I mean, normally I have a rule against real-life stalking--like, premieres and sanctioned events are one thing, but if they're just living their regular lives then I try to leave 'em alone. But he VOLUNTEERED this information and that theatre is about 10 blocks from my office. How could I not? I'd feel like a negligent 'Stoner if I didn't at least try. So, long story short, Melissa & I headed over after work and went to Starbucks and lurked vaguely around the theatre, and then Damian Lewis walked by me and I FLIPPED OUT because I've seen him like THREE TIMES and still haven't managed to say anything sdlkfsjfksjfksjkls MAJOR WINTERS THO, and then Karen Gillan and some other "Doctor Who" dude showed up and also Jeremy Irvine and I was like WHAT THE DEVIL IS GOING ON HEEEAH, and then BAM SURPRISE TOM looking fine as hale in a suit and signing a few quick autographs and stuff because he is sweet as sweet can be, so I just darted forward and the conversation was as follows:

Me: Hi! Tom! We just wanted to say hi, and--how are you?
Tom: Hi! I'm good!
Me: I can't wait for The Avengers. I'm doing the marathon!
Tom: [grinning, of course] Oh, you're doing the marathon? [pronounced 'marethin,' thus charming me forever]
Me: Yeah!
Tom: Well, good work!

or something very much like that; I always get flustered and forget the exact dialogue exchanged, but that's close. And then he went into the theatre and we walked off and then Claire Danes walked past us and I was just like REALLY OKAY WHAT EVEN. I have no receipts because I just wanted to say hi and didn't take any pics, but there might be some floating out there. I would not lie about this, anyway. So that is THREE encounters with Master Hiddleston in less than a year of obsession. \m/ That ain't bad. ♥

Oh, and yesterday we stopped by the "Person of Interest" set--once again I missed Emerson, but we watched them filming for a while and then slightly accosted Caviezel afterwards. He is intimidatingly hot in person, ngl. And he really does have the Clint Eastwood voice. That's not an affectation. So it's been a good stalking week (so far). (TV talk tomorrow. LOOOOOOOL GLEE. SO MUCH LOL.)

EDIT: aaaaand my mother met Ben Affleck and Colin Farrell tonight at work in Philly. And showed them my picture. And showed them my texts back and forth with her from earlier today, like when I told her to tell them that I "unabashedly love Daredevil. Un. A. Bash. Ed. Ly" and want to go to Bruges. Also, I'm "Rosebud" in her cell phone. SCREAMINGGGGGGGGGG
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