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put a bullet in his fucking head.
TV - Boardwalk Empire

It's my birthdaaaaaaay! Thanks to everyone who sent lovely messages; they made my day. ♥ It's been pretty uneventful so far; I came home to my parents' in Philly and I've just been hanging around, eating cake and watching their cable ["Gilmore Girls" marathon on SoapTV today!]. Though I did get to see my niece a lot, and I got some good loot (slash money), and I'm going out for karaoke next Friday with my friends in NYC, so that will be...uh, interesting. (I'll need at least two drinks before singing anything, but we'll see.) I also treated myself to a ticket to see 12 Angry Men onstage in New Brunswick next Sunday because I ADORE that play/movie, so that'll be good. And I'm taking tomorrow off work because I do what I want, Thor.

Also, didn't see any movies this weekend because I was lounging around in the 'burbs, but I went to the premiere of Wrath of the Titans last Monday with whoamelly_nyc--I was really hoping to see/meet/fangirl Danny Huston (I think I'm gonna watch "Magic City," because I really don't have enough TV shows. I think my dad's gonna watch it too, because apparently he's a JDM fanboy, which delights me to no end. Though he confused him with Goran Visnjic, somehow. I don't...) and/or Toby Kebbell, but the setup was kinda weird and I didn't get to hang around the press tent or whatever. I did briefly glimpse Toby, though, and I was about four feet from Sam Worthington as we left the theatre; he doesn't really do it for me, but he has a nice smile. (Though he's short.) Didn't see Liam Neeson, sadly. We were third row center and it was freakin' IMAX 3D, so I had to keep closing my eyes and was fairly nauseated by the end, but it was actually still fairly entertaining; Toby and Bill Nighy are easily the best parts. And we got free popcorn, so that was nice.

Waaaay behind on TV talk, so I'll just sum up: Smash: "Touch Me" was ridiculously and trashy and kind of embarrassing, so of course I downloaded it, and HOLY SHIT YES DEREK/TOM SCENE. Character development! Inappropriately close glowering!! MOAR PLEASE. Community: Oh my God, Abed is the Howard Roark of pillows, and John Goodman is delightful. Live, Trobed, live!! Supernatural: YES!! IT'S ABOUT TIME! So excite! And LOL @ the drunk boys. "So he let the thing out of the box, and it must've just followed him to...the place with all the thingies!" "Yes...yes! That's smart!" Tee hee. ♥ And SVU: OK I've totally stopped watching this show, but I caught a rerun last night, and Nicole Beharie is on this show now??? QUE??? Well, shit, now I gotta watch again.

GAME OF THRONES: AAHHHHH well that was fun. First of all, DAT BOARDWALK PROMO. Appalling lack of Margaret & my sweet Richard, BUT STILL DFKJDSFKSFLSFJSFSFS COME TO ME SHOW. ♥ I'm considering becoming a Meyer Lansky stan next season, because really, he's the only one with his head in the game. I'd love to see Richard team up with him or something. And I find Anatol Yusef ridiculously charming. I do love Al, though. And I'm prepared to adore Bobby Cannavale's character. I basically never watch proper HBO since I...don't have a functional television, so actually seeing those ads and stuff was quite exciting. BUT THEN THE EP: I was very sad at no Renly, because I am totally Team Renly...you know, for a little while. And even though I acknowledge that he has no proper claim to the throne. I just really like him. :\ Stannis would be a competent ruler, but he's a terrible people-person, and Melisandre is noooooooot the kind of person who should be helping to rule a kingdom, since bitch be crazy. However, Carice van Houten is fabulous and so is Liam Cunningham, so I'm gonna love those scenes anyway. And I did love him being a ridiculous douche about the "the king's a bastard; pass it on" chain letters. Loved the Robb/Jaime scene (damn, Nik, you lookin' fine with that beard); loved the Cersei/Baelish scene (reminded me of Stabler being all "I OWN YOU" with perps all the time); loved Tyrion strolling up to Joffrey's ~name day~ celebration and just being his usual sassy bitch self; loved seeing Bran as Lord of Winterfell; loved the Cersei/Joffrey scene--that kid is the actual fucking worst and I may actually, literally buy a bottle of champagne to celebrate his, uh, wedding feast in S3, but I admit that Jack Gleeson is a pretty darn good actor. Lena Headey is quite a screen presence, and he totally held his own against her. Major props. Basically all Lannister/Lannister scenes are fab; I loved the Cersei/Tyrion thing too, though I'm mostly looking forward to him being 'lol yeah so, you're fucking Jaime' and she just keeps slapping him. Hee.

I also liked seeing increasingly-savvy!Sansa, though I hope they're careful to show her being awesome and smart rather than just sycophantic. I guess that'll be later. I forgot how fucking creepy Craster is--and was that that girl from "Skins"?! The one who says "wow" all the time? (I'm going from Tumblr gifsets here.) I knew Gwen from "Downton" is Ygritte, but I didn't know about Gilly. Man, I should've done a rewatch, or properly reskimmed ACoK. I am so lazy. And that ending--well, shit, sure, let's just kill all of the babies. That's great. But Arya/Gendry!!! I realized that's basically the only friendship/relationship that I love that doesn't get completely fucked later on: I love Robb/Theon, Renly/Loras, Renly/Brienne, Dany/Doreah, Tyrion/Shae...yeah, I am destined for many tears. Do we have a Mance Rayder, by the way? I've had James Purefoy in my head, but that's because of Tumblr, yet again; sometimes I confuse Tumblr and real life. (OK, all the time.)

Also, important question: I finally have ADWD from the library (!!!), but I haven't started reading it yet because I'm still working on Kavalier & Clay (which I am really starting to like a lot!). Is it worth it to read it during S2, or should I just wait 'til it's over because it'll be confusing to do both at once? I can't decide.

I LOVE RENLY! no particular reason what so ever. Just love him. I don't like Stannis in the books, but i LOVE Stephen Dillane so i'm pretty psyched for Stannis. Every seen with Theon just made me really sad. Also, I never really got a sense in the books of how big the direwolves actually were...so that was shocking. I mean they tell you, but i cant picture it

I have only gotten through the first 200 pages of ADWD, i'm having trouble reading it/getting into it. If it were me i would probably wait just because i know when the season is over im gonna want something to read!

I have a feeling I'm going to like show!Stannis a lot more than book!Stannis because the actor will amuse me and make him a little more human. GAHHHHH, in S1 (before I'd read the books) I was just delighted with the Robb/Theon bromance, though I was starting to learn that GRRM likes to pee on all the things I love, so to speak, so I assumed it'd end badly--BUT I DIDN'T THINK THAT BADLY! DDDDD: GEEZ. However, I am very much looking forward to the Theon/Asha scene, because that was hilarious. XD And yeah, did they...start using CGI wolves when last year they used real ones? WEird.

I think I am gonna wait, yeah. It seems insane to return it to the library and then track it down again, but I don't wanna just hold onto it and not read it while other people are waiting, and I think I wanna read something shorter & lighter next anyway, since this current book is kicking my ass. :P

CUTTING IN (sry, I wound up here cause I need to see your profile for....long-story and also stupid reasons ANYWAY)

they're not using CGI wolves this time around, last season they were using dogs that really resembled wolves. This season it's REAL WOLVES but they're CGing them to look bigger

HEE, well, that makes sense! Because, like...they're older. (Roomie Update: "If one more of those dogs dies, I am DONE.")


Thanks! :D (Montyyyyyyyyy ♥)


I've seen the promo now and baby I'm not gonna lie, I was slightly underwhelmed because SHIT SON, THINK BACK TO THAT TEASER FOR THE SECOND SEASON. I STILL WATCH THAT THANG SOMETIMES WHEN I FEEL LIKE SOMETHIN' QUICK AND DIRTY FLAWLESS. But yaaaaaay, Chalky and Lansky are there with the big boys!



Carice is FUCKING. FLAWLESS. OHHHGOD. Bitch be cray indeed but I find myself fascinated by her and I thiiiink you may agree when you read ADwD (YAAAAAAY! Though idk if you should wait or what! I WANT you to read it liek naoooo so we can talk about it but Kavalier & Clay is GREAT and also it could indeed be confusing, following two timelines in this story at once. BEIN' NO HELP AT ALL, THAT'S ME) I FUCKING LOVED EVERY SCENE OH MY GAHHHHD, though yeah, everything involving every Lannister was especially flawless. When the fuck did I get so emotionally attatched to them all? AND YES, DARLING, YES, IT IS THE GIRL FROM SKINS WHO SAYS "OH WOW, LOVELY" ALL THE TIME

excellent eye considering you've only seen it on tumblr! OMG THOUGH I LOVE HERRRRR and do you know what the best part of her getting cast in this is? Do ya?



(you're awesome)

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Ooooh, you mean the one where everyone's walkin' around on the Boardwalk and giving Nucky the stinkeye and stuff? OK, true, that was way more awesome, though it's early yet; even that lame-ass little teaser we got last night was enough to make me go EEEEEEEEEEE all over the place because OMFG MY BB SHOW YOU ARE ACTUALLY COMING BACK INTO MY EYEBALLS EVENTUALLY SDLFKDSLFDSJFKLJLSKFJKLS ♥_____________♥

and such

I miiiiiiiight have wanted Melisandre's fab red outfit to be a bit more fab, but hey, she may yet have a costume change. :D Can't wait to see moar scenes with Davos and with Stannis. I thiiiiiiink I am gonna wait to read it, just because it'll be confusing and I think I wanna read something a bit more short & sweet after K&C because that's kinda kicking my ass rn (I just got to the part where everything's all happy and them BAM, Pearl Harbor/rape/dead brother. WELL, THANKS. THAT'S GREAT). And YES, ha ha! That's really her?! Awesome! I've been loving all the GoT/Downton crossovers, so Skins is totally up next in the Fabulous British People Everywhere Extravaganza...lineup. (ALSO, Roomie apparently started watching S1 of GoT when I was away this weekend! I was side-eyeing a bit because he's fond of hating everything I love, but this time he actually appears to dig it. Good times!)

nah man, this one. And yeah obvs I am EXCITED AS FUCK I was just like "but....the ladies...and Richard....and..aw"

HEE. I like it tbh (CHECK MY PICTURE POST YO, I SAW IT IRL :D *clamoring for attention me wot) I like it cause it's simple. and yeeeessssssssss. Davos is fine as-is but I NEED his backstory to get told. Cause I love him. And okay *makes the face* BUT YEAH PLZ TO READ IT SOOON CAUSE CAUSE. Certain things that are happening in the show right now are giving me feels that we can't really talk about until you've read ADWD....and I've been reading these fics that I can't rec you until then.........and stuff. BUT YES, YAY :DDDDDD

and hee, go Roomie!

FFFFUUUUUU I FORGOT ABOUT THAT ONE I seem to recall have an utter nutty and flailing for like an entire day when that one came out. Holy shitballs. And I was freaking out at the shots of Richard running through the woods because I was like I STG IF YOU KILL HIM I WILL BURN THIS CITY TO THE GROUND aaaaaand then it turned out he was chasing a dog. >__________< Well fuckin' played, HBO. (...did I tell you that I have HBOGO? I mean, I always have, because my parents have Comcast and I have an account, but I didn't know it? So ALL THIS TIME I've been downloading like a little bitch? DDDDDDDDDDDDD8< WHY DO I FAIL)

I totally will! :D Liam Cunningham has my ♥ forever, but I guess they don't really do flashbacks...so he can tell someone his ~story in dialogue, mayhaps? That'd be cool! And hee, it'll only be two months or so! Ain't bad, rite??

AYE. I still have it favourited! It's fucking fantastic, the music, the editing, the lines they chose, even the shots of people looking at other people and not even talking. That's the thing I showed to Tree to get her interested in this show (and she is indeed interested, but hasn't started it yet. BAH) BUT YEAH. (AND HEEEEE, NEIN! WELL, GO YOU! Nah, you don't fail, you just didn't know BUT NOW YOU DO so yay!)

INDEED. And..........okayyyy I gueeeesssss *TOO MANY FEELS IN MY BODY TO BE RATIONAL RN, SORRY* :D♥

That music is awesome. Modern-ish hardcore music works so well with that show, since they're like ~the OG gangstas and so forth. (TELL HER TO GET ON THAT SHIT. If my grumpy Roomie can watch GoT...! [He totally thinks Dany and Drogo and the bb are all gonna be happy together. :\ Wah-wah.])




WELL THAT'S JUST RIDICULOUS although admittedly those are v. good shows. BUT REALLY, life is not worth living unless you're watching too many shows! That's why I'm starting Magic City probably tomorrow! Because I make awesome life choices! (He does know about Ned--"of course Sean Bean dies"--but doesn't seem to know about anyone else. And seemed somewhat surprised that having molten gold poured over your head would kill you. He's...not always so bright. But this is fun to observe.)


what's Magic City? I'm starting Sirens RIGHT NOW, incidentally. Although that IS just 6 episodes and, ya know, gifs on tumblr can be very convincing. (HEE. FAIR POINT, ROOMIE. FAIR, TRAGIC POINT. And indeed! You get to be all wise and OH MY SWEET SUMMER CHILD, etc :DDDD)

Magic City is a new Starz series with JDM and Danny Huston [and that's where I stopped reading and said SIGN ME UP, BITCHES] that appears to be about Miami in 1959 and Castro and crime stuff and Sir in a white dinner jacket and Ray-Bans. (Kinda like Mad Men, except a few years earlier and not in NYC.) It hasn't actually premiered yet, but the first three episodes are online, for whatever reason, so I'm gonna give that a shot. And then I still have to catch up on Person of Interest, but I gotta do that at home. :P Is Sirens the thing with gay!Robb Stark?! Me gusta!

(He said he was gonna finish last night after I went to bed, because he's NUTS, but I begged him to leave the last two for tonight so I could witness his flailing and WTFing...but he may have just watched 'em anyway. We'll see.)

....................goddammit that DOES sound magical. (And yes! It is! in '87 Huey released this, Fore, their most accomplished album. I think their undisputed masterpiece is Hip to be Square, a song so catchy, most people don't even listen to the lyrics. BUT THEY SHOULD! Because it's not just about the pleasures of conformity and the importance of trends, it's a personal statement about the band itself. HEY PAUL! Though I think it was this that made me go OKAY FUCK IT DOWNLOADING. Because I'm kind of 12 inside and I laughed way too hard at it. idek)

OH MAN. Let me know! :D

(I totally memorized that whole monologue one day when I was bored. Though I think I've forgotten it now, so if you did that from memory then I am very very impressed indeed.) TURNS OUT HE'S A BITCH and watched 1x09 and 1x10 AND 2x01 without my supervision. >_______< WELL, HA HA, he wanted Dany & Drogo and their bb to rule together and be awesome and kill everyone else, so joke's on him. And I heard about the 2x02 leak!! I haven't downloaded because I want to ~wait and also because I've got so much other shit to watch...did you give in? :D

I remembered the monologue, though I almost went and checked the release date on Fore (and I should have, cause I got it wrong. 86. bah) HAH, without your supervision. THAT BAHHHHHSTARD! And good for you, I totally gave in. IT WAS FANTASMIC but now I gotta wait 2 weeks for a new one vflkjdflkhgslfhkxf noooooooes

Hope you enjoyed your day!

I did, thanks! TV helped. :D

Happy belated bday!

I meant to wish you a happy bday earlier but I got busy with church and family things yesterday :/ Hope it was good!

Supernatural was..just kind of ridiculous but funny. Garth was cute :)

I did not see this BE preview! Im going to have to youtube that immediately if not sooner!

@Game of Thrones-Totally a Renly fan too! So sad we didnt see any of him! Im so anxious to see Brienne too!

Im loving the Rob/Jamieness and the Arya/Gendry because (duh) they're fabulous <3

Thanks! :) I kinda dig Garth; he's adorable. It's nice to see that there are some hunters out there who aren't mere shells of human beings and aren't, like, semi-suicidal alcoholics and stuff. And YES, go check it out! It's quite minimalist, but it was still awesome OMG COME BACK SHOW I CANNOT WAIT SIX MORE MONTHS SKDFDSLFDSFKSSJFSK

BRIENNE YES. ♥ I guess she'll be in the next ep, when Cat goes to see Renly? Awesome. And I am holding onto Arya/Gendry for dear life, because seriously, everyone else is dead/really really sad and mad at each other. D:

Happy belated birthday!! I've been to Brighton these days and I didn't have Internet, so I hope you forgive me for saying "happy birthday" two days after!! And, by the way, Gilmore Girls is awesome! Have fun singing in a karaoke with your friends in New York, it must be a fantastic experience. xxx

Thanks! :D I've never actually, properly done it before, and I get paralyzing stage fright even under the silliest of circumstances, so drinks will be needed. Heh.

Boooo I wasn't around much online to wish you a happy birthday, but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY CHERIE!

The Stannis Baratheon chain letters meme is my favourite thing to come out of this week's episode. Stephen Dillaine was a perfect grumpy lobster. Sometimes I feel bad for Jack Gleeson because apparently he's a very sweet kid but he gets harrassed all the time. He's just too good at being a dick!

I didn't find Sansa sychophantic at all; that's Littlefinger and Varys' domain. Sansa isn't self-serving unless you call trying to stay alive self-serving, which... I suppose it is on a very basic level. She isn't trying to flatter and preen to get ahead, and I think they did a good job at showing her being genuinely concerned about Ser Dontos as well as trying to manoeuvre around Joffrey's violent flashes. Haha, this has been your Daily Sansa Stanning, from moi. I do think we'll get more of the genuine intelligence later on once she's with Littlefinger in the Vale, because right now she's just scraping by and suffering whereas later on it's more about learning to play the game rather than just sheer survival.

James Purefoy as Mance Rayder is necessary for my existence. Nina Gold cast both Rome and Game of Thrones, so it's not out of the realm of possibility (he's also expressed interest in being on the show, apparently).


READ ADWD! Mostly because the juxtaposition of ACoK!Theon and ADWD!Theon in your head will be hilarious and awful and tears-inducing.

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(wow thanks for eating my comment there LJ) Thank you!! :D

I definitely think I'm gonna like show!Stannis a lot more than book!Stannis, since the actor's so delightful, but I hear that Renly is not in ep. 2 either and that is LAME. I just read this interview with Jack Gleeson--"his malicious deeds amplify tenfold"?! How old is this kid again?! He has so much swag; those costumes totally help him ~find the character, I can just tell. Love it.

Oh, no, yeah, exactly, I loved that scene: in one scene they manage to show Sansa cleverly flattering Joffrey while protecting herself and also saving someone else, which she totally didn't have to do. That's one thing I really started liking about her in the books, that she wasn't just 100% focused on saving herself (even though that'd be understandable, tbh), she actually has a really sweet, caring awareness of others too. I really respect that she's so kind to Lysa's ridiculous son at the Eyrie in particular, as I personally wanted to push him out of the moon door. I think in those later scenes we'll see that she really has the potential to be a leader...except it still makes me sad because it came at such a horrifying price. D: But, well, no one in this world gets to be happy, really.

Really?! That's awesome! Bring him on! I think the rule is that all British people have to be in HP, Downton and/or GoT, so he'd better get crackin'. And I am CLINGING TO ARYA/GENDRY FOR LIFE because seriously, they're the only ones I got left. I don't care if they're ~romantic or not or whatever, JUST BE ALIVE AND CUTE AND BANTERY. kthxbai

But...but I like him, I think! Or I want to! One of those EW interviews compared him to Gollum because he's all corrupted and you can't really tell whose side he's on, and I'm like "...oh no, don't you dare take advantage of my very strange Gollum-affection." *facepalm*

his malicious deeds amplify tenfold

I'm assuming they are referring to the scene they keep playing in the promos with Sansa getting her dress ripped off and Joffrey pointing a crossbow at her. MAH BB D: D: D:.

I really love that they're showing Sansa's capacity for love and charity; she's rather self-involved when we first meet her and it's one of the more subtle things the series does to show she's growing up. I hope they keep the stuff during the Battle of the Blackwater where she remains (relatively) calm and helps comfort the other women in the Red Keep. BUT UGH YOU SHOULD BE QUEEN AND THEY'LL LOVE YOU AND UGH.

Theon has a very interesting and traumatizing identity narrative and it makes me want to curl up in a ball and die. It'll be interesting to revisit the material from ACoK because while everyone will be like H8U I'll be crying about how the story is laying the foundations for his later narrative.

Right??? D: D: If that doesn't make people stop hating on Sansa I am just giving up entirely, because no one deserves that; good Lord. (But seriously, that kid's got an impressive vocabulary. I love it.)

Oh maaaaan, see, they kept vaguely going "he's dead, right? I heard that guy was dead, or whatever" in AFfC, so I figured he was totally alive...but then I hear there's some really tragic shit coming. I am fascinated and nervous.