24 April 2012 @ 09:56 pm
There's no cure for bein' a cunt.  
(Forgive me, but really, that line is going down in the annals of television as one of the best Precision F-Strikes of all time, along with my beloved Richard's "I don't fuckin' believe this" and Michael Scott's "I drove my car into a fucking lake!" BRONN ♥)

ONCE UPON A TIME: I KNEW IT!! I knew that wasn't his kid! Because lbr here, when you hire Eion Bailey, you do not cast a brown-(hazel-?)eyed kid as a younger version of him. You do not. That would be some Lily Evans bullshit right there, and I am not here for that. I've been hoping to see a 'transition period' episode of sorts for Rumplestiltskin, to see how he got from zero to twinkly-batshit, so I liked that. And I LOVED him betraying Regina, that was awesome--and he doesn't even know about Belle yet! How insane is he gonna go then?! Died laughing at the "we're so glad you didn't murder Mrs. Nolan" card, heh. And I liked the sweet moment between David & Kathryn (although I still wanna know how far this affair between David & MM went). I love the idea that the Blue Fairy is the most powerful creature around, too. But awww, poor dumb Sidney. I'm glad Emma didn't buy that confession for a second, but I guess Regina can make it seem legit...AND I'M SORRY, but did Emma say that she's going to take Henry from Regina because Regina tried to take someone she loves? Meaning MM? DAMMIT, SHOW. STOP. MAKING. ME. SHIP. THEM. It's just weird. ...Though probably not the worst thing I've ever shipped, tbh. (also moar Red & Hatter, plz)

GAME OF THRONES: WELL, that was fun. I've seen a lot of people saying that that episode was ridiculously dark and full of terrors, and I cannot say I disagree. I think a lot of it is because they made a lot of changes and therefore we didn't expect a lot of that fuckery; I thought the Joffrey scene did make sense in context, but it really went on too long. I'd been wondering if we were supposed to think he was a virgin or if Cersei had pulled an Atia of the Julii and demanded that he "penetrate someone" or whatever, but that...is not how I expected that to go. Cripes. I think it's important to show that he's a genuine sadistic threat on his own, he's not just a whiny boy king who does whatever his mother says, but still, that was disturbing as balls, just the way the girls started out all cheeky and flirty and then just grew more horrified. Gah. And of course Sansa broke my heart; loved the moments with Tyrion, since I'm still kinda pulling for them to be friends/legit allies and you can still he's starting to respect her. I did rather like the change with Jeyne ("Talisa," whatever) being a badass battlefield nurse, and especially being on the opposite side of Robb; I always thought
their relationship was kinda underdeveloped in the books, especially given the ramifications it has, and they're really gonna need to establish their love as a real, deep thing if we're gonna understand it and believe it when Robb fucks everything up by breaking his deal with the Freys for her. In the books he's only fourteen or whatever, but he comes off much more adult here, so they're gonna have to sell it all the more.
. And also, the Chaplins are flawless, obviously. So that I did like. And of course my sassy peach king was the actual best:

HEE. ♥ Oh my god, I love him so, so much. Why can't he and Stannis be friends?! Renly can be snarky and Stannis can correct everyone's grammar (I literally said "OH, DAMMIT" out loud at the "less/fewer" thing with Davos because that is probably my biggest pet peeve ON. THE. PLANET. and getting it right is a sure way to my heart. Also, boyfriends) and everyone can be happy! Geez! I figured out why I really don't dig Dany's story that much in the books past AGoT: it's pretty much entirely humorless. Easily the most visually stunning, but most of the other POVs at least have some snark or absurdity or something, whereas Dany's just like "my sun-and-stars is dead/I WILL BURN THIS MOTHERFUCKER DOWN" 24/7. So the whole "Karth/Kwarth" thing had me LOLin', especially since I've been getting that wrong too. >___> And XXD is delightful. AND ARYA/GENDRY. HOLY GOD MY ARYA/GENDRY FEELS like okay when he gets called to be rat-tortured (DDDDDDDDDD8 UNTIL THE END OF TIME) he looks at her just automatically and he was being all stoic and sdfjkdfskldfjskdjk all of my hopes and dreams, you too. ALL OF THEM. And I think Adam said it best when he texted me with "WTF DID SHE JUST GIVE BIRTH TO?!!?" That was WAY more disturbing than I'd been picturing; from the book I thought it was just, like...smoke. CANNOT EVER UNSEE

(next week nooooooooo noooooo why ;______; team highgarden 5ever but at least we get some more hot Jaqen :9)

(AND THAT BOARDWALK PROMO!! *FLAILY HANDS FOREVER* "I'm not finished!" SHE'S NOT FUCKING FINISHED. YASSSSSS. Margaret Schroeder, HBIC of Atlantic City '23! ['23? They're jumping ahead 18 months, right? No me gusta.] I used to genuinely ship her/Nucky, but now that that's been horribly torpedoed I'll settle for watching her pwn his ass and become the fabulous Lady Macbeth that she was always meant to be. Looking forward to it. And Richard!! My love!! He got a new mask! AND THAT TWO SECOND SHOT OF JIMMY SDLKFJKFJKSJKFS WHAT DO I DO WITH ALL THESE FEELS; COME BACK TO ME SHOW)

THE BORGIAS: Did that episode seem extraordinarily long? It did to me. I dunno why. So, wow, we're really just going fucking metal with Lucrezia and Juan, huh? What does it say when Cesare's the least dark sibling this week? He was so sweet trying to protect Lucrezia from seeing Paolo; awww. I totally didn't think Juan would just straight-up admit to killing Paolo, but he just had no fucks to give whatsoever. Wow. And Lucrezia singing to the baby as she waited for the chandelier to fall was creepy as hell, not to mention incredibly cold that she didn't care who got killed, Juan or his lady friend. Dang. Are we supposed to think that Cesare
kills Juan eventually out of love for her? Because that'd be inteeeeense.
(I like this spoiler tag thing!) LOVED seeing Cesare being all clever and strategic; someone oughta write a book about you or somethin', son. Plaster cannons! Brilliant! And of course he had to get all hot and fondley with Vittoria, too, because he just has chemistry with ALL OF THE PEOPLE EVER. Naturally I loved bossy!Michelotto up on the ramparts and shit, and his knife-throwing skills--o hai, random Noah Taylor, how you doin'. Nitpick: are there no wet nurses in all of Rome? Seriously? Sheesh.

THE BIG C: All I have to say is that Sean/Andrea makes my life forever, as did Cathy's face when she walked in on Sean 'finishing' his phone call. HEH. I liked Susan Sarandon a lot, actually, and I totally called that she wanted another baby, which...feels like a bad idea to me, but that's usually what I have to say about that because I'm not fond of humans and the idea of adding more to the world seems questionable. And Paul's embittered, gravelly-voiced impression of Alec Baldwin made my week, since irrational hatred of Alec Baldwin is totally my bag.

SMASH: Bahahaha, wow, stalker!lesbians and Bollywood? I'll take it! As Entertainment Weekly hilariously pointed out, crazy is better than boring, so why not. Kind of annoyed that Rebecca suddenly had a personality transplant in the Indian restaurant scene, so I'll just tell myself that she's madly in love with Karen and the whole thing will end in an angry hot threesome. Or something. Had NO idea that Raza Jaffrey could sing, and while Dev still bores me I thought that scene was hilariously delightful and I am moderately jealous of Lara Pulver for getting to hit that. (...More jealous of him, tho, lbr.) I just assumed that was supposed to be ridiculous, with Derek serving Ivy grapes and Ellis stealing that necklace, so I accept it even though it made...no narrative sense at all. The latest Houston family drama was exasperating, but worth it for Tom's adorable concern over Heinous Leo (and subsequently, Sam's) and Julia's hilarious Anastasia Beaverhausen 'disguise' outside the high school. HEH. DO NOT like Ivy scheming with Ellis; I hate that she's gotten that petty, despite the fact that she should clearly have the role. "Secondhand White Baby Grand" was awesome, though, as was "Run" (fun fact: that is totally the anthem of pretty much all my OTPs. Because I ♥ angst). And once again, Eileen/Nick is the only pairing I care about (eeee!), though I rather enjoyed the Derek/Rebecca sexual tension, mostly because of his scathing pronunciation of "smooooothies" and the "Chip?" "...No" moment in the elevator. Heh. I agree with the internet theory that Rebecca's peanut allergy is going to come back in some dramatic fashion--well, why not. And noooo, not more Michael Swift! He's the worst! He's the plain-flavored Goldfish of people!

Come on! That's funny! He's dressed like Aladdin!

GLEE: Oh, dear. Well, the harmonized a cappella "How Will I Know" sounded beyond awesome, though I just...wish they hadn't hammered the This Is A Whitney Tribute Episode thing so hard. And I did enjoy the "Pezberry," because they sound legit fab together and they actually acknowledged that it was weird to become friends at the last minutes, but just went with it anyway. However...Chandler? A random hipster whose entire point is to fawn over Kurt and tell him how amazing he is in a decidedly stalkerish fashion? My jaw actually dropped when he complained that Blaine hadn't "told [him] how special [he] was" lately. REALLY?? Are we just abandoning all pretense and admitting that this is The St. Kurt Show? Good Lord A'mighty. And oh my god, Darren, no more saying lyrics out loud. PLEASE. I cringed so hard at "it's not right...but it's okay." Honey, that's why everyone makes fun of you. He did look good in that black suit, though. Klaine just needs to stop being so...intense and srs bzness all the time. The Burt scene was sweet, at least; they're great together. I won't even bother with the hilarious out-of-nowhere creepiness that is Quinn/Joe (BONER? REALLY?), I'm just gonna be happy with the Hummelberry moments and Puck being cute ("broments"! How do I not say that already?!) and the sweet friendship stuff in the final number, since I am all about the friendships. I will also try to ignore Will being the world's only groomzilla and ignoring everything Emma said and wanted for the wedding, because at least he's consistent in his rampant douchebaggery. But...who exactly is graduating? Everyone except Blaine? Are Rory and Sugar and those other unimportant people juniors too? Are they singing "Graduation (Friends Forever)", or is that too on-the-nose? Is Will still teaching history? Will we ever see Wade again? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Allllmost done catching up on "Person of Interest." (OMG. The baby ep. d y i n g forever) And Titus Fucking Pullo is joining "Dexter"! I'm both worried about and very excited for next season; the whole incesty thing seems like a disaster in the making, but the last ten seconds of that finale were AMAZING and I think that could go somewhere really fun if they don't wuss out. And I love Ray Stevenson in general, so I'm excited.

Going to a screening of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel on Thursday, complete with tea-tasting beforehand. AND I DON'T THINK I NEED TO EXPLAIN WHAT SATURDAY IS. ASSEMBLE FASTER.

EDIT: OH AND I FORGOT, re: SPN--REALLY?! YOUR MURDEROUS PENIS STRIKES AGAIN, SAM. Man, I was positively delighted to hear that Annie had had the good sense to virtually make Wincest canon and get with both boys (and Bobby!), and then BOOM. Dead two seconds after we meet her. I just...gdi, show. Life and also choices. But aww, Bobby. ♥
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eye never sleep: Gendrytwilightthief on April 25th, 2012 03:31 am (UTC)
I dubbed this GOT episode: "Tits and Torture" because..yeah..appropriate title is appropriate.

Def not my favorite episode but I did enjoy Greywind and Cat's spat with Littlefinger and of course my Arya/Gendry action <3

I do like Stannis' and Davos' bromance, yes.

And ick to Joff and Melisandre, ick, ick ick. I totally agree the Joff scene was just too long.

I totally dont remember the doctor lady that Robb was consorting with, hmmm..

And @Boardwalk-I TOTALLY DID NOT SEE THE PROMO YET!!!! Richard has a new mask? I need to youtube this!
extraordinary machine.la_petite_singe on April 25th, 2012 04:17 am (UTC)
Greywind is a boss!! His love for Cat is basically the only thing that redeems Littlefinger at all, imo, so the fact that he screwed even that up and pissed her off was kind of a shame. I mean, really, he thought he'd kinda hit on her after delivering Ned's bones? D: D: Awww.

I don't think we've seen "Talisa" before, but that was an interesting introduction. I'm all about bantery romances, but this one's a little more hardcore than most, since they're on opposite sides and all. Hopefully that'll play out well.

Did you see it yet?!? It's only 30 seconds, but me 'n' the Tumblr girls basically melted down over it. SHE'S NOT FUCKING FINISHED
Sparklie!oohasparklie on April 25th, 2012 03:41 am (UTC)
I am a little in love with Renly and his horns.

Also, Joe (Samuel) on Glee...I watched him win that Glee project and have been DYING to see him on the show. He's so gorgeous it makes my eyes happy.
extraordinary machine.la_petite_singe on April 25th, 2012 04:15 am (UTC)
He's just so adorable! My peach king! ♥ Team Highgarden!!

His plotline is kinda ridiculous, but hey, at least he's getting screentime, unlike Rory, it seems. And he could pretty much get it. He & Quinn are at least very hot together.
ozmissage: GoT. Robb. the young wolf.ozmissage on April 25th, 2012 06:41 pm (UTC)
I'm actually digging the changes to Robb's story too. Martin just did zero heavy-lifting with that kid in the books, so it's exciting for me to watch Robb and his story take shape on the screen. And this already feels like the beginning of a real relationship rather than a paragraph of exposition like it was in the text.

Sean and Andrea were so wonderful this week on The Big C. :D
extraordinary machine.la_petite_singe on April 26th, 2012 02:08 am (UTC)
Yeah, exactly. I mean, their relationship really sets a huge part of the plot in motion; we're really gonna need to be invested. It's bad enough Robb's not a POV character (I get why, but I would've liked to get inside his head), but since we barely got to know Jeyne either...yep, I think I like what they're doing.

I just love them so much. :D They are so my faves. I...have to wonder if they're going to Go There with them, since it's Showtime and they have no shame, but I think I like their big bro/little sis thing more. (But either way, really.)
almostgabyalmostgaby on April 26th, 2012 06:03 am (UTC)
LMAO at Sam's cursed Penis...one day, one day it won't be cursed.

I sooo need to catch up on this seasons borgias so I will skip over that, but in regards to Game of Thrones: That Joffrey scene was beyond disturbing and I agree it went on far too long. I think from everything we've learned thus far about Joffrey (strictly show wise) anyone can tell that he is sadistic. SANSA ....*cries* she broke me. UGH poor bb. asakhsh I can go on but you got the jest of it XP

BOARDWALK EMPIRE akhskajh I CANNOT WAIT, but I'm still so sad about the absense of Jimmy/Angela too LOL!
extraordinary machine.: TV - Boardwalk Empire - Richard/Jimmyla_petite_singe on April 27th, 2012 02:57 am (UTC)
Seriously!! What is with that thing?! It's a death trap! ...But it might be worth the ride, tbh.

It was the sort of scene that was so fucked up that I was actually mildly concerned about the actors. I was like "is Jack Gleeson old enough for this shit?!" Effective, and logically in-character, but STILL. D:

Jimmy/Richard/Angela was totally my OT3, so you cannot imagine the depths of my creys. ;___; I'm really really excited for Bobby Cannavale because I love him, but my heart shall never be the same. DAMN YOU WINTER
Mrs [insert crush of the week]: dexter → how evil can i possibly be?totallybalanced on April 26th, 2012 08:48 am (UTC)
extraordinary machine.: TV - Rome - Vorenus/Pullola_petite_singe on April 27th, 2012 02:59 am (UTC)
Yes! Apparently! :D I'm very excited; I ♥ him and I think that show could be awesome again...probably. But either way he'll be fun to watch. He almost made Punisher: War Zone tolerable. (Not quite. But almost.)
ericadawn16: Curiousericadawn16 on April 27th, 2012 06:44 pm (UTC)
So, are you covering NYSE opening Bell May 1st?
extraordinary machine.: Film - The Avengers - Steve/Tonyla_petite_singe on April 28th, 2012 03:20 am (UTC)
Oh shit, I did hear about that! Depends how tomorrow goes. :D
ericadawn16: Thoughtfulericadawn16 on April 29th, 2012 04:25 pm (UTC)
are you lookin' to get stabbed?: if my life is mine...what shouldn't i domutantjules on April 28th, 2012 12:59 am (UTC)

bucket of rats sdflkjgs;lk.fhmblsfxnx DDDDDDDDD:

AND YES, NOAH TAYLOR!!!!!! I thought it was a little bit weaksauce and predictable that during her big badass revenge on Juan (which I loved!) they had her singing that one song she sang with Paolo that one time ~so it could be creepy-singing~ with ~creepy-angles~ because eeeesh. Though it could just be because I HATE HIS FACE AND I'M HAPPY HE'S DEAD AND I HOPE HE NEVER GETS MENTIONED AGAIN EVER

everything else about the episode, I loved. Cesare and Vittoria! EVERYTHING EVERYTHING! But my biggest reaction was "...........!!!!!!!!!!IS THAT NOAH TAYLOR?!!!!" and lo! It totally was! :D I love that guy!


Edited at 2012-04-28 01:00 am (UTC)
extraordinary machine.: Film - The Avengers - Steve/Tonyla_petite_singe on April 28th, 2012 03:25 am (UTC)

I thought that was Mr. Bucket! Yeah, I mean, I think the script of that scene was probably like "[IT'S REALLY CREEPY]", but I kind of love that this show is just going balls-out crazy and murdering people during lurid sex scenes. That's just hilarious. And I am still deeply amused that your hatred of his Skins character has spilled over into this poor dumb kid who thinks there's one Lucrezia in all of Rome or whatever. (Every time she mentions that he can't read--which is A LOT--I just think of Eric on Boy Meets World going "HA HA HA HA HA, SHAWN'S POOR!" And then I cackle.)

(oh my god why does Cesare have chemistry with EVERYONE WHO IS ALIVE EVER JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY)

Yes!! I am so excite. :D And I love that he's clearly evil. ♥

are you lookin' to get stabbed?: we're not bad peoplemutantjules on April 28th, 2012 04:56 am (UTC)

HEE, Mr. Bucket. Indeed! Though hay, have you ever seen this little movie called Max? It's...about a young struggling-artist brimming-over-with-silent-rage Adolf Hitler and Noah Taylor played him. Technically it's ABOUT Max Rothstein, his Jewish one-armed art dealer, and John Cusack was him and a lot of things about the movie were cheesy and not that great but Noah Taylor was FUCKING RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME and it's weird that I'll love a guy forever for being so awesome as Hitler but goddamn, he was like...crazy awesome. Though even before then I loved him from Almost Famous, but this brought whole new levels. Yass.

ANYWAY YES INDEED, SEX, MURDER, SEXY MURDER~. And I'm happy you like it cause I CANNOT CONTROL IT AT ALL and whenever his face leaves the screen and my tidal rage of seething hatred ebbs, I instantly feel ridiculous. BUT BUT--! He TRULY DID suck that much! And on the total opposite side of that spectrum, the actor of my FAVOURITE character ever on Skins wound up playing Gendry. YAY FOR ME! (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMGGGGGG. I had forgotten all about that! ♥)

extraordinary machine.la_petite_singe on April 28th, 2012 05:14 am (UTC)
I haven't, but shit, I'll totally look it up now! (I go back & forth on John Cusack, though he did win me over slightly last week at the screening of The Raven when someone snarkily asked if he thought 2012 [like, his movie] would be coming true this year, and he gamely tried to link his answer back to Poe. That's commitment.) Though tbh I kinda think no one should ever bother trying to play Hitler again after Bruno Ganz in Downfall, since he was basically A M A Z I N G in that, but still, I'll give him a shot. ;) And I was just thinking about Almost Famous earlier! "Fever Dog" came up on shuffle and I was like 'I should totes watch that again.'

I'm sure I do that with someone. I guess I kinda did it with Vanessa Marano--she played Luke's Secret Daughter on Gilmore Girls and I was so mad about the plotline that I started hating her just on principle. But then she died horribly on Dexter and I felt a little better. And HEE YES OMG I love him just because of his interviews about how he now knows what shipping means. XD He's like "but she's 14!" and yet seems charmed by the fanbase. I love it.


(...btw, I will be sending you a little [read: LONG AS FUCK] something by the end of this weekend or early next week. I swear. I SWEAR. IT IS ACTUALLY COMING. :DDD)
are you lookin' to get stabbed?: if my life is mine...what shouldn't i domutantjules on April 28th, 2012 05:25 am (UTC)
(BAHAHAHA. That IS commitment!) And....well, I've never seen that, so basically we now have to trade-off opinions on Hitler performances. A HITLER-OFF!!!! Though be warned, when I say this movie is occasionally Das Cheezen, I don't say that lightly - there may or may not be a bit where Taylor's all pissed off and writes in his sketchbook ART + POLITICS = POWER(??????????rly?) SO YEAH. But to be fair, managing to transcend writing like that really shows how great a performance is!


(I literally just said "Yay! YAY! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!" upon reading that, jsyk :D)
extraordinary machine.: TV - Sherlock - Sherlock/Irenela_petite_singe on April 28th, 2012 05:32 am (UTC)
OH MY GOD, DUDE, YOU HAVE TO. That's the one the "Hitler reacts to _____" meme is from. (Once you've seen that scene with proper subtitles it sort of ruins it forever, tho, because what he's really saying is fucking horrifying. But I still love that meme, esp. the "Hitler reacts to finding out he got killed by Eli Roth." HEH.) It's unbelieeeeevably depressing--like, it's about the end of his life, and you'd think that'd be a good thing, but it's somehow still horrible and sad as balls, but he's so so brilliant. Holy shit. But heh, I have watched mediocre/bad/terrible movies for one specific awesome actor/performance before. (Did I tell you about Shrooms? LOL FOR DAYS)

(I SWEAR. I SWEAR. Well, I think. I'm ~busy most of the day tomorrow BUT THEN ON SUNDAY I shall sequester myself and just finish this shit. I only have part of one scene left. Aaaand there's a twist. :D And there's other stuff. And I am seriously so VERY VERY excited for your reactions to certain stuff because your reactions are just my fave thing ever. :DDDDDDDD And I was starting to panic again that it would suck and no one else would read it...and then I read the synopses from some of the other people doing big bangs for this project and saw that someone else is doing Kurt/Blaine Orpheus/Eurydice fic, and I felt a little better. Though God help me, that'll probably get more hits than mine. BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT IT'S ALMOST DONE AUGH LAWD HELP ME)
are you lookin' to get stabbed?: I KNOW BITCH i was deducingmutantjules on April 28th, 2012 05:45 am (UTC)
OH SHIT, REALLY?!!!!! whoa. That'll be intense. (I liked "Hitler reacts to the end of Lost" personalleh XD just cause he's displeased but then like "well, there's always next season" and then one of his guys is like "my Fuhrer....that was the last season" and THEN he freaks out) but yay, okay - so there's an ~early Hitler movie and a ~late Hitler movie. Balance! Suh-weet. (AHAHAHA SHROOMS OMG. I've never seen it, but my bff and I saw the trailer when I was sleeping over at her house once and she was like "WE NEED TO DO SHROOMS AND WATCH THIS MOVIE" and I was like "I....DON'T KNOW IF THAT'S THE BEST IDEA" and then I just heard that it wasn't very good. BUT STILL, TELL ME!)


Edited at 2012-04-28 05:46 am (UTC)
extraordinary machine.la_petite_singe on April 29th, 2012 12:58 am (UTC)
HEEEE, that's awesome! I mean, despite my non-hate for the last season/finale, I still quite understand that. I also enjoyed when he was mad about the delayed release date for Half-Blood Prince or whatever it was. (I...honestly don't know if that's a good idea! I mean, it's kind of endearingly terrible and the twist at the end is very amusing, but IDK if actually doing shrooms would just make it funnier or make it weirdly freaky. I'm just not sure. But it's a larf.)

TODAAAAAAAAAAAAY WAS A MAGICAL DAAAAAAY; entry coming v. soon. :D :D And that is a very good point; this is a ~modern-day AU~ but I'd like to think I stayed true to their personalities or w/e, and also there...gahhh, well, I can't tell you yet, but there are other things that might intrigue people. :D TOMORROW I SWEAR [probably]
obstinate, headstrong girl!: got | daenerys targaryenzombie_boogie on April 28th, 2012 03:08 am (UTC)
I'm looking forward to the part in Dany's storyline when Barristan Selmy shows up, but I'm assuming there will be no Strong Belwas. That dude and his epic projectile shits certainly added some levity to her storyline. As did Daario and his ~oiled mustachios~ so I think there will be some absurdity later on. I'm just looking forward to more XXD because that dude seriously has panty-dropping voice.
extraordinary machine.la_petite_singe on April 28th, 2012 03:26 am (UTC)
I just hope they totally own the insanity and over-the-topness of her plotline, because it's craaaaaaazy and the visuals have the potential to be amazing and stuff. And as I said, humor. Just a little. It can be super-dark, just a little! And yes, that dude is awesome. :D I love the shameless expositional dialogue where the dude was like "But you're from the Summer Isles!" or whatever. Hey, it helps!
obstinate, headstrong girl!: got | daenerys targaryen → fire & bloodzombie_boogie on April 28th, 2012 01:21 pm (UTC)
I took that expository dialogue as a slap in the face to the people from Westeros.org that were pissed they cast a black man. IN YO FACE SUCKERS! GO TO BED WESTEROS.ORG. GO TO BED.

I would not mind if they took out the bit from Dany's storyline in ADWD where they watch a performance that ends with the ladies leaping and landing vagina-first on the dudes' penises O__0.
extraordinary machine.la_petite_singe on April 29th, 2012 12:53 am (UTC)
Did you see that petition on Tumblr to get GRRM to publicly denounce this Linda chick?! This fandom, man, seriously. O______o I tried to read her posts and I just got too baffled and gave up, but wow.

I...I...I haven't read it yet, but I will surely look forward to that. Wow. Just...her story is bananers.
kitfuryme on April 29th, 2012 11:06 am (UTC)
so I was just searching lj for someplace to put my sudden explosion of arya/gendry feelings, and came across this post, and then I saw you liked glee too, and then I realised you were the person who met pretty much the entire cast of avengers and posted it at ontd!! XD (you saw the movie that day too right? what did you thiiiink? I saw it a couple of days ago).

And this -- And oh my god, Darren, no more saying lyrics out loud. PLEASE. -- I feel ya XD
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