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plus I'd like a tail as well.
TV - Boardwalk Empire
Tonight was a good night.

SADLY NO I DID NOT MEET HIM but I was in the same room and breathing the same air AND IT WAS AWESOME. I went to the 6:00 screening of A Dangerous Method and I got there way early and skulked around outside, but I didn't see any barriers or whatever, so I figured they'd go to the 8:30 show instead. And I went in and sat down and some dude did the introduction and then brought Cronenberg out, and I was like OHHH SHIT SERIOUSLY?, and then he talked briefly and he's like "so yeah, this actor guy!" and BRINGS OUT FASSY and I was like O________o and tried to just politely applaud with everyone else but inside I was just freaking the fuck out. Obvs. So then we watched the movie [more on that in a sec] and then I just awkwardly waited through the credits to see if they'd come back out, but then the announcer lady was like "no Q&A, none for Gretchen Weiners bye" and I was like :\ and I went out into the lobby and everyone was sort of still milling around, so I thought I'd just wait until the 8:30 show started just in case, and then I'm standing there and suddenly A WILD FASSY APPEARS like ten feet from me and he's just chatting with Cronenberg and I like flooooated up out of my body and veeery caaaalmly stepped over to the press photography area and took a bunch of pics and I just acted all casual and matter-of-fact but in my brain I was just seriously like AAAAAHHHHH JESUS FUCK HE IS RIGHT THERE HANDSOME SHARK MEEP MEEP MEEEEEEEEEEEP and my heart was pounding so hard I could taste it in my throat, but I am very good at faking sanity and was just acting all 'NBD, bro.' So. Yeah. He was being very cute and chatty, and talked to the press for a bit, and then his people were like OMG WE HAVE TO GO INSIIIIIDE and trying to drag him away, but a few fangirls pounced on him and he very nicely signed some autographs, but I didn't have anything to sign because I'm kinda over the autographs thing now and I just wanted to chat with him and get a pic, but he had to go into the theatre. :P BUT STILL.

He really does have that Hiddles Effect where you just cannot help but :DDDDDDDDD yourself when you see that face. I just CAN'T. ♥____♥

oh mannnnnnnn I got really close during the interview part but I couldn't say anything to him AAAARGH

So obviously I really really wanted to see this, but I admit I'm more excited for Shame and Martha Marcy May Marlene because I have a conflicted relationship with Cronenberg and I wasn't sure what light Freud & Jung were going to be presented in and...well, whatever. Anyway, it was pretty solid, but inconsistent. The tone is startlingly abrupt; it plunges right into the story and doesn't really take a lot of time introducing characters; we just see them as established, already-developed individuals. It's very unsentimental, which I think is good, to an extent--it would've been too easy to romanticize the two doctors or their friendship or the relationship between Keira's character and Jung, and I don't think it does. I thought both doctors were presented rather ambivalently; it shows their methods and personalities without quite condemning or condoning either one. It's really your choice who you like/support/care about. It felt like it was edited with a meat cleaver, though; the scenes shift very suddenly and without any lead-ins. I think that was on purpose--the more I think about it, the more it felt like 'sessions' or scheduled blocks within a story, which seems to reflect a scientific mindset, in a way. But it's quite jarring when it's like conversation, conversation, SPANKING. But I wasn't exactly opposed to that. Although I have to say, it wasn't particularly erotic. Depends what you're into, I s'pose, but the sexual scenes aren't presented in a steamy way at all, they're quite matter-of-fact. Jung and Spielrein sort of go back and forth on whether they're in love with each other or not, and I have to say I didn't feel it. They had a connection, but it didn't feel like love, and I'm not sure if that was intentional. Performance-wise, I liked everyone, but I didn't quite feel that Fassy was challenged all that much; it's a fairly restrained role and he doesn't have a lot of room to move, although he plays the subtlety well. Viggo actually isn't in it all that much, but I always liked him; I guess it would've been easy to just do a cartoon version of this super well-known guy, but he pretty much underplays it too and doesn't go for the easy approach. I think audience/critic response to Keira will be mixed--she was either scarily vulnerable or annoyingly over-the-top; I'm not sure. Her character undergoes kind of a huge transformation over the course of the story, so she has the most range of the main three, but you definitely see her acting more than with the other two. She might actually be more effective in her non-crazy scenes. The accent was just...oddly American at times, and the boys were both just sort of vaguely English, which doesn't quite make sense, but OK. And Vincent Cassel pretty much steals his scenes, although not in a huge way. So overall, interesting, competently-told story with strong acting, but it kinda leaves you out in the cold and doesn't quite let you in at any point.

...Oh, balls, that was long. ROSE IS TALKING ABOUT MOVIES AGAIN; HEAD FOR THE HILLS. P.S., it goes without saying that I am NOT done with that fool. I am getting my Moment with him, either Friday or Sunday. And I may or may not have purchased a boobtastic top for the occasion. MAY have.



:DDDDDDDDDDDD IKR?! I cannot even with him. I kinda half-tried to wave or grin or do something sassy, but he was all blinded by the press flashy-flashy and then he was signing autographs and I was like FFFFFFFFUUUUUU but I will have a do-over soon.

It just astounds me that you have all these celebrity sightings!!

:D Well, this city is magical! I mean, this one was pretty legit because it was the film festival and all, but other times it's just like BAM SURPRISE DEAL WITH IT. Those are also fun.


I have this habit of obsessively refreshing my friends page, and each time I do and scroll down, Fassy is just there smiling at me.


HEEE, that delights me greatly. He's a very smiley person! If he & Hiddles were ever in the same room together I think the world would explode from sheer XD-ness. (Note: THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN DEAR GOD)


everything i've heard about ADM so far leads me to believe that i'll feel similarly about it as you. it looks gorgeous and has a great cast, but idk, i think it looked kind of analytical and not fully realized in some ways. haha and yeah, keira's reviews are totally mixed so far.


It did look gorgeous. I should've mentioned that as well. Some very lovely cinematography, and a surprisingly minimalist score from my beloved Howard Shore. But yeah, "not fully realized" is quite accurate. Given how insane Cronenberg can be and how he's SO not afraid to Go There, I was mildly surprised. It's kinda how I felt about Midnight in Paris, tbh.

... i was just resurrected so i could post this. oops, i'm dead again *dead*

HEE, I hear ya. I was shaking like a leaf; I don't mind sayin'.

OMG. I just made a sort of HNNNNGGG noise and I'm not ashamed.

I'm...interested to see ADM. I've heard so many mixed reviews on it, though so I guess it'll have to be one of my see it for myself films.

You should not be ashamed at all! Perfectly logical response!

Yeah, I'd recommend seeing it. I think some will love it, a few will hate it and most will kinda be in the middle. It's good, I just had slightly higher expectations.

I'm just here for the A Dangerous Method review. :D I'll still see it, probably. (I have no idea who Hiddleston is, actually...until I looked up Thor.)


You should, it's definitely worth seeing. It's just...not perfect. (HIDDLES. OH, MY HIDDLES. ♥ LIGHT OF MY LIFE, FIRE OF MY LOINS.~)

That's fine! I mean, psychology! Cronenberg! Etc!


There is lots of that. Fassy & Viggo have some really good scenes of dialogue together. It's a strange sort of bromance. Kinda Brutus and Caesar-y, except with less death.

Christopher Hampton writes great scripts. :D


Omg, you had Fassy air inside your body. :DDD

AHAHAHAHA WOW, that is a magically pornographic way of putting it. ♥ ♥ ♥

and then I'm standing there and suddenly A WILD FASSY APPEARS like ten feet from me and he's just chatting with Cronenberg and I like flooooated up out of my body and veeery caaaalmly stepped over to the press photography area and took a bunch of pics and I just acted all casual and matter-of-fact but in my brain I was just seriously like AAAAAHHHHH JESUS FUCK HE IS RIGHT THERE HANDSOME SHARK MEEP MEEP MEEEEEEEEEEEP

LOL I always love your descriptions and your fangirling :D

Fassy DOES elicit that reaction from everyone-you cant help but smile when you see him and his shark like teeth.

Could you smell him? Did he smell good? Does he have like a vortex that he sucks you into?

God in the last photo his lips and his facial hair. Jesus fuck *is dead*

WELL, THAT'S HOW IT FELT! The effort of acting normal can be very taxing on a person! But fortunately I have a lot of experience. XD

Heee, sadly I could not smell him, although I was close enough to hear his voice, which was quite seductive & whatnot. He's just...overwhelming. (And thank the Lawd he's back to his natural hair color. Neither he nor I were big fans of the blond, tbqh.)

Fassy-that handsome shark.

I bet his voice was all seductive-all accented, breathy and low *shivers*

I didnt mind the blond but I do like him better as a brunette or ginger or whatevs..

Why did he dye it blond? Do you know? He didnt even like it?

Edited at 2011-10-08 03:39 am (UTC)

It was for Prometheus, AFAIK. He did not seem to be a fan. Hence all the hipster fedoras and the comment that he looked like "a ten-dollar rent boy." :D

*COUGH*lookatthenextpost trololol



:DDDDDDD Wow, I legit cackled out loud at that. WELL, DIDN'T I SAY?! *points* I said I was getting my Moment! And I am a determined lady!