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put a bullet in his fucking head.
TV - Boardwalk Empire

It's my birthdaaaaaaay! Thanks to everyone who sent lovely messages; they made my day. ♥ It's been pretty uneventful so far; I came home to my parents' in Philly and I've just been hanging around, eating cake and watching their cable ["Gilmore Girls" marathon on SoapTV today!]. Though I did get to see my niece a lot, and I got some good loot (slash money), and I'm going out for karaoke next Friday with my friends in NYC, so that will be...uh, interesting. (I'll need at least two drinks before singing anything, but we'll see.) I also treated myself to a ticket to see 12 Angry Men onstage in New Brunswick next Sunday because I ADORE that play/movie, so that'll be good. And I'm taking tomorrow off work because I do what I want, Thor.

Also, didn't see any movies this weekend because I was lounging around in the 'burbs, but I went to the premiere of Wrath of the Titans last Monday with whoamelly_nyc--I was really hoping to see/meet/fangirl Danny Huston (I think I'm gonna watch "Magic City," because I really don't have enough TV shows. I think my dad's gonna watch it too, because apparently he's a JDM fanboy, which delights me to no end. Though he confused him with Goran Visnjic, somehow. I don't...) and/or Toby Kebbell, but the setup was kinda weird and I didn't get to hang around the press tent or whatever. I did briefly glimpse Toby, though, and I was about four feet from Sam Worthington as we left the theatre; he doesn't really do it for me, but he has a nice smile. (Though he's short.) Didn't see Liam Neeson, sadly. We were third row center and it was freakin' IMAX 3D, so I had to keep closing my eyes and was fairly nauseated by the end, but it was actually still fairly entertaining; Toby and Bill Nighy are easily the best parts. And we got free popcorn, so that was nice.

Waaaay behind on TV talk, so I'll just sum up: Smash: "Touch Me" was ridiculously and trashy and kind of embarrassing, so of course I downloaded it, and HOLY SHIT YES DEREK/TOM SCENE. Character development! Inappropriately close glowering!! MOAR PLEASE. Community: Oh my God, Abed is the Howard Roark of pillows, and John Goodman is delightful. Live, Trobed, live!! Supernatural: YES!! IT'S ABOUT TIME! So excite! And LOL @ the drunk boys. "So he let the thing out of the box, and it must've just followed him to...the place with all the thingies!" "Yes...yes! That's smart!" Tee hee. ♥ And SVU: OK I've totally stopped watching this show, but I caught a rerun last night, and Nicole Beharie is on this show now??? QUE??? Well, shit, now I gotta watch again.

GAME OF THRONES: AAHHHHH well that was fun. First of all, DAT BOARDWALK PROMO. Appalling lack of Margaret & my sweet Richard, BUT STILL DFKJDSFKSFLSFJSFSFS COME TO ME SHOW. ♥ I'm considering becoming a Meyer Lansky stan next season, because really, he's the only one with his head in the game. I'd love to see Richard team up with him or something. And I find Anatol Yusef ridiculously charming. I do love Al, though. And I'm prepared to adore Bobby Cannavale's character. I basically never watch proper HBO since I...don't have a functional television, so actually seeing those ads and stuff was quite exciting. BUT THEN THE EP: I was very sad at no Renly, because I am totally Team Renly...you know, for a little while. And even though I acknowledge that he has no proper claim to the throne. I just really like him. :\ Stannis would be a competent ruler, but he's a terrible people-person, and Melisandre is noooooooot the kind of person who should be helping to rule a kingdom, since bitch be crazy. However, Carice van Houten is fabulous and so is Liam Cunningham, so I'm gonna love those scenes anyway. And I did love him being a ridiculous douche about the "the king's a bastard; pass it on" chain letters. Loved the Robb/Jaime scene (damn, Nik, you lookin' fine with that beard); loved the Cersei/Baelish scene (reminded me of Stabler being all "I OWN YOU" with perps all the time); loved Tyrion strolling up to Joffrey's ~name day~ celebration and just being his usual sassy bitch self; loved seeing Bran as Lord of Winterfell; loved the Cersei/Joffrey scene--that kid is the actual fucking worst and I may actually, literally buy a bottle of champagne to celebrate his, uh, wedding feast in S3, but I admit that Jack Gleeson is a pretty darn good actor. Lena Headey is quite a screen presence, and he totally held his own against her. Major props. Basically all Lannister/Lannister scenes are fab; I loved the Cersei/Tyrion thing too, though I'm mostly looking forward to him being 'lol yeah so, you're fucking Jaime' and she just keeps slapping him. Hee.

I also liked seeing increasingly-savvy!Sansa, though I hope they're careful to show her being awesome and smart rather than just sycophantic. I guess that'll be later. I forgot how fucking creepy Craster is--and was that that girl from "Skins"?! The one who says "wow" all the time? (I'm going from Tumblr gifsets here.) I knew Gwen from "Downton" is Ygritte, but I didn't know about Gilly. Man, I should've done a rewatch, or properly reskimmed ACoK. I am so lazy. And that ending--well, shit, sure, let's just kill all of the babies. That's great. But Arya/Gendry!!! I realized that's basically the only friendship/relationship that I love that doesn't get completely fucked later on: I love Robb/Theon, Renly/Loras, Renly/Brienne, Dany/Doreah, Tyrion/Shae...yeah, I am destined for many tears. Do we have a Mance Rayder, by the way? I've had James Purefoy in my head, but that's because of Tumblr, yet again; sometimes I confuse Tumblr and real life. (OK, all the time.)

Also, important question: I finally have ADWD from the library (!!!), but I haven't started reading it yet because I'm still working on Kavalier & Clay (which I am really starting to like a lot!). Is it worth it to read it during S2, or should I just wait 'til it's over because it'll be confusing to do both at once? I can't decide.

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