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k I know I suck and haven't updated in ages--I let my paid account lapse for the first time in years; that's how bad it's gotten--but tonight I make a triumphant return cameo appearance for...

MOVIE NIGHT: mutantjules and la_petite_singe

Oscar nominations 2013
Celebs - Jessica
We got an apartment!! We applied for a great one and then waited days & days to hear and finally heard on Monday that we were rejected and I saw a new place that night and filled out the paperwork on the spot and then Tuesday night we heard back that we were approved and signed the lease last night and we're getting the keys today. We are two ruthlessly efficient Ravenclaws. It's in Harlem and it's near good trains--it's even closer to my job than my current place is--and it has great floors and new cabinets and brand-new paint and actual closet space; the only downside is that it's a walkup, but all the best places in NYC usually are. :P I'll get used to it, I'm sure, but moving day is gonna be a bitch. One of my cousins actually has a car, however (a rarity in this here city) and he's helping me on Sunday, so that's a relief. Hooray!!


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So, yeah, nothing really surprising or terribly interesting. (Better than last year when ALL my faves were snubbed and I ended up crying on 5th Avenue because Fassbender. BUT ANYWAY...) Aside from Bigelow, I'm not really mad about anything. That's somewhat unusual. Well, this was an underwhelming year. I'm gonna be so annoyed when Lincoln takes everything, though. I mean, could that be a more obvious choice? My faves (Jessica, Joaquin, Anne and Christoph) all made it, though, so that's nice, and I'm thrilled with the Foreign Language surprises as well as Skyfall being in there a bunch of times.

top "ten" films of 2012
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Apartment hunt = extremely frustrating. More on that later. Onward! (TBH I'm not super-jazzed about this list--there were a lot of really good films this year, but not too many amazing ones. I kept reordering this list, but I didn't struggle with making tough cuts like last year. And at no point did I walk out of a film going "HOLY SHIT DKFJSDKLJFSJ THAT'S MY NUMBER ONE" like I did with Shame and Black Swan and stuff. But, still, has to be done.)

top ten films of twenty-twelve
(plus a few more)
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movies & books 2013
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the trees like torches, blazed with light
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HUGE-ass overdue movie post errmahgerd (big spoilers are hidden)

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...and that's not even everything I've seen recently! :P I also watched Holy Motors, which was extremely weird and creative, and A Royal Affair, which was pretty awesome and well-acted but sadly lacking in threesomes, and The Imposter, which was simply appalling and sad, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which wasn't quite as painfully Manic Pixie Dream Teen as I'd thought, plus some other stuff. Must be Oscar season. :P

and I was gonna do these in a separate post but TOO BAD, I do what I want:

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And thus ends the longest post fucking ever. O_________o Zero Dark Thirty on Wednesday! And my top ten list is nowhere near being ready, so don't ask.

(I'm not talking about the Sandy Hook thing in this post just because it feels weird to mix something that seriously with this frivoulous fangirl post, but it's definitely not because I don't care. What is there to say, anyway. I was in the ONTD post as everything unfolded, and then I got all weirdly emotional when I was in a kids' store buying my niece's Christmas present over the weekend. I dunno. ...Shit, I guess I just talked about it. Well, there you are.)

SAG and Globe nominations asdfghjkl;
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HUGE movie post coming this weekend after The Hobbit (eeee!), but first:

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So none for "Community," AS FUCKING EVER, and none for Jennifer Carpenter, as usual. >:( And none for The Hobbit at all! I guess they didn't like it after all? And while I adore Marion, of course, I'm sad that Matthias is getting snubbed for Rust and Bone, since I LOVE him & he's gr8 in it. Oh well, still some lovely surprises. (omg, all three of my Huston bbs have something :'''')) I attempted to make my top ten list and it was an agonizing process, though I still don't have a clear #1 of the year. Hmm.

oh Lord, I'm still not sure what I stand for
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Behind on TV, as ever, but for once there are more exciting things to discuss:

ELECTION!!! I voted before work and it went fine, but then as the day went on I kept hearing about NYC polling places being all chaotic and disorganized and the machines malfunctioning and I was totally freaking out because oh my god, we don't need another 2004. Or 2000, for that matter. After work I went to a party at a bar with a bunch of lesbians and basically spent the entire night running up a bar tab stress-eating and stress-drinking (I was basically drunk by 7:00, ngl) and watching the big TV and obsessively checking Twitter, and around 10:00 something a few girls dragged me off to the Cubbyhole, which is very cramped and very dark and very loud and very fun, and I swore I wasn't going to drink any more--and then the bartender came around with free shots. So, you know. And then around 11:00-whatever the screen suddenly flipped to the one pictured above, and there was this pause before everyone realized, and I yelled "GUISE, GUISE LOOK" and then everyone started screaming and it was gr8. :') And then I took a long-ass train ride home and missed the speeches and went to work hungover the next day, but that's okay, it was worth it. ♥ Ahh, good times.

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For the record, I like fun. now; they won me over on SNL. I may be anti-hipster, but I make an exception for the smiley ones and they looked really, REALLY happy to be there, so that's good enough. (Yeah, this song is basically "Cecilia," but (a) I love "Cecilia," and really any song that goes 'whoa-ooh-WHOOOOA-OHHHH' and (b) it's giving me major Richard feels, offuckingcourse.) And I still have that fucked-up "Mokiki" song from last night's digital short stuck in my head. "His best friend is a glove!" DAMMIT, TARAN. (just kidding ILU birthday twin <3) The "Homeland" sketch was amazing, though; I was totally screaming at Hader as Saul and Anne's awesome Mathison Ugly-Crying Faces. And it's Sunday!!

I'm pretty sure FBI agents don’t say "awesome" that much.
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Was planning to see Cloud Atlas tonight, but I'm getting sick, I think & have decided to postpone and enjoy a night of TV & soup delivery. French onion, though I don't really like onions. I wish it had more cheese. In fact, just a bowl of hot cheese and broth would be good. ...Maybe that's why I'm sick. Anyway, Tumblr, can you NEVER DIE AGAIN, please?! That was not at all okay. D: I kept doing that thing, you know, where you open the tab over and over again like 'since Tumblr's down I guess I'll waste time on Tum--oh. Wait.' Like when you're lighting candles in a power outage and hit the light switch in order to search for matches. Speaking of, sounds like Halloween might be borked entirely by this "Frankenstorm," but weekday-Halloweens are lame anyway and I was thinking about going to an (indoors) karaoke party, so whatever.

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well, don't take any wooden nickels.
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Extremely lazy weekend--mostly hung around reading & watching the "SVU" and "House" marathons on USA and Cloo Network, though I did see Smashed on Friday night, which was pretty good; Aaron Paul & Mary Elizabeth Winstead were both great, even if the plot wasn't super-original. It was sort of like a Jesse/Jane AU or something (and I'd read that fanfic if someone wrote it, tbh). Broke out in a HUGE dopey grin at the Not Fade Away trailer, and realized I literally had my hand pressed to my heart by the end of the Rust and Bone trailer, so I'm pretty sure I'm gonna stan for that movie hardcore. [Though I couldn't help thinking "A fire? At a sea parks?? There were twelve exits!"] Marion is of course queen, and I adore Matthias Schoenaerts ever since Rundskop--not a perfect movie, but his performance is mind-blowingly good. Seriously, watch it just for him, it's worth it. And I saw The Sessions several weeks ago and really liked it a lot, I thought it was refreshingly frank and just funny enough without being cutesy or condescending. You don't get a lot of movies about disability & sexuality, so I appreciated how they handled it. I utterly loved the lady whose house they were using; she was awesome, and John Hawkes is perfection always and I liked Helen Hunt more than I have in years. (Nice try making Moon Bloodgood look unattractive, though. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.)

(Should I do separate cuts for everything? Now they open like spoiler tags...? Let me know. I'll try it this week.)

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And of course it's October, so I am watching scary movies: I've done 30 Days of Night ("God? No God." dlgkdflgjd Huston Family Appreciation Life 5ever) and The Omen (Gregory Peck remains perfect) and Tales of Terror (Lorre + Price = ♥) and tonight is The Birds. And I will need to rewatch Sleepy Hollow, Rosemary's Baby and Hocus Pocus, among others, possibly. And I have my costume all together; I FIND it to be an excellent one~

written by fire on stone: an Astrid Magnussen fanmix
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Insanely behind on TV talk, but that's what happens when you watch seventeen shows. *sigh* Anyway! Now for something completely different! For the Literary Ladies We Love challenge (© lisal825):

LISTEN HERE @ 8tracks (download available upon request)

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