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FUBAR! Acronym! Fucked-Up Beyond All Recognition!
TV - Boardwalk Empire

The Hunger Games: Saw it Friday night, of course, and I liked! I liked a lot! I'm new to the books and all and I wouldn't call myself a hardcore, passionate fan, and it was certainly WAY overhyped, but still, I was pretty impressed. Though I have to say, I started off being mildly annoyed--that was one boring-ass font. And it was a bit of a cheat to just explain the concept of the Games in title cards, especially since the little film at the beginning of the Reaping did a pretty good job of that, but I'll let it go. Overall I was impressed at the handling of exposition; there really wasn't too much As You Know, Bob dialogue, which is good because I hate that. It actually didn't really feel too long to me, and there were parts of the book that I kinda thought dragged, like some of pre-Games preparation and the cave scenes and stuff. But this moved along pretty steadily--I really liked how the Reaping scene was so sudden and shocking (not to mention entirely unscored and silent), since that's how it felt for Katniss--she just volunteered instinctively and was on the stage and it was over in two seconds before she'd even really thought about it. Honestly, all of that stuff with Prim and the salute from the rest of the District and saying goodbye to her family--I was just legit like

because, like, I didn't actually know I cared that much, tbh. The third book made me cry at the end, but the first one didn't really at all--but Prim tucking in her little duck-tail (AARGH) and then slowly starting to go up to the stage and then screaming for Katniss as Gale carried her away...that really, really got to me. I don't even know. I'm so glad Prim's actually a good actor, though, since she really becomes a legit awesome character later on. The mockingjay pin thing was a little weird, but then I decided it was kind of a metaphor; it didn't really have any big meaning, but the people adopted it as a symbol of the rebellion anyway, since that's what they needed. Weirdly, I was thinking of that famous WWII flag-raising photo; the real story behind that isn't particularly grand or heroic, but that's what people needed, so that's what they read into it.

...uh, OK, this is already getting long. Really liked the performances pretty much across the board; Jen was unsurprisingly great and really nailed her combination of bravery and awesomeness and kinda cold, unforgiving bluntness--I actually really liked the thing where she basically ordered her mother to keep her shit together and take care of Prim after she left. Not our usual emotional mother-daughter goodbye! The boys impressed me more than I thought they might; Gale wasn't in it nearly enough and I was annoyed, but I guess he'll be in the others more. I liked the way they showed Peeta's skill with words; his interview with Caesar was great, where he mimicked his pose--isn't that a psychological thing to make people sympathize with you or something? Tucci was awesome, as was Elizabeth Banks ("I hear they don't get dessert, and you do!") and Woody Harrelson and Lenny Kravitz (uh yeah OK shipping it a little bit; sorry)--my face legit went !!!!! when he said "I'm sorry this happened to you," since that's what Rick said to the crawling half-zombie in the pilot of TWD, and there are totally parallels there or something. Rue was adorable and broke my heart (someone behind me kept giving little mewls of sadness every time she was onscreen, and I was like YES THANK YOU JEFF THAT WILL BE ALL), though I wish she'd had more scenes with Katniss. I really didn't bother keeping track of most of the other tributes in the book, since I...kinda knew they were gonna die, but I liked the addition of a bit of sympathy for Cato at the end there, when he said "I'm already dead." I also really liked the addition of the scenes of Seneca (seriously, when I read CF I was like "...who?") and the Gamemakers; I thought it was interesting that they didn't seem particularly evil or sadistic when they were fucking shit up in the arena. It really was just a 'game' to them. (And I enjoy that every futuristic movie ever needs to have those Tony Stark touch-screen computer things.)

I've seen people objecting to the shaky cam, but I thought it worked; the violence was clearly still there, it's just that we were seeing it from her perspective, when she was running and just trying to save herself and not entirely focusing on what else was going on. I said "oh, wow" out loud when we saw that first shot of the Capitol people and their insane outfits; the colors were just amazing. I thought the Peeta/Katniss stuff was sufficiently ambiguous; if I hadn't read the books I really wouldn't have been entirely sure if either one of them genuinely had romantic feelings for the other or if they were just trying to survive, which I guess is the point, since I sort of thought they weren't 100% sure at that point either. I liked the placement of the flashbacks, of Peeta giving her the bread and of her father's death, and I thought adding the revolt in 11 was a good idea too, since it sets up CF pretty well. I missed the Avox...es, though, and the style team. I did think it was a good idea to change the thing where the bear-dogs (whatever) had the eyes of the dead tributes, since I found that really misleading in the books; I legit thought they were the tributes, their bodies mutated into beasts or whatever. Overall I don't really have any huge complaints, though--this excruciatingly specific list points out several good & bad differences between book and movie, and I thought most of them worked. Though I always appreciate that level of nitpicking. I think I'm more excited for CF, though, because that area is NUTS and I want to meet Johanna and Finnick and all those people. So yeah, pretty satisfied, and I'd see it again, probably. Also, the music was great--I legit went "oh, that's why it was awesome!" when I saw James Newton Howard and T-Bone Burnett's names in the credits. Been cranking this soundtrack for days.

(Also, I had the requisite "oh crap I've been chosen as tribute" dream last night. [David: "How quickly did you die?" Jerk.] It was actually pretty dark; I was see-sawing between "I WILL FIGHT TO THE LAST FUCKING SECOND" and "...yeah, gonna die, might as well deal with it." I kept trying to write my farewell LJ entry [yeah, I know], but I couldn't figure out how to phrase it, and I kept telling myself that I just couldn't die at the Cornucopia because that'd be embarrassing as hell for my family back home, so I had to make it at least, like, a day. I was up against all these kids I knew in high school and I was all "we can't kill each other, we're friends!" but then I realized it was, like, all the big, strapping boys and I was like "...oh, crap." And it made me think, I mean, there really is some deep shit in those books; it's one thing to have characters confronting their own imminent deaths, but it really changes things when they're freakin' teenagers. Damn. Heavy boots.)

OK, so I already downloaded The Deep Blue Sea when it leaked a few months ago, but I went to see it again today anyway because I am stupidly loyal and wanted to give it a little money. It was SUPPOSED to come out next weekend so it wouldn't be up against the biggest fucking movie of the year so far, but noooo. Sheesh. I attempted to get a bunch of Hiddlestoners together for, like, a meetup/viewing party, but in the end there were only three of us, which is not quite a fleet. But it was fun. I liked it more the second time around--I read the play in between and they really changed a lot; the play takes place all in one day inside the apartment, for one thing. I'm all for non-linear narratives, but I thought some of the flashbacks were pretty clunkily done. Like, to establish that Freddie's a former pilot who's still obsessed with the war, we get a 90-second scene of him flat-out saying "I survived the Battle of England!" Like, yes, OK, be more blunt about it, please. Overall I thought the added scenes were noticeably less well-written than the stuff from the original text, like the scenes with William's mother and the art museum thing and whatnot ("TO THE IMPRESSIONISTS!!"); it was all just pretty heavy-handed. However, I really liked Rachel and Tom's performances; I found him really effective in the scenes towards the end where he breaks up with her and then when he leaves in the morning, because for the first time you could really see his genuine conflict and his feelings towards her. (For the record, I had a Freddie of my own once, though I handled it VERY differently, and their goodbye scene actually made me almost miss him for the first time in yeeears, even though he was a butt-faced miscreant and we were a trainwreck together. THANKS, TOM.) I'm fascinated by all the different ways reviews have been describing Freddie, including "prickly," "amorous," "rakish," "dashing" and my personal favorite, "psychically scarred." I feel like he was just as damaged as Hester was, he just handled it really differently, and I think Tom really picked up on that fact and played it through his quick temper and everything. [OH LOOK WAR FEELS AGAIN THAT IS SO SHOCKING REALLY] You could tell why they'd both try to convince themselves, for their own specific reasons, that they were madly, perfectly in love, even though I think they both also kinda knew it couldn't last. I liked Simon Russell Beale a lot, though I might've liked to have seen a few scenes of him away from her, by himself. And I wanted to know how he knew Freddie. The score was kind of aggressive sometimes, but I loved the period-appropriate songs they used, like "You Belong To Me" (which is one of my fave songs EVER) and "Molly Malone" (oh man, that scene in the tube station during the bombing was fabulous ♥). I really wanted to punch the DP, though--I thought I just downloaded a really dark copy, but no, the whole damn movie was actually just, like, barely lit. That was as annoying as in The Conspirator. Sheesh. Anyway, I wish I LOVED it, but I liked it more the second time, once I noticed more of the subtleties.

Aaaaand what was our boy doing while we were in the movie? WINNING SHIT, LIKE A BOSS:

*squeal* I voted for that! I think! Darling! ♥ (Those pictures with Hayley Atwell are wrinkling my brain, since she's my headcanon!Emma Harrow. Not to mention Peggy Carter. WHY DOES EVERYONE KNOW EACH OTHER AAUGH)

COMMUNITY: Troy and Abed, Being Serious! D: Nooo! I suppose they had to do something to keep them moving forward and all, but noooo! That was so sad! I realized that we probably all thought it'd be Troy who pulled away, if one of them did, since he's the 'cooler' one, so to have Abed retreat from him a little is EVEN WORSE. (And were he and Evil Abed [OH MY GOD BE A RECURRING CHARACTER PLEASE] in Serenity at the end?! WERE THEY?! I totally thought they were and started screaming and I JUST DON'T KNOW BUT I THINK MAYBE--anyway.) Here's a fun fact about me: I am a ridiculous sucker for celeb impersonations. It's just my fave thing ever. So that was hilarious (although I am totally humorless and never OK with making fun of Michael Jackson, sorry). Faux-by! Seacrest! Cher from Mask hanging out in the background! Glorious. Jeff Hulking out was hilarious, especially since all he did was sort of ineffectually push the kid out of the way on the stage. Heh. Also, "I don't know who told you that pouting was an option for you, but all you're making me feel is hatred for Renee Zellweger." AHAHAHAHA WOW. Amazing. I already knew Chang was getting an army because Ken totally said it at PaleyFest, but that was awesome anyway. I still love his insanity. Oh, and Shirley as Oprah: genius. NOW GET BACK TOGETHER, BOYS



MY BABY. MY FEELINGS. THEIR FACES. MY HEART. Oh, the sounds I made. I guess they could've drawn out the "Emmanuel" thing longer and not just told him right away, but WHATEVER, why wait to break my heart? GODDDD he was still just so Cas-like ("this silence is very uncomfortable") and Dean's face and they were in the car (skldsjkfjldskfks) and THEN HE SAVED SAM AND--OK, I love that we're dealing with the wall stuff long-term, but I'm kind of having the wrong reaction because I just love Mark SO MUCH that his being there delights me rather than makes me worried & sad for Sammy. :\ Oops. But I guess he's gone now? I don't know, but they'd BETTER not just leave Cas there to rot. It's fuckin' bad enough they left Adam IN HELL for NO REASON AT ALL; they can't just abandon poor crazy Cas. (Can we have some Mark/Misha angel-bro scenes? Pleeeease?) And I was actually kinda glad to see Meg back, though I still prefer Meg 1.0. I guess we'll get more scenes with her & Cas, since she's a nurse now? I mean, he has to have a redemptive arc; he survived (AGAIN) for a reason, right? RIGHT?! I noticed he didn't ask about Bobby. :\ But I also don't accept that Bobby's dead, so maybe that's related. I just--I really want him to factor into the season's arc in a meaningful way, since I still really do not get why they got rid of him in the first place. It just didn't make narrative sense to me, nor with Bobby. So if they can make it make sense, that'd be good. And then I could have all the feels again.

ONCE UPON A TIME: Yeeeeep, I was right--Hatter was DELIGHTFUL and I loved him. (Why did I think Sebastian Stan was British? That name? Or because I think everyone's British? But he's Romanian and went to school in New York. Uh. Well.) And hooooooly hell, am I shipping it now--he was just INCHES from Emma like ALL THE TIME and there was that one bit where his nose was in her hair and um wow yeah slfdgjdfgdskfkss. Awesome. Although he seemed to have something major going on with the Queen, too, actually. He could get it every day of the week and twice on Sundays. Was he wearing eyeliner, or is that just his face? Oh, it works either way. So he's 'mad' and he knows about the curse and the two worlds--does that means Belle knows too? I hope so. And I'm kind of disappoint that we didn't see more of the Queen of Hearts, since she's so iconic--maybe they're saving her for something cooler. I'm also fairly sure it's significant that there actually wasn't an Alice anywhere to be seen. ("I hate Wonderland." Heh.) I loved Gold kind of screwing over Regina, since I'm still holding onto hope of his becoming good, kinda, sorta. This was before Regina totally killed her dad, right? Snow did something to take him away and then the Queen used Hatter to get him back but then killed him later--Jesus, I am too dim for this show. My brain has atrophied since "Lost." But something like that. And does Emma finally believe?! Because it's about time! I totally fell for it when she was telling Jefferson (...Thomas? Airplane?) about how she wants to believe Mary's her mom and everything (ffffuuu I must stop shipping theeeem) and then brained him with the telescope, heh. But really, she needs to catch on already. I loved the look on Henry's face when she asked to borrow the book and he said "Absolutely!" That kid's not a bad actor. I desperately hope we get more of Jefferson--they need to stop introducing fabulous characters for, like, one episode only, because it makes me sad. Good God, I have a quite a track record with Hatters. Andrew Lee-Potts, Johnny, now this chappie...that says so much about me. BUT REALLY


...and I watched State of Grace last night and that was AWESOME, but this entry's too fuckin' long anyway so I'm going to go eat a cookie. Ta.


I repeat what I said in my post about the ep (and it's 3-17, not 3-16, as your cut says). Content-wise, my God, it was fabulous. But they crammed three-episodes'-worth of info and exposition into one, and so it just flew by BAM BAM BAM and felt rushed and didn't give the characters time to react like they should've. :/ Though I totally yelled "JUST KISS HIM ALREADY!!!!" when Dean gave Cas his coat back.





*rolls on the ground*

Yeah, though, seriously; that was rushed as hale; he's an important character and that was lame to just bring him back and then screw him over AGAIN within one episode. >___< I DEMAND A PROPER ARC FOR HIM



All your Hunger Games feelings are basically my feelings. I didn't mind the shaky cam except for the first few scenes, but my eyes are sort of awful, so that might have been a reaction to the oncoming headache rather than the artistic choice. ELIZABETH BANKS, LENNY KRAVITZ, I stan all the minor characters so I'm delighted they rocked their respective roles. The Careers surprised me as well, and Cato's speech was probably my favorite of the scenes that weren't more or less lifted from the book.

I'm weirdly invested in the series, which I think has more to do with 1) the fandom and fanon enthralling me despite everything, and 2) my bone-deep love for dystopias in general, even poorly fleshed out ones. Whatevs, I flesh them out in my head regardless of how little the author provides by way of explanation.

I always, always sit pretty far in the back, so shaky cam and stuff rarely gets to me. And I didn't think they overdid it too much, so y'know. I like that they went with some non-obvious choices; frankly I never would've thought of Stanley Tucci at all, but he was just so perfect and David Frost-y and charming in an alarming way. I actually forgot at first that the Cato thing wasn't in the book, so I guess it fit pretty well.

I have to say, just from glancing at the fandom it seemed like a lot of gals swooning over Liam & Josh and a lot of canon shipping, which I find a bit dull, but then I found this and stuff and I was impressed as hell. I know what you mean about kinda doing it in your head--that's the biggest downside, I think, to the first-person narrative; with an omniscient third-person narrator (or even a limited one, really) I think we would've gotten a lot more history about Panem and the previous Games and everything. :\ I almost want her to do, like, an encyclopedia, like Jo's doing...?

As You Know, Bob dialogue
I'm stealing this phrase!

but Prim tucking in her little duck-tail (AARGH)...
GODDAMN, RIGHT!? None of the books made me cry, but the Reaping scene was sad and scary and all kinds of emotional. The only time the shaky camera pissed me off was during the fight between Katniss and Clove. I was, like, "What the hell's going on!?" Also, I wish they hadn't cut to pouty!Gale during Katniss/Peeta's kiss because I found it to be a pretty damn unromantic kiss at that moment. If Gale hadn't been intercut, I wouldn't have thought twice about ~*their star-crossed love*~, which would have been awesome. Anyway, your thoughts are my thoughts. I read the books almost a year ago, and I'm overwhelmed by hype. My sister's boyfriend was bouncing around in line. CALM DOWN, BOY.

Ha, I think I stole that from the Tropes, but close enough. :D The trailer made it look like Prim was being dragged away terrified and Katniss ran to save her, but I found it way sadder that she just sort of bravely started heading up to the stage when her name was called, and only started freaking out when Katniss took her place. D: Their bond is so amazing, and they actually managed to show that in just a few minutes of screentime and I was like "noooooooo feelings noooo ;___;" Can't WAIT for Mockingjay. :P And HEH, yes, that was a bit of a cockblock for the "Peeniss" fans (oh yeah). I didn't mind the cuts, but I did think it was sort of weird that Gale was just like :\ when Katniss & Peeta seemed ready to eat the berries; you'd think he'd be freaking out more. I hope they don't get hardcore into the ~love triangle aspect in the promotion of the next two movies, because seriously, that's been done & it ain't the most interesting part at ALL.

I think it was eyeliner. I could be wrong...time to watch Captain America again? Anyway, Hatter's look seemed influenced by Syfy's Alice, could be wrong but that's what I thought and wouldn't surprise me since Alice was done by the same people who did 10th Kingdom which Disney rips off in Mirror, Mirror...still a little annoyed about that...

I want Hatter to come back!

Anyway, totally didn't dawn on me who Atwell was! The photobooth set was just ADORABLE!

I love when I can't tell! That's awesome! :D I'll see Captain America again when I do the Marvel Marathon (YEEEEEEEESSS) and I think I'll appreciate Bucky more this time around. ;) He did totally seem influenced by that, which is AWESOME because I loved that Hatter and that series is kind of underappreciated, really. I guess they were going more for intense and wounded rather than just zany, like the Disney one(s). Which is fiiiiine by me. That is my taste all the way. Mirror Mirror, like the movie coming out next weekend with Julia Roberts? Yeah, not looking forward to that. >:P Snow White and the Huntsman >>>>>>>, tbh

The "inutterably lovely" Hayley Atwell, at that. HE IS FRIENDS WITH EVERYONE. ♥_________♥

Yes, I agree. I think both Alice and 10th Kingdom seem under-appreciated and that's especially sad during this fairy tale resurgence. Luckily, I own both, hehe.

I was thinking on Tumblr and Grace has blonde hair but is not named Alice so is Alice her mother? Thus, Alice is dead and that's another reason why he didn't want to go to Wonderland? Because of the memories?

I'm not sure if I'm doing either Snow White even with Chris Hemsworth...they both come off weird and I'm not sure if it's in a good way yet, or maybe I'm just spoiled with OUAT every week.

Can we have Peggy/Loki fic now?

Yes! I love this Alice-as-the-mother theory; they very deliberately didn't mention her and just alluded to Grace "losing" her mother, so I'm thinking it's her and she's wandering around somewhere in Wonderland right now. They SO have to do something with that. ♥

My feelings on Kristen Stewart changed drastically with The Runaways and Charlize Theron looks fierce as hale, so I'm onboard with that one whether it's good or not, tbh. So prettyyyyyy. And heh, I'm quite sure that fic's out there! I'm not sure he could handle her, really.

Skipping over your Hunger Games feels b/c I haven't watched it. :((( And probably won't until it leaks.

HIDDLES LOOK SOOOO FUCKING GOOD IN THOSE PICTURE. Going on vacation sure did him well. And that hair, ahhhhhh. It's short! I love! And the visible hair on his face, eek! FLAILING OVER HIDDLES (YET AGAIN).

AND HATTER, ROSE. HATTER. I WANT HIM ON THIS SHOW FOREVER. FORGET DAVID NOLAN OR THAT STRANGER-WRITER. GIVE ME THE HATTER. His and Emma's chemistry was totally off the charts. Just damn. And his story totally broke my heart. HIS DAUGHTER. :( Was it just me that went the Hatter's daughter, Grace, is Alice's daughter too? Lol. I CANNOT UNSEEN SYFY'S VERSION OF ALICE. I wonder where he went because the hat worked? So he should be in fairytale world now with his daughter? Or is he still trying to make that magical hat? Whatever it is. Just him knowing the the truth of the worlds, gahhhhhhh.


Ahh, I hope you see it soon! It's good! :D

He's so tan!! Did you see his tweets about getting lost in Maui or something? Ugh, his life. <3 Dear, dear boy.

:DDDDDDD Everyone on Tumblr seems to be losing their shit over Emma/Jefferson, so I'm glad I'm not alone! That was on purpose, right? It had to be. With the eye contact and the lack of personal space and the faces...! I mean, I guess Graham was sort of a fake love interest, and now she can have a new one...? I'M DOWN WITH IT. And HOLY SHIT I love the idea that Alice is the mom! There's got to be a reason she was very deliberately not mention, y'know? AND AND AND he said his 'work' caused her to be lost or whatever, so he did the spinny hat thing and she fell into Wonderland and got lost or something...!!! dxfkldsjlfksfjsk YOU'RE SMART. ♥ ♥ ME GUSTA THIS THEORY. And yeah, I guess he 'fell' into it, like down the rabbit hole? He said he was trapped in the house, and then Mary Margaret kicked his ass outta there, rather literally, so that worked? I DON'T KNOW BUT I'M EXCITED

He is! And that tweet - Jurassic parks w/o the dinosaurs. JUST WHY DO YOU EXIST TO TORMENT ME?

I have soooo much more feelings for Hatter than I did for Graham (which is sad to admit). LOL. Don't give me all the credit. I didn't think as far as you did (just that Alice may be the mother just because of my feelings of Syfy's Alice) but that would be amazing. That makes sense. I AM GETTING MORE FEELINGS FOR THIS. NOT GOOD. I'LL IMPLODE. HATTER BETTER BE BACK TO THE MODERN WORLD. OR BACK IN GENERAL BECAUSE HE (AND RED. OMG. RED. CAN WE HAVE THEM INTERACT?) MAKE ME FEEL LOVELY FEELINGS FOR THIS SHOW AGAIN. (I had been tired of the Regina-David Nolan-MM drama.)

JURASSIC PARK. HEE. Only he would be that ecstatic about his car breaking down, good Lord.

Oh, same, seriously. Was Graham, like...a red herring? It seemed so weird to kill him off THAT quickly in the first season. Unless they're planning some weird dealie with the Huntsman and the way you can live in one world and not the other or the way dying in Fairytale World isn't the same (since the Hatter was, you know, BEHEADED)...? I just hope they have a reason, anyway. I still adore Snow/Charming, but Mary/David is just getting depressing as hale and I LOVE the idea of Hatter/Red, omg. He's all crazy and sad, she turns into a wolf! Perfect pair!

Everything is SPN and Hunger Games and nothing hurts!!!

I have way too many feels on both of them. I was a blubbering mess after SPN...seriously. Had to watch it twice.

No one can tell me otherwise that they dont have the most epic and tragic romance of all time. ALL TIME.
I wanted him to have amnesia longer too but...IDEK where all of this is going TBH. They're just gonna have Meg watch him now?? But..but! We just got him back!!! *lip quivers*

There better be some redemption and meaningful use of Cas now because YES they did bring him back for a reason. They better not eff it up! *shakes fist at writers*

I miss version 1 of Meg too. This one freaked me out when I saw her 0_o

THG-just too many feels. In short-I loved it. I think they did a pretty bang up job all things considered.

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Yeah, I think I'm gonna need to watch that one again. I'm glad I was home alone--even knowing it was coming I was still squealing like a piglet. Oh, boys. But...yeah, so what are they going to do with him? Next week looks really funny, but it doesn't seem to have anything to do with Cas; is he just going to stay in the asylum forever? Well, I guess their funny episodes end on downer notes a lot, so they'll probably make us laugh with all the drunken-monster stuff and then crush our souls with some Cas-ness (heh, like Katniss) at the end. Sounds like a plan.

I think THG did a pretty good job of capturing the tone--not just Katniss' experience, but the entire feel of the universe, and that really sold it. I still wish they'd explored the background/history more, but that's what CF is for, I guess.

loooooool totally shipping Jefferson and Emma a bit now too. SHIP EMMA WITH ALL THE PEOPLE! I think it's still up in the air whether Belle will remember. I think Jefferson remembers because he wasn't in Fairytale Land exactly or because he was technically...un-dead? Some technicality like that.

I don't know if Snow actually had anything to do with Henry being in Wonderland? I think that might've just been a rivalry between Regina and the Queen of Hearts. And yeah, this is before she kills her father for the curse. Rescues him here, gets the curse back from Maleficent, is told by Rumpel she has to kill her father, kills him. I mean, next week we get why Regina hates Snow but that's going to have to do with a romance with the Stable Boy, I'm sure.

Gold is totally playing over Regina. Even if they are in cahoots in some way, he has to believe it'll eventually benefit him. He likes to be in control and he does things for him. He hates her - I can't see them ever becoming genuine allies or anything. ESPECIALLY NOT WHEN HE FINDS OUT ABOUT BELLE DKFJGHKJDFGK ROOOOOOOOOOOOOSE STILL ALL I WAAAAAAANT.

Haha, I didn't believe it for a second when Emma started telling Jefferson that maybe she had to believe in magic. I knew she was playing him because...it's just not Emma to get emotional like that and suddenly flip on a switch and possibly believe. The book's a different story though and made me dkfgjhkjfdghkjdfhgkjdf for pretty much all of last night after I watched it. SHE'S STARTING TO BELIIIIIIEEEEVE (SORT OF) AND I LOVE HEEEEEEEEEEEER.

And I will come back and read your THG review once I've seen it! Not sure when that'll be but still!

THEY WERE SO HOT SKDLFJSDKJSKLFSDK HIS FACE I CAN'T. Oh, and uh...right, yeah, I sorta forgot about the whole...beheading thing. O_______o So life & death are different in Fairytale World, I guess? I suppose that bodes well for the Huntsman, maybe. But they're gonna...need to explain the parameters of that pretty soon. So is Wonderland just party of Fairytale World? Like a...country within the universe? I need to read the Wiki or something. There's a OUaT Wiki, right? I should think.

:DDDDDD Belle's in the season finale, right? I bet that's when they'll do it and I will be chuckling heartily to myself as I imagine you having a nutty. Because really, this show manages to give like ALL OF THE FEELINGS in the space of like two scenes. ♥ It's impressive!

She was pretty convincing there, fooling him like that! Hee! And there was even sad music! I like the idea that it's Henry who will be the one to make her finally get it, though, since I love their bond. She'll figure it out ~logically as she starts to see the parallels, but hopefully he'll get her there.

*goes to hunt down Emma/Jefferson icons ssfksdskfskfjs*

Well. I think we're gonna see the Huntsman again. I think dead is dead in both worlds except for in the case of Wonderland? Or maybe because Jefferson has magical properties. dkfgkfg idek anymore. I think there's a Wiki, not sure if they'll explain. tbh, when Jefferson and Regina were in the room with all the doors, my first thought went to Nightmare Before Christmas with all the doors to the different holiday worlds. But I think in this case FTL is the main one and all the others are branches?

Yes, she's set to be! dkfjghkjfdhgk yes this show is good at that and I imagine I'll be having a downright, as you said it, nutty. But I'm half-expecting Gold to see Belle for the first time and then LOL BLACKOUT HAVE FUN WAITING OVER SUMMER KIDDIES.

Yes, I really love the relationship between Henry and Emma too. :D


also I read your review of THG even though I haven't seen it myself yet. I've been reading mostly good reviews of it but not across the board which I think is interesting. I'm still like DONALD SUTHERLAND :D :D :D even though I know he's in it for like a total of five minutes, trololololol. But yeah, eventually I want to see it but it might not be for a while, tbh. I'm eager to see Lenny Kravitz and Stanley Tucci too. YAY ADULTS LOOK WHERE MY PRIORITIES LIE IT'S LIKE HARRY POTTER ALL OVER AGAIN. I'm a little surprised because I've gathered the majority of fans prefer Peeta but I've seen a lot of Gale love and even though I'm like eh overall to the love triangle, I do prefer Gale in the long run so it's interesting.

Ha, I thought of the Ministry of Magic when I saw all the doors, y'know, like in OotP when they were trying to find Sirius and all. :D Someone said they thought they saw a door that led to Oz...? They should totally use that room again!

HA, that's totally what I'm expecting from the finale, tbh. :D There will be faces and feelings and BOOM SEE YOU IN THE FALL and then I will shed many tears. But, you know, that's why I have so many shows.


Donald Sutherland is so perfect for that role; he really doesn't do much in this one except hang around and trim roses in a threatening sort of way, but he had great presence and obvs he'll be in the other two a lot more. The adults are all kinda awesome; they surprised me all over the place with the casting, but basically everyone's a good choice. (I like Peeta all right, but this Josh Hutcherson stanning is confusing me. He's just very...bland. IDGI.)


I just really love Donald Sutherland and have a massive old man crush on him. :3 I don't get the love for either Peeta or Josh. I mean, Josh seems lovely but I just find Peeta so bland (especially with Collins' obvious preference for him). idk. The Hunger Games is taking over and the cast is adorable (JLaw is just precious) but I can't seem to get myself invested like, say, the way I was/am about the XMFC or Avengers cast or anything.

Oh my god, Jen just keeps saying outstandingly awkward things in every interview. I love it. ♥ But yeah, I like these books/this movie, but, like...to a sane degree. I'm into them, but they're actually not taking over my life and giving me All Of The Feelings and making me want to write epic fic and marry the entire cast. This has been a very weird experience for me. Is this what it's like for normal people when they like things????


I thought the same thing about the mutts when I first read the book, too. Really quite confusing, so I'm glad they changed it, because they were adequately horrifying without that detail (don't know how they could have pulled that off visually anyway).

Prim tucking in her little duck-tail
OMGGGGG yes, that stabbed me right in the heart. I loved that the Reaping scene was almost completely silent, it just made it feel even more sad and wrong and tense. I was just so pleased with the movie overall, and didn't mind any of the changes at all. When we first saw their living quarters at the Capitol I was briefly excited to see how the Avox thing was handled, but then I promptly forgot about it so I guess that plotline wasn't all that important to me after all.

And loved Tucci! I'm obsessed with his sparkly blue suit.

Right?? Like, we heard that they very nicely took their bodies away and delivered them to their families (which we didn't see in the movie, btw), and I thought it was gonna be some dealio where they actually just took them away to be experimented on or some shit. That was really weird. O___o

The Reaping scene was basically perfect, including Effie's voice echoing awkwardly and the muted colors and the ~propaganda film and Gale carrying her off (;____;) and the three-finger salute (skfjksfjdskldl why does that get to me soooo) and just...yeah, I was impressed. We kinda saw the Avoxes in the background and Katniss made a reference to having their tongues cut out as punishment, but they didn't elaborate--I guess it's not really that important in the long run, it was just one of those chilling details that I thought added a lot. And hee, it was the 8DDDDDDDD pics of Caesar in the background on his stage that did it for me. Ugh, I ♥ him.

"It actually didn't really feel too long to me, and there were parts of the book that I kinda thought dragged, like some of pre-Games preparation and the cave scenes and stuff."

WORD. I was so grateful the director toned back the Cave stuff--which lasted for freakin' ever in the books.

And I wonder if The Reaping scene or Rue's death scenes are as emotion for non-book readers seeing this film. Because I felt quite choked up too (as a book reader). But really, Rue was literally in 5-10 minutes of the movie before she was killed and The Reaping scene came before people really get a chance to get attached to Katniss & Prim. So maybe its our past experience with these characters in the books that kinda got us so emotional. I dunno.

Cato's death speech was kinda perfect and is one of those, should of been in the book, moments.

And I say that as someone who genuinely didn't mind all the camping stuff in Deathly Hallows. I mean, I thought it was realistic, and frankly if I'd been in those Games I woulda hid in a cave and NEVER COME OUT, but it's tough to read about when the stakes were so high. And I thought they sorta played down his injury as well--like, we didn't really know he was seriously close to death, and he didn't lose the leg in the end either, which I thought was a bit of a cop-out.

Yeah, I'm quite sure it's because I've read Mockingjay and I know that Prim gets way more mature & awesome--seriously, I loved that; at first she's just sort of a symbol of something good/innocent that Katniss wants to protect, but then she actually, really becomes a real person and she's strong and brave and great--aaaand then, well, too bad. D: So just thinking about her arc and how terribly it ended made that whole thing so, so sad. UGH. WHY.


tbh I didn't think it was Serenity. It looked to me like the front of an A-wing fighter from Star Wars, but much bigger. (cause that's a one-man ship and Abed's totally wasn't) but YES EVIL ABED PLZ COME HANG AROUND MORE OFTEN

.....I also haven't seen that SPN ep yet cause, I dunno, clearly I suck these days. This icon just for solidarity ;___; ♥

YAAAAAAY I LOVE WHEN WE DO THAT. :DDDDDD Lemme know when yours is up & we'll swap! *high-five*

...yeah, OK, I might have gotten carried away in the ~moment, BUT YOU SO KNOW THEY'D DO THAT SHIT. COMMUNITY/FIREFLY OTP. And you already know I love--LOVE--this show's sense of continuity, so to bring back Evil Abed, when "Remedial Chaos Theory" is one of my absolute fave eps, was just kind of the BEST THING EVER. ...Will we get Evil Troy, I wonder??

omg that eeeeeeep fdgkdfgkldjgkdjkfjd. This season's all over the place, but you've got to seeeeeee it because of feelings. ~♥


oh no, they totally would! I just didn't see eeeet. But yeah man Fillion's all up in this show's grill and they all love Firefly and and awwww ♥♥ AND YES. EXACTLY.


oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
I know I know! I just gotta catch up on previous ones first. As ya do because I can't just skip to this one because I have problems

THEY SHOULD BRING FILLION ON. I WOULD DIE. I WOULD UTTERLY DIE. (From what I understand, there have been a handful of Firefly refs on Castle. Hee.) But, like...is there an Evil Troy? Abed has the capacity to be an evil overlord, no doubt, but I think Troy might cave and just start crying when it came time for world domination. He may actually be the Hobbes, not the Calvin, y'know? #SCIENCE

This season is just...random. Maybe it's because there's been weird big gaps between episodes, but it just doesn't seem like there's one coherent running storyline. BUT there are still wonderful bits AND ALSO THINGS THIS WEEK THAT MADE ME DGKLFJDKGJKLDSJKSF SO YEAH

RIGHT RIGHT?! WHY HAVEN'T THEY DONE IT YET (WATCH THEM DO IT THIS WEEK NOW OMG) (and hee, I hear the same!) And.....well there is the Evil Troy who tried to eat the flaming troll and now has that voice-box thingy and put the fake beard on. And their lives were pretty shitty. But that's in a parallel universe and come to think of it I don't know if Evil Abed we're seeing is THE ACTUAL EVIL ABED making his way into this universe THROUGH THE DREAMATORIUM (OH. MY. GOD) or indeed, if Abed's just imagining him because he wants to talk to someone and Abed is obviously the most genre-savvy person there so he knows about the motherfuckin' Beard of Evil (ohmygod I just remembered Evil Abed in this episode had a REAL BEARD. Like, I doubt Danny Pudi grew one, but this fake beard wasn't made out of felt and actually looked real. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?)



OH OH AND: this may be kinda mean cause I doubt you'll be able to resist this, but because of that I CAN'T NOT tell you: check this shit out

Edited at 2012-03-27 06:44 pm (UTC)

...I DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE IT WAS A REAL BEARD; JESUS FUCK. That's awesome. <3 Was that Evil Troy, though? I mean, I sort of doubted his commitment to true evilness. He may be too sweet for that. Abed, however, could burn this mother down. And I'd be OK with that. I LOVE THAT THEY'RE ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING WITH THIS RIDICUL-ASS PLOTLINE OMG and I guess I can tell you this because it's not really a spoiler: at PaleyFest they said they're doing an entire episode inside the Dreamatorium, which will be, quote, "either the best or the worst thing that's ever happened on television." XD So, uh, I think you're onto something!





I DIDN'T EITHER DURING THE ACTUAL EPISODE, THANKS TUMBLR! And...yeah, me too. I figured it was more his commitment to having Abed's back (aw) but as he can be kinda ruthless and is also a very good talker (and Troy is pretty convinceable) it could happen. AND OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG IT SOUNDS LIKE THE BEST THING

(awww I didn't even mean because of that, I meant how like idk over the past couple weeks or so I'm tumblin' up a storm which is fun but we don't get to TALK much. And now I've posted but it's about Mad Men and I have missed our back-and-forth-forever threads. :D? *LAME*)


...that is...scarily hot, tbh. O_________o I DON'T KNOW WHAT MY FEELINGS ARE DOING RN and I mean obvs Abed is sweet & adorable, but I also think he could be the last one standing when the apocalypse comes. Like, I think he could win the Hunger Games, y'know what I mean? (I've started vaguely analyzing my fave characters/groups of characters and judging who would win/who would die first/what methods they'd use. WHAT THE HELLLL)

(hee um OK good because I was kinda thinking that too but I didn't want to be That Person who's like HEY HI HELLO WHAT ARE YOU DOING TALK TO ME ALL THE TIME PLZ because I'm never awkward or annoying or anything and I didn't want to start >_____________>




Right riiiiight? AND YES, I fully believe that. HAHAHAHA I DO THAT TOOOOOOO. What do you think, he'd build traps and hide and perhaps sneak up on the other guys? That's what I'm figuring. The only thing I think could doom him is if he gets caught up in the ninja-ness of it all and starts thinking about cinematic angles or possibly humming a theme tune and people figure out where he is and kill him. AS LONG AS THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN, MY MONEY'S ON ABED


and heee I'M SORRY but I figured you'd be cool with it in the end, like...when it actually arrives you might forgive me. (And hay, you were the one to alert me to that sale on Threadless! I got a Harry Potter sweater! MY HEART IS GLAD BUT MY WALLET SHAKES A TINY FIST AT YOU)


HEEE, OK, that's true...but the whole thing is basically a TV show and I think he'd win it just because he knows how TV works and what the audience responds to. And besides, he'd charm all the other tributes so much with his awesome impressions and his Breakfast Club dance moves that they just wouldn't be able to bring themselves to kill him. (It's like me in my dream telling Voldemort jokes to make him not kill me. EXCELLENT PLAN TBH) Oh man, they should so do this on the show. It's the new paintball! Britta falls in love with the books because they're about BRINGING DOWN THE MAN and Annie likes the love triangle and Jeff won't read them because they're too popular and Shirley thinks they're godless and then one day they just show up to Greendale and SHIT IS ON. Like paintball, but MORE HARDCORE. YES. BRB TWEETING DAN HARMON ABOUT THIS

(well, duh, have you met me?! ♥)

Wha--really?! Me? :D What is this magic?!

I just started Game of Thrones!!! I do not understand what's going on.


LOL, the show? Arya is awesome, Bran is adorable, Jon is sad and has hair, Robb is less sad and has a face, Tyrion is a fucking BAMF and the twins are doin' it. That's about it.

edit: also Boromir and the blonde gal.

Edited at 2012-03-27 01:29 pm (UTC)

Yeah, I made the mistake of watching it with my mother and she was shocked by the nudity. I'm still on the pilot; I want to be able to give it my full attention later. Trying to not get too attached to anyone since they might, y'know, kill the kidlets.


Edited at 2012-03-27 03:17 pm (UTC)

Yeeeah, not a great show to watch with parents...though I may do exactly that when I go back to Philly this weekend. (But whatever; my parents are insane. We've watched True Blood all together before.) The nudity is the problem? Not the fact that they're TWINS?! Do they read too much fanfic or something? And heh, yes, that's the main thing: don't like anyone too much. Because horrible things will then happen to them. And crush your feelings.

Yep, nudity. :/ I mean, it's HBO.


I know The Internet loves Gale and/or Peeta... but the former was in the movie more than he's in the first book, and Peeta has about the same amount of page time as screen time, so I don't know what all this fuss of NOT ENOUGH GALE/PEETA is about (I am now realizing that the way I wrote that makes it seem like people are complaining about there being not enough Gale/Peeta shippiness. I'm leaving it as is for lulz). Blame Collins, dudes. Anyway the boys were fine - nothing really special, but they were not An Abomination so it's a'ight. Jennifer was the performance that mattered to me and she nailed it. TEAM KATNISS.

I feel like we can't really judge a lot of the stuff on that nitpicker list until the sequels have been made, because a lot of the problems they had with the film have to do with overall narrative arcs (specifically ones related to the rebellion). AND LOL whoever wrote that clearly takes these books really fucking srsly... hate to break it to you list maker, but THG is not high art.

Are there Gale/Peeta shippers? I would assume so. I mean, they have few scenes together, but that's hardly a prerequisite. I'm always a multishipper so I've never been too maniacal about the Team _____ in any fandom, but in this one it does seem pretty egregious to be all OMG WHICH BOY IS BETTER when the main character is an awesome lady who doesn't have time for romantic shit because she's busy TRYING NOT TO DIE. I'm trying not to be all OMG MISOGYNY unnecessarily, but really. Team Katniss fo' sho'. But I do wish Gale had been just a little more well-developed, since he's important later and they broke out of the limited Katniss POV anyway. Eh, well.

I am always a fan of obsessive nitpicking, and at least in some cases people are pointing out the narrative/symbolic importance of certain scenes/details (rather than just THIS WASN'T EXACTLY LIKE IN THE BOOK AND THEREFORE IT SUCKS), but really, are these people new? It's neeeeever gonna be exactly like you pictured. As a moderately embittered HP fan, it is both annoying and somewhat amusing to watch the THG fandom rage over the little things. And I have my popcorn gifs allllllll ready for when the important Catching Fire characters are cast, because you know there's going to be wank and tears and lighting of things on fire, and it will be hilarious.

It is completely necessary for them to cast Johanna as a WOC so that we can see fandom flip their shit again, since they've already proven themselves to be grossly racist with both the Lenny Kravitz and Rue/Thresh castings (the latter two were especially egregious because lol omg reading comprehension get you some. Also your bigotry and white privilege are showing).