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lie down with me, Watson!
Film - Captain America
OK, very fast because I have things to paint and fic to write--

1. Mission: Impossible premiere was tonight and I stopped by--didn't meet anyone and my photos are hilariously bad, but I did see a lot of people. I have to say, it was probably the most efficiently-organized premiere I've ever seen (and that's saying something); the people on the red carpet side of the street were all neatly behind barriers and had posters and wristbands, apparently, and on our side the barriers went all the way out to the corner and there were lots of cops watching and actually stopping traffic and it was just very well-done. We realized it was probably Tom Cruise's People (because you know he has mad People) who made sure it was all organized for the fans (and believe me, he still has a LOT of screaming fans), and while I'm no huge fan of his, I do respect that. And when he & Katie showed up (early!) they signed for lots of people (well, he did) and seemed to be pretty nice, as did Simon Pegg (!!!!!) who waved at us. They weren't actually allowed to come across the street to us, but, still. I also saw Paula Patton, looking FAB in a sparkly minidress, and J.J. Abrams (!!!!) and Josh Holloway (!!!!!!!! I was NOT expecting him and yelped "holy FREAKIN' fuck, Sawyer!") and Piper Perabo and Jennifer Morrison and one of the Baldwins and then Renner, who I was there to see in the first place--he didn't come over either, but he waved and looked really hot and brought his mom, I think, so hey, at least I saw him.
EDIT: Now with far better pics from whoamelly_nyc! Piper Perabo, Josh and Renner. See! We were pretty close! DAMN MY LEG CAMERA!!

2. Saw Carnage on Friday and man, I really wanted to love it because the cast is so beyond awesome & I've heard the play's great, but...eh, I liked it. I greatly preferred the passive-aggressive first half to the completely over-the-top second half--I get that it was about adults acting like petulant children, but the hysteria and drunken shenanigans just got mildly embarrassing after a little while. Jodie Foster was kinda the weak link, IMO--her character was the least likable (even though they were all pretty bad) and she just played the dramatics really awkwardly and...I dunno. And I didn't buy all of the writing. But I did have a great audience who laughed at all the right parts and picked up on the subtleties, so that helped. So, worth seeing, but kinda disappointing given the talent involved.

Then Sherlock Holmes was Sunday afternoon (and it was packed, I should add), and I think I liked it better than the first one, though I still didn't adore it. I feel bad about it because I love the stories and RDJ (and kinda Jude) and London and 19th-century homoeroticism and just ALL of the ingredients, and yet both films just kinda entertained me in the moment and then didn't stick with me. Neither one particularly gave me Feelings, and I'm a bit sad about that, because I hear the fandom's awesome. But, still, the script was really quite crackling and funny and Downey was just flawless with the wisecracks ("TO THE SOUTH! QUICK MARCH!") and all his clever little I-timed-it-perfectly tricks were delightful to watch. And of course, the boyfriend-banter was better than ever. (Seriously, Chris Evans, you'd better step it UP next year during Avengers press. The bar is v. high. Make me proud.) I liked Noomi Rapace a lot, although she didn't have enough to do, IMO--and WHAT was that nonsense with Irene?! I was sure that was, you know, a trick, and at the end would be...revealed as such, but no! Very uncool. I know she's not that important in the books, but they could've done more. Overall I found it entertaining, I just kinda thought the plot was too much work. Although that ending was kinda awesome. (But...HOW?!) Also, needed more Eddie Marsan & Stephen Fry. (Always.) I confess I am more stoked for the return of the Benny-Martin BBC series, tbqh. "LA'ERS!" ♥

AND THEN TDKR TRAILER and holyshititlooksawesome. I am thrilled with Hardy as Bane--when I saw Bronson I was like "dsnbdsmslsdkn BEST CASTING EVER" and I love the look and everything, but...I could not understand a word in that prologue. D: Admittedly that was low-quality, and they could still do a lot in post (man, if he has to loop the WHOLE thing that is gonna suck so hard), but...oh dear. STILL, HOWEVER, crazy shit with planes! Blowin' up football fields! I am a little confused about Gordon, because the first trailer made it look like he was kinda...dying, so I guess that's something that happens over the course of the movie rather than in the time between TDK and this one? (Didn't they say it was like eight years or something??) I am holding out hope for Anne Hathaway; I think she has major potential, although good Lord, how many drama-action movies/shows use the phrase "there's a storm coming"? Like...all of them. But whatever. ALSO MARION and also JGL, whom I still don't buy to be portraying ~just some random cop~, and also music and cops fighting and I AM SO DOING A MIDNIGHT SHOW OMG. \8D/

3. DEXTER (FINALE): OK! That was...better, kinda, although I did think it was hilarious how that boat in the beginning had NOTHING to do with anything; it just saved his life and then he killed a dude, nbd. At least they did not call undue attention to the fact that it was called the Milagro. (GOOD GRIEF, WRITERS. MY KITCHEN IS DRAFTY BECAUSE OF THE ANVILS YOU DROPPED THROUGH MY CEILING.) Harrison continues to be adorable and I love every scene with him--although who didn't know some bad shit was gonna go down when Dexter wore a Kill Shirt to his pageant? C'mon, son. I cannot actually believe we're trying to redeem LaGuerta after an entire season of mustache-twirling villainy; that's some B.S. And is Quinn really transferring? Insert "bye, bitch" gif of your choice [HERE]. Whatever. The whole intern thing...kinda turned out to be pointless; the showrunner says that "we have no idea" why he sent him the hand, and I'm like "...wait, the audience has no idea or YOU have no idea?!" Because the writers should fuckin' know, right? I guess we'll see him next season? At least Jamie didn't die; the promo totally made it look like she did. And while there was still a lot of Idiot Ball-passing going on (you BELIEVE that he just FELL OFF HIS BOAT?! "My sister's...raccoon..." "No, nothing with a raccoon!"), I do respect that Dex had the sense to smash that (HILARIOUS) painting's face in rather than painting over it, because that would've been way obvs if it was still wet. (Though guise. GUISE. BLOOD TURNS BROWN WHEN IT DRIES. Sorry, but it does. JFC.) And when Dex found Travis with Harrison, I thought he should've gone "I am dead! Just like Gellar! I'm in ur subconscious, hauntin' u!" But whatever, he saved the day, etc.

Buuuuuuuuuuuut OK. So I'm kinda morbidly fascinated by the whole Deb-loves-Dex thing because (a) it's SO mean to do that now that Jennifer & Michael are divorced, FFS, and (b) I never saw it coming and am fascinated that they're taking the one semi-sane relationship on this show and putting a match to it, but, like...I don't buy it. I don't see why she'd be in love with him or think she is, and the showrunner also said they've been talking about that idea since season two and that it was "in the DNA of that character [Deb]" and I'm like...WAT. We know she has daddy issues, sure; that's been acknowledged. But since when have her bad man choices had anything to do with Dexter?! I really think they might be BSing that, and that is just THE most offensive thing to me. It's one thing to make it up as you go along, but you'd better admit that shit. Even the "Glee" writers do that. I want to hear Jennifer's take on the matter and see if she had any idea, or if they just sprung this on her. HOWEVER, DOESN'T MATTER--those fucking awesome last few seconds made everything worth it. She saw him!! YES! I've been wanting her to Find Out for a while, and that was great. We were saying at ONTD that he'll probably try to act like it was the first one EVAR, but, I mean, the Kill Room, the table, the cheek-slice, the apron, the shocking ease with which he shanked Travis--EVERYTHING; it's totally obvious that he's done this before. And I want her to make the connection with Rudy/Brian, with the Bay Harbor Butcher, with Trinity/Rita, everything. And if they have her just kinda let it go because she ~loves~ him I will punch a baby. Because NO. I really want that to be dealt with in a huge way--and the premiere had betta pick up two seconds after "oh, God." sdbsmdbadajsdbada AWESOME

...but also, the Scott Buck said he never "considered" loving her like that, and the only person he's ever almost had those feelings for is Lumen. UH, SO, WE JUST FORGOT RITA?! And that amazing fifth-season premiere when he broke down and realized he'd loved her? DA HAAAAAALE

4. Saw a play called Gatz at Princeton on Saturday--it's a word-for-word reading/performance of The Great Gatsby where the guy playing Nick reads it out from the book (it's this whole meta/fourth wall thing) and everyone else kinda says their lines like a regular play. And yeah, it took about six hours, with several breaks in between. It was hardcore and I was very impressed--especially when the dude STOPPED READING right about Gatsby's death scene and just RECITED THAT FUCKER. I JUST. WHAT. It was so badass. It's not one of my fave books, but I do appreciate it more now, especially the humor ("Did I tell you about the books? They're REAL"), and I also like Nick more as a character. They picked an interestingly older guy for Gatsby and an interestingly younger guy for Wilson, which I actually thought kinda worked. Also, it made me excited to see my Aussie sweetie Joel Edgerton as Tom in Baz's movie (GET OUT TOBEY UGH GOD), because that role has a lot of weight. Not for the faint of heart, but very, very impressive.

5. ...and at work I'm doing this nine-part documentary series called "Playing Shakespeare" from 1982 with John Barton chatting with the likes of Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart (EEEEEEE), Ben Kingsley and Judi Dench and others about Shakespeare and how to perform it and stuff, and in episode three they were talking a ton about Henry V and Michael Williams, Judi's husband, did the "once more unto the breach" monologue and I was just like OH MY GAAAAHD THIS IS AWESOME. And it's all very high-minded and actorly, but fortunately I am a gentleman and a scholar and also a HUGE nerd for all things acting, so I know what scansion and naturalized dialogue are and all that crap. And it's just like, theatre boner alert. (And WHILE I'm doing this, Hiddles is tweeting about the Henry V he's doing right now, and I'm just like IT'S SO META; WHAT DOES IT MEEEEAN??? I tweeted back him about it, of course. That + Gatsby makes me the Numero Uno Hiddlestoner of the week, tbh. It is so sad that my biggest fantasy is sitting with him and having a cup o' tea and talking about the Bard, BUT IT IS. OMG, HE SHOULD COME BACK TO NYC AND COME TO THE MUSEUM AND WATCH THE THING AND--THEN WE'LL HAVE LUNCH AND--

*excited sweater lady*) Anyway. It's fun. If dense.

5. Sent out my holiday cards today! Basically done shopping/making things; going back to Philly on Thursday night (and seeing War Horse with my mom at some point. I can already hear the conversation: "That's him, that's the guy I like! The one I met!" "What?! No, it's not! His hair's all different." "No, yeah, I know, he does that. But that's the smiley dude from Central Park." "The Marilyn Manson guy?" ">____________> ...Yes, that one." "THAT'S NOT HIM." "sdnbshdfsmdbasb!!"). I made my dad an X-Men snowglobe and bought far too many outfits for my niece, so it'll be fun.

I confess I am more stoked for the return of the Benny-Martin BBC series, tbqh.

I rewatched season one recently! :D I usually go, "The guy that plays Watson is going to be Bilbo in The Hobbit" to the uninitiated. The audio commentary is cool, too. (Watson's my favorite; sorry, guys.)


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Have you seen the clips of the new series? It looks delightful. ♥

"Rupert Graves is good at football and has five children"?

Have you ever seen A Midsummer's Night Dream with Ian Holm playing Puck?

I have not! But it sounds delightful!

Had fun tonight! I'm sad I didn't get good pics of Tom, but there's always next time! It was a blast anyway!!! :)

It was fun! As non-successful stalkings go, that was still pretty good--at least we had a decent spot & saw people. :D And your pics are good!

whom I still don't buy to be portraying ~just some random cop~

HE'S TOTES DICK GRAYSON I DON'T CARE WHAT NOLAN HAS TO SAY ABOUt ROBIN NOT BEING IN THIS FRANCHISE. Someone on my friends list did some excellent sleuthing and noticed that the "R" in the "Rogues" sign in one of the football stadium clips was a very Robin-esque R, and that the football player running away from the massive crater had the last name of "Ward". And apparently Dick Grayson was a cop at some point? I'm also fairly convinced that Marion is Talia al Ghul despite her denials (which... would be dubious whitewashing casting, but since Ra's al Ghul was dubious white washing casting in the first place...). I'm not entirely convinced by Hathaway, and she seems to be trying very hard to pull a Pfeiffer, but I am interested in the class warfare elements they have seemingly injected into her speech to Bruce. BRUCE WAYNE IS THE 1%.

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OK GOOD I AM GLAD I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS SO. When I saw the trailer @ Sherlock, the girl I was with was like "So is he Robin?" and I'm like "No. Well...maybe. Probably! But no. I don't know." I thought...Dick Grayson was in the circus or something, BUT WHO'S TO SAY HE CAN'T HAVE SEVERAL CAREERS. And holy shit, that is some excellent sleuthing! OK, that's my headcanon until further notice. Take a memo. And yeah, I've heard that Marion's specifically denied being Talia, but I remain unconvinced.

HEE, the hilarious thing about that is that some of those big cop-brawl fight scenes were shot ON Wall Street. Like, the real thing. A block away from the protesters. It's just all so perfect.

You weren't kidding when you said your photos are hilariously bad, but somehow, I am amused by them. Lol.

I am soooo excited to see Gary Oldman, JGL (I bet there'll be some type of twist with his character. If there isn't, I will be sorely disappointed), and Marion. Wait, what? This movie will be 8 years in the future? (Speaking of Batman, I need to rewatch the previous movie b/c I seriously do not remember what happened except Heath's Joker and when Rachel was killed.)

My camera is SO BAD with distance. And dark. And movement. I NEED TO UPGRADE if I'm gonna be a good stalker. Just gotta suck it up and save my monies. Geez.

Seriously, if JGL's in there just to complete the Inception reunion and his role isn't secretly awesome, I will has a sad. And yeah, eight years, apparently! So IDK if Batman's been on the run all that time--the trailer makes it look like he's in a prison or something, dunno--or what's goin' on. Hopefully they'll explain that. :P And OMG YOU DO. It gets better with age. I have it on my iPod and every time I watch it it's a little more awesome.

I actually have kind of a soft spot for Tom Cruise and part of the big reason is that, despite what you may think of Scientology or whatever, I've heard he's one of the nicest guys in the business and really loves what he does and if that's true, I respect it so much.

I've been hearing the same thing about Carnage but I still want to see it pretty badly, at least for Christoph and Kate.

I saw Sherlock Holmes tonight! AND AM FOREVER ;____________________________; OVER MY GIRL IRENE, I LOVED YOU MORE THAN ANYONE. ♥ I actually really did enjoy the film and it had several faaaaabulous moments but I agree they're not always films that really stick. Noomi Rapace's character felt kind of pointless, mostly because her own storyline was so eclipsed by Moriarty and Sherlock.

He did earn a great deal of my respect/liking after last night, NGL--he did stay outside for a while and sign for a ton of people, and being nice to fans always, always earns my approval. And I swear he had his own security team there or something. Which is good.

It's worth seeing for the cast; they all have great moments, it's just that the overall arc is sort of outlandish. I think it's more the writing...but also kinda the directing...I dunno. Not sorry I saw it, but it ain't making my top ten.

WHAT WAS THAT. Was Rachel McAdams busy?! Was she making The Vow or something?! UNCOOL. It was a lot of fun, but in a slightly shallow kinda way.

Whatever about his personal life, I really care about him as an actor, mostly because I've always heard he's one of the best in terms of his actor persona and such. And that earns all the respect in my book.

That's what I've been hearing about it really. But I'll still see it~

I mean. It kind of made sense for Moriarty's character and furthering Sherlock's motivation (I love that she was mentioned a couple times later and omg will never get over the scene where Sherlock's waiting for her at the restaurant and thinks he hears her laughing) BUT IT DOESN'T MEAN I HAVE TO HAPPY ABOUT IT. Mostly because of my intense love of Rachel and the character of Irene and MY OT3 OMG I REALLY MISS MY OT3. D:


LOL. Totally agree on "a storm is coming". I feel like I've heard that line in at least two things this past week.

Awww sucks about Carnage! I've heard that it doesn't translate well on screen, even though the play was apparently very good. You can't always depend on famous people I guess.

Yeah! Isn't that weird?! Nolan says Bruce is a different guy now or whatever; I can't tell if he's been an ~outcast all this time or what, but Life Got Dark, it seems. O_____o

IKR? It's in Harry Potter, it was on SPN...I guess it's kinda like "winter is coming," heh. But it's a good line. And I hope it means the movie is some crazy-ass bananas action-drama, because that'll be fun for all!

I can't put my finger on what it is...I guess I need to have seen the play to see how big the actors played it by the end, but everyone kinda cranked it up to eleven and it just didn't quite work for me. There's a lot good about it, but...maybe it was the direction? IDK.

I'm seriously sick and tired of how the writers are shitting all over Rita's memory. No pictures of her in the apartment (I know the show claims they can't use Julie's precious face, but it's not like she wouldn't say yes if they asked), she's almost never mentioned, and I will never be able to consider season 5 as anything other than a big fuck you to Rita. And now you're telling me Scott Buck said Dex only had feelings for Lumen? FUCK.YOU.BUCK. Just, fuck you.
And now my rage has to deal with Deb suddenly being in love with Dexter. She has the worst therapist ever: they're not blood-related so they're not really brother and sister so it makes it okay? Mmm what?!
You pointed out all the things that irked me in the final episode.
2 things I liked: Deb finally finding out (HELL YES) and Travis uttering the best line of the season: "I can't stay here much longer if you're gonna stink like that!" THE BEST.

(sorry I swore that much D: I still have so many feelings for that show)

No, I completely agree with you. I didn't always love Rita, but she was a very, very important part of his life, and that episode right after she died made it clear that he loved her and was shocked to realize it because, you know, it hurts so much to lose someone you love, and he didn't think he could feel that. Remember when he killed that dude in the bathroom? That was so intense and emotional and they're just acting like it meant nothing. I actually liked the Lumen plotline, but to me that was very clearly just a warped form of a rebound. There was no way it was gonna last, but they both needed each other because of the trauma they'd experienced. (And they're saying they can't use her face? That sounds like some B.S. to me.) Even if he hadn't loved her, he obviously loves Harrison, and she'll always be a part of him, so they're connected forever--I MEAN, COME ON.

Yeah, we really haven't seen anything about Deb being in love with him, have we. I could maybe believe that she'd think that for a while, especially if she was really messed up about other things (work, Quinn, etc), but the therapist...yeah, that was so weird the way she was kind of encouraging it. She could have unhealthy, codependent feelings for him without having them be romantic. That would make sense. And yeah, people are getting mad about the adopted's-not-real thing--I always kinda thought his adoption was a special case because of his mother's murder and because Harry might (?) have been his biological dad or whatever, but still, they were raised as siblings and it's just...weird. And I just do not think I buy that they've been talking about it since S2.

BUT YES that ending was awesome as balls. I'm sorry we didn't get more confident!Travis, because he might've been funny. Oh well. Guess we don't need a big villain for next year!

I cant wait to see Sherlock Holmes!

Tom Hardy is my husband (among many). So excited for him and that he's Bane!

I wonder if the trailer is leaked online yet? :p

Ha ha, good choice! Honestly, I feel bad for him--he tried so hard to be super-awesome and psycho and Method with the character, and now no one can understand him. :\ They really should've fixed that in post. Well, I guess they're still working on it. The bar's pretty high after Heath's Joker, but I think he can pull it off. And shit yeah, it's out! There isn't a good copy of the prologue yet, I don't think, but the trailer's everywhere. ...I may have watched it like five times already. >____>

I need to watch Bronson again :)

Good to know-Ill have to check it out!

Did you get a chance to read the BE fic I wrote you?

Oh god, it's so insane. Refn is legitimately nuts, I swear. After that and Drive and Valhalla Rising (which I recommend, actually)...good heavens. But Ryan Gosling likes him, so.

I did not yet, and I am very very sorry about that--I had this deadline with this other fic exchange thing and I've just been writing in a blind panic for four days and not letting myself read like ANYTHING else, but I'm finally done [well, it's due today] and I will definitely read it today. Thank you!! ♥ ♥ ♥