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I am never gonna get to see a merman! Ever!
TV - Boardwalk Empire
Well, Impromptu Celebrity Week 2012 capped off with me nearly crashing into Adam Goldberg as I got out of the elevator at work on Thursday--I vaguely knew that we were doing an event for the premiere of "NYC 22," but I didn't know it was that night and I didn't expect to WALK INTO HIM, and I was with my editor and this other girl from my office and when we got outside I was like "I'm sorry, did we just run into the Hebrew Hammer? Was that a thing that happened?" (I should've done my Eddie impression. "Man ALIVE, this thing's fantastic!!") I'll see the pilot/interview at work next week, no doubt, so here's hoping it's good. And then on Friday "Person of Interest" was shooting right by my office, so I went over at lunch and was talking to this funny P.A. I met on Monday and asking if Emerson was there (he wasn't) and quite suddenly found myself receiving a handshake from Caviezel when he came over to greet a bunch of fans (!). It was a very, very weird week. Tom was the highlight, obvs, but the rest was fun too.

COMMUNITY: Well, shit, life got dark! That was not how I was expecting that Blade plotline to end, but...I guess Jeff learned something? And there was plenty of ship-teaseyness in there; I have to say I enjoyed that Britta didn't even glance around when Jeff was changing his shirt in the hallway, and yet I ship them. Although it was a little weird to have another 'Britta is desperate over a guy' plotline right after the Subway episode; I love making fun of her too and all, but I don't like it when she's the butt monkey too much. But yay, only-slightly-fake Annie/Britta friendship! And Shirley/Jeff! And Chang/Pierce friendship, which has the potential for hilarity (although actor-wise it worries me, since Jeong is so sweet and loves everybody and Chevy...does not). Also, I actually kinda like that we're going somewhere with this refrigerator school thing, just because I want more scenes of Jim Rash & John Goodman together. It's kinda like real-life Monsters Inc. or something.


Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh ugh this ship WHY WON'T YOU LET ME LOVE YOU. WHY IS EVERYTHING TERRIBLE. I've heard that Shonda (Shondaaaaaaa *shakes fist*) has said that she believes in them and they're not breaking up, but good Lord, that was painful. Though when I heard that Cristina was making him tell her all the intimate details, I was hoping for, like, ya know, intimate details. ...OK, fine, I just wanted a flashback with Kevin McKidd taking his shirt off. IS THAT SO WRONG?! I'm quite sure his desire to hurt her was entirely subconscious, but it was so tragic that he didn't even deny it when she said it. Gahhhh. And the fact that she didn't even tell Meredith...aargh. My emotions. I have no idea how they're gonna work it out, but against my better judgement I hope they do. ;__; Jackson/Mark continues to be wonderful and Teddy continues to be insufferable--I'm sorry, but I seriously can't with all this sad-widow stuff. IT WAS A FAKE MARRIAGE. YOU BARELY KNEW HIM. Last week when she was kinda comparing herself with that sweet old couple who'd been married for fifty years or whatever...come ON. The Girls' Night thing was hilarious, though, mostly Bailey's face when Arizona mentioned blowing it off in favor of "getting it on." And "movieSSSS." Heh. Yay, friendships!

THE OFFICE: OK, I officially don't get what they're doing with Nellie's character AT ALL, but whatever, it's Catherine Tate. Also, Andy/Erin are just awkward and painful and I want to ship them but they're just so...forced. D: IDGI. And that bachelorette party thing--REALLY?! You had a feisty, funny-inappropriate plus-sized bridesmaid named Megan and just...what, thought we wouldn't notice? Nice try, show. Nice fucking try. >_____< However, I loved Pam trying to one-up Jim on pranks, and I basically always love it when Jim & Dwight are forced to work together like bickering bros. So that was nice. But I hear the cast wants to end it this year, and that might be for the best. :\ Hate to say it, but I think the glory days are past. R.I.P. amazing S2-4.

AWAKE: It suddenly became "Wonderfalls"! I like that! I feel like the writers sat down on the very first day and went "OK, what are all the complications that will mess this idea up?" and just barreled through all of them: mixing up his partners; his wife wanting another baby; his wife wanting to move; another love interest in the son-alive world; forcing himself to sleep to 'get back' to the other world; injuries in one world affecting the other, etc. And that's smart! Might as well tackle the big stuff right away. So he knows too much about the Westfield thing and that's why they tried to kill him? Now it's getting "Rubicon"-y. (I miss yoooooooou ;___;) I can't entirely tell what we're supposed to think about Laura Innes, though--she seemed to be saying that they didn't have to kill him (again) at all as long as he wasn't a cop anymore, so does that mean she's actually kinda sympathetic to him...? I can't tell. She's certainly no Olivia Benson, though; I totally figured out the entire thing with the victim girl because I've watched WAY too much L&O, but damn, her speech to the little sister wasn't terribly compassionate. Maybe that's part of her conflicted nature. The season's ending next month, so I hope it's super-exciting to make up for the limited number of episodes. This had better not be another "Journeyman." Srsly. Oh, and sidenote: so many points for the actually-realistic (read: small) college dorm room!

Saw The Cabin in the Woods last night, and oh my god, it was delightful. Seriously, Hunger Games + SPN + Whedon dialogue = such joy. Turned up to eleven. I agree that it's much better to go in knowing nothing at all; for once the misleading marketing was actually an awesome idea. They pitched it as a straightforward teens-getting-killed-in-the-woods horror movie, and I'm seeing all these "WTF WAS THAT?!" reactions, which just kinda makes it more fun. My face legit went 8D!!! when we opened on Bradley Whitford and Richard Jenkins--seriously, can they just be bantering office mates in all of the things? Please? ♥ them both sfm. I loved that slow build to explaining what was actually going on, and of course I loved the deranged dark humor (oh my god, the Japanese schoolgirls. "FUCK YOOOOU!" Was there no teacher at this school or...?!). I really, really liked that the kids were actually likable and not horrifically annoying or stupid; I actually didn't want to see or think they deserved to die for once. Marty's collapsible coffee-mug bong = inspired. (Someone on TV Tropes hilariously and Freudian-slippishly described it as a "tumblr bong." HA!) I mean, we had our classic archetypal characters, and yet they were actually nice, regular people at the same time. ("Who told you about these?!" "I LEARNED IT FROM WATCHING YOU!") AND they actually figured stuff out as it went along, which was a wonderful relief, though it was amusing that they just kept surviving these horrific injuries without much trouble unless it was their turn to die. I was glad Curt didn't die right away, though--I believe my exact words were "YEAH, THOR!!" And then they went down into the facility and shit got so insanely real with all the nightmare monsters--I was dying at the unicorn in particular. It's SPN!! On PCP! And amazing cameo at the end there; who else would it be. Is it wrong that from the second the Director described what was going I was just mentally chanting "World end! World end! World end!"? Because...come on, that's too cool to pass up. Every year I like to pick my favorite closing shot from a movie [last year it was Another Earth; year before that it was True Grit]--well, that had to be one of my favorite closing shots OF ALL TIME. GLORIOUS. I wish I had a gif, but I'm also glad there aren't rampant spoilers yet, because everyone should enjoy the fun. And no, I did not miss that Serenity reference. Good Lord.

And today was Damsels in Distress--I disliked Greenberg and therefore had mixed feelings about Greta Gerwig, but this made me like her. If you can deal with the absurdly inflated dialogue, then it's pretty funny. The plot's kind of aimless and ridiculous, but I really liked how dark it was; it's basically Mona Lisa Smile meets Heathers. It seemed to be parodying a whole bunch of things at once, most especially snooty East Coast liberal-artsy colleges, which I am all for. And the costumes were delightful; it seemed to give the whole thing a kind of timelessness while also kinda mocking their tryhard-preppiness at the same time. I have feeling they were at the same college as the kids from The Secret History. Oh my god, that'd be the best crossover ever. AND HOLY SHIT THAT WAS CASSIE FROM SPN DSFKJDDKFJLSDJFKS I was lusting after Analeigh Tipton and Megalyn Echikunwoke the entire time BUT I DIDN'T REALIZE SHE WAS CASSIE. \o/ I know, "Route 666" is the most ridonk ep ever, but I stand by Dean/Cassie forever and ever. She was so my fave of all of his ladies. (I even wrote fic about them!) YES. AWESOME. Also, I think I was the only one laughing at the "back in a gif" thing because, well, yeah. I'm me.

Also, because I am a nerd and had a crazy-awesome old great-uncle who was obsessed with ships (what d'you call someone who loved the sea/ships? Marinophile? Anyway, that's what he was) and told me the Titanic story when I was like seven and got me totally interested because I was a really morbid-ass little kid and today was the 100th anniversary of the sinking, I went down to the South Street Seaport Museum to check out their exhibit; my pics are here @ Tumblr. I also plan to watch that Julian Fellowes miniseries, though I haven't heard great things. :P I gotta watch it anyway. That's what I do. Crossing all of my fingers for some kinda meta "Downton" ref...!

I'm seriously into nautical history due to Titanic. :D I watched the movie this morning after I came back from Denny's.


I haven't watched the movie in a while; perhaps I should. Even though I think I could recite it. >____>

I can. "Fifteen meters, you should see it..."


"You are so fulla shit, boss."

I loved that line and then, the irony! THE IRONY!

So delicious I could eat it with a spoon!

I also loved:
"Husband bulge" and "I had to dismember this guy a with a trowel. So, what have you been up to?"

Honestly, despite everything I was really going to put this off. I even read the supposed ending of the characters on IMDB but the reviews and recommendations were too good to pass up and I'm glad I didn't.

I agree, I absolutely loved them together and the new guy who was like the questioning conscience...a bit like Gwen in first season Torchwood but not nearly that annoying. I loved it. So many questions upon questions!
A local critic said that the film would be impetus of future film analysis papers. I scoffed at this beforehand but he was absolutely right, so much there.
Amy Acker and Tom Lenk, woo!

I think I wouldn't have caught on so quickly without the beginning credits with the Mayan illustrations and such.

I LOVED that scene with Dana and Curt at the beginning where he tells her all this stuff about what she should do to impress a Prof, eye contact the entire time and then at the very end points out, you're not wearing pants.

The whole idea of the employees sort of choosing their own fate just as the teenagers did? Awesome, I hated having to see them die because I loved all the people playing them but they had been just as evil as any villain in a horror movie despite their good intentions.

The harbinger on speakerphone scene was PRICELESS! I was laughing so hard.

I was so glad about how they did Kurt's death. I was told it would be zombies and I was like NOOO! I hate zombies. They were one reason I thought about not seeing it. However, I now want a fanfic where Johnny Storm teaches Thor how to dirtbike race.

I have to admit, I cheered at seeing the werewolf. I love them and it's like...Oz reference. Death by unicorn was awesome. It just got so ridiculous that I had to laugh at times.

Honestly, when the Director showed up, I got pulled out of the movie a little bit because it reminded too much of Paul but then this would have been first.

That would be your basic Karmic Death. XD My audience was dying of laughter when we realized what was happening--they were pretty hilarious all around. Someone went "BITCH, CLOSE THE DOOR!!" earlier in the film and we were all giggling. Ah, I love a good audience.

A local critic said that the film would be impetus of future film analysis papers.
Aw, man, this makes me wanna be back in school again; I'd totally love to write a paper about all the ~tropes it deconstructs and stuff. It took me a little while to get the illustrations, but every time he hit the switch when one of them died I was like "...OK, I see what we're doing here." Probably the biggest laugh was "A virgin? Me?" "We work with what we have." HEH.

YES, that guy! "Am I on speakerphone?!" And death by unicorn totally happened on SPN just a few weeks ago, so I was just cheering. Everything I love in one neat package. <3

Community: I ship Troy/Britta and Jeff/Annie. Which I know every sane person is like, "Ewwww noooo!" but I like ships that are a little...off kilter. Which Jeff/Annie definitely is. Plus their chemistry is INSANE. (I just love Annie, okay?!)

Grey's: Shonda has said a LOT of shit that made us think the show was going in one direction and then it went WAY somewhere else, so I don't trust shit out of her mouth anymore. I have to say though, as much as I love Christina/Owen, I am kind of loving this storyline. I really do think they'll end up back together eventually, and I think they're doing a really great job at portraying a couple going through some seriously rough stuff. They couldn't have handed this storyline to just anyone on that cast, either. Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd for all the awards, please. (Also Kevin? Hnnnnnghhhhhhhh) And can you imagine what it's going to be like seeing them trying to avoid each other while wanting to jump each other? And then when they finally do again? Oh lawdy. Hottest couple on TV.

The Office: Yeah, it's pretty much over, isn't it? It's sad. I remember back in season 1/2/3 when I could barely catch my breath at some of the Jim & Pam moments...I mean the Booze Cruise? When he took that breath to tell her and then DIDN'T? Oh my god, one of my favorite moments in television EVER. Plus this show fixed a rift between me and my sister, and it will always be special to me because of that. But it's been really meh lately, and I know everyone loves Catherine Tate, but I actually want to throw her out a very tall window. I find her so annoying in this. (I haven't seen her in anything else to compare, so she may be lovely, but I can't stand her on The Office.)

I definitely want to see Cabin in the Woods now. I quit reading after "I agree that it's better to go in knowing nothing at all" though. Hopefully I can remain unspoiled because I doubt it's something I'll get to a theater to see.

Ha, I admit I'm definitely more Jeff/Britta and Annie/Troy, but that's what I love; any combo actually kinda works because they've spent time on each relationship, and they just love teasing us. And the show doesn't rely on ships anyway, so it's just a bonus. And hey, Annie is in Jeff's heart, as we saw a few eps ago. ...Along with booze. And boobs.

Shonda has said a LOT of shit that made us think the show was going in one direction and then it went WAY somewhere else, so I don't trust shit out of her mouth anymore.
You mean like when she say Izzie didn't have a brain tumor? Because she TOTALLY DIDN'T. And that Derek & Meredith's Post-It wedding was gonna be all they ever had? ...Oh, wait. DDDDD: I SO want to believe that they can get past this, but...really, the debate about kids was bad enough, and now cheating?? WHY MUST ALL OF MY OTPs SUFFER?! If they do survive, I hope it's in a really meaningful, logical way, instead of just 'oh well, we'll ignore that stuff and be happy.' I mean, they did get married basically as a reaction to the shooting, which is kinda understandable, but maybe not the best idea long-term...? I don't know. They do have INSANELY good chemistry, though. I loved in their early days when they just couldn't keep their hands off each other. Oh, Lucius Vorenus <3 <3 <3

I do really, really love that Jim & Pam are actually happy and normal together and they haven't bothered threatening some big breakup, but they are admittedly more boring now that they're happy. The tentative dance of the early seasons was more intriguing, ngl. Booze Cruise is just amazing all over the place--"never, ever, ever give up" and the "I'm cold" moment and Jim's face when Roy says "let's set a date"...skdlfjskfjdfksj ;____; Amazing. Honestly, it feels like a different person writes Nellie every week. One week she's funny and crafty and the next she's trying to sleep with Dwight (?!!?) and then she's trying to steal Andy's job because he's not there...? It just makes no sense. My roommate compared her to Jane from Coupling, who's a really funny character, but she's also really exaggerated and kinda makes no sense on purpose. Nellie...should probably make more sense, especially if we're supposed to actually get emotionally invested, as we apparently were this week. IDK, man.

Ha, yes! Good! Definitely do see it if you can, it's so much fun. The bigger audience the better. ;)

Community made me realize I can totally ship Jeff/Britta and Troy/Britta and I am okay with this. But I also really like where they're taking Troy/Britta right now. :D ugh I wanted to be so excited for Annie and Britta friendship and I was at first but then it just felt like a farce and idk I couldn't get entirely on board with it the way it was presented.

I love the snarkiness of Jeff/Britta sfm, but there's something very sweet about Troy/Britta. But really I just love that basically all of the ships have potential and are both funny and kinda sweet and it all just works. But yeah, srsly, I knew right away that Britta was just messing with her, but I still wanted to believe they're really sisters and all. I like their friendship. :\

I'm so not sure about "Cabin in the Woods" - it sounds like lots of fun, but I'm so easily scared because I ususally don't watch horror movies at all. Is it very bloody? I'm worse with psychological horror like "Black Swan", though, although I hate "jump scares" (when suddenly someone jumps out from somewehre with that loud music cue, dammit!)...

I don't knoooooow! It sounds good...

Edited at 2012-04-16 06:11 pm (UTC)

It's...pretty bloody, yeah, but in a very over-the-top, funny sort of way. I personally don't like torture porn or anything that's really, like, focused on characters' suffering, but this is so wild and silly that you can't take it too seriously. I'm exactly the same way, though--I loved Black Swan because I found it incredibly effective and genuinely scary in a smart way, but I had my fingers in my ears for like half of the movie. (It's way less scary when it's not loud. Same with The Woman in Black.) This has a few jump scares, but not a lot...I really wouldn't call it a traditional horror movie because you kinda know what's coming a lot of the time, it's just the campy fun of watching it play out. ;)

Well, this doesn't soudn too bad. Two of my favourite movies are 2Shaun of the Dead" and "Zombieland", so if it's like that, it's pretty much okay. It's always good if there's a lot of humour.

Over here it'll start in June, so enough time to think about it.^^ At least I know of a friend who'll definitely like it.

I'm like the only person I know who had a serious emotional reaction to Shaun of the Dead. Everyone else thinks it's hilarious (and it is, to be sure), but when he had to KILL BOTH OF HIS PARENTS because they were infected I was like DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD8 I THOUGHT THIS WAS A COMEDY and I just couldn't even deal. JFC. Even the end makes me sad. I am so doing it wrong.

I think no one I know racted this emotional to it, too. But that's the great thing about good movies, they sometimes manage to make you react in totally unexpected ways (I'm the person who bawled like a baby in "True Grit", because the horse had to be killed... It was kind of embarrassing).

Of course most of 2Shaun" is played for laughs, but when he had to kill his mother I also thought, "How cruel is this?!" If you think about the implications it's really in parts very sad, but that's what happens if you want to survive the zombie apocalypse.

(Sands! My love! ♥) True Grit is very understandable; that movie was INTENSE. But you're talking to the girl who cried at Billy Elliot the musical, so I can't talk.

Yeah, I guess there's no getting around the tragic element of zombie apocalypses (or really any kind of apocalypses) even in comedies--I remember being shocked and totally tearing up in Zombieland when it was revealed that Woody Harrelson's kid had died. D: I guess you need that kinda thing to ground it in reality or else the stakes aren't high enough. Man, I love zombies. Such ~narrative potential!

(Have him again. *g*) I didn't even find it that intense, it was just the horse...^^ Never saw "Billy Elliot", movie or musical. Although I always wanted to. *sigh* Time issues, as always.

Yes, i think it's important to have at least one of the main characters experience a significant loss through the apocalypse - it makes the character more sympathetic and also shows that there are things to lose. That moment in "Zombieland" was sad, yes - especially because they played it for laughs before (with the little dog dream sequence). :(

Cabin in the Woods was AMAZING!! i'm so glad i saw it unspoiled!

Right?! I knew basically nothing other than the fact that it was surprisingly funny, and then it just got more and more crazy and I couldn't stop laughing. AND THAT ENDING. APPLAUDING FOREVER.

"although actor-wise it worries me, since Jeong is so sweet and loves everybody and Chevy...does not"
BWAHAHAHA I legitimately shared those fears, but those scenes were hilarious and there is potential development there, hopefully. It's an odd ship that I'd love to see played out more.

I don't know what's happening with The Office either and I'd love to stop watching it, but I can't TOO MUCH PERSONAL INVESTMENT. It's not utterly terrible though and I'll definitely be sad if it ends. Blerg.

What was the Serenity reference in The Cabin in the Woods? I feel like a Whedon!failure right now. That ending shot was indeed glorious. I loved this movie so, so, so much.

I, too, disliked Greenberg, but I managed to love Greta Gerwig in spite of that film (I saw her in The House of the Devil prior to Greenberg, thankfully.) I want to see her in more movies!