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TV - Boardwalk Empire
Fun weekend! Friday was my belated karaoke birthday celebration:

Well, you know, they just go together. (Best text exchange of the night: Me: "I am dsrunk kinda." Roomie, in Boston: "Wooooooo! Where?" Me: "In my face.") It started off lame because a whole bunch of people canceled at the last minute and I thought I should forget it, but then a few people turned up and the merriment began. It was at this teeny little place I found on Yelp called Baby Grand, and the bartender was really friendly and they served Pop-Tarts because, as he explained, it's good drunk food and it's really easy to clean up. So I had a pineapple something and a tequila something and then a few lemon drop shots (FAVE) and eventually I got up and did "Something To Talk About" and "Walkin' After Midnight," the latter of which I did at an audition at NYU once and bombed, so this was my much-belated mulligan on that one. And I think they sounded OK! My friends did "Black or White" and "Daydream Believer" and "What Would You Do?" (remember, City High?) and it was all very hilarious, and eventually I realized that this other chick nearby looked a lot like Beth Ditto, but I wasn't sure that it was actually her until she started singing ("Fancy" by Bobbie Gentry; awesome) and then I asked one of her friends (OK, I grabbed one of her gays and slurred "Is she, like, famous?"), and then I introduced myself and she was actually really nice and remembered my name and cheered me on and stuff. And she has the most powerful handshake I have ever felt from any human. Insert lesbian joke of your choice here. And then in the morning I discovered Cadbury Chocolate Creme Eggs (ALSO FAVE) and "Game of Thrones" magnetic bookmarks in my bag, so I have lovely friends. ♥ Oh, and I drunk-tweeted Hiddles, apparently, saying I wished he was there to sing The Cure, but that's...not surprising. Anyway. Fun! I may go back!

Then today I saw 12 Angry Men in NJ today, which was excellent; it's basically just one big dialogue orgy and I LOVE that. If I could write something like that, I'd be set, man. I love writing dialogue! I'm not so good at world-building. Or remembering to explain where characters actually are. But anyway, I played the SVU Program Game to see how many actors I could recognize, as I always do--I couldn't remember anyone's specific episodes, but Twelve was John Bolger, aka Slightly Less Hot Jason Isaacs and The Dad From "The Black Donnellys," and Eleven was Jonathan Hadary, who was in Intolerable Cruelty ("she specificated that she wanted to find a verreh reech hus-band!") and Seven--well, I didn't know him, but he needs to audition for Boardwalk, because he's totally got the swag. Three rushed his lines a bit and Eight didn't put quite the outstanding Fondanian coolness I've come to expect on the line "you don't really mean you'll kill me, do you?", but for the most part it was pretty perf because that play/movie is basically flawfree. Definitely worth the trip to New Brunswick.

I've been interested to see Bully ever since all the kerfuffle about the rating and also because of this article I read about how it left some really important details out and skewed the message somewhat. And now that I've seen it, I have to say I agree; it was definitely a mistake to leave out the fact that one of the boys discussed who committed suicide had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. That's pretty big, and I don't think it takes away from the message that bullying is a serious problem to mention it. It just emphasizes the point that what people think of as just 'teasing' can have much more serious effects on different people. I was at least glad that they addressed the point that a very large part of the problem is that parents aren't teaching their kids not to be assholes, to put it simply--there's a lot of talk about fighting back and supporting one another and the schools not doing enough, all of which is absolutely true, but the root of the problem is that we're not saying to our kids "you don't have to like everyone, but you DO NOT get to be viciously cruel to people. Ever." It's great that we're finally recognizing a big problem, but sometimes I think we're focused too much on helping the victims after the fact instead of stopping it before it starts. Kids will always tease each other, sure, but there's a difference between teasing and telling someone they're worthless and that they should go kill themselves, for Chrissake. Honestly, I might like to see a documentary that actually follows the mean kids home too and looks into why they're like that; it might help teachers & parents figure out how to put a stop to it. But that's just me. I was glad there was diversity in the four kids' circumstances and conditions, proving that it can happen to anyone, and I was glad the end had elements of hope without being unrealistically cutesy. And that choral arrangement of "Teenage Dirtbag" was kinda awesome, ngl.

ONCE UPON A TIME: I hate to say it, but I kinda guessed everything that was going to happen from the instant Regina started making out with Daniel, down to the electronic bug in the vase and the heart-crushing, but hey, Barbara Hershey was pretty awesome. Like the Black Swan mom, but with magic! Although, well, this is how evil I am: I actively dislike Bailee Madison. I literally have a grudge against a ten-year-old actor or whatever because she just annoyed me so much in Brothers and SVU and Bridge to Terebithia and I don't know what else. Whatever; I'm already going to hell. However, she does look scarily like a young Ginny Goodwin, so I admit that worked very well. I guess I'm a bit disappoint that Regina's big grudge against Snow/MM is about a guy--not that romance makes women ~weak, it just seemed a bit obvious. But I do like that the veil between the two worlds is kinda coming down. I loved August & Emma working together because I really do just ship her with anyone and he's awesome, and I KNEW Kathryn wasn't dead! KNEW it! Awesome!

SMASH: HOORAY, Ivy/Karen friendship! Hooray, Brian D'Arcy James getting to do something! Hooray, Michael getting punched in the face! Hooray, Norbert Leo Butz! (Roomie: "It's funny because butts." Me: "I am aware." Roomie: "Also 'Norbert.'" Me: "YES, THANK YOU, JEFF, THAT WILL BE ALL.") I kinda wish he'd gotten, like, a real character, but close enough! So very glad this Julia/Michael thing is out in the open, though it's kind of getting ridiculous that they've saddled Debra Messing, who's been compared to Lucille Ball, with the most sad-sack role on the whole damn show. But whatever, I don't like Julia. I am getting more & more into the Tom/Sam ship; it's kinda hilarious that they feel the need to give Sam some line about sports every time his sexuality comes into question, but I do like their chemistry...though I still like Cute Gay Republican (NOOOOOO!). But mostly YAAAAAAY IVY/KAREN FRIENDSHIP. Of course they had to end Ivy spiraling even further downhill while everything awesome happens to Karen (loooool, that green screen), but now they're friends! Kind of! I wish I could say that a drunken angel singing Rihanna in Times Square would be considered a strange thing, but it really wouldn't. (BOARDWALK POSTER IN THE BACKGROUND! EILEEN IS RICHARD'S AWESOME AUNT; SPIRITS HIM AWAY FROM ATLANTIC CITY TO THE HIGH LIFE IN MANHATTAN. OH, GOD, SOMEONE WRITE IT. *rolls on the floor*) I reallyreally hope they continue with that. ♥ And Uma Thurman!! I love her so much that I'll forgive that she's hilariously inappropriate for Marilyn, body type-wise. Bring it!

COMMUNITY: Parodying my feelings for war dramas? WELL FUCKING PLAYED, show. You do know me. That was hilarious & awesome, and I totally knew that was Keith David. I've seen a lot of people upset at the Trobed rift, but I've been assuming this whole time that it would end with them making up and closer than ever, so I wasn't worried. They invented their own friendship magazine, for God's sake! Loved Annie Florence Nightingaling it up in the hospital for "broken glasses and lightly bruised testicles," and Jeff's "Ferris Buellerian" attempts to delay class (seriously, the amount of effort he puts into not doing work is delightfully ironic), and Troy's weakness of crying too easily, and Chang's Changlourious Basterds ("I don't get it either") and Britta's terrible photography skills and the friendship hats--OH, THE FRIENDSHIP HATS. ♥ I love it when Jeff cares! Delightful. And no, Harmon, I did not miss your cameo. Good grief.

GAME OF THROOOOOOONES AND THE BORGIAS AND THE BIG C AND MANY OTHER THINGS and also I've been reading books but this entry's too damn long so I'll talk about those later. Ta.

MOST EPIC BIRTHDAY STORY EVER (I lost it at possible Beth Ditto's powerful handshake).



Ps. Happy belated birthday!

IT WAS PRETTY AWESOME TBQH. Seriously, it was actually painful. But in a good way. She's a badass. And she sounds awesome live and has drag queen eyebrows. I think I need to be her BFF. And HEE, I didn't actually have a Pop-Tart, for some insane reason, but I was sitting near the toaster and other people ordered 'em and they smelled so very, very good. They had the only two kinds I like (brown sugar cinnamon & frosted strawberry)! I am so going back.

It WAS like Modern Warfare! I love anything where they really commit to a parody and just hit every detail/trope. And angsty war dramas are like my FAVORITE THING IN LIFE EVER, so my fave comedy show doing my fave feelings thing was just hilarious and fab.

I love Community so much. I literally have never had one thing to bitch about on this show.

...Actually, that's not true now that I think about it. I could totally do without Chang. But otherwise? Perfect show. I don't care about the behind the scenes drama or the ship wars. It's just fun and weird and I get it, and I adore it. Also, Jeff's pecs. And Annie's Boobs. And Shirley's pronunciation of "Brit-TA".

Right??? I don't love Chang either, but I do love Ken Jeong. And not even because I find him that funny, it's just because he's SO sweet and can't stop talking about how much he loves everyone in the cast and how fun it is to work with them. He's like the anti-Chevy. So for that reason I feel like we gotta keep him around. I really hope this inter-cast drama doesn't fuck it up, because I ♥ the show so much and I hate when stuff like that ruins the fun. :\

Also, Jeff's pecs. And Annie's Boobs.
BAHAHAHAHA PERFECT PHRASING. It really is such a glorious show.

Epic birthday sounds epic!

I might like to see a documentary that actually follows the mean kids home too and looks into why they're like that; it might help teachers & parents figure out how to put a stop to it.

This would be interesting, but I would worry about the message being reductive? Because there is no one particular reason why someone is a bully (speaking as someone was both bullied and a bully when they were younger). They would definitely need to follow a lot of kids from a lot of different backgrounds.

Community was perf ♥.

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'Twas! I enjoyed it heartily! Next year: archery lessons for Catching Fire! [lol not really; I would die]

Yeah, I mean, I figured if something like that was actually released, people would say it was trying too hard to make mean kids sympathetic or over-psychoanalyze them, Britta-style, but at the same time there's something to be said for shedding light on overly-lenient/lazy/abusive parenting, which is what causes a lot of kids (though by no means all of them) to become the bullying types. Not to mention, you know, their exposure to adult-themed shows/movies when they're too young; etc. It can't really be narrowed down to a science, but I just worry sometimes that we're treating it as this dark & mysterious epidemic when really it's something we can actually change, at least somewhat. Maybe it'd work better as some kinda HBO doc series rather than a wide-release feature; IDK. I just don't get why we're not more committed to teaching our kids not to be mean. That's an oversimplification, of course, but at the same time I don't think too many kids are just born cruel. I dunno, man. It's depressing, and yet encouraging that so many people care.

IT REALLY WAS. I just love their continuity sfm. And their onscreen captions. I swear you have to watch this show three times every week just to notice all the hilarious little details.

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