ALL RIGHT, LET'S DO THIS SHIT. I am still loopy and tired and having a legit nutty but I will try to get my thoughts together because this shit needs to be discussed. First, the marathon was OUTSTANDING. OUT. STANDING. Best $40 I ever spent. I showed up over two hours early and was horrified to see a considerable line already formed on 42nd Street, but then they let us in right away and it turned out there were three separate theatres, so I got an awesome spot (back row, center), not to mention some awesome swag:

And the manager guy later told us that they added the other two because ours, the first, sold out in three days. A-YEAH-YEAH! So I hung around and ran into some friends (and made a Starbucks run, meriting an entirely unbefuck-given response from the cinema staff) and then at 11:30 it finally started and we were just PUMPED. Adorably, Coulson did intros to every movie and we cheered every single time. And we cheered every time he showed up in each one of the movies. And every time Stan Lee showed up. And any time anything badass happened at all. Basically it was the most amazing audience I've ever had, outdoing TDK and all of the HP films and even Grindhouse, which 'til yesterday had been my #1. :') Mostly guys, which disturbed me a little at first--like, because of Tumblr I sort of forget that sometimes straight boys are nerds too and I was like "...oh, right. Well, I guess you can come too." Stray thoughts on the various films (which I have of course all seen before):

  • Iron Man: LAWD HAMMERCY Downey is so hot in this one. Christ. I mean, I know, duh, but with the slightly grown-out hair and the black sweater/jeans combo and the hammer (CAN HE JUST ALWAYS BE HAMMERING STUFF IN A TANK TOP PLEASE GOD) and sdkfsjdfksdfjks YES. And I still find the arc-reactorectomy scene, where Stane is growling in his ear when he's all O____O and paralyzed to be oddly and profoundly sexual. And I'm not even sorry about that.

  • The Incredible Hulk: Eh. It just doesn't quite work. It just feels really separate from the rest of the pack to me, and not just because of the change in actor. I love Ed Norton, Maybe it's because of the flashback montage at the beginning setting up the whole plot. Or that Tim Roth is not fuckin' 39. (I'm just kidding. You know ilu, Mr. Orange.) But I do love that the big fight scene was in Harlem, since uptown gets ignored a lot in movies--and hello, Michael K. Williams!! Didn't notice your cameo before! I shot forward in my seat and the woman next to me went "IT'S OMAR!!" And I forgot that Phil Dunphy's in it. And despite it being probably the weakest movie, we roared in delight at "HULK...SMASH!"

  • Iron Man 2: How did I not notice the hilarious fake-tanning stains on Sam Rockwell's hands the first time? That's amazing. He kinda stole the movie, tbh. And Scarlett's wig is a hoooot mess, though I love Natasha. (The bros in front of me were offering such insightful comments as "I would plow her," leading me to finally snap "She was married to Ryan Reynolds. You have NO CHANCE." Dang.) And I like Favreau shamelessly giving himself a fight scene. Also, Downey, baby, I love you so much, and you REALLY cannot speak French. At all. That was so adorable. And can I just restate my love for Fav's fondness for Gilligan Cuts? Because they're awesome.

  • Thor: EEEEEEEEE. I've seen this one second-most number of times after IM because of Hiddles reasons, though I never realized how many ridiculously tilty shots are in it. Like, shit is just suddenly at a 45-degree angle for kinda no reason. But, OK. Hawkeye's cameo got a HUGE response, way better than my stupid-ass original audience a year ago. (It's Sunday! Sunday's my real, true, legit Hiddlesaversary! More on that later.) And Loki's first appearance definitely got the best reaction out of all the villains, which warmed my heart.

  • Captain America: D'awwww, omg, I had even more Steve-feels this time around. (Guys in front of me: "AMER-ICA!!" Me, resignedly: "Fuck yeah." They also kept doing the "HAIL HYDRA!" I was like, really?) He's just so damn earnest and precious and '40s and eeee. "Where is the little man from?" "Brooklyn" got a HUGE cheer (NYC I love yoooou ), as did his jumping on the grenade. How I adore that moment. Also, Sebastian Stan and his face. And adorable JJ Feild! With his ears! Just so, so cute. *squiggly feels*

  • ...oh, and there were 20-30 minutes breaks between each one, and I brought lots of food. And I won a prize!! They did trivia and I got the first question (!) and it was about the tesseract and I nailed it, obvs, so I won a prize. (The Captain America toy in the pic above.) \o/ BALLIN'. And people were already lined up for regular midnight shows when I went into the lobby around 6:45. O_____o Wow. That's devotion.

    AND THEN IT WAS FINALLY MIDNIGHT AND THE TRAILER STARTED AND WE GOT...a Chris Pine romantic dramedy. Really, tho. >___> That was lame and everyone booed (heh), but then we got Lawless and I was like EVERYONE SHUT THE GODDAMN HELL UP IT'S GARY OLDMAN and they did (basically it's Deep South Boardwalk Empire, yes? EXCIIIIITE) and we cheered for Prometheus the instant we saw "from Ridley Scott," and best of all, The Amazing Spider-man got a wildly favorable response--people haven't seemed to be too excited, and I REALLY am, but I guess they're coming around. "Oh, you've found my weakness! It's tiny knives!" PETER. But we did NOT get TDKR and I am not at all okay with that. >___________< The one big disappointment of the night. But then the movie. THE MOVIE!:

  • Loki's entrance. Oh my fucking balls. As soon as I saw his crouched figure I just had my fists at my mouth and then we saw his crazy-ass eyes and we cheered and I was like AAAAHDSFSKDFJKDSKLFJ and then he started killin' bitches right away and holy god I love him SO MUCH

  • And then mind control!! Was not expecting that! And I'm not even sorry to say that it took about four seconds for my brain to go to the "OH GOD I want really dark Clint/Loki fic BASICALLY NOW" place

  • And, OK, let's do this by character, first, Tony (because he'd be mad if I didn't): ADORABLE. I was sitting there thinking that I'd enjoyed his chemistry with Pepper more in IM1 than IM2, so I wasn't sure how I'd feel once they were Officially Together, but it totally worked; they kept up the banter and the cuteness and everything (and I enjoyed that she was barefoot in both of her scenes to make him look taller. Heh). I loved that she's actually friends with Coulson and Tony's little jealous moment (hee), and I liked that we actually acknowledged that he wasn't a good match for the whole Avengers plan. Going in I was not quite expecting that the entire plan had been scrapped, obviously, but that was kinda smart! And then I LOVED his arc and his interaction with the others and his bad people skills and his anger at Coulson's death (MAMA NOOOOOOOO we'll get there in a sec) and his "WE'RE NOT SOLDIERS!"--oh, my heart. And then oh my godddddddddd, when he was flying up into the--well, in a minute. But I just loved him so hard in this.

  • Natasha is SUCH A BOSS. I loved how she was smart enough not to be overly cocky but badass enough to know her own skills, and that phone call with Coulson was priceless. I loved her trying to calm down Bruce when he was transforming; she has a human, gentle side while still being an epic asskicker. AND I AM SHIPPING HER & CLINT. THIS IS MIRACULOUS. A legit, nearly-canon het ship where no one's related and no one's dead and nothing is horrifying! Well, not extremely. Not by my standards! (Their whole thing with the used-to-run-jobs-together and the hired-to-kill-me-but-then-didn't, scarily relevant to my interests rn. Because of stuff.) AND THEN SHE PWNED LOKI WITH HER BRAIN. THAT WAS AMAZING. First of all, "mewling quim"?! Is that not basically a fancier way of calling her a cunt?! With that terrifying delivery--I literally yelled "WHOOOOA" out loud because, like, oh my god. I loved it. And then she's just like 'lol bye bitch' and walked away and Loki's like D:< and holy shit, BOW to the queen.

    (I mean, by my standards that's a perfectly functional relationship. Downright cuddly.)

  • Oh, this is disorganized. CLINT! CLINT AND HIS ARMS! Clint and his firing arrows behind his head! Clint and his quiet angst when he realizes he killed a whole buncha bitches! (And the eye. THE EEEEYE. DDDD:) Awww. I was a little bummed he didn't get more developed, but he had such a lovely chemistry with Natasha; I feel like we learned a lot about them by the way they interacted. Also, arms. Did I mention...?

  • And Bruce!! I legit watched the audience fall in love with him over two hours. It was beautiful. When he first showed up he didn't get a big cheer like most of the others did and I was like :\ :\ because I stan for Mark now [that's the rule; you're nice to me personally and you get tenure] and I just loved him right away with his fidgety hands and his messy hair and his professorly jackets--and then he sprang some angst on us! I legit had my hands over my heart when he said he'd tried to kill himself. Oh, baby. :'( But then he just got more & more awesome (LOL THE VESPA) and "I'm always angry" got a resounding cheer. AND THEN HE PUNCHED THOR. I CAN'T. AND THEN LOKI--I actually missed the line "puny god" because we were carrying on too loudly after that. Amazing. Just amazing. (When I was on the train home a guy got on and saw my shirt and my swag and my blissful expression and was like "You saw Avengers!" and I was like "shit yeah I did!" and he's like "You know who stole the show?" and I loyally replied "Loki!" and he was like "naw, man, the Hulk!" And that made me happy because he really needs more love. D'awww.) And his bonding with Tony--science bros!1 "Finally, someone who speaks English!" Awesome.

  • And Steve! STEVE! My darling Steve! He was just so proper and gentlemanly and leadery--he basically turned into fuckin' Lt. Spiers and just ran shit, and everyone just went with it because he is awesome. Oh my god. Just watching his movie right before this and seeing his transform from Just A Kid From Brooklyn to a legit leader and hero...amazing. And everything with Tony--OH GOD, MY STEVE/TONY FEELS. I'm sorry, wasn't the line "take that away, and what are you"? Not "take that OFF and what are you"? UHHH...JUST SAYING. With the close-glaring and the unnecessary touching and the finally-learning-to-work-togethering--

    is all I'm saying, basically. _____ ("Please tell me no one kissed me." Someone in the audience pointed at Steve and yelled "HE DID!" ...OK, fine, it was me.)

  • And Loki. My wonderful, magnificent Loki. With his scarf and his wicked smiles and his swag and--y'know, at this point the only way to tell the difference between Tom and Loki is the laugh; one is "AHAHAHA" and the other is "EHEHEHE." That's basically it. Well, that and the occasional murder spree. Oh man, the scene in Albuquerque Germany with the "KNEEL!" and the outfit and the "there are no men like me." (If he'd added "Just me" I would have LOST MY SHIT ENTIRELY.) The reunion with Thor was not what I expected--like I was thinking we'd get some big "!!!! DDDDDD: YOU ARE ALIVE, BROTHER" thing and then we'd get to the smackdown, but no! Thor is a throat-punch-first, feels-later kinda guy. I respect that. And it still got to me, with the "Did you mourn me?" "We all did." :( Awww, bros. And he got to be funny, too! "Are you ever not going to fall for that?" "I'm not overly fond of what follows," "This usually works," "...I'm listening." (I DIED.) And "I'll have that drink now." Honestly, we cheered just as much when he was doing something awesome as when he got his ass handed to him. I actually love that we saw his strangely human side, because we did that with Thor too and it makes him a more accessible villain while still being a badass god. Like, he's also a petulant, snarky kid brother. Oh, my sweet Hiddles. As I said in September, you're my favorite. Like HANDS DOWN.

  • (Oh hell, this is getting long.) And where do I even begin with the humor? "Doth thy mother know thou weareth her drapes?" "I don't see how that's a party," "...he's adopted," "Monkeys? I do not understand..." "I do! I got that reference" (OH MY GOD I'D WATCH AN ENTIRE MOVIE OF THAT), "full-tilt diva," "Hulk--smash" (we brought the roof down on that one, appropriately enough), Coulson being a Cap fanboy, just...everything. I'm sure I'm forgetting things, but it was just glorious.

  • AND LET'S TALK ABOUT THE SON OF COUL FOR A SECOND. OK, well, we knew everybody wasn't gonna come out alive, and there were howls--and I do mean howls--of "FUCKING WHEDON!" and similar when Agent Phil got...Washed. Because he's a life ruiner. I really didn't know until yesterday how deeply beloved that character was, and I thought about it today and realized that entire element of the movie would not have been possible without Clark Gregg's charisma. He's not a hugely essential character, technically, and with a lesser actor, it would not have worked at all to hang that much of the story's emotional weight on his death. But because he's so great and the fandom just fell in love with him so much, we totally bought that they'd all be motivated to assemble, as it were, to avenge him. AND THAT IS FUCKING AWESOME. YOU'RE THE MAN NOW, DOG. :') And I think the most badass line of them all might have been "Move away, please." MOVE AWAY, PLEASE. Polite to the very end. And "oh, that's what that does." I LOVE IT. WE SALUTE YOU, PHIL. (Dude on the train: "But I didn't like that they...*makes stabbing motion* Even the biggest dude--the hardest black man there was like 'Man! He was the good guy, man!!'" LOL NYC )

  • ...but the trading cards, tho--did Fury seriously put blood on them just to make a point?! That's cold. I love that he's more than a little morally gray, but wow. O____o Crafty, but mean. I got my eye on you, Nick

  • And I also really wanted more of Maria, especially as exasperated!co-parent with Phil, because that trope is hilarious to me, but she did get some awesome moments, to be sure

  • And then just, like, THE ENTIRE BATTLE SCENE, with Cap and Thor teaming up and Hulk pwning Loki and all that wonderfulness, culminating in Tony, of all people, pulling a Heroic Sacrifice, and Jarvis offering to call Pepper (AAAHHHHHHH MY FEELS) and Hulk saving him (d'awwww) and then, uh, reviving him with a pretty simple method. HEH. Just one badass moment after another. \m/

  • BUT OKAY, THE CENTRAL PARK BIT: I was there, like, ALL DAY, and I absolutely did not see Loki bound and gagged, let alone the goddamn tesseract. So I dunno when they shot that, but well done, yo. I did know that there was some teleportin' going on, since they stood in a circle and turned on big fans and Joss yelled "AAAAAND...DISAPPEAR!" and they all looked upwards, but they totally hid the other stuff. They definitely shot some dialogue for that scene, too--Tony says "hey, c'mere," to Bruce, I think, and they talk about something or other and there was...something else (gimme a break, it was eight months ago), but I guess they either cut it or they were just screwing with us. Hey, either way, Best Day Ever.

  • AND THEN THOSE OTHER SCENES: holy shit, the reaction to Thanos was one of the loudest of the night. We were so pumped. It was awesome. (And then Tom accidentally tweeted about it and went "DELETE DELETE I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING" and I was like 'for Chrissake, you're a Cambridge man. Get it together.') And then the shawarma. HEE, OMG, THE SHAWARMA. "I dunno what it is, but I wanna try it." It is my headcanon that Loki was sitting off out of the shot pouting because they were like "No! You don't get any! 'Cause you're a jerk! Go sit over there!" and he's just all sad in the corner. This is fact.

  • Oh, and I forgot to say--my insane Epileptic Trees theory was that Nick Fury was hiding something under his eyepatch, because his Evil Dark Veins of Doom increased in evil darkness as the movie went on. I swear they did. And that's a repeated motif in the other movies, so I thought it was a thing. But, er, apparently not.

  • And then when it was over I wasn't tired AT ALL; I was jazzed up on pure adrenaline and I was like "THIS MOVIE, I LIKE IT! ANOTHER!" but then we had to leave and I got to bed around 4:00 and slept in and went to work a bit late and spent all day in a nerdy haze of happiness. And now I wanna see it again. Like, I really really wanna see it again like NOW. I'm feeling all withdrawal-y and twitchy and jittery and I swear I learned about this in middle-school health class. I JUST NEED THE CRACK AGAIN OKAY

    (and now I'm watching SPN oh my god what the actual devil is happeniiiiiiiiiiing)

    OH AND MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU. And tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day, so don't forget to get on that shit.
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