE. HAVE A FUCKING HEART JUST THIS ONE TIME)
obstinate, headstrong girl!: got | talisazombie_boogie on May 9th, 2012 10:14 pm (UTC)
I want something a little nicer for her.

MARGAERY/SANSA MAKEOUTS! MARGAERY/SANSA MAKEOUTS! But fuck man, that was disturbing as hell and I'm generally not one to get fussy with the gratuitous nature of this show. MAH BB D:.

I'm... holding off on judging the whole kidnapped dragosn thing. I have a feeling it's going to end up the same as it did in the books but they're just adding more ~drama~ in between... and let's be real, Dany's story kind of needs it. They'll probably have the kidnapped dragons replace her finding out Xaro's real intentions with regards to their marriage. Super bummed about Irri. I totally thought that we'd get many moons of awesome snark between her and Doreah (and oodles with chemistry with them and Dany). Alas.

I am 99.9% sure "Talisa" is full of shit. That is so not her name, and I don't think she's set foot in Volantis either. She totally balked when Catelyn started asking about her background.

THANK YOU for your Theon thoughts. Like... I get having a visceral reaction to him, but... can't people appreciate awesome character construction? Honestly I think the adaptation of his storyline is the best thing the show's done this season, and I think it's even better executed on the show than in the books since there's a much more even balance between his sympathetic and his horrible moments. They've really done a great job at showing wear he's come from while at the same time not shying away from his despicable behaviour. I AM SUCH A STAN. ARE YOU READING ADWD YET????
extraordinary machine.: TV - Game of Thrones - sceneryla_petite_singe on May 10th, 2012 05:05 pm (UTC)
I AM TOTALLY OKAY WITH THIS. Badass ladies, teamin' up! I get why people ship San/San, as it were, and under other circumstances I'd be really into it myself, since I love my angsty ships, but that's just...a little too harsh. D:

Well, true; I do find her story rather dull in the books, although very inventive. It just seems like a pretty big departure--and not just Irri, but the whole damn khalasar, or so it appeared! Is this a way to drive her closer to Jorah...? I dunno, man. Very very sad about the demise of all my Dany/handmaiden ships, though, obviously. ;___;

I've heard a crazy rumor that Not-Jeyne is actually a Lannister spy, and so once they hook up that's...gonna get complicated. No idea if that's remotely true. I'm really glad they're actually building up her character, but this is a slightly odd direction in which to take it. But, OK; I stan all Chaplins ever and am reserving judgment.

Oh man, I was thinking of you & your Theon-feels during that insane courtyard-beheading scene. ITA; they're doing an excellent job of making him loathsome-yet-sympathetic. We're getting so many little behind-the-curtains moments and we can see how everyone else perceives him, and yet why that's not entirely accurate--but of course the fandom's just like HE'S A JERK AND HE SHOULD DIAF. *facepalm* As opposed to all the other fine, upstanding citizens in this town. NOT YET BUT I SWEAR SOON WHEN THE SEASON'S OVER AND THAT'S LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY (...that's less than a month away!! D: The hell?!)
eye never sleep: SPN-Cas sad facetwilightthief on May 10th, 2012 03:53 am (UTC)
ALL I'VE WANTED this season is moar Cas, and he's back, but he's different!Cas. But he's not Jimmy!Cas or God!Cas (though I enjoyed the Dogma ref) or Leviathan!Cas or 2014!Cas [oh god, my FutureCas feelings] and I just DON'T KNOW WHAT TO THINK.

YES. You summed up exactly my feelings. Per Kevin Tran: WHAT IS HAPPENING??? I waited a whole season for more Cas and I get...THIS Cas?? Really? Where's Carver? We need him back!!!

I have no idea what is going on with this show anymore. Im totally baffled.

UGG they probably brought Cas back only to kill him again. Why? Break my fangirl heart even more.

I dont watch OUAT but is Sebastian Stan a regular now because if he is I may need to start watching it...I love him to death!

@Game of Thrones-my memory is bad from reading the books so long ago but yeah..as it was pointed out to me, def no dragon stealing. Dany's storyline is boring to me right now anyway.

I have no idea what is happening (Im using this phrase a lot) with Talisa either..very strange indeed. Everyone thinks shes Jeyne but im not totally sold on that idea myself. HMRPH.

Once again Tyrion had the best lines IMO.

Im just super tired of the very obligatory and very predictable "pan over to the woman who drops her robe in front of dude". It's just getting a bit silly for me, really. It happens like every fourth episode now.

Theon's part WAS epic though. I still hate him but such a powerful scene.
extraordinary machine.: TV - Supernatural - Casla_petite_singe on May 10th, 2012 05:10 pm (UTC)
That kid was kind of endearing, but don't we already have a prophet? You know, CHUCK?! I am still appalled that they haven't remotely revisited the whole Chuck-is-God-well-maybe-kinda bombshell; that just seems unforgivably lazy. Just...quit making up new shit & go back to the canon you already (sort of) established, damn. They just really need to keep Cas around, especially since it looks like we're working towards Bobby ~moving on for good (WHICH IS STILL BULLSHIT, BY THE WAY). I know the show started with just the two boys & I respect that, but it's just cruel to strip away everyone they've ever loved.

HE IS DELIGHTFUL. Oh man. And he plays the Mad Hatter! I have a strange track record of being attracted to Mad Hatters. :9

I guess they can take some liberties with Robb/Jeyne, since we barely get to know her & all that matters is that he betrays the Freys and marries someone else, but it's weird to give her another name/make her another person. I'm still thinking she's a spy or somethin'. And ha, good point, they do enjoy that, although I was quite surprised and faintly relieved that we didn't actually get their sex scene. They seem to really enjoy giving us Theon sex scenes, and while I'm intrigued by the character, after a point I am just...not here for that. Good grief.
Jessjessm on May 12th, 2012 04:09 am (UTC)
Did you see Dark Shadows? (Knowing your relationship with Johnny, I'm assuming you saw it tonight!) It really wasn't that bad. I mean, it wasn't great, either, but Johnny Depp seemed to be having a genuinely stellar time; thus, he elevated the material. Eva Green on the other hand... WTF, WTF, WTF.
extraordinary machine.: Johnny - with Tim & Helenala_petite_singe on May 12th, 2012 11:55 pm (UTC)
Heh, surprisingly I did not, though I'm going tomorrow. (I saw The Avengers again last night. I may be loyal, but I ain't crazy.) That's what I've heard--kind of not that great at all, but semi-worth it for him. That's a relief. :P The things I do for love. (Eva was not awesome. :(((( That is very disappointing, because I her too. The role did seem weirdly silly for her, tho.)
Mrs [insert crush of the week]totallybalanced on May 15th, 2012 09:57 pm (UTC)
i wanted to enjoy Dark Shadows but i actually walked out after 45 minutes :(
extraordinary machine.: Johnny - with Tim & Helenala_petite_singe on May 16th, 2012 02:25 pm (UTC)
Really? Oh, heavens. I have a rule against walking out--mostly because I'm cheap--but I was actively bored/disinterested during the actual movie and that's a baaaaaad sign. *hangs head, weeps*
Mrs [insert crush of the week]: thor → talk to metotallybalanced on May 16th, 2012 05:10 pm (UTC)
i've only ever walked out of three movies in my life: Sucker Punch, The Fourth Kind and Blood: The Last Vampire. I really REALLY wanted to stick with Dark Shadows but I was hungry and my brother was all 'Oh GOD this movie is bad and I'm craving a steak!" so I just agreed and we got up and left.

Also I have a cinema card so technically since I've seen Avengers four times since the beginning of May, I saw DS for free. lol.
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